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Xangoh is a he/him.

I've written bits of things for a while now, but exclusively for the drawer: it's only recently that I've begun feeling like I might have some handle on how to actually organize a piece of fiction. So I'm trying it out here.

In terms of mc, I'm probably more influenced by trilby else than anyone, in both tone and matter. Like him, I usually write from the female sub POV, and rarely if at all from a dom perspective. Simple hotness aside, what's always most interested me about mc is the way it lets you explore questions of agency and subjectivity, specifically in the context of a fantasy of maximal and even totalizing coercion. Politcally I'm a lifelong socialist; it's never far from my mind in these stories that the mind controller/hypnotist is a type of exploiter, and that what's being fictionalized (and eroticized) is brutality: a forced subjection to exploitation. I like work that reflects that understanding. Generally speaking, I no more care about the mental world of the people in charge in these stories than I do of their counterparts in real life.

I also have an ingrained aversion to infodumps. I want stories to focus on transactions happening between characters, and my hope is that if you do it right those transactions will be enough to implicitly establish the boundaries of the story's world. A lot of my writing process involves recognizing where I've fallen into the trap of using narrative or dialogue to explain backstory to myself, and then muting if not completely excising it. I don't know if that ends up making my writing more elliptical than it needs to be. I welcome feedback on that, or on anything else that strikes you.

Thanks very much for reading.



Featured Stories
by xangoh
(4 chapters, 6257 words)
#cw:noncon #dom:female #f/f #incest_play #masturbation #sub:female (click to see all tags) #clothing #in_progress #smoking

Miranda, a powerful mind controller who’s embedded herself in a wealthy and prominent household, gets an unanticipated visit from another one of her tribe. Renate says she’s just passing through, but can she be trusted to resist temptation?

by xangoh
(5951 words)
#cw:noncon #dom:male #f/f #pov:bottom #sub:female (click to see all tags) #brainwashing #lesbification #maid #masturbation

At a party where he’s introducing her to his grad school crowd, Millie’s boyfriend embarrasses her by going on about hypnokink. It’s not an interest she shares, and she’s not above a little mockery to prove the point.

Other Stories
Off the Point
by xangoh
(453 words)
#f/f #microfiction

Two girls meet on a beach.

Control Chips
by xangoh
(6 chapters, 3530 words)
#brainwashing #D/s #Master/slave_language #microfiction

An anthology of short, brainwashing-related scenes.

by xangoh
(3 chapters, 2295 words)
#dom:male #in_progress #m/f #pov:bottom #sub:female (click to see all tags) #clothing #D/s #Master/slave_language #microfiction

A new slave learns some things about herself when she dresses for her owner. Or doesn’t dress. A loose collection of scenes in search of a story.

Hold Still
by xangoh
(906 words)
#cw:incest #f/f #microfiction #sub:female (click to see all tags) #clothing #lesbification

Mother and daughter play dressup.

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