Reunion: From Anita to Zoey

Chapter 3: Daughter Knows Best

by MadamKistulot

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Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 3: Daughter Knows Best

“That’s right, mommy… all you need to do is sleep…”

Anita’s eyes fluttered, but she wasn’t waking up. It was too hard to rise out of the feeling when her daughter’s breasts were swinging freely in front of her. They were bare now, so much pale skin capped with cute, pink nipples, but that only made the feeling stronger.

Nothing lay between them, and Anita couldn’t fight how sleepy watching Rowan’s breasts sway made her feel.

She couldn’t look away. She couldn’t think. She couldn’t struggle.

She could only stare.

“All you need to do is sleep, and focus on how it feels to be a good, sleepy mommy for me. There’s so much distance between us, but we can make it all so much better if you just keep sleeping deeper for me… sinking deeper for me…

“Losing yourself to me…”

Anita couldn’t remember when she’d risen from her chair, but she was now sitting back on her bed, propped up against two rows of pillows against the headboard. Her glassy eyes watched as Rowan’s breasts swung back and forth, looking wholly unaware of the fact that she’d lost her clothes somewhere along the way, too.

Being naked made Anita feel too sleepy to do anything but watch.

Everything made Anita feel sleepy.

“Like I said… we need to fix the way this family works… and I have just the thing to help us with that.” Rowan sighed, and Anita felt the sound roll across her body and tingle along her every curve. “I wrote the song you’ve been listening to just for us… Well… I already inoculated myself against its effects before I came back home, but… you should be deep enough to hear it now… to feel it right… down… here…”

“A-ahh…!” Anita sucked in a sharp gasp as Rowan’s hand fell between her legs, grazing carefully just beside her prominent clit. “Feel it… down… here… ohhhh… yess… feel… song…”

It had been too quiet, too well hidden in the background, and full of commands for her waking mind to ignore it. Now that Anita was deep enough, lost in Rowan’s control and the perfect, heavy sway of Rowan’s breasts, she could feel each beat thudding through her clit and penetrating deeper and deeper into her sleeping, vulnerable mind.

Some part of that felt like it should have been concerning, but Anita just couldn’t bring herself to care.

It felt so good.

That, and her body felt so heavy, so weak. It was all she could do to raise her hips as Rowan’s fingers continued to tease and caress, coaxing more toe curling, thigh clenching pleasure from between Anita’s legs.

“It feels so good to sleep for me… doesn’t it, mommy…?”

“Y-yesss Rowannn… Mmm… sleep… for you… sleep… deep… sleep… awake… no thinking… obey Rowannnn…” Anita groaned, her eyes fluttering without ever losing sight of her daughter’s chest as it moved beautifully across her vision again and again. “So… good… o-ohhh…!”

Rowan’s eyes hooded, and she squirmed closer to her mother as her fingers pinched and Anita screamed. “That’s right… Sleeping awake for me, not thinking… obeying me… Everything is so much better when you just obey me… isn’t it, mommy…?”

“Y-yesss… o-oohhh…!” Anita’s thighs struggled to close around Rowan’s hand, but they were just too weak. The pleasure was too intense. The song too deeply permeated every muscle of Anita’s body, holding her captive to the experience. She could do so very little to even instinctively respond as her pussy made a darker puddle on her sheets the longer Rowan played with her body.

“I wrote a special song just for you, too… Would you like to hear it, mommy…?” Rowan flicked the tip of her mother’s clit, her eyes hooding so low. “It feels even better than the one you’re listening to now…”

Anita’s mind was blissfully slow, every slight sensation of pleasure from Rowan’s touch stretched out to an eternity. It was a wonder she could understand past that bliss, but the idea of something that felt even better than she felt in that moment sent a shudder from the top of Anita’s head all the way down to the base of her spine. Her mouth fell open with heavy panting as her hips rolled quicker, pressing more intently into every touch.

Her bare breasts jiggled and shook with each of her labored movements even if they moved so much less than Rowan’s purposeful side-to-side shifting back and forth. Kissable blue veins were visible in their pale flesh, small details that only served to emphasize their large shape.

“B-better… y-yess… please, Rowan… p-pleeeease…!”

“How could I ever deny such a simple request from my beautiful mother…?” Rowan purred as she drew her slick fingers up to her lips to suckle her mother’s taste from them. “Mmm… Listen to the song, mommy… listen to the song, and put yourself to sleep even deeper while I get you the song I wrote just for you…”

“Y-yess Rowan… obey… Rowan… sleepy… mommy… such a… sleepy mommy… Take care of… everything… ohhh…” Anita’s voice was a quiet whisper, shuddering with the force of her arousal.

She barely even noticed as Rowan rose from her bed. Her breasts were no longer swaying in front of Anita’s eyes, but she didn’t need to see them—not with that song being more than enough to keep her sleeping mind leashed. The brief rhythm was short but enchanting, reminding her mind again and again that the only thing she needed to do was obey, and Rowan would make everything better.

It felt good to listen to the song, and melted away from her reason, the only thing that Anita craved was to feel better and better.

When Rowan returned, she was carrying a large pair of silver noise canceling headphones. Besides being wireless they didn’t look particularly fancy, but that didn’t matter. All that mattered was the song they would use to fill Anita’s mind with beautiful new truths to help fix the problems in their family.

“Here you go, mommy… my little song, just for you.”

Rowan was careful, even delicate as she moved her mother’s blonde hair away from her ears and carefully enveloped them with the silver domes. Once they were properly fitted, she reached for the side, and pressed the play button until she saw Anita’s eyes twitch.

Almost instantly, Anita’s hands gained new life.

One began to tease and caress its way up along the inside of her thigh. It wasn’t an impatient touch, reaching quickly for her twitching pussy. It was seductive. It was tender. It was the sort of affection one might give an anxious lover who needed to be coaxed into lowering their guard and enjoying the moment they’d been looking forward to but were suddenly uncertain if they would measure up.

Her other hand lifted to a breast, roaming along the curve of the round, supple flesh that easily gave way and reshaped itself with every touch. Like with her thigh, she didn’t merely maul at her chest, but instead teased with a slow, dreamy, sensuous touch that had her eyes fluttering and her body rolling.

When her fingers finally brushed her nipple she pinched and squeezed, a mindless moan of pleasure dribbling from her lips as the mouthed along with words she couldn’t so much hear as feel.

The song was more intense confined only to her ears, louder without worry for being suddenly heard as strange or odd. There was no chance for Anita’s mind to resist its truths, especially not when she was helping them reach deeper with her own touches to her quivering body.

“Rowan… knows… best… o-ohhh…!”

Anita’s eyes rolled back into her head. She didn’t need to see Rowan’s swinging breasts anymore to be lost to her daughter’s control. She could feel them swinging and swaying, and faintly shifted side to side as her fingers continued to tug and twist at her nipple. Her other hand finally reached the inside of her thigh, slowly stroking alongside her flush lower lips and spreading her desire across her skin so more of it shimmered in the dim light.

“A good mommy… is a sleepy mommy… helps me relax to stay… half-asleep… always…!”

Her thighs clenched, spreading wider as she began to stroke along her slit. Every note that played into her captive ears, every beat that thudded directly into her brain, and every hidden word that trained her mind more relentlessly, Anita felt a deeper pleasure that stole away her will and replaced it with Rowan’s control.

Associations of pleasure and the song made it stronger, as did a whole night of nothing but the same song playing into her dreams. She hadn’t remembered them when she’d woke, but they’d all been of Rowan.

Beautiful, brilliant, amazing Rowan.

“Wish… Zoey were more… like Rowan… always pushed Rowan so hard, but now… now I just… want to reward her…!”

Anita’s fingers delved past her slit, followed by low, whimpery gasps as fingers twisted her nipple further and further. Her mouth hung open, and her eyes stared at nothing at all. She couldn’t even see Rowan sitting in front of her, watching her body quiver with hungry eyes.

All she could do was touch herself, fingers moving quicker and deeper between her legs as other fingers tugged her nipple taut only to begin twisting anew.

“Rowan owns… my body… Rowan owns my… my mind… I… I want to do everything I can to make my precious Rowan happy…!”

Her voice twisted into a scream as Anita came. Tones in the song raised her sensitivity, making the same touches that had been intense a moment before suddenly overwhelming. That, and Rowan’s lips found her untouched nipple and began to suck.

She was too far gone to be consciously aware that it was Rowan sucking at her nipple, that Rowan was the one lifting her breast in her hands and kneading in rhythm with the gentle teasing of her tongue, but her sleeping mind knew enough to make those feelings even more euphoric. The woman who owned her body was using her, and there was a perfect satisfaction to that nothing else could match.

For what felt like hours, Anita stroked and squeezed and pinched herself. The only words in her mind were those hidden away in the song Rowan had specifically crafted for her.

The rest of the world was a distant memory.

All that Anita could remember was the daughter she admired, loved, and must obey… and the daughter that needed to understand Rowan’s place in their family.

She didn’t hate Zoey, but every time the song reminded Anita of her second daughter there was a feeling that things would be so much better if she listened more to Rowan. She didn’t need to be like Rowan, but she didn’t respect her older sister’s authority.

That was so silly when her sister was so good at giving them the right thoughts to think.

Anita came again with Rowan’s lips wrapped around her clit, tongue flicking with the staccato beat from the song that drove and guided Anita’s very being.

The next thing Anita knew, her headphones were being pulled away, and Rowan was nestling into her naked chest. What had happened between Rowan telling her that Zoey called, and Rowan asking if they could spend some time catching up was a blur. What wasn’t confusing was the still lingering feeling of afterglow that enveloped her, keeping Anita feeling warm and blissful.

Her eyes didn’t want to open all the way, but that felt fine. It felt good to leave them hooded, to feel and look like a good, sleepy mommy who didn’t need to think because her eldest daughter was nestled into her chest.

If something important needed one of them to be awake, Anita knew she could count on Rowan.

Rowan was always so reliable.

“How are you feeling, mommy…?” Rowan smiled up at her, still nuzzled into her chest. Both of her hands were stroking Anita’s hips, rubbing them in a way that felt like something she’d heard in a song, something that felt so thoughtful and almost romantic.

“Good… really good, sweetie…” Anita let out a heavy sigh, her hand raising to gently stroke Rowan’s dyed-red hair. “You made mommy feel… so… good… I don’t remember it, but…”

“But you know you don’t need to remember everything…” Rowan’s voice was a low purr. Her hands continued their caress around to Anita’s back, feeling along the curves and contours as she wiggled closer to her mother. “You know that I’ll always take care of you, so you can just let yourself relax and be a good, sweet, obedient mommy for me… isn’t that right, Anita?”

Anita moaned, her eyes crossing. Her hand in Rowan’s hair shook, but still fought to continue the slow, delicate rhythm of feeling along her hair. “Y-yess… Obedient… I… was I… Rowan are you sure that… are you sure that’s right…? Mommies aren’t suppo-oooooh…”

Rowan’s tongue stretched out to remind Anita’s nipple of just how hard it had been mere moments ago. Her whole body trembled, arching desperately towards Rowan’s mouth that felt like the very source of all pleasure in the universe. It was impossible for Anita to think as lips sealed around her nipple, and sucked in the perfect way to drain away all of the arguments that arose in her mind.

She trembled, moaning her daughter’s name as she lost her grip on anything but how it felt to exist in that moment.

Her daughter’s naked body rubbed against her, and Anita melted back against her bed as she clutched Rowan tighter. She couldn’t remember why she’d objected to what Rowan said, only that she shouldn’t have done it—not when it felt so much better to do and be whatever Rowan wanted.

Teeth grazed her nipple, pinching just hard enough to tug its length as far as they could before it slipped free. Anita whimpered, shaking with her body so flush and her eyes looking more blank and empty by the moment.

“You’re my obedient mommy, Anita…” Rowan clawed down her mother’s back, her lips rubbing together and her thighs clenching as Anita quietly howled. “You’re my obedient mommy, and that’s what you want to be. You want me to touch you, to command you, to use you… It feels so much better than needing to think for yourself all the time.

“I’ll let you think sometimes, obviously, but…” Rowan kissed a path up her mother’s body that ended with their lips meeting.

The kiss was passionate and intense, tongues pressing together desperately for every small bit of wet, slick friction they could earn. Anita’s eyes rolled behind fluttering lids, her hands struggling to hold on to her daughter’s body even as all of the strength drained from her own.

When it ended, Rowan pulled back and savored the sight of the line of saliva connecting their mouths. When it fell down onto her mother’s breasts, she rose her hands to smear it tenderly across her skin.

“While I’m home… While we’re together…?” Rowan’s nose rubbed alongside her mother’s, her breath hot against Anita’s lips. “You don’t need to think too much. Just enough to get through the day… while being sleepy, and relaxed, and happy. That’s what I want for you… to be happy.”

“H-happy…” Anita sighed, her eyes fluttering as she slowly smiled. It was a dopey smile, distant and glazed and fuzzy, but it was still a beautiful smile nonetheless. “Yes, Rowan…”

“What’s that, Anita…?” Rowan purred, kissing her mother so much quicker than before. “What will you do for me…?”

“O-obey… be a… sleepy… mommy…” Anita mewled, her eyes fluttering a little more. “Want to be… good for you… to be a good… mmm… good whatever you want…! I know you’re… gone so much so… while you’re here I… can do everything I can to make you happy… it’s the least I can do for my daughter…”

Rowan beamed, nestling in as close as she could. Their bodies were both so voluptuous, so ready to find new ways to squeeze and squish together as the two women moved in every way they could to be as close as physically possible.

“Good…! But I think that before Zoey comes home, before we need to help her learn the lessons you’ve taken so well to heart…” Rowan’s eyes hooded low, and she kissed a path from her mother’s lips to her ear before whispering inside. “There’s plenty of time for you to sleep for me… Just to make sure everything’s ready for our Zoey… So… Sleep for me, mommy… Sleep… for me…”

“S-sleep… for… you… mmmmm… yess…” Anita moaned, her eyes fluttering as a heavy warmth spread across her body that made it so easy to go limp with an even wider, more mindless smile on her lips. Her thighs tried to squeeze around her pussy, but found themselves too weak to do little more than shake in place. They were already falling too deeply asleep, and it was so much easier to sink into that feeling than to do anything else. “Sleep…… deep…

“Obey… my little girl… my precious Rowan…”

Rowan purred, nibbling her way down Anita’s neck. Each press of her teeth along the slender curve drew deeper and more trembling moans as though the pleasure of her mouth was capable of stealing Anita’s will all by itself.

“You’re such a good mommy… and I’m going to make sure that you’re so much happier with me in control…” Eyes hooded so low, Rowan stroked up along her mother’s body to grasp her breasts and began to slowly knead. Each squeeze of her hands made Anita shudder and whine, her mouth hanging open as she trembled and arched into Rowan’s hands. “You’ve never been as relaxed as I can make you… and we’ve only just gotten started.”

The rest of the night was lost in a sweaty mess of tangled flesh and loud pleasured cries as Anita learned again and again just how devoted Rowan truly was to making her mother feel the most satisfying pleasure she could in exchange for her complete and total surrender.

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