Reunion: From Anita to Zoey

Chapter 6: Coda

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #brainwashing #dom:female #f/f #pov:top #sub:female #tech_control #age_difference #breast_fixation #conditioning #contemporary #mother #music #titnosis

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 6: Coda

Rowan woke up late the next afternoon with a deep, low purr. The moment her consciousness felt solid enough that she was able to have coherent thoughts, her eyes instantly hooded. She was in Anita’s bed without Zoey or their mother nearby, but she could hear distant sounds—presumably coming from the kitchen.

“Everything is finally perfect…”

The more generalized song she’d written for the family was still playing, and Rowan rolled her hips side to side with the insidious rhythm as she stretched and squirmed. She’d been up so late savoring both her sister and her mother’s bodies, but she didn’t just want to lay around in bed all day. She had things to do.

She had women to do, and a family to look after.

Having an enslaved mother and sister was a big responsibility.

Yawning, Rowan forced herself to stand on shaky legs and slowly made her way down the stairs. She almost turned back to dress, but decided against it. Anita always liked to keep the shades drawn unless it was an especially sunny day, so the only ones with a chance to see her body would be the women who had become very intimately acquainted with every curve of it the night before.

She was still rubbing at her eyes when she heard Zoey’s voice, bright and cheerful, ringing out from the kitchen. “So how many eggs is it…? I want to make sure this is just perfect for my big sis…! She works so hard for both of us, and I want to thank her for bringing us closer…!”

Rowan found herself blushing. Like before, she stopped to listen in. Unlike before, she was smiling with a hand over the center of her chest.

“Four eggs…! After that, if you could get out the milk…?” Anita sounded every bit as happy as Zoey, and it made Rowan’s lips curl. “This is your sister’s favorite, and if we can get it done before she wakes up then it’ll be the perfect way to thank her for letting us be her obedient family that doesn’t need to worry about anything when we have her to look after us…!”

“You’re the best, mom…! Thank you for this great Idea…!” Zoey giggled, and the next sounds to come from the kitchen were loud and wet.

Smacking lips and shuddering moans.

Rowan’s hand drifted down between her legs, idly stroking along her slit as she savored the sounds of her mother and sister making out in the kitchen under her influence. Zoey had harbored a crush on their mother that when they were younger had been much more poorly contained, but she never would have acted on it and Rowan knew it. As much as this was about taking her family back, about being her mother’s favorite instead of Zoey, she did want them to be happy.

If she didn’t love them then she never would have bothered with delicately brainwashing them into the perfect family instead of making them her helpless, dutiful slaves.

That had worked well enough on the women in her dorm that served as test subjects.

When more wet sounds joined the smacking of lips, and their moans grew louder, Rowan couldn’t stand it any longer. Still stroking herself, she moved towards the kitchen and grinned at the sight.

Anita was naked except for her frilly apron which at some point had been pulled between her breasts to further emphasize them rather than to conceal them. Zoey was wearing a pair of knee-high socks and an oversized t-shirt that found itself bunched up above her breasts. Their lips were locked together in a passionate kiss, and their hands had both reached around behind the other’s ass to play at the slick places nearby.

“You’re not going to get much French toast done like that…!” Rowan grinned, still stroking her own sex as her family looked to her with a shocked gasp. “Sorry to ruin your surprise, but honestly I’m just incredibly happy that you both thought of me—especially when you know I’m here so you don’t need to think too much…”

Zoey shuddered, whimpering quietly as she nuzzled into her mother’s exposed chest. Her expression was a shy smile, and her hands had only moved slightly to squeeze at her mother’s ass. “I still want to be the best little sister I can…!”

“You should be very—o-ooohhh…” Anita groaned, her hips shaking as she trembled back into her daughter’s possessive grasp. “P-p-proud of your little sister…! O-oohh… She wanted mommy’s breasts… so much, but I… mmm I told her that if she wanted to be good she’d think of a way to make you happy first, and she didn’t pout at all… and she came up with the idea… but she didn’t know how to do it on her own… not the way you always loved it.”

Rowan’s heart melted in her chest. All she could do was smile and stroke at her slit as she watched her sister adorably pepper kisses over their mother’s breast. They were both only clothed enough to be naked, and even though they were closer to each other than ever they were also more devoted to Rowan than they had ever been.

She wanted to hold onto that moment for as long as she could, and she did her best to rub it into her clit. Her body shook, and Rowan quietly groaned as her hips tugged her forward and her knees momentarily buckled.

“You two… mmm… you’re the best family a girl could ask for… Zoey…?” The younger sister’s eyes perked open wider, her hips wiggling in excitement. “I don’t think you should need to wait to enjoy mommy’s breasts… but you’ll need to share. She has two… and seeing the two of you together like this is getting me hot all over again.” Rowan forced herself to draw her hand back, her fingers already so slick as she made her way deeper into the kitchen. “Mommy… you don’t mind if we both enjoy you before breakfast… do you…?”

“Mmm… n-not at all…!” Anita shuddered, her hands lifting to her chest. One lifted either of her breasts, and her deep brown eyes turned hazy and distant as she looked between her daughters. “As long as you’re both happy… mm… I want to make my favorite daughter, and my perfect little Zoey so happy…”

Zoey shuddered, her thighs clenching tight as she let out a loud, happy squeal. “You’re the best big sister I could ever ask for…! I hope you’ll keep making more music, or whatever makes you happy…! I want you to be as happy as you make both of us… mmm… thank you, mommy…!” Snot waiting a moment longer, Zoey looked up to her mother and grinned. “Your breasts are the best…!”

The next moment Zoey’s lips were latched around a nipple, hungrily suckling as she pressed her body so tight against her mother’s. Anita groaned, her eyes rolling back into her head as she arched and shook.

“Mmm… They really are. Yours are, too…!” Rowan chuckled, squeezing Zoey’s breasts from behind just long enough to make her sister shudder and moan. Releasing them, she smoothly moved to stand beside her sister as she kissed beside her mother’s offered nipple. “Thank you, mommy. You can just let your daughters take care of you for a little while. No need for you to think at all…”

“N-no… no need… to think…!” Anita mewled, her eyes fluttering shut as Rowan’s lips wrapped around her nipple and suckled in the same rhythm as Zoey’s.

A moment later there were two hands squeezing at Anita’s ass, and another two hands moving between her legs. Two pairs of lips suckled at her breasts, and two tongues flicked at her nipples. Teeth grazed them both, and two shapely women grinded against Anita’s body.

It had been a long time since the divorced woman had felt so much desire directed towards her, but in that moment she felt like the luckiest, sexist woman on the entire planet. Both of her daughters were so beautiful, and so thoughtful. More than anything it was clear they wanted her to feel good, and that made it easier for her mind to drift away No longer needing to think, Anita was able to feel so much more instead.

She could feel each every exhale of her daughters’ warm breaths against her sensitive skin. She could feel their heartbeats, so quick, so loud, and thudding at their chests. She could feel their hands squeezing at her ass, and stroking at all of the most tender places between her legs.

She could feel herself cumming, and then it was hard to do anything but shudder and melt.

“Mmm…” Zoey’s lips pulled back from her mother’s chest with a pop, but she didn’t stop stroking her pussy. She didn’t stop squeezing at her ass. “Thank you, Rowan… for sharing mommy… for being such a good big sis… is there anything I can do for you…? We didn’t get to surprise you with breakfast but—mmmph… mmmm…”

Rowan’s lips interrupted Zoey’s apology. Just like Zoey, Rowan’s hands were still full with their mother’s body, but all of her passion was equally channeled through a long, firm kiss that left her younger sister desperately gasping for air when she finally broke it.

“All I ask is for your love, and your obedience, sis…! Since I’ll still need to go back to school after my break is over, I’ll need to be able to count on you to take care of mom, to make sure you both listen to plenty of my special music… can you make sure that happens? Can you promise to be my good little sis even when I’m not around to keep you in line…?”

Deep inside of Zoey’s eyes something mischievous twinkled, but there was no malice at all. Rowan didn’t tense for a moment, but their mother did moan louder at their continued touches.

Not answering right away, Zoey made a show of humming and looking uncertain. She squeezed their mother’s ass tighter, and pressed closer to Rowan as she ‘hmmm’ed as loud as she possibly could. “I don’t knoooow… I’m going to need you to call us a lot more often… Mom isn’t great with computers, but I’m sure I could set something up to video conference while you’re away… It would really mean a lot to both of us, I’m sure… maybe then…”

“Brat…” Rowan grinned, giving her sister a quicker, gentler kiss. “If you promise to be good, then… before I go?” She lowered her voice, leaning in so close that even if their mother wasn’t fucked half out of her mind she wouldn’t have been able to hear such a soft whisper. “I’ll help you set it up myself!”

“You are the best, sis…!” Zoey squealed, this time initiating another of their long kisses that had both sisters trembling and grinding both against each other and their mother who was deeply lost in her somnophilic bliss.

The kiss lasted much longer, and somewhere amidst their hands pulled away from Anita and the sisters began to squeeze and knead at each other instead. Anita’s moans didn’t quiet, and she didn’t stop shuddering or rolling her hips even as Rowan and Zoey’s moans filled joined her own.

Together in the kitchen, the three women came as a family reunited in more ways than one. Their roles were so much different than the last time Rowan had been home, but all of them were happier for it.

A song that only one of them could hear filled the kitchen, and all of them moved with it. For two of them, it was a song of surrender. For the third, it was a song of their dominance.

For all of them it was the song that brought them happiness.

Author's Note: Rowan, Anita, and Zoey are all so much happier than they are before! It's all thanks to Rowan, but I don't think she'd let them get away with saying they didn't have a role to play. Did you enjoy this story? Would you like to see others like it, and get a glimpse at hot new MC fiction before anyone else? 

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