The Pot'oxi

The Sheppards

by grimest

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #brainwashing #dom:male #f/f #f/m #scifi #alien_invasion #aliens #brain_drain #brainwash #breeding #breeding_kink #drugs #dumb #impregnation #lactation #lesbian #monsters #parasite #pheromones #sexuality_change #sub:female #virus
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I want to thank my good friend Ambipend for proofreading this story, English is not my first language, and although I'm very fluent I still make some dumb mistakes here and there, I hope the story is enjoyable, its not quite finished yet, I still have some wild ideas with this premise,  please feel free to comment if you have any feedback :P

The universe expanded, as it had been doing for billions and billions of years, completely indifferent as little sparks of living creatures emerged from its primitive pieces of rock, and managed to reflect upon their existence… the universe was filled with an infinity of variations of life, all kinds of creatures forging their own path, some pacifist, others warlike, millions and millions of stories occurring simultaneously as they all drifted in space.

This one story however occurred on the faraway corners of what’s known to humans as The Milky Way…

From a vast variety of races, the Pot’oxi had proven to be one of the most successful conquerors, not necessarily because their weaponry was the most advanced, or their warriors the more resilient, the Pot’oxi were a set of bald humanoid aliens who possessed  a big set of antennae which they used for various purposes, they were convinced of the innate inferiority of all creatures who were not them, however instead of feeling contempt or disgust for the other creatures that populated the galaxy, the Pot’oxi felt the need to guide them, to be Sheppard’s to this lost, pathetic and uncivilized  creatures, The Pot’oxi long ago had become masters of biological constructs, even the most complex strands of DNA could be molded, twisted and expanded to create better creatures, more resilient, smarter and prettier

With this knowledge they had learned how to create, perfect “queens” for these inferior species, these queens would have a mixture of Pot’oxi DNA and the race that was targeted, the new queen would land on the unsuspecting planet, and in due time, the entire race would be assimilated, becoming mindless slaves for the Pot’oxi empire.

The Pot’oxi culture was deeply rooted in this concept of assimilation and absorption, what did it matter what the small and insignificant creatures that populated the galaxy thought? They were lost and in need of guidance, however “guidance” was indeed a very strict word for the Pot’oxi.

The conquered races were bound to suffer a change in their culture, art, science and religion once they were assimilated into the whole, however the Pot’oxi also believed that the race was a whole should not change…at least, not much.

Yes, some deviations were inevitable, the queen herself was supposed to be hybrid, so a selected hundreds or…thousands would be modified to make the conquest go smoothly, still this  modified specimens were supposed to be a rare breed and not replace the existing beings, any simple conqueror could eradicate their prey like a plague, and then install a new  rule  on top of their ruins, The Pot’oxi in their own sinister form of love,  preferred to enslave entire planets, making them thralls to do their bidding, which was of course a better destiny than living alone and independent, watching their home planet drift in the void of space, purposeless.

And so it was, that the Pot’oxi spread in all directions of the cosmos, their ships would spread all over the Milky Way, in search of new races to bring into the light.

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