The Pot'oxi

The Arrival of Royalty

by grimest

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The New Queen lands on earth, and of lands in MURICA

It was a cold night in Yellowstone Park, the days of snow were still a bit far away, but the chill could be felt when the sun was down, the Tower Falls splashed uninterrupted and the sound of the water falling echoed all around the mountains, some kilometers away, a bison calf drank milk from its mother.

No creature there, small or big, could have predicted that in a few seconds, an alien ship had traversed the Earth’s atmosphere as it made its slow descent towards a thick area deep inside of the woods, it was instants later that a sound like thunder reached  everything and everyone near the park,

This thunderous sound marked the end of an era.

Silently the capsule made a graceful landing  as it buried deep inside the forest, away of the prying eye, it was so silent in fact that  most of the birds were not even disturbed enough to leave their nests, a circular door, not as much “opened” but it seemed to… pop and melt away, as five naked woman left the safety of the vessel, their expressions were calm and dazed  as they saw the capsule expectantly, a prepubescent girl walked outside, her biological mother stood by nearby, ready to assist her, this “walking” thing was still very new.

She took her very first stumbling steps and shuddered as she felt the cold for the very first time. In general she was experiencing a whole lot of things for the very first time, a normal human girl would start to panic at this point, but she was not a normal human girl…and she was very much aware of that fact, she glanced at her own hands…she shared the same skin pigmentation that B3 had… the young queen was also aware that B3 was the breeder that had birthed her…the queen felt a few conflicting emotions about this… she could feel her mind making arguments and counter arguments…  the breeder was just that… a breeder, she on the other side was a queen, way superior to the station of a lowly breeder, and all in the attitude of B3 seemed to reflect she also understood that difference…but there was another voice inside the queen’s head… a panicky and nervous voice… who was very much afraid and unsure of what meant to be “superior” B3 was her elder…shouldn’t this mean she deserved just a little bit of respect?...she owed her  this existence…well, technically she owed her existence to the gods above who had selected B3 as a host…but still, B3 was important…despite the colder and logical side of her mind telling her she should  treat B3 like the lowly servant she was…The young queen’s heart  felt this warm affection by just watching B3 offer her hand to help the queen find balance.

One argument was resolved...but a dozen new ones took its place, she knew why she existed, this was a privilege that few creatures felt, or so she was told by the gods above, her purpose was to make every thinking creature in the world  into pliable and obedient subjects, like her six lovely servants, the servants who were now, naked and cold, shivering and with very hard nipples…actually, the queen felt not to different from them “Ah…we…return…return…in…side…warm…” she said hoarsely… her buccal cords were brand new as well.

The servants obediently went inside the capsule the young queen adjusted the antennae in her head and asked the gods if the cold would last forever, they were kind enough to answer immediately, eventually the planet would rotate and the central star would warm the surface…

The queen nodded, now she had to wait, and hopefully try to…resolve the many many things that bombarded her head…where was she?

Oh right: she knew her purpose, that was good, it brought a strange sense of calm and serenity, but it was just slightly so, she still had so many questions…why her?...why was she special?...she more or less understood the extent of her power… already her antennae made her visualize the many life forms around her,  strange  limbless and wiggling  things underground, not to far of the capsule she felt a nest of another creature with eight long legs, a mother protecting her nest,  a similar image happened above,  in a nest build by a flying creature itself now rested a mother protecting her future offspring with her own body warmth, all this information was important and fascinating, but her understanding was  way bigger than just seeing these creatures without even seeing them.

Whit just a command the worms bellow changed direction, they  now started moving up, towards the queen, she needed to just think it, and the spider trapped a nearby  feather as if it was a prey… she thought about it, and the bird above was inches of throwing away one of her eggs, but the queen stopped that thought quickly, again this panicky voice was back, the queen felt irritated  every time she manifested, it was a mewling and pathetic reflection of her worst traits, she could feel it, as defenseless and insignificant as one of those eggs…

The young queen sighed…this was a useless line of thought, she was angry at this voice, but the voice was her, it was a reflection of her feelings… her insecurities…insulting herself was terribly counterproductive…

“B3…how much we wait until… warm outside” she asked… and again…she felt this…wrongness. Just by calling her by her designed name, even if... it was her one and only name...

B3 blinked and pondered… “judging by the darkness outside… probably five hours, my queen” sadly, for the queen, this meant absolutely nothing.

“What is… hour?” she asked… with just a hint of shame, as if she was meant to know this already.

“Its 60 minutes…and a minute is sixty seconds, it’s how we measure time here…a second is usually how long it takes to say the word…elephant

The Queen continued bombarding B3 with questions, b3 was very well informed and when her knowledge was lacking some other of the breeder women came and filled the blanks…

Seven hours had passed and the sun shun outside, she probably should have come out sooner, but she loved to absorb all this knowledge.

She felt the warmth of the sun on her skin for the very first time as she walked outside, she was hidden from other humans for now, once she could get her bearings… much more would follow.

Her antennae moved slightly and she saw these wiggling creatures come out of the ground, she saw them and was fascinated by the simplicity of their design and yet the efficiency of  its locomotion… B5 explained that these were called “worms” she started to make mental maps and new designs, improvements and upgrades, the creature was simple and efficient, but it could be much more…

She commanded  more and more of them to come towards her, the birds, the slugs and butterflies, the spiders, ants and even a bear…The queen now had many new toys to modify…

She turned to B3…the mother smiled and the Queen felt this  amazing wave of warmth from inside her heart…she blushed “I….I will call you something else than B3…”  she half expected some answer from the breeder but the breeder just smiled and tilted her head “Ahh erm…I…will think of a good name…and it will be yours... understood?” B3 just nodded “B3 is honored to serve you…” the breeder seemed to want to add something…but the word died on her lips…

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