Infinity Cube

Chapters 2-3

by CulticTerror

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"Hm, I suppose that is quite the conundrum. Though it can't be helped given the nature of my work." V'aquisa shrugged as she sat down behind a desk of sorts within the endless black void she called her 'office'.
"Mistress, I'm not sure I follow. I thought the gift was for the human Elizabeth specifically." Heliya asked, puzzled about why such an obscenely incompetent human ended up with the cube.
"Sir wanted to reward her for being the only human to have ever come so close to reaching the true void. It's not entirely clear why he chose me to carry out the task, but it's an honor regardless." V'aquisa started, shooting a sly glance at her cosmic assistant.
"I imbued her device with my grace of 'actuality' as well as a few extra improvements to the overall design, but left unfinished as per His orders." The Goddess explained while she warped the environment around them into that of a tech laboratory far beyond the comprehension of mortals. "Actuality is a rather chaotic force of causality, as it functions based on the contrasting vantage and reference points of conscious beings. Unlike how Sir controls reality unrestricted. So even with the intention to gift Elizabeth for the fruits of her labor, nothing is guaranteed. Still, I trust His wisdom. "
Neither of the two void beings realized that V'aquisa's explanation hadn't actually answered the question, nor did they notice that their conversation had shifted three times in the last two minutes.
"Incredible, I see Mistress, thank you," Heliya responded, already getting to work on one of the various incomprehensible machines about the space before pausing. "Mistress... I would like to prove myself useful since I'm still relatively new to your department." She said despite having worked under V'aquisa for the last forty million years until six seconds ago. "Could I be allowed to monitor the cube project more directly?"


"You are not mad at me." I said one last time.
"I'm not mad at Ryan... Ok, you're right, sorry." Elizabeth, now Alice sighed, seemingly still a little annoyed at not being able to move but at least she looked a lot calmer now.
"Please, just stop this now and we can talk about it alright? Rewriting someone's reality without asking, it's not right. I'm not mad, I mean it. Let's just be careful here ok?" She pleaded; fuck she was so cute like this. It was a bit hard to focus on what she was saying though. I didn't know Alice had a date planned tonight but it must have been one hell of an occasion considering how much skin she was showing. The older woman was typically pretty reserved, though I just assumed it was because she was in her thirties.
I did feel genuinely bad about the date... and the pain. I just simply wanted to know what the cube was, but all I ever did was turn knobs and hold stuff for her; most of the science mumbo jumbo just went over my head. Eli- Alice was nice enough to sometimes dumb it down for my benefit, so I thought I'd let her make sense of the cube for me. Kind of glad I did too, it looked like it hurt a lot. Not to mention this was all still incredibly confusing. At the very least I've seen enough anime to get the gist. If there really was an Eldritch god involved then maybe it was a gift for me, like in those stories where a random guy just happens to get insane powers. Would that make me the protagonist? Maybe it was a lucid dream or some kind of simulation. Considering what I had already changed, it stood to reason that I could do... Anything.
"I'm being careful, I promise." I finally said, and I meant it, kind of. I didn't want to hurt her. The pain from before was an accident anyway. "I just want to try and see what I can do, I'll fix everything when I'm done, so don't worry." I believed what I said. I'm not a fool like everyone always says. "Besides, you're so nice to me, I should repay you." I paused for a moment to think of what to do next when my eyes slid back down to her cleavage. Alice didn't have the biggest tits, and in general, she was plain compared to other girls on campus.
It was then that I felt something wash over me, a compelling force that was hard to deny.. Was it the cube? I looked at it, but nothing changed while it floated next to me. Then my gaze shifted to scanning over her body, and I couldn't help myself. There was nothing that prevented me from making my fantasies come true, with the cube bound to me, I was basically a god myself, right? Fuck yeah! I'm a goddamn genius! "You want big tits." I blurted out loud somewhat unintentionally.
"Ryan n-no I don't" Alice stuttered but something in her eyes changed.
"You want big tits." I again stated firmly, grinning ear to ear.
"I- I want... B-b-big.." She stopped halfway, straining hard not to give in.
"You want big tits."
"I want, I want big tits!" The woman finally exclaimed, her forehead beginning to sweat.
"You need big tits." I pressed.
"I need big tits."
"You need huge natural tits."
"I need... Huge natural tits."
"You love huge tits."
"Fuck, I love huge tits" Alice practically moaned.
"Big tits turn you on."
"Big tits turn me on."
"You think about big tits a lot."
"I do! I think about big tits a lot!"


I wasn't mad at him, even if I was frustrated as hell at the situation, I just couldn't bring myself to feel mad at Ryan. It just wasn't possible, not like I would've known. At least, I wouldn't have but for just a split second I felt something odd wash over me. Simultaneously, another migraine flashed in my head and I saw a second orange glow outlining my body overtop the white. At least, I thought I did, because it was gone before I could blink.
Then it hit me.
I knew.
Kind of.. I understood now that Ryan had made me incapable at being mad at him for the situation I was in. I still couldn't be mad at him for it, but now it made sense why. Ryan definitely changed my name too, though the connection to it... Elizabeth was it? Felt so far away, and I had a hard time getting myself to care. Whatever had just happened to me affected my awareness in relation to the shifts in reality. Though was that a blessing? Or a curse?
Given the knowledge I possessed it wasn't a stretch to reason that this was more meddling from the supposed 'gods' that turned my PhD project into what it is now. The idea that there were beings like that at all was terrifying alone, but the look on Ryan's face when his attention found its way back to me was so much worse. I could tell, he didn't listen to a word I said. Absolute power corrupts absolutely and all that. I was fucked.
I fuck.
The thought popped into my head but I pushed it aside since my whole life was about to be rewritten. Again, and this time it was a lot more than just a name.
I struggled at first, it was so... Disgusting. The look Ryan was giving me, I'd seen it before when he would stare at my modest, if not small chest. It made my spine shiver, especially since I felt so self conscious about it.
I'd always been rather tall for a girl; otherwise my body was genuinely unassuming. Short mousy brown hair, lightly freckled pale skin, olive green eyes, and... Annoyingly small breasts. My butt wasn't anymore special but it was my breasts that I cared about the most. I didn't hate them, but I didn't like them either. I wanted bigger breasts.. No, I wanted bigger tits.
It was a minor envy at first. When I was a teen, though back then it was mostly embarrassment and self shame. By the time I was in university, it had turned into a minor obsession. I needed bigger tits so badly, and even though my roommate would always try to reassure me that my body was fine the way it is, I just couldn't accept it. She would often mention that it was ok to get implants, and there was nothing wrong with cosmetic surgery, it didn't help.
I needed huge natural tits.
When I wasn't studying and I had time for myself, I would browse NSFW subreddits and the internet just to look at tits. Huge natural tits; and even though I was straight, despite attempts to experiment, I knew Ryan was right. I love huge tits, they turn me on, and I haven't been able to stop thinking about them for so long.
My roommate was bisexual, though I could tell she leaned towards girls more, and I didn't blame her considering how most guys tended to be. I'm pretty sure she had a thing for me, and would always tease me over the questionable tabs on my laptop. I felt bad, but I simply wasn't into girls; romantically or sexually.... Except for big tits. Fuck, I couldn't get enough of them. It was weird at first to masturbate to big tit porn, having no attraction to the girls themselves but their tits made me so wet, and there wasn't any alternative. I hated how misogynistic it felt to leer at other girls so much and being heterosexual just made it all the worse. It was to the point where I would often keep track of women around me and try to take mental notes of their cup sizes. I hated the fact that I even had a hard time concentrating during lectures if the professor had a large rack, which only furthered my pursuit into science since most of the teachers were male and I could stave off my addiction. Even if I knew I was missing out. At least I ended up meeting Winston because of my classes.
Winston... Fuck I kept forgetting about him. He was supportive and helped me keep a level head whenever I would get distracted by tits. Still, it was clear that my obsession worried him. Once I told him everything; about how I'd spent so much time and money trying to find a way to make my tits bigger, why I was always wearing corsets and push-up bras. My entire diet centered around my tits, yet nothing worked. It was so frustrating. I wanted to cry, missing the date, and dealing with these thoughts was almost too much.
Winston would know what to say to make me feel better, I needed to call him as soon as I could. Which meant I had to deal with Ryan and the cube... Oh for fucks sake, he was the cause of this. He had given me this obsession with big tits, it wasn't real. No, that's not true. It IS real.. Always has been since a minute ago. I can't really remember what my life was like before, outside some vague guess of what it could have been like. At the very least, because of my new awareness, I could try to keep track of what was altered so I could change things back once I got the cube from Ryan.
I was breathing heavier, and my mind was racing to react to these new changes. Running over every situation that could have been affected by my absolute love for massive tits which in the end spiraled into just fantasizing about them. God it was hard to think like this, I needed bigger tits. I just did.
"R-ryan, how about we make a deal?" I finally stuttered out, trying to hold my composure. I had two very clear objectives and I'd do anything to accomplish them. Getting the cube in my possession and..
"I'll agree to let you give me... huge tits, with the cube, if you agree to give it to me afterwards. I promise not to use it against you ok? I know how it works, if I use it to shield you from its effects, you'll be safe if anything goes wrong." My words were sincere. Lying wasn't something I liked to do regardless, and beneath that lurid look on his face, I knew the cube scared him. Even if just a little. Playing into his obvious fantasy, and guaranteeing his safety was my best bet. We both get what we want.
"Oh you want me to give you big tits huh?" Ryan sneered, very poorly trying to play coy. This was exactly what he wanted, I had a chance.
"Yes! I do, please?..A-and then you can give me the cube. It won't work directly on yourself if you're the one using it. So if you accidentally change something about me that would also affect you, it could be really bad." I pleaded, a bit too strongly then intended but I couldn't help but be more excited than ever at the chance for my biggest dream to come true. No, no no, it's only my biggest dream now.. But what was my biggest dream before? I didn't know.
There was an unrealized horror in the fact that I was being distanced from my original self. That girl, Elizabeth. She was becoming a stranger bit by bit.
"Oh shit really?" He gasped. I'd caught his attention now, and he seemed to pull back a bit from his power trip. "Alright then, sounds good to me." He grinned a dumb grin, not even realizing he could literally do anything. There was no true incentive to do anything just because I asked. Just for good measure I'll probably have to tweak his histo- "You keep your promises." The words from his mouth were harsh and powerful.
"I- I uh I'll ke-"
"You will keep your promise"
"Y-yes I'll keep my promise."
"You will keep your promise"
"I will keep my promise." I try to be an honest girl, I keep my promises; I meant that. I mean, I did now? Fuck. He did it again. Catches me off guard every time.
"You have huge tits."
My eyes snapped up to him, immediately drawn to his command. "I have huge tits." I repeated back to him without even so much of a hint of resistance. Fabricated thoughts or not, I needed huge natural tits.
I fucking love them. My tits were massive, always had been. Even if I knew that they were caused by the cube, I didn't care. The memories of my tits were very personal and just the best. I loved huge tits so much, I love mine, I love other girl's. They're just so captivating. I'm honestly surprised I made it to working on my PhD project considering how much I would frequently get lost staring at my own tits. Like right now. God, my pussy was drenched. "Ok Ryan, give-"
"You really want to fuck me."
"Ryan.. No! You c-c-can't!"
"You really want to fuck me."
"Please don't make me really want to fuck you"
"You really want to fuck me."
I did. Fuck.
"I really want to fuck you."
Silence fell as the cube began to deactivate and fell into Ryan's open hand. All I could do is stare numbly at that stupid smirk. I was in a daze. My head was all over the place. I really wanted to fuck Ryan, my tits weren't always this big apparently? My own name was supposedly unaltered as well and I couldn't even feel mad at him for doing any of it.
And yet it all just felt... Normal. Completely and utterly normal. Despite my new ability to be aware that they weren't. It was honestly a bit too much. Barely a minute or two ago I was reviewing the history of my love for huge tits, I remember feeling envious and disgruntled for not having them myself. Which was weird because I didn't need to look down to feel the weight of my massive tits. They weren't super uncomfortable thanks to being snug in my custom fit overbust corset, but my back and ribs were sore as hell having slept in it for so long. I had only meant to wear it a few hours during the date. My daily wear was usually underbust for that very reason.
The clashing memories, shifting remembrances, etc, simply left me dazed.. I couldn't even bring myself to be stunned over Winston for the third time. The worst part was that I just really wanted to fuck Ryan, especially because I still didn't like him.
I was snapped back to the world as I let out a deep moan. Ryan was awkwardly squeezing my right breast through my corset and god.. It felt good. It felt like relief.
Surprisingly my hand came up to grab his wrist. That's right, I could move now, and I wasn't going to let him push me around any more than he already had. The old me wouldn't have been so bold or assertive, she didn't have huge tits, she didn't wear bustiers or browse porn. She was too reserved. No longer, I will do things on my own terms.
Carefully, I stood up while holding Ryan's hand tight to my breast. The cube was still linked to him, so I needed to make sure my intentions were clear to avoid further abuse of that godly power. I looked down at him with hunger in my eyes; and even without heels, I was still at least a head taller than the sophomore. It was obvious I was his type. Too bad he wasn't mine.
I let go of his wrist and slowly lowered myself back down, this time resting my knees on the lounge carpet. I wanted to get this over with and it was almost one in the morning in the rather large science wing of the university, janitors wouldn't even arrive until four. A fact I knew well given my many all-nighters working on different projects over the years.
I let out a long breath as I unbuckled his pants. I didn't want to cheat on my boyfriend, I wasn't attracted to Ryan, and I didn't like this situation. In the end none of that changed the fact that I really wanted to fuck him. At the very least I would hold myself back as much as possible.
The boy was clearly not very popular with women, and likely only had sex a few times and probably not very good sex either... Was that a bit harsh? Probably but I was cranky, horny, and... Way too enchanted with his cock. Drool was actually beginning to drip from my mouth as I pulled out his already hard dick. It was bigger than I expected, and fuck.. I wanted it more than I was willing to admit.
My eyes fluttered as I leaned forward and kissed the tip. Glancing up I held his gaze while sliding my mouth over his cock, not closing my eyes until it was all the way inside my throat. My gag reflex wasn't too bad but I couldn't deepthroat for long. I pulled back to a more comfortable depth and lost myself in sucking Ryan's cock.
The moment felt so satisfying, like I was getting a treat. I continued to moan around his dick, my tongue licking vigorously along his length. God. I was in heaven, I needed this.
Right?... No, no. He'd made me want to fuck him. I wasn't going to give in to this altered reality. Well.. Not any more than I already have.
I wanted this delicious cock in my pussy... But it wasn't necessary. Oral sex counted as fucking right? It had to, otherwise there would be no way for me to resist going any further..
It was tricky and I was pretty distracted slurping away on Ryan's dick but I was able to pull up the vague memory that when he used the cube to give me my amazing tits, he didn't say I always had them. Just that I did, yet they weren't new to me or anything. While on the other hand, I know I hadn't wanted to fuck Ryan until only just now.
That meant either the cube was self correcting depending on nuance.. Or it has some form of sentience and maybe even a personality. I understood the cube and what it does, but how it worked entirely wasn't perfectly clear for some reason. So any more information was a win.
As was slobbering all over Ryan's cock right now. My tits and obsession with them on general tended to get me in sexual situations on occasion so it's not like I was a total prude or anything. I had been practicing for Winston too, even if he was a bit reserved.
I pulled back even more in order to suckle on the head of his cock. My hips started to move on their own, gyrating slowly at first, but it wasn't long before I was practically humping the floor. It was all by instinct at this point, with my past too jumbled to sort out I just allowed my body to guide me. It wasn't long before Ryan was about at his limit, cock twitching in my mouth. I tried to get off but he grabbed my head, causing me to let out a muffled "eep" and then my mouth was flooded with that familiar salty white substance.


Ryan seemed disappointed I spit his cum into a tissue while I cleaned myself up, but I could care less. I was just glad I seemingly satisfied whatever requirement for fucking the cube had instilled in me. However It wasn't completely gone, much to my disappointment. I really wanted to fuck him as a principle of my existence or something like that. 

Besides, I fuck.
Another quality that defined me in some way or another even if it didn't seem as solid. I understood that it was a result of the cube as well although it was tough to remember Ryan saying it specifically.
My mind was struggling just to remain conscious at the moment, so that was my first priority. Taking deep breaths which wasn't exactly easy given my outfit. I had put up with a lot of pain for what corsets did for my huge tits, but this was agony... Tits. Just tits. It was hard not to constitute them as 'huge tits' because of the cube's influence. I made a mental note to be very careful with specific grammar and semantics when I undid everything.
There was just one last thing I had to do.
"Ok Ryan, you had your fun. Now hand it over." I said, holding out my hand expectantly. Not that I honestly expected him to actually hand it over. I had already underestimated his capacity for surprising cunnin-
The cube was now resting on my palm and I just stared at it like a dumbass. Fuck, Ryan was legitimately stupid. "I uh, thanks." I muttered quietly while prying myself from yet another stupor. This time it was simply from pure befuddlement.
"Seriously." I finally felt relieved, I felt safe, and most notably, I would be able to carry out my promise. I always keep my promises, or I do my best at the very least. I would keep my promise to Ryan, there was no way I couldn't.
The difference between the two 'shift commands' was Ryan had only said that always kept my promises once and I'd never even finished the phrase before he pushed the second one. Possibly similar to the shift command that I fuck, though it felt slightly stronger. Possibly because I might have said it back.
Sighing I ran my thumb over the all powerful object in my hand. Complexity of the situation was rising and I'd need to organize better before I even think about using the cube after this.
"Is it going to hurt?" The orange haired boy asked, clearly attempting to assess his decisions. Honestly he almost looked as confused as I felt.
"Well... A little." I was aware that while possible, the cube was still unfinished even if altered. Now it was my turn to feel bad. Ryan may have been a uni sophomore, dumb as rocks, and altered reality to make me want to fuck him, but I literally couldn't be mad at him directly right now. He was a boy playing around with an omnipotent toy, his fear was unsurprisingly relatable.
"Ok, just make it quick." Ryan closed his eyes hard, tensing up his body and clenching his fits. The kid's fortitude was actually kind of endearing.
Now it was time for me to establish a link to the cube. Since I was physically in contact with it while it was deactivated, all I had to do was intend to make the connection.
New User: Alice Carter
Administrative Access: Denied
Status: Active
Reconfiguration: Auto
Activating Infinitum v3...
Scanning Reality Parallax...
Loading Basic Attributes...
Height: 6'2 ft
Weight: 162 lb
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Age: 32
Gender: Female
Breast Size: 30H
Body Shape: Hourglass
Nationality: Caucasian American
Casual Shifts Detected
Loading Transcript...
Auto Interpretation: Denied
"Alice is still here"
Description: Error
"Your name is Alice"
Description: Error
"Your name has always been Alice"
Description: Error
"You adore your name, Alice. It fits you."
Description: Error
"Your name comes from Alice in Wonderland."
Description: Error
"You understand the cube and what it does."
Description: Error
"You fuck"
Description: Error
"You are not mad at me."
Description: Error
"Big tits turn you on."
Description: Error
"You think about big tits a lot."
Description: Error
"You keep your promises."
Description: Error
"You will keep your promise"
Description: Error
"You have huge tits."
Description: Error
"You really want to fuck me."
Description: Error
Void Attributes Detected
Infinity Cube Comprehension
Status: Limited
Source: Infinity Cube
Referential Relativity
Status: Active
Source: Heliya < PRIME Assistant >

I would also absolutely love to know your thoughts on the story, be it critique, comments, questions, or just to tell me you enjoyed it, and if you know anyone who might enjoy it please share ^^ I would really appreciate it.

I'll be uploading chapter 4+ soon, just making minor edits/improvements & formatting, but the rest of the series can be found here Infinity Cube on MCstories although they're less cleaned up than the versions I'll be posting here. 

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