The Pot'oxi

The Mother of the New Age

by grimest

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The great plan moves forward, a queen is coming.

The females all seemed to be in a perfect breedable state, and Qui’lla already had the cum samples from her husband, the simulations proved to be encouraging, all of these females could bare a new queen, however the species needed just one, they would try for pregnancies one at the time, and once one female was successfully impregnated, she would become the sole mother.

The process was slow and monotonous, different strands of genetic code had to be rewritten to make impregnation a possibility, but Qui’lla did not see this as a chore at all, this was her area of expertise, she could see the different genetic strands as if she was watching pieces of fabric that together made a tapestry.

Finally after five, standard terrestrial days one of the females was now pregnant, it was the one with darker skin and curly hair, Ko’llo’s genetic code and hers would mix into a brand new creature, Qui’lla and Ko’llo saw the future mother with pride, their daughter was destined to rule this little world’s inhabitants, and thus, protect them from themselves.

Samantha was having the weirdest dream of her entire life, she seemed to wake up in some  kind of  tube filled with greenish liquid, there were cables everywhere, tubes in her mouth , on her nostrils, up her ass, pussy and urethra,  she could barely get a look from as her vision was blurry because of the water…but just as she felt strange, she felt a prick on her back…and she was now in a brand new dream…
Time seemed to have lost all meaning, she was not “waking up” just, jumping from one strange dreamlike scenario to the next, but every so often, she was back to the tube…
After  many different dreams and fantasies coming and going, came things that were no longer dreams, these ones were not fussy or blurry or easy to forget,  these were clear ideas, and concepts…which now were projected into her brain somehow…

A deep male voice seemed to talk to her, he sounded calm but he talked like he was merely stating facts, he covered strange ideas, like “humans are not alone in the universe”  that much Samantha felt it was true before, although she never gave it too much thought…but now deep in her heart, she understood this for a fact…

Then came other ideas… ideas of inferiority and submission, these ones she struggled with,  she neither felt inferior to anyone or submissive to that case…but the ideas were insistent,  she got flashing images of a distant civilization, of their vast power, of their conquests…thousands upon thousands of worlds falling and surrendering themselves to them, she had to acknowledge that, yes, if these… creatures were real…sure, they were superior to humans, and thus…superior to herself, but all this “supposed dreamy scenarios” did not felt like reality, it felt like the arguments a small child would give you about how their favorite superhero was capable of beating yours.

Sam was already tired of this strange sequence of…scenarios, since she could not call them “dreams” exactly, she would take floating in the tube over this nonsense…but she stayed there…and soon came a new set of alien ideas.

“What if these superior and powerful aliens gave you a great honor?”Despite being in such a dreamlike state she shook her head…this all seemed fishy

“What honor? What do you mean? no…I don’t…Im done with these weird questions…” but she could not leave, it was as if her consciousness was just floating in the void, again her mind was bombarded with images of these powerful alien creatures, their scary might, despite getting just glimpses,  the ideas buried deep inside of her mind, she…as a human, was merely an insect compared to these godlike beings, she felt humility, but she also felt as if it was artificial, as if something or someone was  injecting her with humility, the question rose again.

“What if these superior and powerful aliens gave you a great honor?” she shuddered, but decided to just nod…this was one crappy dream…

Immediately her mind was bombarded by new images, and visions, humanity living in a perfect utopia, racial hatred was a thing of the past, poverty and hunger, even war was now an absurd concept, every human could live perfectly comfortable lives, only knowing deep inside their hearts that they were subservient to these alien beings and that simplicity made them all gleeful and simple creatures.

“This will be humanity’s future… if you help us…submit to us…and humanity will follow” Samantha had to gulp, this future was both enticing and horrifying, the people in there were perfect…way to perfect to a whole race of slaves, she shook her head. And Both Qui’lla and Ko’llo noticed that the naked woman inside her tank was shuddering and shaking as well, she was panicking and her heart rate was increasing, this approach was causing her distress, Ko’llo did not know what to do, up until now she had reacted like any creature should, but now she was panicking and was about to wake up, he fumbled with the device in his wrist, thinking in some form to force her to relax, but he was drawing on a blank.
Qui’lla grabbed her own device and decided to give it a go.

Samantha was hyperventilating, she was utterly terrified of these alien creatures in her dream, but despite the horror she did not want to say what they wanted her to say, to make all of the humans submit, no, she could never be part of that,  to betray the human race as a whole, even if she did not agree with many humans, it was not something she could do… not even in this wild dreamland scenario. Humans…she reasoned, would want to fight, even if it meant obliteration, even if it meant decimation, and so she prepared for oblivion, to a cruel and painful death.

But it never came, instead a new voice came, female, soft and melodic “You misunderstand us human, we want to preserve you, to protect you, we’ve seen your kind, and they are wonderful, you excel and persevere against any adversity, but consider the ambitions of your leaders, the  cruelty of your current masters”

Samantha felt her heart sink, but her breathing was improving, the scenario where she was floating was no longer just a dark void, not it vibrated with glimpses of mankind, she saw images of a guy climbing a mountain, professional swimmers, engineers, mathematicians, chess players, dancers, animators, actors and activists…

“W-we have no masters” she said…trying to find confidence in her own words, but she shuddered “I…I know what you mean…but…you are suggesting another type of slavery…not freedom”

The alien woman spoke in a motherly tone “No one is truly free, we are all bound to our obligations either to bosses, or kings or owners… but what we offer…what Our kind offers… not only will change your society…it will save them… you will be protected from whatever harms your world… we will share our advancements, you will be free to pursue whatever gives you passion in whatever field you want…the prime struggles of mankind will be taken care of…and you only need to accept our rule…our love” she felt new images filtrating into her mind, sipping… much more clear and defined… a thousand world  living in perfect utopias, advanced and perfect, with the only caveat of accepting this creatures as their masters… Sam felt her body relax…her heartrate was now regular…this no longer felt like betrayal…this felt like an opportunity, she nodded…and said “then…I will help you…fix mankind…god…this dream is…getting wilder” she gulped and then chuckled to herself, she was taking all of this way to seriously, after all it was just a strange dream, it had to be.

The female’s mental barriers were now low, and this is what Qui’lla was waiting for, this was the entrance, to mold this female to their liking.

Samantha   asked the voice “Soo…what are we going to do? shouldn’t We get to know each other…oh great ruler of the galaxy?...Im Sa-”

“From now on, your designation is B3”

Said the voice, in a calm but cold tone

B3 shuddered she knew it was untrue, but as she searched for her real name, it was now gone, only B3 remained, the fear returned but now it was too late…

“B3 only knows obedience, loyalty and love for her masters” B3 wanted to deny such an absurd idea…but within seconds… she was confused…of course she loved and adored her masters…they were her masters…

“B3 is our property, and our selected breeder, its an honor for her to be the selected one… B3 will guide the new queen for whatever questions she has about the human world”

B3 gulped and could barely contain her excitement…not only she would be a mother very soon, but her baby would be a hybrid of humans…and Pot’oxi… her masters…she had to hold back tears of emotion…

“B3 will remain calm and supportive…because she understands her place in the great plan…”

Quilla kept going like that for a while, making sure to scoop out whatever concept of free will out of her, at least, what it felt more dangerous to the mission; however, she was very careful to keep whatever experiences B3 had about the planet, this was more of a tradition for the Pot’oxi, the mother of the queen would be her protector, and guide her understand the behaviors of the soon to be enslaved race. Of course, there were more efficient ways to do this, but for the Pot’oxi this was part of the process, they could not interfere to much with the queen once she got to work, and to have advisors on the locals would increase her rate of success.

The female now only known as  B3, kept being reprogramed while  Ko’llo saw astonished how his wife  got control of the entire situation in minutes.

Qui’lla signaled  Ko’llo  and he pulled a lever, all of the tubes connected to B3 came off returning to the ceiling on her tube, with other button pressed the green liquid was suctioned…and  then the tube seemed to just melt as if it was made of a soap bubble.
the dark skinned female was weak and disoriented, but Qui’lla caught her before she feel to the ground… “Welcome B3” said Qui’lla directly into B3’s mind… B3 opened her eyes and saw the alien woman in front of her, she was the color of grey ash, she had an hourglass shape, with  an impressive pair of breasts  adorned with dark nipples, her eyes seemed to shine like a stary night, her lips were full and her bald head was adorned with a pair of long antennae, like the ones in an ant, she sported tree fingers in each hand and three in each feet, B3 was watching an alien for the very first time, but she did not felt a single glint of fear… instead she  kneeled in front of her

“Masters…B3 will carry this child and help her in whatever she requires…” Qui’lla gave Ko’llo a smug smile…

The blue planet rotated around its axis for another fourteen times.

In that time B3 was commanded to return to her tube, to accelerate the growth of her queen, despite Qui’lla finding her new personality adorable, she had to admit that they did not have proper human food to be consumed orally, B3 was of course happy to obey, and soon she was connected to tubes again, feeding her and taking care of her basic needs as the creature in her womb grew at a dramatic speed.

Ko’llo took this time to practice the brainwashing and rewriting of primitives with the other females, of course they could have returned them to their homes without incident, but husband and wife decided that the new queen should have a few servants to boss around as she established herself, Plus, Ko’llo’s pride was a bit hurt, he liked that his wife was better than him at dealing with this part of the process, but for the sake of future missions, he needed to learn and get good at this too.

The other five females were successfully brainwashed without incident…  their memories would remain but they had a very clear image of their place in the universe, as inferior servants to both their queen, and the queen’s creators.

The girls B1, B2, B4, B5 and B6 named for their stasis pods being designed for 6 breeders, were now perfectly loyal to the Pot’oxi’s cause.

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