Reunion: From Anita to Zoey

Chapter 4: Tits Useless to Resist

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #brainwashing #dom:female #f/f #pov:top #sub:female #tech_control #age_difference #breast_fixation #conditioning #contemporary #mother #music #titnosis

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 4: Tits Useless to Resist

Zoey returned late the next day, surprised when she heard sounds of happy laughter from the kitchen. It wasn’t the strangest thing she’d ever heard, but with the conversation she’d had with Anita the night before it was high on her list of unexpected events.

Though there had been an interruption in her presence, returning to the song that permeated the house didn’t bring a sudden awareness. Zoey had already been trained to ignore it, and that understanding remained firm.

A song was weaving its way deeper and deeper through her mind, but Zoey herself was completely oblivious to it.

“Hey you two! Sorry I was gone so long, friend, birthday… you know how it is! I can’t control when those hit!” Zoey gave her best ‘I’m the cutest’ smile as she made her way into the kitchen to see her mother and sister working together on dinner.

Rowan smiled as their eyes met, lowering the knife to cut a thin slice of cheese from a long block. “Welcome home, sis! I hope you had a fun time! Don’t worry, mom and I had a fun time together, right…?”

Zoey couldn’t hide her shock. She tried, but her eyes still opened too wide for that. The way her mouth opened several times to respond without finding any words only made that clearer.

Anita was wearing the same apron she had the night before, but something about her looked different. Though she was moving around the kitchen smoothly enough, not seeming like she was drunk or otherwise off-kilter, her eyes were hooded like she’d just woken up from a long nap. She wore a lazy smile that looked so much calmer than Zoey could remember seeing from their mother in such a very long time.

She blinked, her mouth closing as their mother spoke.

“A very fun time…! Your sister has been working on some truly incredible things. You should ask her to share some of it with you, Zoey! You could learn a lot from your big sister…!” Even more shocking was when Anita stopped to turn to Rowan, carefully hugging her older daughter from behind while still smiling towards the very confused Zoey.

No matter how far back she tried to remember, Zoey couldn’t remember Anita and Rowan ever cooking together. That was a thing that they did, and seeing Rowan doing it instead filled Zoey with a very confused series of sensations.

Not least of which was a faint haziness from the song assaulting her free will.

“I’m… sure I could… but—”

“But nothing, Zoey…!” Anita’s voice turned stern. It wasn’t mean, just insistent. “You need to listen to your sister more. She only wants what’s best for this family, and she’s been working so hard on her degree. When she’s here, you should try to defer to her judgement a little more. Try humoring her. I think you’ll find she just wants you to be happy.”

Something about the way Anita said ‘happy’ sent a confused shudder down Zoey’s spine. She fluttered her eyes and shook her head, trying to shake away the very strange feelings that kept teasing her.

Seeing Anita be so sweet to Rowan, and seeing Rowan smiling with none of the usual venom the two so regularly threw back and forth had Zoey feeling off balance. Something was wrong, but something else felt more right than it had for a long time. Families were supposed to get along, and it would only make sense if Rowan wanted her to be happy, wouldn’t it? She tried to work through her confusion, but it was harder when Rowan spoke.

“That’s right, Zoey. Your big sis just wants to take care of you, to make both you and mom so much happier. I know things have been… tense… in the past? Between us…? But I had a nice long talk with mom about it…” Rowan smiled, setting down the knife and stepping back away from the island in the middle of the kitchen.

Zoey stared at Rowan with suspicion, eyeing her like she was trying to determine where the alien parasite had left a scar behind. Not only could she find nothing, but the act of looking for it felt so oddly dizzying.

It took so much effort, and looking to Anita just made things worse. She was smiling in such a warm, nurturing, encouraging way. It was obvious she just wanted them to get along.

Part of that getting along just happened to involve Zoey deferring to her sister’s authority.

“Here… I know you like doing this with mom, so why don’t you step in? I wasn’t doing this to cut you out, I just didn’t know when you’d be home.” Rowan’s smile was so warm, warm enough that it made Zoey feel guilty. “I’d never want to take your place.”

“My place…” Zoey quivered. Something about those words felt meaningful in a way that she didn’t understand. “Right… my place… you don’t… mind, do you, mom…?”

Anita smiled, moving behind Zoey to give her the same hug she’d shared with Rowan. At first it felt like the same hug, anyway, but something about it felt tighter than the hug with Rowan looked. It felt firmer, and something about that made Zoey feel a little softer.

She hadn’t noticed the song, and she definitely hadn’t noticed the volume was so much louder now than it was when she’d left.

“I think you should listen to your sister…” Anita sighed, squeezing her younger daughter a little tighter. “You should always listen to your older sister. She always wants what’s best for you. She always knows what’s best for you…”

“M-mom…? What are you…?” Zoey’s voice trailed off as she found herself uncertain what to even ask. Anita sounded sleepier the more she spoke, and her tight grasp wasn’t loosening up. “I’m not… She might be my older sister, but I… It’s not like I need to do whatever she says, or anything like that…! She’s not… she’s not the boss of me, she’s just… she was just born first, that doesn’t… doesn’t mean…

“Why do you sound so… sleepy…?”

Zoey could hear the way her own voice was slurring, but it was a much different feeling than simple exhaustion. She didn’t feel sleepy. It was more like trying to express her concerns, to push back against her mother, and her sister, was like fighting against a brick wall.

Rising up against a force like that had her feeling so…


“She’s just resting, Zoey…” Rowan stepped closer to her sister, hands reaching up towards the buttons of her blouse. “Anita works so hard to keep everything perfect for us to keep coming back home to. She cooks such amazing food, and she does so much else we’ll never be able to pay back… doesn’t she deserve to rest?”

Zoey blinked as she saw one, and then two, of her sister’s buttons pop open. The kitchen was warm, but it wasn’t warm enough to justify that. She squirmed in her mother’s grasp, feeling too weak to pull free and too needy to want to.

Seeing Rowan in her place, hearing her mother insist she should fall in line, it rankled something deep inside of Zoey that didn’t want to simply surrender but could barely find the strength to remember why. As a third button popped loose, Zoey found that even more difficult. Something about the skin where her sister’s breasts met, squished together by a bra that might have been a size too small, made it so impossible for Zoey to look away.

She didn’t want to look, but she couldn’t remember why.

She knew there was something wrong about staring at her sister’s breasts, at being trapped in her sister’s cleavage, but it was too far away for her to remember and Anita’s grasp was too tight. Where else was she going to look? What else was she going to do?

It was easier to let herself stare even if she kept her brows furrowed.

“Of course mom deserves to rest, but… Mom why are you…” Zoey whined as her sister began to sway her chest. Her eyes felt like they were held trapped between her sister’s larger, pale, supple breasts as they swung back, and forth, back, and forth. Every swing it was a little harder for Zoey to struggle against that wall, that feeling that she couldn’t let her older sister boss her around, that she was her mother’s favorite and that was important. “Let me go… Rowan’s doing… something… something I don’t…

“I’m supposed to be the one you love the best…!” Zoey whimpered so pitifully. The words sounded sad even to her, but they were the genuine things she felt and Zoey was too vulnerable to hold them back. She needed her mother to understand.

She needed her mother to defend her against whatever Rowan was doing.

“Why would I love you the best, Zoey…?” Anita sighed, her sleepy voice whispering so softly into Zoey’s ear. “Your older sister is so smart… so beautiful… She almost has a PhD, can you believe that…? She makes such beautiful music, and she helps your mother feel so… calm… so… happy… you should listen to her, Zoey. You should watch her, and listen to her…

“You need to obey your sister…”

Her voice almost sounded like a yawn and a moan wrapped together, and everything about that made Zoey shudder. Not all of it was in fear as the flush at her own face could attest.

Zoey’s hazel eyes continued to travel back and forth, back and forth, trapped in the space between her sister’s breasts. Even as she pitifully whimpered, her eyes quivering like they might suddenly fill with tears at any moment, she still couldn’t bring herself to look away. She couldn’t do anything besides melt in her mother’s grasp, and stare helplessly as her sister’s breasts continued to move and draw away more of her strength.

“O-obey… my… sister…” Zoey’s eyelids began to slowly lower. “I need to… obey my… sister…?” The words sounded nice in her ears, and they felt even better on her lips. Saying them, surrendering to them, it would be so easy, and then her mother said they would all be happier…

It was such a simple thing to do. All she needed to do was stop fighting. All she needed to do was let go, and Rowan would take control.

So of course she shook her head, whimpering like a cornered kitten who didn’t know where to run but was too shy to extend her claws. Passive aggressive barbs, hiding against their mother, those things were so much easier than fighting back openly—especially when Rowan felt so strong.

Rowan’s breasts were so powerful, so big. Zoey’s own were hardly anything that could be called small, but she was the one with her gaze trapped on Rowan’s bust. She couldn’t look away, and it was hard to remember how it felt to see anything else.

Her whole world was becoming those full, round, heavy breasts as they swung back and forth, shaking and jiggling faintly in their tight confinement.

“N-no… don’t… wanna…!”

It was a childish cry, but Zoey didn’t care. If that was the only way she could fight back, then she would take it. She wouldn’t, couldn’t, let her sister overpower her without putting a fight. She needed to do something to retake her place.

“I’m… the favorite…! I’m… special… I’m… m-mom… you love me best…!”

“Not anymore, Zoey…” Rowan sighed. She sounded disappointed in a way that stung Zoey more than her sister’s opinion ever had before. It actively ached to feel that she’d somehow managed to let her big sister down, even though she hadn’t cared about that for years. “She loves me best… but that’s okay. I don’t want this to hurt you… because you know what, Zoe…?”

“What…? What, you… titty monster… big… stupid… tits in my face…” Zoey tried to come up with some insult that didn’t make her feel like she was a child instead of a woman in her twenties, but she couldn’t.

Her mind was too slow, and so much of it was squished between her sister’s tits. The rest of it was chained up and squeezed tight with powerful musical chains.

“When I’m done… you’ll love me the best, too.”

Rowan smiled, moving closer, and closer, until her swinging breasts took up so much of Zoey’s vision. Her younger sister moaned, unable to do more than surrender to the feeling of her eyes pulled back and forth again and again.

“Sleep for me, sis… and I’ll make everything so much better for us.” Rowan pulled Zoey’s face into her breasts, and the quiet, muffled cries began to quiet almost instantly.

“Be a good girl…” Anita sighed, rocking Zoey as she slowly stroked her daughter’s long, gorgeous hair. “Listen to your sister… sleep… let your sister love you… let yourself love your sister… It feels so much better when you let Rowan take control…!”

Zoey let out one last whine before everything faded away into bliss.

Author's Note: Zoey is now wrapped up in Rowan's musical web, too! Rowan's breasts just get to have all the fun, don't they? What will happen to her sister now, and just what role might their mother play? If you want to read more what's to come, and support stories like this one? 

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