Infinity Cube

Chapter 4

by CulticTerror

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At first, I was about to assume the thing was broken or something, but sometime between blinks, the cube had a complete makeover. Now the object was a solid pastel pink and had no obvious grooves or notches. The only notable detail other than the color was a simple decal on each side clearly depicting a pair of tits being squeezed together.

Now this was my style. Although, I would have preferred it to be a bit more discrete. Not that I was really complaining, no one was going to be using this after I repaired everything. It was simply too powerful, too dangerous to reasonably use, even for myself.

And yet something in the back of my mind was nagging me. 

If I understood the cube and what it does, then why didn’t I know it would change appearance? Something about that paradox unsettled me.

“Ok Ryan, I’ll make this quick,” I muttered. The cube seemingly understood my intent to use it as it became weightless in my hand which I hesitantly lowered, leaving the object floating impossibly in the air. Unlike before, it didn't open up or do anything of note aside from a faint pulsing glow from the breasts painted on its surface.

Looking over at the redhead I could see he was surrounded by the same white outline I was not too long ago. He looked like he was about to pee himself.. To think I still wanted to fuck him.

I took a deep breath to clear my head and reorient my focus to the task I needed to carry out. "I keep my promises" I whispered under my breath, carefully planning my next words very carefully.

"You are immune from the cube and its effects on reality," I spoke firmly and confidently. 

"I am im-mune from the cube and its e-effects on reality!" Ryan stammered, his body was shaking. As was the cube; sputtering, vibrating, and rotating violently next to me. I knew I shouldn't push forward, in-case I accidentally broke the universe or something, but I wasn't entirely sure if the effect was fully applied. So I kept going.

"You are immune from the cube and its effects on reality."
"I- Elizabeth! H-hurts! I-I- S-sorry!"
"You are immune from the cube and its effects on reality." I pressed.
"I am immune from the cube and its effects on reality!" He shouted, speaking way too fast.

The cube's movements grew even more erratic and I swear it had started smoking, but after reaching some sort of fever pitch, it slowed rapidly before turning white and dropping to the floor. Releasing Ryan from its hold simultaneously.

Ryan dropped to his hands, panting heavily. Though my eyes were on the cube. I was honestly really scared, simply from the lack of information. I didn't know if it was broken or worse.

Something told me I should leave it be, and never touch it again. Accept the changes to my life and move on. Yet, at the same time, I felt my body moving on its own. Reaching down to grab the white box, to take what was mine. 

I picked it up with ease, nothing felt too different from before. I had to reconnect to it, make sure it was still functional. That's as far as I would go… Right?


User: Elizabeth Carter
Administrative Access: Granted
Status: Active
Mode: Dormant
Reconfiguration: Y/N?
Activating Infinitum v3… 
Scanning Reality Parallax…

Loading Advanced Attributes…
Height: 6’2 ft
Weight: 154 lb
Blood Type: O Negative
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Green
Age: 32
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Romance: Hetero-romantic
Gender: Female
Breast Size: 34B 
Body Shape: Rectangle
Nationality: Caucasian American
Languages: American English
Intelligence (IQ): 120* → 132

1 of 78: Continue?

Casual Shifts Detected
Loading Transcript…
Auto Interpretation: Error

"Elizabeth is still here"
Description: Error

"Your name is Alice"
Description: Error

"Your name has always been Alice"
Description: Error

“You adore your name, Alice. It fits you.”
Description: Error

“Your name comes from Alice in Wonderland.”
Description: Error

"You understand the cube and what it does.”
Description: Error

"You fuck"
Description: Error

"You are not mad at me."
Description: Error

“Big tits turn you on.”
Description: Error

“You think about big tits a lot.”
Description: Error

"You keep your promises."
Description: Error

"You will keep your promise" 
Description: Error

"You have huge tits."
Description: Error

"You really want to fuck me."
Description: Error

Void Attributes Detected

Infinity Cube Administrator
Status: Activated
Source: <b>SIR</b>

Infinity Cube Comprehension
Status: Limited (IQ +12)
Source: Infinity Cube

Referential Relativity
Status: Active 
Source: Heliya <PRIME Assistant>

Previous User Logs Available..
View: Y/N?
Loading 'Alice Carter', 'Ryan Fisher…

"Holy fuck" I gasped. All the information flashed through my mind like I was interfacing with an OS command prompt in my head.

I mentally accepted a reconfiguration, which I assumed meant changing its appearance, and now the cube was a solid black. Then it loaded a bunch of systems that mirrored the code I had written for my original project but obviously altered for its new purpose. 

"Ryan, you still alive?" I asked with a raised brow. I was still browsing the data from the cube and it was a bit awkward interacting with the physical world at the same time but not impossible.

"I.. yeah, yeah. I'm good." He said as he picked himself off the floor, giving me a dorky smile and a thumbs up.

"Good, you're going to drive me home."

* * *

The ride was quiet, but only because I would shut Ryan up anytime he tried to spark conversation. Now that I had time to think I wasn't really in the mood for any of his bullshit. Frankly, I was pissed.

My date was ruined, my project was altered by god-like beings without my knowledge, I cheated on my boyfriend by intentionally sucking off a guy I'm not even attracted to, my ribcage felt bruised as fuck, my tits were sore, I had a headache, and all around I was just not having a good night. Even if I wasn't able to be mad at Ryan directly for it all, that didn't mean I had to be nice to him. I had plenty of other things to not be happy about.

So for now, we sat in silence. Meanwhile, the cube was floating above my lap, miraculously remaining stationary in relevance to my motion in the moving vehicle. Nothing really made sense anymore, and it was hard not to just assume everything wasn't just some fever dream and I was still sleeping on the couch back on campus. 

Regardless if it was a dream or not, I was curious as per usual. So I used the downtime to mentally scan through the cube's data, resulting in a lot more clarity on exactly what was going on in the first place.

Currently, I was accessing… Elizabeth's profile. The girl I had been just yesterday, even if she didn't exist to me. Not like we were <i>that</i> different. Not on the surface level as far as I could tell. The most notable difference between us was our bra sizes. She was a B cup and it made me uneasy to think about. The idea that I used to be her, with such tiny tits was almost scary. I used to have nightmares about stuff like that. I would have had a panic attack waking up to that.

She was also just a bit more… Reserved. Shy and not very sexually active. I, on the other hand, have a hard time not getting wet just staring into my own cleavage. Despite my ability to know what was shifted from the original reality or not, it was difficult to actually get myself to care, due to my lack of connection to lives I don't even remember experiencing. 

There were still a lot of unanswered questions left, as for what I did know, because the cube was incomplete, its full capabilities weren't completely functional. Which made me wonder if I could continue to work on it. I had literally jumped twelve IQ points because of what I <i>did</i> know about it. Even if limited for whatever reason.

I came to the conclusion that 'void' attributes were things that went beyond human, god-like stuff. Putting me, with two of them, in a very unique position. I suppose I would have to thank this 'Heliya' for bestowing me with the gift to at least be able to keep track of what was going on. Otherwise, I might have just continued thinking everything was normal. Which it still was on some level, but I had to return things to how they were. It was the right thing to do… Right?

"Keep your lips sealed Ryan. I mean that. I don't need the CIA busting into the lab and conscripting my research, let alone let any government get their hands on the most powerful object in the universe." I warned with a deep glare as I hopped out of the car, my heels in one hand and the cube in the other. 

"Oh.. yeah that'd be pretty bad. I would have never thought of that. I guess I'm just glad I didn't accidentally unbirth myself or something… Do you think I could still help you in the lab maybe?" Ryan was clearly rethinking his actions, and it actually gave me a little hope that he could actually improve. 

"Sure Ryan, you can still help me in the lab." I sighed. "I don't think I could undo everything until it's finished anyway. So you might as well lend a hand since you already know about it." And because he's immune to it too. That might prove valuable and given how much that shift taxed the device, I wasn't confident it could handle something of that level again. I checked his log, the immunity was considered a void attribute, which was probably beyond its current capacity. It was able to complete two so far, but the chances of destroying the universe were not zero if the error logs I'd found were to be believed.

Even just changing my name had essentially rewritten my entire identity, which I assume is why I had two profiles.

"Goodnight." He said sheepishly before beginning to pull out. 


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