The Pot'oxi

The Blue Orb

by grimest

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #brainwashing #dom:male #f/f #f/m #scifi #alien_invasion #aliens #brain_drain #brainwash #breeding #breeding_kink #drugs #dumb #impregnation #lactation #lesbian #monsters #parasite #pheromones #sexuality_change #sub:female #virus
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Planet Earth is found.

Qui’lla kept reviewing the footage the probes have brought, the biodiversity in this planet was downright breathtaking, obviously every planet that managed to evolve life, also managed to make said life adapt to suit the needs of their environment, that much was expected any time they stumbled into a new planet with life, however this precious blue orb was downright adorable with the amazing variety of small critters and big behemoths that populated their sees; their land and their sky.

Ko’llo seemed less enthusiastic, a variety of holo-screens around him displayed footage of the dominant species “Ugh…look at them? What’s with the hair in their head? Are you sure these are the evolved ones? They don’t look very advanced to me.” Qui’lla pretended she had not heard him, yes, most of them sported hair on their head…but they seemed capable to do wonders with it, she took a look of a bunch of them on a busy street and she was convinced that just their conduct and traditions around this head hair would bring enough material to write a few essays about this primitives…they were just so…colorful!

Qui’lla sighed with a silly smile on her lips and said, without even thinking “They are very pretty Ko’llo” she regretted saying that almost immediately, as he went into a tiresome rant about *Violent this* and *Nasty that* this creatures so very inferior and dull, compared to the glorious  Pot’oxi, Ko’llo would come off as a raging fanatic to anyone else, but Qui’lla knew him pretty well, he was passionate about their job here, he just couldn’t let any opportunity pass to remind anyone of how absurdly great they were as a species…they went back and forth a few times and the  conversation was quickly devolving into an argument.

“You bore me to death Husband” she said finally, enjoying how his face had a mixture of surprised, offended and embarrassed

He grunted and said finally “Look, I don’t see it your way and that’s acceptable, instead of arguing further let’s scan for a set of suitable females” the thought immediately brought a naughty smile on the face of Qui’lla, “You are right…we need a few fertile specimens…we will make our very first queen?! Isn’t it exciting!?” she suddenly walked towards him rubbing her bald head against his; their antennae also  twitching at the touch, Ko’llo  was paralyzed but he smiled as he nuzzled against her as well, his wife was very prone to sudden burst of affection, at first he found it a bit rare, but had grown fond of her little quirks, “Yes, it is quite exciting” after all he was Pot’oxi, maybe he was not very enthusiastic of these primitives or their appearance, but they clearly seemed terribly lost and in need of guidance, it was his moral obligation to show them the light…towards servitude.

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