by MissMarionette

Tags: #consensual_kink #D/s #dom:female #f/f #microfiction #sub:female #memory_play #tease_and_denial

Hailey doesn’t know what Rebecca is doing to make her feel so good, but she knows she wants more. A flash-fic.


“Wh-what are you doing?” Hailey whispered, feeling Rebecca’s hands begin to slide up and down the moaning woman’s thighs. Rebecca smiled, sweetly, and kissed Hailey’s soft cheek just barely beside her parted lips.

“I’m touching you, baby”, Rebecca whispered back, just the hint of a smirk playing across her features. “Do you like how it feels?” She dug her nails into Hailey’s thighs, just a little, scraping upwards as her hands quested higher.

Hailey whimpered, legs spreading faintly and eyes flicking to look up into her tormentor’s.
“I, I don’t know… it feels so… mmmmh gooood”. She dissolved, quietly, her squirming body pressing upwards involuntarily as Rebecca’s hands finally made their way to the crease of her thighs, trailing up and down so lightly Hailey lost all sense of when and how they touched – only that she needed more.

Rebecca gave a short, husky laugh, the sound spilling across her pet causing her to moan louder still.
“What does it make you want?” she whispered.

Hailey keened silently.
M-More, Mistress…”

Rebecca slid a single finger across the panting girl’s slit, biting her lip when it elicited a strangled little moan. “It will get more intense”, she chided, “are you sure you can handle it?” Her pet paled, mouthing more? with wondrous fear even as her cheeks coloured darkly and her hips bucked against her Mistress’ attendant hand.

Hailey nodded her head so hard it shook hair into her eyes, making no attempt to move it.
“I-I c-can handle it, Mistress, pleeaase it feels so good I-I-I, how did I not know-“

The domme pressed herself hard against her pet’s loose, limp, parted lips.
She slid her index finger slowly inside her pet’s needy, empty cunt.
She gripped her slut’s hair with her free hand and pulled down, hard, as Hailey’s muffled scream filled the bedroom.

“Th-, that, mmmhh Mistress, I…”
Hailey trailed off, her eyes glazing over as she slumped back onto the bed, lazily pressing her hips upwards against her Mistress’ thigh wedged between them. Both women moaned quietly, Rebecca leaning down and courting her pet’s ear for a tender lick. Hailey shook herself, almost imperceptibly, and turned her head to look into Rebecca’s eyes.
“H-how had we never… had I never… not known it was so so so good?”
Her Mistress smiled, warmly and hungrily and predatorially. She leaned into her slut’s ear again, hot breath playing across it, making her toy feel-
And Hailey remembered.

She remembered her masturbation addiction, growing until sex was slowly losing its charms.
She remembered begging her girlfriend Rebecca to help her.
She remembered the programming. The hypnosis. Her girlfriend becoming her domme.
She remembered learning to love denial. Learning to crave denial.
She remembered weeks in the chastity belt hidden away at the back of Miss Rebecca’s toybox where Hailey was forbidden to search.
She remembered the denial lengthening. Weeks. Months.
She remembered hours enthralled to Mistress Rebecca’s words, losing her past, losing her memories.
She remembered her birthday, taking a week off work. Being hypnotised to forget touching. To forget orgasming. To forget the memories of being touched.
She remembered Mistress ramping her libido up so high that she couldn’t leave the house while her mind was so deeply enthralled that she forgot masturbation existed. Her desperation increasing, no escape in sight.
She remembered this morning. Forgetting sex, forgetting pleasure, forgetting everything.
She remembered this was her first time, again. She’d never masturbated, never had sex. She remembered knowing it. She remembered living it. Wanting it. Adoring it.

Hailey’s eyes were wide with revelation, aroused and needful and purely, utterly, enchantingly submissive. She watched Her lips, saw the smudged red lipstick and bite marks across the lower lip. Wanted, needed to kiss them.

She smiled. Hailey’s heart skipped.
And Mistress Rebecca whispered, almost inaudibly:
“I think… another six months this time.”

This was exploring a concept for my own sake, rather than writing a story. Haven't got plans to expand on it now, but maybe in the future.


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