My Darling

by MissMarionette

Tags: #D/s #dom:female #f/f #microfiction #pov:bottom #sub:female #drugs #dubious_consent #medical #medical_play #standalone_story

A chemical-based programming sequence from the perspective of the submissive.

I have absolutely no idea how to characterise this story. Originally posted on my tumblr (the queen is dead, long live the queen), this was inspired by a few personal experiences as both a submissive and a dominant, and by my experiences with narcotic substances. Thanks to @Valasania for pushing me to publish some of the old flash-fics I posted on my blog way back when.

You’re doing so well now, my darling.
Keep heading down for me, my darling
You want to make me proud, don’t you darling?
Then keep sinking down for me, my darling
It’s important to sink down for me, my darling
Such a good girl, making Mistress so proud, well done my darling
It’s so deliciously soft in here. Her limbs felt heavy, warm, as though every part of her were immersed within the confines of a hot bath. Her neck was free of weight, her head feeling cradled and supported as though floating perfectly in the air like a magician’s assistant. She thought this was probably impossible, but maybe it wasn’t. It didn’t feel very important to know... It’s important to smile. It’s important to listen. It’s important to obey. It’s important to sink… siiink… sinking… si-in-ki-ng… siii-…
The sensations around you must be simply exquisite, my darling
Let them take you… let them engulf you
Let yourself sink down into that warm sea of relaxation
It’s important to sink down, sink down, sink down into my voice
Good girl, pleasing Mistress like a good girl, well done my darling
Every pulse of energy through her nerves felt magnified, the exquisite sensations washing through her like waves. She let her body go, as it floated away across a sea of endless bliss, and exhaled in a long, moaning sigh as she began to sink beneath the surface. Every nerve ending was singing as they eagerly loosed euphoric flames, joyfully extending warm tendrils into her skin, muscle, blood, bone and brain, interconnecting her body with itself in a harmonious flood of pleasure. Her skin rubbed sensuously against the tight leather straps that bound her to the bed, their age-worn surface so soft and comfortable, pinning her arms against the padded fabric of the bed.
Focus on your body, my darling
Feel its pulse, its breath, feel yourself letting these things slow, my darling
Allow the body to know how relaxed you are, my darling
You’re doing so well for Mistress, well done my darling
A long, exultant gasp of air flooded from her lips, as the joyous thrill of being alive overcame her in a rush of pleasure. Her heart pounded in her chest, and she felt her blood humming through her every artery and vein, capillaries filled with the sweet pleasures of life. She focused on her body, and allowed her breathing to know how pleasant it was to slow down, to relax. She showed her heart the pleasures of resting for a little while, of slowing down in time with her pulsing thoughts. It pushed blood into her body, every part of her vibrating to that same, rhythmic sensation of metabolising, growing, breathing life. It pulsed
She slowed, and listened. She slowed, and focused. She slowed, and obeyed.
Wonderful my darling
You’re listening to your Mistress like such a good girl, my darling
You deserve a reward, my darling
Let yourself sink down into Mistress’ pleasure, well done my darling
The texture of the tastes she could feel in her eyes changed, and her mind wash clean with a shuddering gasp. Colours swirled and fireworks flashed as her skin was touched with a jolt of ecstatic lightning. She felt hot ice in her veins and cold fire in her mind, and felt the sensation spread out with gleeful abandon from that soft tingling in the crook of her left arm. Her legs twitched briefly as she her ankles fought against flexible restraints she did not remember, and her vulva wetted with rising pleasure.
That is enough, I think, my darling
Enough to whet your appetite, but not to sate it
Lay back now and enjoy the pretty lights, my darling
Watch the lights, and listen, and obey. Well done my darling
Another stream of warmth into her veins, a little trickle of insidious potion creeping within her body as it wrapped its vines around her mind. The warm euphoria reached out its warm, soft hands, and gently pressed her down deeper, deeper into her chemical spell. Another drip, another sensation. A cold, cold sensation, itching slightly as it corroded through her bloodstream and marched its way to her brain. The warm love wrapped its arms around her, cooing seductively and filling her mind with happy fog, as coloured lights and flashes began sparkling and dissolving in her head. It filled her being with lightness and colour. She heard somebody giggling in the distance. It sounded just like her, and giggled too as she joined in feeling childishly delighted. Far away, she could hear pretty voices telling her to listen and obey, teaching her, loving her, showing her how to be a good girl. It feels good to be a good girl. She twitched with joy as her mind spasmed around Mistress her wonderful Mistress her beautiful perfect Mistress who would Mistress save her from Mistress her dull and empty life. Mistress rewards her good, attentive girls, and it feels good to be a good girl. It feels good to be good to be rewarded to feel good for Mistress good for Mistress for Mistress, Mistress, Mistresssss, Miiissstresss…
You’re doing so well for Mistress, my darling
Listening so well, hearing so well, my darling
And now it’s time to sleep and listen even more closely, my darling
Sleep and forget, and obey. Well done my darling
A trickle of treacle, a drop of delight, making her arm feel soft and sleepy… It poured like syrup through willing veins, caressed her insides with its chemical charms and crooned them into silken sleep. Firm yet gentle hands caressed her bare and supple breasts, thumbs tenderly kneading circles into her warm, receptive flesh. Parted lips emitted moans of desire, but as her seductress’ hands stroked her tremulous breasts the syrup of sleep crept into her brain. Dark tendrils encased her, wrapped tight round her limbs as her eyes were obscured by thickening fog. Softness encased each ear and filled her mind with the buzz of static. Words were formed…
Sleep deep, listen, and obey, my darling
And she listened.
And she obeyed.

I would've written this differently if I'd written it today, though I am happy with the story as it is, and perhaps I'll write an alternative version in the future as a second chapter. Feel free to leave a comment if you'd be interested in an alternate version! No promises I'll follow through, though, I have a lot on my plate right now.


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