The Pot'oxi

The Honeymoon

by grimest

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A lovely lesbian couple go to Yellowstone on their honeymoon, and nothing bad happens, nope, not a thing.

Sarai had seen better days, the sweet ran from her scalp into her cheeks, her neck, and all over her body, she was soaking wet and she hated it with all her heart.

A honeymoon trekking around  a dead super volcano, yep, that sure sounds romantic, Sarai sighed, she had to give it an earnest try she felt she owed her new wife that much, in Sarai’s eyes, Eshana was truly unique, she was smart and eloquent, she seemed unburdened by the usual problems of the common folk, she felt free like the wind, and despite having all this beauty and talent she had decided to marry a humble jewish  woman in her mid-thirties, who’s best accomplishment the last decade was that her boss  was finally able to remember her name correctly…

Sarai felt her legs becoming jelly and she had to stop walking…was she even worthy of this much attention? …after all she had subjected Eshana to her own geeky pastimes, the fandoms she enjoyed, the nerdy things that kept her alive and sane, and despite clearly not seeing the appeal, Eshana had taken every new challenge with an open mind.

Now it was finally Sarai’s turn…and she was struggling to even keep up the pace with her wife… what if Eshana was disappointed with her? What if this trek was the straw that breaks the camels’ back? What if after this Eshana is unsure if they are even meant to be together? Sarai had shoved all of her geeky hobbies down Eshana’s throat without hearing a single complaint, but now it was her turn she was choking! What if th-

The line of thought was interrupted by a warm  kiss on Sarai’s cheek followed by the voice of the woman she loved: “Everything alright? You stopped, are you hurt?” Eshana asked calmly with a reassuring smile that melted all of Sarai’s insecurities away.

“I’m sorry, I just got a bit overwhelmed…ha ha…this place is huge, p-please lead the way, im right behind you” Sarai’s hand tentatively went towards Eshana’s cheek, the girl of Indian descent was nothing if not stunning, Sarai just had to touch her cheek and feel her warmth, convince herself for the umpteenth time that, indeed Eshana was real, she existed in the material plane, and also, yes…both women got married just four days ago.

Eshana smiled as the hand touched her cheek, and then she pressed that hand with her own “I know all of this is new, but take it easy, you will love it in no time.”

Sarai highly doubted that, but she decided to stop searching for excuses, maybe Sarai was completely out of her element, but she had an expert by her side, if nothing else Sarai could count on Eshana to reach the end of this trek, keep both of them alive, make love in some scenic background, and once satisfied, finally go back to civilization within the safety of D&D, classic anime shows, and the occasional cosplay.

After another four hours of walking, resting, drinking water and walking some more, Sarai had not developed any semblance of love for trekking, however she had to admit that  it was one thing to see photos of Yellowstone, but watching it with her very own eyes, smell the forest, feel the wind in her face, that was very different.

Sarai made a mental note for a future D&D character, maybe some form of  archer, a ranger  adept to such a forest.. she probably had to be an elf… maybe she could have a bison as a pet/mount?

As Sarai daydreamed she felt a painful sting on her lower back, and at the very same time as she yelped in pain, Eshana made a similar sound, but girls looked at each other and then to the ground, two bees lied on the ground, completely dead…

Sarai’s mind raced, she was no expert on the forest, but even she knew that maybe  bees died when they stung, but first, they did not sting at people randomly…and they did not die the instant they stung…this was bizarre, way too fast and way too strange “You are not allergic are you, Shan?” asked Sarai as she rubbed her back…she tried to find the sting, but it was gone, probably it fell off, although it still hurt.

Eshana shook her head “I’ve gotten stung with way worst things, don’t worry” She said calmly as she rubbed her arm where her bee had stung her, Sarai walked towards  her wife to take a look, to her horror, she could see the sting inside…it was very deep, and maybe it was her mind playing tricks but she could swear that it was digging deeper…

“I think we need to remove it! Its inside!” but Eshana tilted her head confused “I don’t feel anything, what do you mean?... the sting fell off” Sarai tried to point at the burrowed sting but it was impossible to see it now, she rubbed her own back, trying to feel her own sting, but it was not there, and whatever pain she felt a moment ago it was gone also…

“O-ok…m-maybe I imagined that but…since when do bees sting at the same time?...since when do bees sting at random people?”

Eshana shrugged “You are getting too worked up by coincidences, there’s probably some campers nearby , they  probably provoked some beehive nearby and the bees got angry and territorial, we just happen to be near.” It was a solid explanation, Sarai pouted as she rubbed her back again… worried for a sting that clearly never was there.

Three hours had passed since that incident, and both women seemed more determined than ever, they had both agreed to take rests every so often, to enjoy the view and rest, but now the rests were much shorter, and they seem to feel less tired over allm maybe… a bit restless.

Sarai was the first to notice that, she did not feel remotely as tired as she should be, Eshana was pushing her to go further, and Sarai seemed to be able to keep with this demands, still Sarai felt something was strange, her nipples were rock hard, despite the warm sun still shinning above, she was still very sweaty, but she also felt a new dampness growing between her legs, she was very much aware that this was not the moment or place. But she really wanted to camp right here and fuck her brand new wife.

Eshana on her side seemed terribly confused, she  glanced at the map and  she pointed at a direction, just to correct it midway as she walked, then she looked at the compass and she seemed frustrated, Sarai could only shrug, the expert and the guide was Eshana, Sarai wanted to say it… [It seems the guide got lost] but she knew that Eshana would not take such an insult lightly, Sarai decided to give her some time to gather her ideas… but she also decided to grab her survival knife and start making little dents on some trees with the hopes to recognize them if she saw them again.

Despite this strange shot of adrenaline both women suffered in the morning, by the afternoon it was coming down, the tiredness was setting in, and their legs begged for rest, Finally Eshana fell to her knees and both women decided to camp and  feed themselves…

The late lunch was rather awkward, Sarai wanted to ask a myriad of questions about the trek, but she did not had the courage to ask Eshana directly, Sarai decided to give her until they finished eating their food and then ask her.

But as soon  as Eshana was done, eating she began crawling towards Sarai, she slowly made her way in all fours,  unbuttoning her shirt and showing her dark nipples which looked as hard and erect as Sarai’s

Eshana was the top in their relationship, that much Sarai knew and expected, but this felt a bit different, this was more primal, she not only wanted to fuck, she needed it, like any other creature might need oxygen, or food.

Eshana pounced over Sarai who found it very hard to  even argue with her to go a little slower, Sarai also was burning with lust and desire, but…wasn’t something strange about all this? , Eshana eased Sarai’s worries as she removed Sarai’s pants and began eating her out, whatever objection Sarai had  now vanished, both women began to fuck each other senseless, despite both women being clearly very tired, the fire of their desire made them push themselves further… They French kissed as  their labia similarly kissed both women lost to their most basic desires, and then came a familiar buzzing, Sarai’s mind tried to raise to detect the bee, but just as fast it stung her again, Eshana moaned as she felt a bee sting on her back.  Sarai wanted to stop fucking, take a look at the stingers, take a look at the dead bees, something, anything! but Eshana was not letting her go, Eshana wanted to keep fucking, Eshana would take what she wanted, and Sarai could only gulp and let her have her way, Sarai thought of the word ”rape”, and for an instant she wanted to cry,  but just as fast she felt a new jolt of energy, it was the bees, the sting of the bees was like a dose of something!! She had no idea of what, Eshana now needed to fuck more, and Sarai’s internal fire, reduced to dying embers now it was being lighted anew with more love, more lust, more desire to keep fucking.

Her memories became fuzzy after a while… they stripped naked… and fucked like animals until night came… they silently collapsed, exhausted but the chemicals in their bodies forced them to shudder and slowly masturbate in the middle of the night, they hummed and moaned all night long…they would sleep for a while before the desire to fuck made them squirm once more.

Sarai woke up early in the morning, it took her a moment to remember where she was and what was going on, she searched besides her and Eshana was gone, Sarai panicked as she scrambled towards the exit of the tent, just to see her naked wife, beautiful and glistening like a star, she looked gorgeous while watching the sunrise… Sarai was very cold, and all of her muscles ache…but right now it did not matter, she walked barefoot, towards the love of her life.

“Good morning Shan…yesterday…was…wild” said Sarai desperately trying to get something of her wife, but Eshana just nodded silently without even turning…

It took her two minutes to say “Sarai…we need to leave…go deeper…”

Sarai did not understand…but at the same time she understood perfectly, there was a strange impulse, a voice in her head that sounded like her own thoughts but not quite…it was new, strange, it radiated with power and elegance, but at the same time it sounded cold and clinical, almost…childish… this voice was a mere whisper at first, like wild intrusive thoughts one might have, easily coming and just as easy to ignore…

But it was clear that as the hours passed yesterday, Sarai found that these dumb, wild impulses were harder and harder to ignore… or avoid, they were not “commands” per say, more like mere ideas…mere stupid, erratic ideas, but lately, even the most stupid idea sounded fun and delightful to follow, and with this realization Sarai could not help but to giggle

“Yes…I…I think I do…Is that why you were getting lost yesterday, Shan?” Her wife nodded, and the movement made her long flowing hair dance on the wind, gosh, Sarai could go for another round,  fall to her knees and eat her out right there! she…she now realized that this abrupt horniness was also this new intruder voice suggesting more and more sex…

“Do you want to do a cartwheel? I kinda want to do a cartwheel!” Sarai did just that, landing it a bit awkwardly but it just felt so good, it felt wonderful to just obey any idiotic impulse that came to her mind!

Eshana glanced at her wife, but at the same time her eyes seemed so hollow, her expression so vacant, more the kind of look one would expect of an animal than a thinking human being

“Sarai…we need to go…over there…deeper into the forest…” the mere concept sent shivers down Sarai’s spine. But she limited to answer “SURE!! lets not forget our boots…our feet might get hurt…” Eshana blinked twice…and looked around as if she was watching this place for the very first time “y-yess…boots…important…leave the rest…”

Sarai felt sad to leave all of their equipment, it had been a present for the honeymoon, but Eshana was right, they should go…now… it seemed perfectly normal,  both women grabbed some of the fresh water, took a sip each,  they put their socks and boots, and absolutely nothing else, naked and silent both women did not wait a minute more, they had to go, for some wild reason, that made perfect sense, to dive on their own into the unknown.

Both women trekked more, at times they stopped and kissed or they babbled about whatever idiotic thing jumped into their heads, but they never deviated towards a route that was perfectly clear inside their heads, they could smell it, feel it, so it was impossible to get lost…

A new pair of bees came to give them a new boost,  the wives barely even reacted to the stingers this time, their minds, now unburned of inhibitions or insecurities just rolled with every new strange thing happening as if it was just another day.

Sarai’s mind still wondered towards sex trough; she saw Eshana’s ass in front of her. She wanted to kiss it so bad, she wanted to caress it, she found herself drooling as both kept going, half paying attention, as Eshana just confessed her deepest and most secret kinks out in the open to her wife.

And so, they kept going, on the nude and without equipment they kept getting deeper and deeper into the forest, where the trees were so thick and tall that the sun seemed like only a memory…

As they got closer it became clear that this was no longer their territory, more precisely, no longer “human” territory  all kinds of different bugs buzzed above them, massive spiders out of a Precambrian age crawled up the trees, even the birds up above seemed to keep their eyes on them, judging them from their nests or in their branches.

Finally they reached what looked like the entrance of a cave, but as they walked closer it was clear that the whole structure was brand new, dug up by who knows what kind of creature, the structure was big but basic in its shape, it clearly looked like a work in progress, in the center of this cave, lied a ship, which contrasted by looking clean, pristine without a single mark of dirt on it,  inside the pod, in something akin to a throne they saw her…the one calling them, her expression was fierce, but her body was tiny and juvenile, she could not possibly be  older than 18, and even then it was probably a generous estimation, her skin was a soft tone of black, slightly lighter than the naked servant besides her, who was ebony, both were stunning and beautiful, she could almost pass as a human girl… if one ignored those massive antennae above her head.

Sarai could only gulp as it dawned on her how…strange this whole scenario was, the effect of the stingers was passing, and once again horror was able to grip her heart, she decided to hold her wife’s hand, Eshana blinked  again, and  squeezed Sarai’s , she looked as if she had just woken up from a long dream…and into a nightmare.


The new queen was delighted by the progress of her very first human victims, she had debated with herself for a while, searching for  the best devices to deliver these women to her, but the simple creatures with stingers had proven very useful so far, the concoction in the stingers buried deep had kept the women  drugged and disoriented, slowly eroding their mental resistance, she wanted to squeal in delight but she decided against it, she then moved he antennae to let the two women know that they should  bow and offer themselves to conversion, they were about to become the first women blessed by their very own queen, she waited in silence for her will to become a reality, like any other lowly creature they would obey…but then silence… both women looked at the queen, then each other and they began to kiss passionately,  caressing their breasts and fondling themselves, in preparation of a new session of sex! the queen was watching humans fuck for the very first time…she blushed…but she was more astonished by the fact that despite easily obeying her until now and reaching her nest…now they did not feel any need to obey her commands.

Once again, the young queen felt this insecure voice inside of her, who panicked desperately, she wanted to plead for help to the gods above, but she shook her head, she knew what to do, she could not waste the time of such superior beings with this stupid creatures, she gulped, and stood up leaving her throne, her few steps did not look very confident, but she managed to stride towards them

Sarai and Eshana both knew this was a surreal scenario…here…surrounded by nightmarish insects and creatures out of Skull Island, and a naked preteen with antennae and her mom, both of them naked slowly making her way towards them, and despite all of this, both Sarai and Eshana could not stop kissing each other, they were bursting with lust and desire, if this was how they died, then well, it was quite the way to go.

**Kneel!** they heard a female voice inside their heads, it was clear as day, but it was only that, a voice, they did not felt compelled to obey it, so they did not, and kept grinding each other.

The queen looked terribly embarrassed right now, but she decided she needed to focus, she analyzed and reached the conclusion that the human synapses, their brain and their complexity was way beyond the simple creatures of this forest, she should have expected this much, B3 and the other breeders were taken and brainwashed by the gods after all, she only had reduced their inhibitions.

Of course! it only made sense, they were perfectly fine to just obey her when she was just an ethereal voice inside their heads, just suggesting things that seemed relatively normal, but now they were here, in the hive, their heart rate was increasing considerably, as it dawned on them what kind of place this was…

Now a simple suggestion was no longer enough to make them do her bidding… she hoped that maybe she was powerful enough to do this easily and simple on her own, she sighed, slightly displeased with herself.

Instead she focused on the stingers inside of the women, the stingers were more than just a intruding needle… the modified bees had basically injected their brain into the women, that was why the bug’s husk fell dead as soon as it stung, the surviving creature buried itself deep and fed on the host… awaiting for new commands…

The queen gave the long-awaited order and the brain/stingers began to spread a new chemical they were developing inside their tiny glands, this was not like the others, this was a paralyzing agent…

Both lovers kept trying to fuck each other, but they found it increasingly harder, their bodies were not responding as they were hoping for, they tried harder and harder, enough to even make the queen look at them astounded, as their arms no longer answered they used their tongues, their legs intermingled… until finally with a sad thud, both women were now lying face up on the floor…

This was it for them… no quantity of drugs in their bloodstream could deny this fact, Sarai slowly managed to see her wife’s face… Eshana’s tears rolled uncontrollably… “Its… my fault…. Im so sorry…we should have gone to South America like you wanted… im... im such a…”

“Shhh its ok…” Said Sarai with unnatural calmness “I don’t regret a thing…I love you…”

Both women were now bawling like children before the queen interrupted. “Cute…but no one is dying today” both of them looked at her with disbelieve

“Did you really think I went to all the trouble to bring you here in one piece just to erase you? Don’t be silly…” she blinked and turned to B3 “Silly is the correct word, right? Bibi?” the slave nodded, the queen beamed with pride “Your language is peculiar but I’m starting to understand it good enough…”

She walked towards a pine three, and returned with a pair of blue creatures in her hand, they looked like some kind of slugs.

Massive, blue and pulsating slugs which calmly rested, one in each of her arms, they were the size of little kittens

The queen seemed very excited as she hoped back to Sarai and Eshana, “these were some of the first creatures that answered my call, the lack of bones  means these friends are ideal to sneak in hermetic containers…like yours” before  the two women had any chance to understand what she  meant the slugs leapt  into their heads… they were designed to this very function, both girls closed their mouths on instinct, but the creatures  did not try  going for the mouth, they were designed for a more direct route, the creatures began to secrete a special chemical directly on the foreheads of the paralyzed women, there was a first pang of pain, but just as fast it faded  “Do not worry…the gods were very clear… you might feel some pain here and there, but the pain will go away just as fast…in fact…I asked them if I could kill one of you just now, since your brains are so…complicated to control at a distance, I was thinking that having one to study in detail would teach me a lot…” Sarai and Eshana knew something terribly wrong was going on, but they were unable to do anything to stop it, they were not even listening to her words anymore. “However the gods are right…I need every single woman I can find for new experiments, eventually I will learn how your little heads work in detail, for now this should suffice…”

They felt the slugs going in, slithering inside their skulls, melting layer after layer of  skull and  leaving slime behind them to cover the new fleshy hole.

The experience would have been rather unpleasant, but even in that aspect the Queen’s design was merciful, both women soon lost consciousness, the slugs kept doing their job uninterrupted, melting bone and tissue, making a new, soft and slimy entrance on their foreheads… carving and molding, until finally reaching their soft and vulnerable brain…

The queen smirked as she saw the fusion begin.


Sarai came once more, her loud moans could be heard all over her cavernous home, she drooled as  her mouth emitted sounds that seemed like some attempts of vocalization, but such efforts were in vain, her antennae dangled from her forehead  and swayed she was  feeling the new  contraptions of labor, the most painful thing a woman  was destined to experience, she remember reading something about it, somewhere….something about the women being cursed to birth in pain…because…some snake or something…

Whatever the case, that was stupid, labor was not painful, it was wonderful!  it was orgasmic! just another human preconception she needed to forget about, as an inferior creature, she had a lot to learn…

A new  orgasm was coming, she could feel it, building up inside of her, just about to burst, and  as she came her  vaginal duct dilated, and a brand new egg was laid, it softly  landed on a mushy floor, soon some creature would come and collect the eggs, Sarai had done  her part, now finally the fleshy wall that was  holding her in place could relax and let her go, she crawled in all fours and gave her brand new  egg a little kiss, she was way too stupid to understand her queen`s plans, but at least she could hope that her eggs  were helpful.

But before Sarai could get too distracted she  felt  the slug that lived  inside her brain twist as a new command  came…her breasts were full, and she was needed in the nursery… the drooling woman giggled and gurgled and with a stupid smile she crawled towards the nursery, still in all fours, walking  using only her legs was a bit too hard  given her new position as a breeder, her fragile legs could no longer keep with her wider body, her massive breasts and her sizable hips, no no no, walking was absurd, she belonged on the floor in all fours, maybe it was slower, but this was her queen’s design and she could not even grasp the concept of arguing against her queen.

She reached the underground nursery, and Shan was there already, drooling and giggling as a new litter of creatures took turns to fed from her breasts,

Shan’s antennae moved slightly, and Sarai heard her wife’s voice inside her head “pretty…you look…so pretty” Sarai moved her own antennae to answer “you more…what is…the name of these ones?” Shan looked at them and then at her wife “don’t know…Queen names them…hard to remember…head fuzzy…” Sarai sighed and shook her head, their metamorphosis had affected them both obviously but  it seems Shan’s head just was way more hollow than before, Sarai knew her wife was a bit of a muscle brain, but this was quite the downgrade, Sarai on the other hand, despite the  reduction in brain capacity still held a special place in her brain where she remembered every single one of her babies… and a secret name that only she knew…

The queen gave them cold names like “G24” or “D13” but she could recognize Damian and Jacob with just seeing them.

Sarai crawled into place and saw as her babies surrounded her to get some milk.

The creatures were a mixture of human and insectoid, to any normal human they would look like spawns of hell, horrible abominations, but she could only see cuteness in her children, the creatures, probably following the queen’s commands took turns to drink from their mothers, despite being half bestial there was no place in the hive to selfishness or ego, they could wait for their turn.

Sarai just sat there enjoying the attention of her babies, secretly thinking their names, her tongue dangled  out of her mouth, maybe once she had the capability of speech…but the queen deemed that speech was way to inefficient for the hive, soon the hive would have humans of all races and languages… and the simple concept of translation seemed like a hassle… thus  with the  slug fusion came a natural set of antennae… it was impossible to mistranslate what was clearly said in the mind.

Soon came long organic tubes from above, it was feeding time and Sarai smiled as she opened her mouth wide…mouths were not for talking… mouths were for feeding obviously…

The tubes  penetrated deep inside both women’s throats, passing, until reaching the esophagus… tasting food was irrelevant and quite unnecessary for a simple breeder… but it was not like it bothered them anyway, as soon  as the  tubes snaked their way inside of them both women just drooled passively as a new  pair of creatures took their turn and feed from their mothers.

A Smaller tentacle protruded from the same tube and it began to probe the hole the girls had in their foreheads, it’s circumference was not much bigger than a golf ball, but the flesh inside was soft and delicate, just the tentacle rubbing against the soft flesh made them shiver on the verge of orgasm, it was a direct passage for the slug  and an so for the brain of the females, they mindlessly drooled as  the creatures who controlled the tubes analyzed the data and concluded that the girls’s brain  were up to code.

After a while of that… with the tubes gone, and their litter feed both women had a moment to rest and be alone… Sarai smiled as she made her way towards her wife…Despite everything Sarai was grateful that no matter what, she still remembered how much she loved her dear Shan.

Shan laid on the soft floor of the cavern, her eyes wide open as she looked at the ceiling, Sarai moved her antennae and could hear  her partner’s simple thoughts “fuck…breed…feed…cum…birth…fuck…breed…feed…cum…bi-“ on repeat again and again, like a pretty little mantra just for her, Sarai saw her with utter adoration, Shan was such a dummy… Sarai gave her a kiss, and it seemed to shake Shan of her trance , her antennae  moved  softly “Oh?…sorry…I spaced out” Sarai just answered with another kiss, Shan drooled  happily as her wife showered with affection “love you…” said Shan, both women embraced and kissed for a while, just repeating those simple three words into the head of each other “I love you”  and “I love you” again and again caressing each other and kissing, until eventually an hour or so later  it was determined that the rest was over, both of the slugs in their brains churned and  a new command came.

Shan felt it first as her thoughts became animalistic and very simple once again “I love you… love you…so muuuuch…Saraaaai….looooveee…” her eyes dilated “loveeeaah to breed…need to breed…fuck….fuck…make…more eggs…queen…needs more eggs…” Sarai saw her partner change, and she felt a mere instant of horror as the same trance affected her as well…

“F-fuck!…cum…want…more…babies…want to…breed…need eggs…queen demands…eggs…” both women shambled as they  began to crawl, they moved more like zombies than human women, they drooled  as their big breasts swayed left and right, they were needed in the breeding chambers, their queen needed more eggs , and right now there were no longer  the wives Eshana and Sarai…they were merely TB 01 and TB 02… creatures way too simple to even recognize each other as they made their way on the mushy floor of the hive.

High above them the new queen made a mental note of these two, they were quite adorable, specially the one who identified itself as Sarai, thinking she was being a rebellious little scamp just by giving her offspring “secret names” The Queen was learning a lot of the human mind just be seeing these two struggling with their new place in the world…

These humans seemed quite capable of enjoying even the little victories on the face of utter defeat, the concept was quite irrational, so she asked her dearest servant…and mother, Bibi,

“is there a human word for this? The…insistence of just keep going and enjoying something as simple as naming your offspring in your head?” Bibi touched her lower lip as she thought 

“I think the word would be…tenacious…my queen…” as the word formed inside Bibi’s mind the queen read it, she absorbed the concept and analyzed it… it was…a very human word… one that clearly had no Pot’oxi translation, an insistence that reached levels of absurdity, unflinching…annoying.

And once again, as it had become second nature to her… she found herself divided… two voices again raged inside of her… the logic Pot’oxi and the passionate human…

The Pot’oxi argued that this” Tenacity” was quite dangerous, it incited rebelliousness, it invited disobedience, the word, the mere concept should be eradicated from every single enslaved brain! the word had scary implications…

On the other side the “human” queen argued that the slave had found some semblance of joy in her tasks, and that much should be applauded, simply naming your offspring was not an act of rebelliousness specially if she only did it in her mind, it was absurd to crush this ”Tenacity” this shining capability to adapt   her new life as a slave.

The new queen nodded in approval… “tenacity” was good, and it was quite fun, this was merely another lesson on the fascinating complexities of the human brain, and she was dying to learn much much more.

Yes...this chapter got a bit out of hard and its way too long, sorry

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