Reunion: From Anita to Zoey

Chapter 2: Swayed by her Breasts

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #brainwashing #dom:female #f/f #pov:top #sub:female #tech_control #age_difference #breast_fixation #conditioning #contemporary #mother #music #titnosis

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2020, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 2: Swayed by her Breasts

Zoey left the house early in the day exactly as Rowan had expected she would.

If she hadn’t suddenly realized she had errands to run and things to do Zoey might have been forced to make good on her offer to catch up with Rowan. While obviously neither sister was looking forward to that possibility, Zoey had taken the initiative and made sure there was no chance for a nice long chat about how things were on the other side of the country.

Rowan didn’t mind the opportunities that afforded her at all.

By Zoey’s own estimation she would be gone for most of the day, but this wasn’t the first time she’d found an excuse for why she needed to be scarce the first day Rowan was back in town. She always found some other place to crash as if to make it very clear she felt invaded.

Their relationship hadn’t been the best before Rowan moved across the country, but it hadn’t been improved by Zoey growing comfortable with the thought of the house as hers.

Dressing for a day at home with just herself and her mother, Rowan slid into a short skirt and loose-fitting tank top. With the help of the bra underneath, it gave anyone who cared to look a nice l view of her breasts held together tight enough to make her deep cleavage very inviting.

It wasn’t a very complicated sort of look, but that wasn’t terribly important.

Around noon, like it had the year before, the phone rang. Their mother, a little old fashioned when it came to choosing which technology to trust, had insisted on keeping a landline. Rowan lifted up the handset, and took a deep breath before answering the line. “Hey, sis.”

“Oh, hey! Rowan!” Zoey laughed, but it wasn’t loud enough to cover up the sounds of music and cheering behind her. “Thought I’d get mom! Can you tell her that I might be out a bit late tonight? It’s Laney’s birthday and she wants to celebrate… can’t say no to the birthday girl!”

“Of course you can’t!” Rowan kept her tone sincere, even laughing a little with her sister. “She’ll be disappointed, but I’ll let her know! You just have lots of fun, alright?”

A loud cheer rose up from behind Zoey, but it didn’t obscure her voice. “I always do!” There was another cheer, and Zoey’s muffled voice after something brushed against her phone. Rowan waited patiently, holding the phone to her ear. A moment later, Zoey’s voice returned. “Well, I gotta go! The birthday girl wants me! I’ll see you around tomorrow? Maybe? Ta ta for now!”


The line went dead, and Rowan breathed a sigh of relief.

“Hey Mom.” Rowan stepped into the living room. Her mother was there, lounging in her favorite chair, reading from a trade paperback.

It took her mother a moment to reply, finishing a page before she looked up with a lazy smile. “Oh, hello Rowan! Sorry, I’ve just been really enjoying this book. Today feels like a lazy day. Your sister isn’t here, and there’s nothing I need to do, so… I just feel like taking it easy today. Something just has me feeling a little… restful? Like I just don’t want to finish waking up, so…” She motioned to her book, and quietly laughed.

Rowan nodded. Her mother hadn’t even noticed she’d gestured to her book in perfect sync with the beat of her song that was still at the louder volume from the night before.

Her mother still hadn’t noticed it, or if she had, she hadn’t chosen to comment.

“The phone was Zoey.” Rowan gestured back towards the phone, and then her smile deepened. Her voice lowered. “She’s going to be busy all day, so it’s just you and me here today. I really would like a chance for the two of us to catch up… if that would be alright.”

As she spoke, Rowan moved closer to her mother and subtly began to sway her hips.

It wasn’t a very dramatic motion, but what was dramatic was the way her mother’s gaze struggled to stay level with Rowan’s eyes. As she continued to sway, her large, heavy breasts so visible in their confinement shifted side to side. Her mother’s eyes twitched in their direction, but she seemed determine to keep her gaze on Rowan’s.

All that effort meant that her voice was beautifully strained, sounding even more tired than before. “I… You’re my daughter, Rowan… I’m really glad to have you back in town. Of course I’d be happy to catch up with you… but we don’t normally talk like this…

“Is something… wrong…?”

Even with her voice hitching, her mother seemed wholly unaware of the way that her daughter’s bust moved with the song, or the way her own stuttering tone followed suit. She seemed wholly unaware of the way her words sounded like she was almost trying to appeal to her daughter to stop, to not do whatever it was that she was already going to do.

“Nothing’s wrong at all, mother…” Rowan spoke smoothly, leaning forward to grasp at the arms of her chair. She leaned down towards her mother, each sway slower, and her breasts now so much closer to her face. “Just relax. Stop fighting it…

“You want to let go… you want us to be closer… don’t you…?”

“Closer…” Her eyes dipped down, deep, dark brown eyes falling into her daughter’s deep cleavage. Her eyes followed them as they swayed, moving back and forth, side to side, as her voice grew lower, quieter, almost a whisper. “I… want us to be… closer…? I… Rowan, I… Something’s… Not…”

It took enough visible effort that the strain required to flutter her eyes made the older woman’s forehead lightly glisten with a sheen of sweat. Her hips squirmed into the comfortable chair, and the book fell from her hands to land nonchalantly in her lap.

“Something’s… wrong…? Why do I feel so… why am I…”

“Watching my breasts…? My heavy… round… soft breasts…?” Rowan purred, inching her chest still closer to her mother’s locked eyes. “They’re so much like yours… still a little smaller, but who knows how much of that’s raising two daughters, and how much of that’s me still coming into the family curves, but… They look so soft… So comfortable… don’t you just want to rest and stare at my breasts… to let them help you feel so… relaxed…?”

“So… Relaxed…” The words trembled on her lips halfway between a gasp and a moan. Her eyes were hooding, but it was still clear she had such a perfect sight of her daughter’s swaying breasts as they tugged her gaze side, to side, and back again. “I… but I’m… I…



With a whine, her mother forced her eyes up. Deep, darker eyes met Rowan’s lighter pair, but they were already looking so glassy. Darker eyes were hooded lower. Her lips couldn’t quite close on their own. Her every breath was a little louder, a little shakier than normal and Rowan seemed so calm and composed.

The very image of confidence.

“Why no, mother…? Do you not want to relax, here… with me… alone with your daughter who loves you so very much…?” Rowan’s hands moved up along the arms of the chair before dipping into her mother’s lap. Her mother gasped, only to sigh in relief as her daughter tossed the book there away.

She sleepily mewled in shock when Rowan moved to the slide into the book’s former place.

Her weight wasn’t as imposing on her lap as Rowan’s breasts were on her gaze. She was still continuing to sway, and now thumbs were stroking at her mother’s cheeks.

“We both know you don’t want to look into my eyes.” Rowan spoke the words like they carried no taboo, or any extra weight at all. Even as she leaned in close, nose brushing nose, forehead to forehead, she sounded so oblivious to any reason why what she was doing might be considered improper or unwanted. “You want to be staring lower. You want to be watching me sway, so you can fall under my sway. Sway… Sway…”

“S-s… sway…”

“That’s right… good mommy…” Rowan sighed, her thumb brushing her mother’s bottom lip. The word ‘mommy’ sent a jolt down the older woman’s spine, and drew a gasp from shuddering lips. Glassy eyes still stared into Rowan’s, resisting the siren song of her breasts. “You’ve done so much for me and Zoey both… but now it’s time for me to do something for you…

“Be a good mommy, Anita…”

“O-ohhhh…” The use of her name was like a needle right between her eyes, injecting the mother’s brain with something warm and sticky that made everything so much slower. Her eyes started to drift, to fall from her daughter’s eyes. Even as they fell, they continued to shudder, to twitch.

They wouldn’t stop trying to look to Rowan’s even as it became impossible to maintain.

“I-I’m your… your mother… R-Rowan… You shouldn’t… You can’t d—”

Rowan’s thumb pressed to both of her mother’s lips at once, silencing her with such a simple motion. Her hips rolled and swayed, continuing to move the flesh of her breasts tantalizingly towards her mother’s face.

“You’re a woman, mommy…” Rowan sighed, a sigh full of empathy and concern as her fingers moved back into her mother’s cropped blonde hair. It was so soft between her fingers, and she needed to actively resist shuddering with the sensation. “And women have needs… sleepy women, sleepy mothers, who work so hard for their daughters… they can’t resist a chance to let go, to have their eldest daughter take care of them…

“I love you, mommy… Anita…”

Anita whimpered, but she couldn’t fight it any longer. Her gaze fell to her daughter’s chest and was quickly sucked in to the gravity of her cleavage.

Each sway of her chest, every roll of her hips, every movement Rowan made transferred through her breasts and held her mother that much more helplessly spellbound by the sight.

“R-Rowan… I… mmmm…”

“Shh, mommy…” Rowan sighed, her fingers lacing in the back of her mother’s hair as she slowly pulled her forward. “Let me take care of my mommy… let me make Anita feel so much better… let me make everything feel so much better… Let go…”

“Let… g…mmmphhh…!”

Anita’s eyes opened wider as her daughter pulled her into those large, round breasts… but only for a moment.

The next they began to hood, sinking shut as though the sensation of her daughter’s smooth, soft skin were a fast-acting sedative. Her eyes no longer struggled, staring directly at the breasts that began to engulf her face.

She didn’t resist her head being pulled forward any more than she could resist the nails teasing along her scalp.

All that Anita could do was quiver, and tiredly groan.

“Such a sleepy mommy…” Rowan purred, licking her lips as she pulled her mother’s face deeper into her own breasts. “You’re always working so hard… Cooking… Cleaning… Working such long hours to take care of us… To take care of yourself… You work so hard, and now it’s time for you to let me take care of you…

“It’s time for my mommy to let go… and sleep…”

“Slnnnppp…” Anita muttered against her daughter’s breasts as her eyes strained to stay open. Anita’s body no longer tried to pull away from Rowan as she grinded down against her mother’s lap. She was too heavy for that, too sleepy, too tired, too weak.

All she could do was listen, and stare.

Staring was becoming increasingly difficult, and so much of what she heard she didn’t process.

The music had been telling her how powerful, how soft, how calming her daughter’s breasts were since she’d arrived home. She’d slept all night with that mantra of music seeping into every dream, every flutter of her eyes, and every squirm in her bed.

Now that she was there, nuzzled and nestled into Rowan’s bountiful chest, there was nothing she could do.

“That’s right, mommy… Sleep for me. Close your eyes, and sleep… Close your eyes… and obey…” Rowan’s voice flowed with the rhythm, rubbing it into her mother’s body and mind with every careful movement. “You don’t need to see anything right now. I can take care of all of that. I can take care of you… and I can make everything so much better for both of us…”

“Bffhh… ’sssss… Mmmmnnn… Sllppppp…”

Anita’s big, beautiful brown eyes fell shut and the last of the strength in her body drained away. Her body was still awake, but her mind could no longer resist Rowan’s words.

She’d surrendered her consciousness to her daughter’s care.

“Good mommy… such a sleepy mommy…” Rowan kissed the top of her mother’s head as she hugged her deeper into her chest. The sleepy mewls she earned in response had her thighs clenching and her toes curling. “Such a good mommy, Anita… I’ve always loved your name, you know… Always loved you… but I’ve never been able to feel like we were that close, like you really listened to me, like you really respected me… but it’s alright, now…

“Because I’m going to help fix the rift between us, and fill it in with so much love…”

Anita moaned as her daughter’s fingers drifted through her hair, holding her in place so tenderly as she continued to grind and sway. Rowan was no longer using the sway of her breasts to seize her mother’s mind away.

Instead, she was rocking her and letting the warmth and proximity of her own body do so much of the work.

“You’re going to let me teach you what you need to know to make things right… to help expand our understanding of what it means to be a family… and if a woman who almost has a PhD isn’t smart enough to do that…” Rowan kissed the top of Anita’s head again with a low purr. “No one is…”

Moaning, Anita instinctively nuzzled deeper into Rowan’s breasts as the sound assaulting her ears, and the softness assaulting her face, lulled her deeper and deeper into her daughter’s hypnotic control.

There was no resistance to be had, no struggle to mount.

Nothing but the importance of letting her daughter be close to her, letting her daughter take care of her, letting everything feel so much better.

Each moment she stayed buried so deeply in Rowan’s chest the tension drained form Anita’s body. Her shoulders fell slack, and her thighs even tried to spread wide as the heat between her thighs grew warmer. The world around her didn’t matter—only Rowan’s breasts, Rowan’s song that she couldn’t even hear, and Rowan’s words drifting into her ears and deeply into her unguarded mind.

“Sleep, mommy… and I’ll take care of everything… After all…

“We have all day, just you… and me…”

Moaning, Anita fell deeper into the blankets of slumber her daughter wrapped around her. She had no choice, but she didn’t want to choose anything. She’d been feeling so tired since she woke up.

It felt so much better to sleep.

Author's Note: Rowan's musical ploy has enabled her to leverage her breasts to melt her mother down into a submissive puddle. What will she do from here? What awaits her mother, and her sister? If you want to read more what's still to come, and support stories like this one? 

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