Hold Still

by xangoh

Tags: #incest #f/f #microfiction #sub:female #clothing #lesbification
“OK hold still now.”
Mom smiled brightly at her from the mirror. She gets so squirmy when we get to the corset, Lynette thought. She’d been doing some bondage training with her and Alice had taken right to it. Just that little feeling of being cinched was all it needed now to turn her on.
Preoccupied with the lacing up, Lynette didn’t answer the smile. It didn’t matter. Alice’s face grew slack and she lost herself the way she so often did, admiring her daughter’s beauty. Lynette was nude under a floofy, almost sheer yellow babydoll edged with pink lace. Her ankle socks matched, so did the bow done up in her chestnut hair. Alice thought she had never seen her daughter looking more girly or more fuckable.
“You look really dynamite tonight baby,” Alice said.
Lynette pulled at the back of the corset. “Straighten up,” she grunted. “I need to get this tight.” She gave the laces a hard yank as Alice shifted herself to accommodate.
The yellow nightie was new, Alice thought. Her memory was kind of wonky lately but she kept a very complete, very well-rehearsed mental catalog of everything sexy Lynette wore. No way she’d have forgotten this one. Then she recollected about tonight being some kind of occasion. 
Were they having a guest? Had to be, if they were staying in. In all the excitement of mother-daughter dressup she’d lost track of it.
“Sweetie, who are we fixing ourselves up for again?” Alice wasn’t sure if Lynette had said. She tried to pass it off like she was just making conversation. It was easier to assume than admit that her mind had wandered.
The girl sighed. “Nobody.” She made a few annoyed tugs at the bottom of the corset to straighten it. The hornier she gets the dumber, Lynette said to herself. “Just a friend. Chick I met.”
She felt a little bad, being so close-mouthed with her mom. Honestly though there wasn’t much more she could say. Lynette had been giddy about tonight ever since she woke up this morning. Every time she tried to think about her girlfriend, though—her name, where they knew each other from, what she looked like even—it all ran away from her. She could never quite keep things in focus. Not that it was a big deal. She just didn’t want Alice getting any idea her daughter wasn’t fully in charge.
Chick she’s fucking, Alice thought. She felt the heat rise in her face. Every cell wanted to ask for details, but she was afraid Lynette might feel intruded upon. Of course her daughter brought girls home all the time, they were very open with each other about that. But tonight seemed different. She couldn’t remember ever getting dressed up for one of Lynette’s friends before. Or for that matter being introduced to one before the next morning. After she’d listened to them come who knows how many times, after she’d come herself from the listening.
Maybe this one was special. Alice felt a kind of dismay at the thought.
Lynette had moved a couple paces away from her mom, to appraise her look. Now she came up close behind and reached around the front. Alice’s big soft boobs pillowed up above the corset’s open cups. Lynette could hardly keep her eyes off the nipples. She added her own hands to the support, hefting her mom’s tits, watching them settle. Their breathing fell into a rhythm.
“This outfit is so fucking hot on you, Mom,” Lynette purred. Alice sighed and settled back against her and let her nipples get tweaked. She knew Lynette was just giving herself an excuse to feel her up. But Alice was all tense now. The air in the room had gone tense. She couldn’t find the heart to protest.
Anyway what of it? The bright line of Don’t Fondle Mommy’s Boobs had been eroding steadily for a while now. And after all it was basically just a way for them to comfort each other. So it got her pussy wet, was there any real harm? Shut up and be grateful for the closeness, Alice thought. Just don't masturbate over it later.
Lynette took one of her hands away and traced a line with her finger across Alice’s throat. “Just need to decide your neckwear,” she muttered. She kissed her mom lingeringly under the ear then raised her head and caught her eyes in the mirror. “My friend has a thing for older women, you know,” she said. That at least was something definite she knew about her girlfriend. Funny she was only remembering it now. “I want you to play it really sexy tonight, okay? Flirt with her. If she likes you maybe she’ll want to date you.”
Wait, Alice thought, Lynette's bringing girls home for me now? Her head spun. She was pretty sure she wasn’t even a lesbian.
Though honestly who could tell anymore? Not like she didn’t get a secret little thrill whenever they shared breakfast with one of Lynette's fresh-fucked conquests. Alice kept a good mental catalog of them, too. It came in handy when she fingered herself to sleep at night.
Lynette kissed her again on the neck. This one she ended with a light nip, and a playful smack across the ass. Alice jumped and giggled. Her daughter flounced away, Alice watching her rear, to rummage through her mom’s set of chokers.

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