The Pot'oxi

The Pleasure and the Pressure

by grimest

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What do these creatures know of lovemaking?

Other five homes were similarly visited like Samantha, the females were selected for being in their prime and most fertile age, the youngest of these women was on her twenties, while the older  was only twenty six,

Ko’llo abducted them all, this was more the kind of job he was trained for, Qui’lla held more scientific knowledge than him, so while he gathered the females  she was already preparing everything for testing and impregnation.

The pretty patterns emanating from a holo-image coming from their wrist device had proven to be quite effective, in an unexpected way, most species were not this easy to submit to trance.

Ko’llo wore a smug smile on his face as he fiddled with his wrist device… he would be lying if he said that this was not somewhat exciting, it was his first mission, the first time he had a chance on using this  advanced tech, he felt particular satisfaction in seeing the primitive females wake up from their slumber, realize that something was off, just for their tiny brains to be bombarded with just the right type of stimulation to dull their senses, to make them relax and just accept whatever command was given.

Qui’lla on the other hand was just transfixed by the different women from all over this planet, she was in love with their variety in pigmentation, that much was common in any race that expanded around the surface of their planets, even for the Pot’oxi, Ko’llo sported a slightly darker complexion compared to her, still she could only see the females  as they rested in their stasis pods,  she Knew Ko’llo would never understand but she could only feel fascinated for the similitudes of the various creatures that evolved intelligence, like the Pot’oxi these primitives had two arms and legs, they did had a few too many fingers which caused strange conflicting feelings in her, she found her three fingers in each hand more than perfect for anything, but she tried to focus, or she would sound just as her husband.

Like many other species the females sported the characteristic set of genitals, to mix the parent’s DNA into a new being, this certainly was more fun than the alternatives, some creatures  reproduced in different kinds of ways like mitosis or self-fecundation and many, many more, however if Qui’lla was honest with herself she much preferred creatures  who reproduced via genitals similarly to the Pot’oxi.

Both husband and wife kept analyzing the six women trapped in green tubes, they were stripped of their garments since they had no use of such things in their future lives…

Qui’lla kept eying the girls as she bit her lip “I will offer it one last time…it could be fun! Just listen t-”

Ko’llo did not allow her to finish the phrase “No, no , a thousand times no, you  like them, I don’t get it exactly, but I respect it, you should respect that I don’t and move on!” she held his arm and tried to give him a pathetic and helpless appearance “Is Ko’llo mad?”

She knew how to play dirty, but he knew he could turn this, he cupped her chin “Why would I want to copulate with inferior females when I have you in my life?”

The way she seemed to almost shrink on his grasp told Ko’llo that he was successful.

“Suddenly you are quiet” he remarked as he got closer to her,  she tried to come up with something, but it was as if her mind was as addled like the minds of those women when they were abducted

“I…I just…y-you know…you…are just an idiot I….” she tried to not look at him directly, his two eyes  were as dark as the void in space, and they seemed capable of piercing trough her very soul “I was…just teasing…I think it would be kinda fun to see you fuck them…that was all” she felt the impulse to tell him to stop…but it was overridden immediately… she loved it when he got this…authoritative…as if he dominated her… she looked up, given the difference in height and she kissed him, inviting him to go further.

Ko’llo needed no further invitation, with a slight movement on the device on her wrist, her tunic seemed to disintegrate immediately… he did the same with his device, and her clothes were gone in seconds.

Quilla gulped as she giggled nervously “Are we really going to copulate in front of them?”

Logically this made no sense, the six women were very much sedated, they were in stasis, but he soon realized that this was part of the fantasy for her, first she wanted to witness him fucking them, now she wanted them to witness as her husband had his way with her.

He smirked as he loomed over her “Of course, since you are so fond of these primitives, they will get the pleasure of seeing a Pot’oxi reduced to a mewling Thawa!” he half spatted that last word to give it more emphasis

Qui’lla blushed and covered her mouth, Thawa was quite the old word, nowadays was considered to not be politically correct to use it in good company, it basically meant “A whore whose whole family lineage was composed of nothing but whores like her”

Qui’lla was speechless as her mind raced for a counter, but she was unable to formulate one “t-take that back! You…b-bastard?” she half asked, Ko’llo chuckled, and shook his head “You wanted this, now your precious hairy primitives will get quite the show”

Qui’lla looked deep in her own heart to see if she was truly ok with this, the pride deep inside of her did not like the idea of being called a Thawa at all…but deeper yet, she found it…attractive in a forbidden kind of way, soon enough he guided her towards the floor, and he started with little kisses in her chest area, kissing her nipples, but slowly making his way downwards.

Ko’llo made a slow trail of kisses around her figure, her flat belly, and then while looking at her  ebony eyes he spread her legs, Qui’lla was very wet down there, as she kept glancing at the human females in stasis, half expecting for one of them to wake up and look at her and all this shameful display.

Instead of that she felt the expert touches and techniques of her husband’s tongue inside of her, by this point in their relationship he was an expert in knowing her erogenous zones, he knew perfectly just how to please her, and in the process, she became putty in his hands

Ko’llo knew very well by her dizzy smile that whatever resentment she had for him insulting her was now officially deleted, she would not even remember he said anything.

He delighted on her particular taste, she was such a soft creature, tender and wet, it did not take long for her to shudder as she reached her first climax, however it was not her last, now it was the turn of his cock to probe her hole.

Qui’lla and Ko’llo made love in the floor of the lab like a pair of primitive animals, there was not a single glint of shame in both of them as he thrusted into her pussy and his cock caused his wife to squeal.

That sound was music for his ears, he loved the sounds of sheer pleasure that his wife made, ko’llo had a few partners in his youth, but none of them was as vocal about their sensations as Qui’lla was, it was one of her best qualities.

Ko’llo himself soon was grunting as he felt his own imminent climax coming, he embraced Qui’lla from behind and came hard inside of her, the female Pot’oxi moaned in delight and shuddered as she felt the warm cum being shot inside of her.

Both husband and wife cuddled on the floor for a while before even considering returning to work.

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