Reunion: From Anita to Zoey

Chapter 5: Closing the Gap

by MadamKistulot

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Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 5: Closing the Gap

When the world came back into focus, Zoey was still staring at a large pair of breasts, but this time they were bare. They looked larger, too. Rounder. Heavier. Something about them was still so similar, so familiar, and her mind was running so slowly that it was difficult to piece together whose they were.

“Be a good girl for mommy… watch my breasts… watch my breasts, and feel yourself loving Rowan more and more… feel yourself wanting to obey Rowan more and more…” Anita’s voice was so warm, so soft, so soothing. “It’ll make you so much happier, baby…”

Then she realized they were her mother’s breasts, and Zoey couldn’t even try to struggle anymore.

Some small part of her mind still rebelled at the thought of serving her sister, at obeying her sister, at being a good little sister who listened to everything Rowan said, but none of those feelings held true for her mother.

Zoey wanted to listen to what Anita had to say. She wanted Anita to be proud of her like her mother always had been before. She wanted to feel that special glowing feeling of being loved and adored and so precious that she could do no wrong and no one could come close to just how amazing she was. Even if what her mother was saying was so strange, so unreal, she couldn’t fight that warm, familiar voice that massaged its way deeper and deeper into her mind.

All she could do was sway in rhythm with her mother, laying back propped up against the pillows on her mother’s bed.

She was naked, but it was so hard to focus on that.

Paying attention to her own body was so difficult when her mother’s breasts kept swinging free so close to her face, and her voice was speaking to her in a way that felt just for her and soothed away her worries and concerns.

“Watch my breasts swing… Look at how round they are… how heavy they are… Watch them move, and feel yourself sinking deeper into Rowan’s control…” Anita moaned. Speaking the words, obeying Rowan’s command, had her pussy leaking hot and slick down along her thighs. “Feel how easy it is to love her… how easy it is to admire her… so smart… so clever…

“She’s why the two of us can be even closer than before…”

“C-closer…?” Zoey’s voice was uncertain, almost shy. She still hadn’t pulled herself free, only slouching deeper into the pillows behind her as she watched her mother sway. “We can be… closer…?”

After her mother’s earlier rebuke, denying her status as the most loved, as the favorite, as the bright shining star that Anita would do anything to support, a chance to be closer again sounded so promising. Zoey’s heart fluttered in her chest, and not just with the impossible to resist tug she felt towards her elder sister.

She couldn’t see Rowan, but she could feel her nearby, feel her presence, and increasingly that presence was… warm. Powerful. Beautiful.

They’d never gotten along, but it was so impossible for Zoey to not see the ways she’d been responsible for that. Whether that was true or not, under the heavy hypnotic influence of her mother’s breasts, it had become true. That was all that mattered to her mind that listened without reservation.

“That’s right, Zoey… Closer… So much closer… We can be as close as mothers and daughters should…” Anita mewled, her thighs clenching together tight. The shudder rippled through her chest, disrupting her pattern only enough to make Zoey moan but not to set her free. “Sharing… everything… sharing… their bodies… their minds… their deepest selves. Mommy can love you so much more… treat you even better… if you let your sister take control. She wants us all to be closer…

“And that includes you, and me, Zoey… My pretty, precious, perfect little Zoey…”

“P-perfect…!” Zoey’s thighs clenched around the word as though trying to possess it forever. Her mother had called her perfect, and that felt like the relationship she remembered having. That sounded the way that things had always been, the way she wanted them to remain.

Rowan’s hands fell onto Zoey’s shoulders, gently pushing her forward. “That’s right, Zoey… You’re mommy’s perfect little Zoey… And my adoring little sister… isn’t it nice…?”

Whimpering, Zoey could do nothing as her sister’s hands glided down along her body to squeeze her hips. Zoey moved forward bonelessly only to be pulled back against her sister’s naked body.

Her nipples were hard against Zoey’s back, and her breasts were so soft. Like two impossibly comfortable pillows, Zoey sunk against Rowan as Anita continued to sway her breasts in Zoey’s face. Normally the idea of being so close to Rowan would have been at least mildly unpleasant, but it wasn’t.

It made Zoey’s heart skip a beat.

“N-nice… m-mommy’s… perfect… little… Zoey…” She sighed, sinking deeper into her sister’s body. She was trapped between them, but even given the chance there was nowhere else she would have gone.

In front of her was her mother, focused so intently on her.

Behind her, was her sister, her beautiful, lovely sister.

Wherever their bodies touched, Zoey felt warmer. She felt smoother. She felt better. Without thinking, without intending to do anything at all, she found herself shifting and squirming to press as much against Rowan as she could.

“That’s right… nothing about you and mother being close needs to change. Me being the favorite… the most loved…?” Rowan’s hands began to slowly stroke along Zoey’s thighs, feeling higher and higher. Zoey’s body trembled more with every inch, glistening with more sweat and need as her exposed pussy yearned for sensation. “It doesn’t mean you need to be neglected or forgotten. Besides… being the favorite comes with responsibility…

“I’m going to need to do so much thinking for both you and our beautiful mother… wouldn’t you rather just feel good…?” Rowan’s finger stroked along Zoey’s slit, the rhythm perfectly timed with the swinging of Anita’s breasts in front of Zoey’s lidded eyes. “Wouldn’t you rather just be the spoiled little sister who does what she’s told with no responsibilities…?”

Zoey whimpered.

Her brows furrowed, but when her mouth opened she couldn’t find any argument. She did want that. She wanted to be spoiled. She wanted to be loved. She didn’t want responsibilities.

“Listen to the music, Zoey… You’re deep enough now, that you can hear it. Listen to the music, and watch our pretty mommy sway…” Rowan nibbled at Zoey’s ear, her fingers stroking so carefully along the seam of her sister’s lower lips. “The song is inside of her, too. That’s why she’s feeling so good… That’s why she’s so happy. Listening to the song will make you happy, too… and it’ll make her happy with you…”

Rowan fell silent as her lips closed around the base of Zoey’s neck. Zoey moaned, helplessly writhing as Rowan’s expert touch had her soaking their mother’s bed.

The music was so beautiful, and it really did make Anita look better and better. It made her movements more seductive, more hypnotic, and more disarming. It was harder and harder to hold on to any of her concerns the longer she listened to the music with her sister’s fingers between her legs. It was harder to feel anything but love for her family, love and arousal that begged to be satisfied.

“W-wamt… to make… mommy… happy… want… love… want… y-yesss…!” Zoey whimpered, gasping again and again as Rowan’s fingers found her clit. “L-listening to the music… listening… and… o-obeying… Obeying… Rowan…!”

“Good girl…!”

Anita and Rowan spoke the words in perfect unison. The echoed sound was nearly orgasmic, making Zoey uselessly tremble as her mind opened to take the song even deeper.

“You’ll always be my favorite little sister…” Rowan moaned against her shoulder, nibbling and sucking as her fingers continued to rub and pinch. “No one could take your place. You’re just going to be an obedient little sister. Adoring. Loving. Close. That’s all I ask, and in exchange… I can think for you, I can help you feel even more of our mother’s love than you ever have before… because I know the way you looked at her… even before I started taking over your mind…”

Zoey whimpered, her cheeks darkening in an entirely new way. If she wasn’t so deep she would have tried to argue or disagree, but everything was laid bare and she had no ability or desire to hide anything away.

“Y-yes… w-want… mother’s… love…” Zoey’s voice wasn’t exactly shy, but it was something so close. “P-please, I’ll… I’ll… o-obey… my big… sister… I’ll be good…”

“You will…” Rowan kissed Zoey’s other shoulder, pulling a squeak from her throat with a careful roll of Zoey’s clit between her finger and thumb. “You’re going to be so obedient… so good… and all you need to do is listen to a special song to make everything so much better. A special song to make it so you don’t have a choice, so you can just be a good, adoring, loving little sister without any worries at all…”

Every breath Zoey took shuddered through her body. She was right on the edge of orgasm, but something in the song wouldn’t allow her to fall over the edge. Something demanded that she hold on a little longer, that she needed something else first.

No matter how good Rowan’s fingers felt, or how beautiful Anita’s body looked, or how perfect it was to be held between them, Zoey was held on the precipice. She couldn’t stop shaking and moaning. She couldn’t do anything but crave the perfect satisfaction of her sister and her mother’s approval.

“All you need to do…” Anita moaned. Her hands were now holding her breasts, kneading and squeezing them together as she continued to move her chest back and forth across Zoey’s vision. “Is ask your big sister… to listen to her perfect song…!”

“P-please… sis… big sis… R-rowan…!” Zoey whimpered breathlessly. “I want to hear your perfect song…! I want… I want to be a good girl, I want… obey… close… want…!”

Rowan laughed. It was a soft, gentle, calm laugh that instead of feeling hurtful or unwelcome made Zoey’s heart flutter. Her sister sounded happy. Her sister sounded happy with her. Zoey could feel that tingle across the curves of her breasts, and throb deep between her legs. She could feel it making her eyes cross, and her heart beat even faster.

It was so different to be an obedient, adoring little sister than it was to be their mother’s favorite who shunned and did her best to ignore her older sister, but all of that felt like another Zoey. Her reasoning behind it felt so foreign.

All she wanted was Rowan, and Anita.

“Mommy… hold her hair out of the way…? We wouldn’t want our precious little Zoey to have any of it caught…”

“No… We wouldn’t want that at all… We love our precious little Zoey… Perfect… beautiful…” Anita stopped swaying, and reached out to gently hold Zoey’s long blonde hair away from her ears. Tears of joy filled Zoey’s hazel eyes, and Anita kissed her forehead. “We’re going to take such good care of you… Your sister is going to take such perfect care of you… you’ll see…! Her music is even better than it was before…”

“The best song you ever heard…” Rowan grinned as she positioned the large silver headphones over Zoey’s ears. They were the same pair as those her mother had been wearing the day before. “Enjoy, sis… when we talk with you on the other side, I think that everything between us will be much better than ever before…”

She pressed the button on the side of the headphones, and Zoey shuddered the same way Anita had before. Her eyes fluttered, opening wide as her mouth fell open, and her thighs spread so far apart.

Like with Anita, one of Zoey’s hands moved between her thighs, stroking up along her thigh as the other moved to stroke with an almost romantic affection along the curve of her breast. Rowan’s hand moved down to join Zoey’s, following a similar path up along her thighs while her lips kissed tenderly along Zoey’s neck.

Anita watched fuzzily, her hands still kneading and squeezing at her heavy breasts as she watched with a warm, happy smile. Her daughters were getting along, and Zoey was learning to obey her big sister.

Nothing could be better.

“O-obey… R-rowan…! M-my older sister so… smart… so… beautiful… older… in control… knows what’s… best for meee…”

Zoey’s voice didn’t just sound weaker. She sounded younger, smaller, as though the song coiling around the wrinkles in her brain were smoothing her out and returning her to a simpler, happier mindset. Her fingers weren’t as patient as Anita’s had been, and it was much less time before they were delving deep inside of her pussy and tugging her twisted nipple so taut and tight as she jerked and bucked forward to the rhythm of the song overtaking her will.

“No one… better than my big sis… no one… more amazing… I don’t need anything but her approval to be happy… her and… m-mommy… loving me… o-oohhh…!”

The word mommy made Zoey blush, but it did nothing to slow her fingers desperately filling her cunt or her fingers brutalizing her nipple. If anything, the song used the way the taboo enflamed her libido to burn away at her shame and quicken her pace towards erotic surrender.

It felt so much better to enjoy the feeling of her sister’s naked breasts at her back than it did to be cool and distant. It felt so much better to savor the sight of her mother’s hands kneading her own breasts than it did to simply long for them from afar. Her tongue wet her lips, and Zoey continued to rub and twist and groan as the song changed the shape of her mind itself.

“I’m… mommy’s… good little Zoey… perfect… adorable… and Rowan’s… cute… obedient little sister… it feels… so… good… to obeyyy…!”

Zoey’s voice cracked as she finally came, thrashing without any power behind her movements. All of that power, all of the strength of her body and mind all belonged to Rowan. Even Zoey’s ecstasy couldn’t use it—not without Rowan’s permission.

“Why don’t we give Zoey a special little treat…?” Rowan purred as her eyes met Anita’s. “She’ll still hear the song even if she can’t repeat along with every last little thing… and it’s not fair that you only get to watch while this happens when we’ve already had fun getting closer. Why don’t you ride one of her thighs, and let her suck while my song makes her a good girl…?”

“O-ohhh…” Anita’s eyes rolled back into her head as she quickly moved to comply, her slick pussy soon pressing don against one of Zoey’s trembling legs. “You’re always so… so full of good ideas, Rowan…! Mommy loves you so much… you make mommy feel sooo good…!”

Rowan grinned, nodding as she gently helped her mother by maneuvering her sister’s head as Anita carefully positioned her breast. “Oh, don’t worry, mom… I know that I’m pretty amazing. I’m the best sister Zoey ever had, and the best daughter you ever had… but that only counts for anything if I keep it up each and every day. That’s what being a family is all about, isn’t it…?”

Anita whimpered, nodding as Zoey’s lips closed around her nipple and eagerly suckled with an enthusiasm that surpassed even Rowan. “Ohhh… That’s… that’s so right, Rowan…! Being a family is all about… doing the best for each other… always being there… always… o-ohhh your perfect little sister’s lips feel so good around my nipple…!”

“They’ll feel even better around your clit when she’s ready for that…” Rowan hooded her eyes lower as her finger moved back to its place at Zoey’s pearl. Timed with the rhythm of the song she wrote for Zoey, and Anita’s cries, Rowan stroked and pinched, rubbing her naked body against her little sister’s back. “I don’t think you ever noticed just how clingy she was, and how much of it came from having a crush on you, but… you never noticed mine, either… did you?”

“N-nooo… never… noticed… never would have even imagined it… not before your song made everything so much better…!” Anita moaned, her eyes fluttering as she rubbed her breast against Zoey’s suckling lips. “Ohhh her leg is so… so smooth… and I feel so… so wet, so… so hot…!”

Rowan nodded, speaking matter-of-factly as she continued to play with her sister’s clit. “Of course you do, mommy. You are so hot, and being wet helps you be sleepy, and you love being a sleepy mommy, so… Do your best to cum and cum and cum against Zoey’s pretty leg while her mouth shows you just how much both of us love you. This isn’t going to be over any time soon, but… I want you to get the most out of it, too…”

Anita nodded, her lips struggling to form the words to agree and finding themselves incapable. All she could do was whimper and whine as her hips moved faster on their own, smearing her obedient slickness across her younger daughter’s thigh.

It wasn’t long before orgasm after orgasm wracked their mother’s body, soaking Zoey’s thigh with her every release. Anita’s dark brown eyes became more vacant each time her body was wracked with the throes of pleasure, reaffirming her obedience to Rowan and her deep love of their darling Zoey.

Each time she came, Rowan smiled a little more, and rewarded Zoey with a carefully timed flick. Her sister was too lost in her brainwashing, too lost in the long-desired reward of her mother’s nipple between her lips, but it only felt right.

Rowan did want to be the best big sister she could, and she wasn’t going to wait until after her little sister was brainwashed to be on her best behavior.

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