Infinity Cube

Chapter 1

by CulticTerror

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Hi! This is my first erotica and the first story I’ve actually written for people to read publicly. Infinity Cube is very much inspired by and essentially my own take on Barker Tree’s “The Infinity Device” which I highly recommend. Infinity cube is also my flagship narrative, alongside Prey to the Void which will be popping up here soon. All my stories are within multiversal world-building, full of cosmic entities, reality bending sci-fi shenanigans, and a lot more. Make sure to be on the lookout for the (sometimes not so obvious) connections between them and let me know what you think~

[Note - All Tags are indicative of the full story]

Elizabeth didn't remember when she had fallen asleep but she concluded that she must have been out for a while. It was obviously already past sundown given the darkness outside one of the few windows in the room. The PhD student struggled not to groan as she slowly attempted to pull herself upright; she failed. Letting out a long held breath, Elizabeth closed her heavy eyes just for a moment in order to relax for a moment longer and give herself more time to recoup.
The brunette woman's eyes shot open as she pulled out her phone, only to see a heart-dropping number of unread messages and missed calls. God.. She wanted to cry. It was her anniversary with Winston, they had planned on going out for dinner at seven and then to a local concert around eight-thirty. Now it was just past eleven PM… 
Elizabeth stared at her phone in silent shock and horror as tears began streaming down her face, smudging the makeup she had spent so much time applying earlier that day, after having cleaned her reserved lab room. The scientist wasn't very fashionable nor particularly feminine by nature; finding a good outfit and doing her makeup had taken way too much time and effort, and now it was ruined.
Though considering how long she had been passed out, it had likely already been smudged while she slept. As if it really mattered now. Elizabeth had never wanted to punch something so bad, to scream, curl into a ball, snap her phone in half. It hurt so much just knowing how much she'd fucked up and… Winston.. God, she was pretty sure he was going to propose. 
However, before Elizabeth could pull herself together enough to finally bite the bullet and call Winston back, the lounge room door burst open. “Elizabeth! You’ve gotta see this!” Ryan yelled like he’d won the lottery. The energetic young man skidded to a halt when he saw the mess of a woman before him, but this pause was momentary as he continued; completely oblivious to her current condition. "Elizabeth look! It's incredible! After you left there was a freaky power out-”
“What?” Elizabeth snapped, glaring at Ryan like he was insane, but she also didn’t seem fully there… Still dazed and confused from the heavy waves of anguish she’d felt only just after just waking up. "I left?" She whispered trying to understand what the hell he was talking about. It was difficult to remember anything like this, but she definitely didn’t remember leaving… No, she came to the lounge room for a short nap after putting on her makeup and getting ready for dinner… Right?
“Oh yeah I totally forgot, or maybe you forgot?.. Or maybe just don't remember? Probably something like that, minor details. It’s all because of this!” Ryan exclaimed, stepping deeper into the room. The boy was neither particularly bright nor notably mature; Elizabeth chewed his ear off on a constant basis, only keeping him around because she was desperate for any modicum of assistance in finishing her magnum opus: The small cube in his hand- Or it was in his hand; the moment he dropped his palm the cube remained in it's position in space. The object denied gravity, the air in the room, conservation of momentum, the strong force, the weak force, the electromagnetic force. 
It defied the laws of the universe.
It broke them.
It re-wrote them.
“What the hell?! That’s not…” Elizabeth began, having momentarily forgotten about missing her anniversary. She was a particle physicist and engineer; she knew something was not right. There had to be some kind of explanation, some trick to the impossible phenomenon before her. “Tell me what’s going on… It's not supposed to be able to do that Ryan!” She yelled a little louder than she’d intended, scaring both of them. 
“I um..” He began sheepishly, clearly way out of his depth. “Oh right! I’ve been doing some tests, let me show you.” Ryan said, awkwardly bypassing her question for a supposed demonstration. He wasn’t smart enough to truly understand how any of the things he’d done today was at all possible. Ryan had only been volunteering in her lab because his Father, the Dean of the college, needed to dump him somewhere. With everyone else she knew busy working their own academics, he'd ended up as the only person available to assist Elizabeth on her PhD project. 
Without any warning, the cube began to transform; smooth panels and intricate notches silently whirring as they slowly expanded outwards in geometric pieces, while remaining connected to the spherical core of the device by black tendrils of some unknown substance or.. maybe energy? The whole scene bore a striking resemblance to the weird anime crap Ryan would often ramble on about as Elizabeth worked.
Elizabeth's eyes widened in shock as she watched the cube shift impossibly before her eyes. It almost didn’t seem like the same device she’d been working on for almost two years. Yet, despite everything going on, the thing that scared Elizabeth the most- The look in Ryan’s eyes as he smiled at her. Not only was he enjoying himself, but also he wasn’t at all phased by the cube’s actions, not even when a thin white light suddenly outlined her body, reminiscent of something she'd seen from one of Winston's video games..
Fuck! She forgot about Winston! 
“Your name is Alice.” Ryan said with a giddy confidence which made Elizabeth’s stomach turn.
“What? Ryan, my name is Elizabeth…” Elizabeth countered, baffled but.. I felt weird; as if the words coming out of my mouth were from the wrong perspective.
“Your name is Alice.”
“N-no my name… is.. A-..Elizabeth..?”
“Your name is Alice.” He continued repeating.
“My name is… Alice? No that’s not right.. please stop..” I pleaded sheepishly.
“You have always been Alice.”
“I have? No, I’m.. I was… E..Eliz.. I don't remember..”
“You have always been Alice.”
“I.. I have always been Alice.” I said feeling a little lightheaded.
“You adore your name, Alice. It fits you.” Ryan was having fun with this but I couldn’t concentrate on anything… except..
“I adore my name. Alice.. It fits me.” Of course, it did, I was named after my Great Aunt.
“Your name comes from Alice in Wonderland.”
“Oh.. I’m named after Alice from Alice in Wonderland..” I can’t believe I’d forgotten.

It was my Mothers favorite book; she would read it to me all the time when I was a little kid and I would pretend it was about myself. The story fed into my curiosity and was a factor that pushed me to pursue science.
Suddenly the cube seemed to settle down though it remained.. Activated? The glowing on my body dimmed slightly but it stayed as well. “What just.. Happened you said.. Um..” I was really confused and it hurt my head trying to figure out why, but the cube had something to do with it.
“Are you ok Elizabeth?” Ryan said feigning innocence while flashing the biggest shit eating grin.
“Ryan, what the fuck? I’m not ok! This whole situation is just.. Wrong! And my name isn’t Elizabeth! It's Alice! What is going on with you?” I said I was trying my best to keep my composure but it was difficult, it was all too much. “I missed my anniversary and now.. Now this.. I don’t even understand what ‘it’ is even supposed to be, that thing was not my project. It was just supposed to detect subtle vibrations between different realities, that's all! It's not even halfway finished!” Alice took a second to catch her breath, but for some reason she didn’t get up. She couldn’t, or rather she never considered that it was a possibility. Because it wasn’t. Not with the glow on her. 
“Oh! Uh fuck.” Ryan for the first time in a long time, looked sincerely worried or was it shame? “I’m sorry Eliz- Alice. I wanted to make sure you were still here so I could show you… I didn’t realize it would make you miss something so important…” He breathed a heavy sigh and kicked his foot at the ground glumly. Just as the cube started up again. "Maybe I can help explain with this?" He questioned aloud, mostly to himself while looking at the impossible object next to him before returning his attention to me.
“You understand the cube and what it does.”
“I…UnderstaAHHHH!!” I yelled, clutching my head while my butt was still firmly rooted to the couch. My head was burning, as if my mind was being branded by hot metal.
“Y-you understand the cube and what it does.” Ryan hesitantly repeated.
“I… Ahh.. I understaaANNd!!” It hurt so bad but I think I knew why…
“You… Fuck..” He stammered, losing composure before wincing and looking away.
“I-I fuck?” I said, confused but something about it seemed right..
“You understand. The cube. And what it does.” Ryan said, clearly forcing the words out of his mouth while trying his best to ignore the pain he was putting me through.
Finally, it took, and the pain subsided enough for me to speak properly. “I understand the cube and what it does.” I finally said with a certainty that even surprised myself. Knowing the urgency of the situation I looked at the cube to check its condition. The device seemed like it was struggling but that made sense considering what he’d just done with it. It eventually deactivated and began to close, with Ryan barely managing to catch it before it dropped out of the air.
“Ryan, give the cube to me,” I said firmly but carefully. I knew what it was capable of.

“Why should I? Can you at least explain what it is first? Please?” 
“Jesus, you really are ridiculous. Fine." I let out a breath. I needed to stay calm and do my best to not escalate things. "I’ll explain but then you have to give it to me. No exceptions. Do we have a deal?” I tried, smiling as convincingly as I could manage, which honestly wasn't very well.
“Ok ok.” He said sheepishly, holding the cube defensively. I wasn’t going to risk scaring him into using it again so I stayed where I was. He almost seemed more nervous about it than I was. He was a child playing with powers far beyond average human comprehension. 
“It's my project, but… It was tampered with.” I said slowly; the information seared into my brain was a lot to handle. This went far beyond my expertise as a university student but now, I was the only one who could have made any sense of it. “A being of some kind… Maybe a god? Some kind of cosmic entity or whatever you want to call it. Used their abilities to.. I guess remake it into a device that can warp reality by filtering through a consciousness. First, it needs to link to the last person that touched it, then it needs something to use as a conduit.” Ryan looked puzzled at that last word; jeez he was an idiot. Best I got the cube away from him ASAP. “A lightning rod, a target to change reality around. It’s not complete yet, so it’s a bit limited.” I added to make sure he got it as slowly stood up. 
“Ok Ryan, you promised, now hand it over.” I continued calmly, reaching out in a non-threatening way.
“Yeah ok.. I guess it is kind of beyond me.” Ryan nearly whimpered like a sad puppy as he stepped closer. 
“Wait… My Anniversary… You said I had left.” It hit me, with my newfound knowledge it made sense why I had slept so long. I had left on time but this fucker changed reality and which is why I’m still here. Since Ryan was linked to the cube he was shielded from its effects. Didn't he call me Elizabeth? “You fucking asshole-!” 
My outburst would be my undoing.
I couldn’t move.
The cube had been reactivated.

I would also absolutely love to know your thoughts on the story, be it critique, comments, questions, or just to tell me you enjoyed it.

I'll be uploading chapter 2+ soon, just making minor edits/improvements & formatting, but the rest of the series can be found here Infinity Cube on MCstories although they're less cleaned up than the versions I'll be posting here. 

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