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Contact e-mail: MissMarionetteEMCSA@gmail.com

Hey there! I'm Miss Marionette, or Marion if you know me.

I'm an author of lesbian and queer women's fiction, focusing mostly on shorter stories and flash-fics because I simply haven't the patience to write longer things (though I envy those who do). I've been writing quietly for some time but publish very little (and my first published story is so terrible it will absolutely not be shared here...), though hopefully that will change!

Biological control, pheromones, corruption, realistic control, longterm mindfucking, lactation/milking, and to be honest anything involving hot women bending other hot women to their wills. My sexuality is probably best described as "sapphic mind control" more than anything else, which is what I write and what I love to read! The myriad body types and forms that sapphic people take are all delightful to me, though my usual taste does skew femme a bit so you're more likely to find folks of that type in the things I write.

I will try to include content warnings on anything I write that might be more extreme.

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My Darling
by MissMarionette
(1015 words)
#D/s #dom:female #f/f #microfiction #pov:bottom #sub:female (click to see all tags) #drugs #dubious_consent #medical #medical_play #standalone_story

A chemical-based programming sequence from the perspective of the submissive.

by MissMarionette
(661 words)
#consensual_kink #D/s #dom:female #f/f #microfiction #sub:female (click to see all tags) #memory_play #tease_and_denial

Hailey doesn’t know what Rebecca is doing to make her feel so good, but she knows she wants more. A flash-fic.

Doctor's Orders
by MissMarionette
(2068 words)
#cw:noncon #dom:female #dom:nb #f/f #f/nb #gaslighting #sub:female (click to see all tags) #hypnotic_light #implied_memory_play #medical_play

Abigail is so glad her new hospital is taking such good care of her. But she isn’t quite sure why she needed to come here in the first place…

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