The Love and Trances of Madison and Belladonna

Madison Comes to Visit (Part 1)

by Cammie Dawn

Tags: #consensual_kink #dom:female #f/f #romantic #sub:female #asexual_characters #multiple_partners #plurality #polyamory #realistic #transgender_characters
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As part of Skaetlett's Plurality Jam I am challenging myself to post 5 chapters of the story within the month of March. A 4 parter of Madison visiting Belladonna and an epilogue.
Madison comes to see Belladonna for a 4 day weekend. Donna's best laid plans fall apart and Bella adopts a familiar.
The moment you approach the venue you’ll see me. Then you will be helpless. I will reach out and beckon and you will feel a beckoning pull at your heart. An irresistible summons that will claim your very being and draw you closer. You’ll glide across the pavement and I will claim you. The world around you will melt into obscurity as I become your only focus. Every step closer to me. To my lips will have you surrender more and more. But I won’t kiss you. No. Not yet. First we’ll embrace and savor the moment of connection, be as one for a moment that shall burn into both of our memories. Then, as if gently connecting an invisible leash I’ll brush your cheek and guide you. Take your hand and you will follow. Then I’ll take you into the hotel, lead you up to the room where I’ll whisper soft words of surrender. Then I’ll tease and tempt you as you unpack and get situated. I’ll offer you my lips and you will know I will make you wait. Delay long enough that time our skin touches, every time I look your way, every word I speak, each little moment of connection will remind and hypnotically drive your desire to kiss. Want to kiss. Yearn to kiss. Desperate to kiss. But not without permission
Only once you’re finally settled and comfortable in the room. Once we are finally alone and at ease. Together. In person.
Then and only then will I finally, hungrily and passionately kiss you.
Miss Donna had a plan.
Parts of it had been negotiated down. Edited and accommodated. But she had a plan and it was agreed upon.
Madison was soon to arrive at the hotel. They were finally going to see one another again for the first time since the convention. It was a 4 day visit. One day to stop by and visit with Belladonna’s chosen family, one day for Madison to travel out to a wedding and the rest of it just time together.
Donna’s patience had run out for this long awaited reunion. Waiting under the awning of the entrance she paced back and forth, checking for the fourth time to see if her play collar was on and obvious enough for Madison to notice. After adjusting the innocuous chain around her neck she then reached inside her purse to allow herself the treat of lacing her fingers on the red heart-shaped bead inside. It went everywhere with her now. A constant reminder of the leap of faith they had both taken and all that had grown from it.
She was taken out of her moment of reflection by the vibration of her phone.
Just arrived. Heading in now. See you soon.”
Her eyes scanned back and forth. She’d been distracted and hadn’t noticed any cars coming into view. She could feel the Bella shaped driving at her heart, her leg bouncing in a way it did when the sweetling threatened to take over. Donna slapped her thigh and steeled her resolve. She had been planning this for weeks. It was going to go well. She knew it was. She had everything planned.
“Hey, you.”
Bella spun around and buried herself into her Miss’ arms. Donna had been so focused on the road she’d neglected to consider the idea Madison could park on the side of the building and walk on the pavement to arrive behind her.
“Heeeeey, Sweetling!” Madison brightly said, holding Bella close. “I missed you too.”
Bella pulled out and grinned broadly at Madison, “You’re here! You’re here! Aaaaaah! I can’t believe it! You’re really, really here!” for a pregnant moment she swayed awkwardly on the spot before launching her hand out to claim Madison’s wrist, to hold it tightly as if she were terrified that her partner would vanish if not held to the spot.
Madison all but melted at the warm energy Bella emitted, she adored that smile and to see it without the barrier of a computer monitor was worth every second of her long 4 hour journey to get there. “I admit, you’re not who I was expecting. Donna made her intentions quite clear.”
Bella continued to beam proudly but a telltale flicker of her gaze indicated that Donna was raising objections. “I’ll be a good girl! I will! I just– I was excited!”
“You are a good girl.” Madison said firmly with a hint of her dominant growl, “But have you considered that we had made plans. I promise, you’ll have your time.”
Bella’s face scrunched into a grumpy pout, it was the kind of expression that would be completely incompatible with the other facets, for not the first time Madison wondered why no one else could see that which was obviously so plain to read in her girlfriend’s face.
“Have you considered!” she sharply shot back, before another eye flicker betrayed how outnumbered she was in her unjustified protests. “Fiiiine!”
“I love you, Sweetling.” Madison quickly said, placing a hand to the grip Bella had on her wrist, “I’m here. I’m not going anywhere. Not yet. We have time.”
Bella vibrated and released the wrist only to launch into another hug, fierce enough to almost knock Madison off-balance.
“Careful, sweetling, I’ve still got my bags.”
“Ah, my apologies. Where are my manners?” it was Donna who backed out of the hug, “May I?” she asked, offering a hand to take a bag.
“You may, thank you Donna.” Madison responded, taking care to emphasize the name, “I’ll let you take this to the room.”
“Oh you’ll let me? How gracious. Perhaps I’ll let you pay for the service with a kiss. I did say that I was going to make you wait for it, didn’t I?”
Madison’s eyes rounded and her shoulders dropped back. Donna had seen the body language which silently spoke ‘please, Miss Donna?’ so many times before over their weekly calls and yet to see it before her was disarming.
Donna reached in and tilted her chin up, gently leaning in. Her intent was to tease, to taunt Madison with the promise of a kiss. Her partner melted into the implied suggestion and her lips gently parted in invitation.
All she had to do was pull away and leave her yearning.
But she felt the pull of her heart. Not just Bella shaped emotions. Impatience and desire mingled in full force and demanded action.
Fuck it…” she whispered to the air.
And then their lips connected for the first time. Passion propelled and was reciprocated as Madison pulled in and kissed back with all of the delayed passion that had been building in the days and months since they had separated outside the farewell lunch from the hypnocon. Finally, as fireworks of affection sparked within both, they could do that which was had long been promised and kiss.
Time froze as the moment burned into both hearts.
Eventually their lips parted and they just looked, love-stricken at one another.
“That was worth the wait.” Madison happily sighed.
“And worth forgoing the wait, too.” Donna remarked.
Madison claimed Donna’s hand and led her into the hotel. After an all too long wait to get checked in and a brief elevator ride the pair entered the room. Moderately sized with a little seating area for meals and two beds. Madison laid her bags down on the one closest to the door.
“Well then. Shall I unpack or has your patience truly whittled do-” she was cut off suddenly by Donna pulling her to the wall and pinning her to it by each wrist, those all too familiar sapphire eyes pinning hers with devious intent.
“I’ll take that as an answer.” Madison joked, smirking at how eager Donna was. “Though it was a long drive and I do need to use the restroom, love.”
Donna’s possessive smirk dissolved into a pouting frown that was most unbecoming of one who claimed to be a dominant force of nature. “Very well… my apologies, darling.”
“Oh stay eager, love. Though I would like to give Bella and Bell a kiss too at some point. Bella was nice enough to let you try to follow through with your little plans.” Madison slipped away as she spoke and Donna sank onto the edge of the bed.
“For all the good my scheming did. I was caught up in the moment. I could not wait a second longer.”
“Do you hear me complaining?” Madison called back, “It was perfect the way it was.”
Donna flopped back on the bed and sighed out in relief. The past few weeks she had obsessed over how to make this reunion perfect. It hadn’t been, even if Madison had used the word, it was awkward, human and romantic in its own way. Perhaps it was perfect. Just perfect for the people who were in the moment.
A leaping in her heart confirmed that this sentiment echoed under her skin.
‘Want to get your kiss now, sweetling?’ Donna thought to herself. A rush of eagerness erupted through her so furiously that her legs began vibrating in giddiness. It was less a reply and more an accepted invitation.
“There, all set.” Madison sighed, happily. “We should get food ready soon, but I think we can get comfortable first…” she noted the body language of her partner, the bouncing leg, the exuberant love-stricken grin and those round expressive eyes. “Welcome back.
Bella giggled to herself and rolled back and forth on the bed, “You always know!” she cackled, delighted.
“How could I not?” Madison sighed, happily as she began the process of unpacking, “Especially now we’re in person.”
“Not everyone does or can!” Bella protested, “Which is gonna be a lil’ weird tomorrow when we visit The House and see everyone. I think it might be a good idea to just call us all Bell?”
Madison continued unpacking but there was a beat as the concept hit her and marked discomfort, “I don’t like having to. It’s important to me that I show you all that I see you. But I understand…”
Bella’s exuberant movements had slowed due to the heaviness of the topic but it was still unmistakably her, “But that’s a tomorrow worry!” she protested, “Now is reunion time!”
“That it is…” Madison hummed, pulling out more things from her bag, “Which gives me the opportunity to give you something now we’re together in person.”
Bella’s eyes sparked with elation and she pressed her hands together, barely able to hold her excitement at bay. Bell shaped emotions panged with guilt that they had not thought to prepare a gift but those emotions simply couldn’t be heard under the weight of Bella’s enthusiasm.
Madison produced two black cat plush toys and set them down. One had a purple tummy and the other green, otherwise they were a perfect pair of twins.
“One for each of us.” Madison explained, “That way when you hug yours you can think of me hugging mine and it will be like we’re still together.”
“Look at the moon, love. I’m looking at it too. Half a world away and yet we’re looking at the same spot. Makes the distance vanish, don’t it?’”
Bella shook off the intrusive memory that threatened to pull her out of the present and snatched up the green cat, hugging it close to her chest. “Oh, I love that idea!” Madison collected the purple cat and held it close to her own chest.
“Where’s your head at, sweetling?” Madison asked cautiously. She had come to recognize the little headshake motion as expelling an emotional flashback.
She shook her head again but stopped short, her eye flickered in that telling way that it tended to and she switched to nodding fiercely instead. Madison couldn’t translate the internal conversation but could see something was happening. Her tight posture loosened, the grip on the plushie lessened and she raised her head with a grim expression.
“It’s nothing…” Bell said, “The plushie is nice, it is. The whole long distance connection thing just reminded us of someone else… but I’m trying not to let past baggage invade. I don’t want to get all hung up on the past and let it distract from the present.”
Madison leaned in and put a hand to Bell’s knee, looking at her in the eye. She had longed to have moments of gentle connection with her many times over the months they had been apart, it felt right to have the opportunity now. “Good to see you, Bell. I was hoping you’d show up tonight.”
“I doubt I’ll have much time. The excitement of you being here isn’t really letting my emotions settle down any. But I’m glad you’re here.”
“May I have a kiss?” Madison asked tenderly, “You don’t have to stay, but I really wanted to get a chance to kiss all of you tonight.”
Bell broke into an unguarded smile, “There’ll be time, but I’ve no mind to deny you.” she leaned in and completed the kiss, the two plush cats pressing against one another in their soft embrace. The connection was not as passionate as Donna’s had been, it was warm and it was safe. 
“...and, Bell? It’s okay to talk about things. I know that’s a love language for you. I never want you to think things should always be fun and games for us.”
Bell nodded, “But not tonight. Not when there’s so much excitement in the air.”
Thank you.” Madison said with sincerity, “For showing up and for letting Bella have her fun. Promise we’ll have time later?”
“I promise. For now, I just want you to have fun.” she pulled the plush cat close to her chest and focused on the Bella shaped emotion in her heart, the giddiness, the pouting at not being allowed to interact with the moment, the soft sweet core of her heart.
Bella’s eyes shot open and she began swaying back and forth with her new plush toy.
Madison melted at the display and held her own plush close, “Notice me cuddling you as we each cuddle our kitty.” she said, warmly.
Bella grinned and reached out, pulling Madison onto the bed with her, “I like it but you’re here now, we don’t need to pretend the distance away!”
Madison broke into an unguarded laugh, “You do have a point.”
The pair embraced and held one another’s gaze, melting into the comfort of a free evening. Food would have to happen at some point and the rest of the luggage would need putting away, but those were small trifles compared to the hours that they had until they needed to leave the room for any reason and they had spent weeks preparing for all the fun they were going to have once they were together.
Donna wasn’t the only one who negotiated what she would do when the chance arose.
Looking to ensure that the chain play collar was present around her neck, Madison broke out into a playful grin, “Sweetling…” she said slowly, her voice dropping into the low flirtatious tone it so often did when she was topping a scene, “If you stare any harder you might get lost in my eyes… or is that what you want? To get lost in my eyes?
Bella squeaked gently, her lips parting as the implication worked with the magic of intent. She had stared at her Miss’ eyes so many times over the monitor. It was only now she was noticing just how pretty the pale gradient and flecks truly were. “...oh” she softly sighed.
“Mmmhmm…” Madison rumbled triumphantly, “Such a good girl, knowing exactly what I mean for you to do and you do it so well for me…” she reached over and ran her hand through the soft hair of her partner, easily one of her finer features, “and we had talked about you having some fun little triggers for the weekend, didn’t we?”
“Mhmm…” Bella joyfully purred, enraptured in the moment.
“Then I know you were so kind as to read those stories I recommended… remember the moment when the kitty’s purring casts a sleep spell?”
Bella did. Madison had made a point to joke about it while she was reading that particular book.
“Well when you feel me press your new kitty plushie to your chest, you can let yourself sink deep for me, can’t you, sweetling?”
“...yes Miss…” Bella sighed, holding the plush cat close to her and anchoring in both the suggestion and the association between the sensation and trance.
“Only for this weekend and only when I hold it to you with intent. Do you understand, sweetling?” Madison’s voice was clear, commanding and serious. She was always careful when laying out safety. Sometimes the most important thing to program and recall was not the suggestion itself but the framework it stands upon.
She paused for a moment, savoring the blissed out look on Bella’s face before deciding that there could always be more fun new ways to entrance and bespell her pretty partner, “And next I want you to imagine my lips on your forehead. Yes, I know, you’ve not felt me kiss you just yet, and you’ll get to…” she paused to watch Bella squirm in her yearning for that kiss, even entranced she was impatient, “...but just picture the way it will feel and I want you to think of that as another lovely little button that will bring you back to trance. Just your forehead, though, sweetling. Knowing when I kiss it you’ll sink right back down for me, won’t you?”
“‘es Miss…” Bella whispered, serenely.
Good. Girl.” she reached over and brushed her face, “Then come back for me, love.”
With lazy and exaggerated motions, Bella returned to wakefulness, pouting at her Miss. 
“Oh, Bella…” Madison sighed, fondly, “You melt my heart. You do. You really were such a good girl for letting Donna do her thing and you were so patient. Perhaps you wanted a kiss?”
Bella’s eyes erupted into excitement. “Please, Miss? Pretty please? Oh I waited oh so long and was a good girl and didn’t interrupt even though I really really wanted to and please, Miss? Please? Plea-” she stopped as Madison gently rest a finger to her lips.
“I offered, didn’t I?” she released the finger and leaned in.
Donna’s kiss had been a gentle flame, smoldering with intensity and passion. Bell's had been a gentle invitation filled with warmth. For Bella it was a yielding delight, she melted into the kiss and leaned in whenever their lips threatened to part, as if she was hoping for just a second more before the inevitable moment when the kiss was no longer the only thing in either woman’s world. All of them had their own flavors to the action that made them unique. Even with a blindfold, Madison was confident she could identify the fronting facet by their kiss alone.
Madison leaned out, her spirits warmed by the gentle affection.
She slowly leaned in again and this time the kiss was pressed against her forehead. Once again Bella melted to the kiss but this time it was falling into trance, she flopped peacefully, splayed on the hotel bed.
“That’s it. Just like that. Oh you are going to be so fractionated tonight… wake for me, sweetling.” 
Once again Bella perked up and was subdued by Madison holding the plush kitty to her chest. Bella’s eyes rolled back as she experienced the magical purring suggestion as Madison had intended.
With another first kiss and some light fractionation enjoyed, Madison took time to get food ordered in and to unpack the remainder of her luggage. Time flew by so rapidly that it seemed a heartbeat before Madison and Bella were sitting in the dining area of the room.
“Ooo… that’s a lot of pretty!” Bella merrily chirped between bites of her burger, she was pointing at a sheet of fabric with a number of zipped plastic pockets filled with jewelry accessories. Bella had a habit when she was fractionated of acting completely without a filter. Often she spaced out for a little while before chiming in with a complete non-sequitur.
Madison let out a bright chirp and sprang up to retrieve the hanging display. “This is so useful!” she elated pridefully, “I get to take all my jewelry with me when I travel. I have some really good things in here.”
She brought the fabric sleeve over and showed all of the gold chain and sparkling gems. “Do you recognize any of them, sweetling?”
Bella looked at each sleeve with purpose. She did not often recall Madison wearing necklaces or earrings on their calls, typically they would each be in laid back casual attire. She was seeing all of these items for the first time.
“Nuuh, I don’t think I know any of them…” Bella pouted, feeling mildly defeated.
“No?” Madison asked, surprised, “This one here? An emerald, sapphire and ruby?”
Bella looked closer and realized it was not familiarity with the objects themselves but familiarity with the designs that Madison was prodding her for. It was like a veil of confusion had been lifted and she could see all of the items for what they were. Loving recreations of gems, earrings, necklaces and symbols from a variety of video games and anime.
Madison smiled fondly as Bella’s expression blossomed with the realization and excitement gripped her.
“Is that the Silver Crystal from Sailor Moon?” she finally asked, looking at a refractive crystal dangling from a golden chain.
“Mmmmhmmm…” Madison smirked, pulling it out of its plastic sleeve and holding it up, “Pretty, isn’t it? I know it's caught your eye on a few occasions in the past.”
Bella’s eyes grew round, watching the pretty crystal twisting slowly in Madison’s grip. She hadn’t recognized it over video calls but it was surely the same hypnotic focus that Madison had used on her in the months leading up to this reunion. Consumed by her awe she could only exhale an elongated sigh of “Prettttty…
“Oh? Is it, now?” Madison joked, “Are you so fractionated that just remembering that this pretty thing has caught your eye in the past was enough to focus your gaze and steal your thoughts?”
Bella starred on, blinking slowly. You could all but see the loading screen as she attempted to draw up an appropriate reply, nothing seemed to spring to mind and so she simply repeated “Pretty…!
“Oh, sweetling…” Madison sighed, fondly, “I do so adore you. You can stare, if you like. Feeling all your thoughts once again get tangled up inside the crystal, noticing how light and empty it makes you feel.” she paused and watched Bella’s head softly bob up and down, “Mhmm… that’s it. You can let go. You have permission to just continue watching and letting all your thoughts drift into the crystal until you just drop once again.”
Bella’s head dipped down.
Swiftly Madison brought her back up, an eager smile lighting up her features. “Oh, I liked how you reacted to that!” she said joyfully, “Yes, I think I would enjoy seeing that again.”
“Well it’s the Silver Crystal!” Bella protested, her affect swayed by another towards fractionation, “Sailor Moon always makes me think of mind control.”
“I didn’t think the Silver Crystal was ever used to hypnotize anyone?” Madison noted, a little uncertain, “It’s been years since I watched it, though.”
“Well there’s the time that Serena turned into Princess Serenity…” Bella noted, shimmying too and through, “her eyes went all hollow in that pretty way that anime shows hypnotized people looking, but there’s also the scene where Prince Diamonde was trying to get her to hand over the crystal… and her heart…”
Madison’s eyebrow raised, noting the gentle blush in Bella’s features, she was quite familiar with the scene and had her own positive associations with it.
“Oh I know.” Madison grinned, “Usagi falls to her knees and is commanded to offer a kiss of allegiance.”
Bella’s hands clapped together in excitement, “Yes, yes! That’s exactly it! Yes! I love that scene so much! The way he cups her cheek, the way he strips away her resistance, the way she quietly repeats his command to give the kiss of allegiance. It’s just… aaaah, so good.”
Madison smiled warmly, pulling the crystal back into view, “And this reminds you of that moment, does it, sweetling?”
She wanted to brightly respond positively but the glint caught it and her suggestible mind was once again allured by the way the light danced on the surface. It really was a pretty crystal.
Madison drew her back down, kissing the top of her head fondly and made a note that she needed to use the crystal more often in her trancing.
"3... 2... 1... and back."
Madison kissed the top of her sweetling's head once again as she stirred. Between the crystal and the plush cat she had been fractionated into a puddle. Bella couldn't tell which way was up anymore. Her hair cascaded all over the place. She lazily swatted at stray strands to try and regain her dignity.
"Thank you Miss..." Bella purred.
"My pleasure, sweetling." Madison sighed, moved by how gentle her partner was being. "Do you need anything, love? I can count you up if you want?"
"Nu-uh..! I just wanna hug!" Bella swooned, swaying on the spot before throwing her arms around her partner and clinging on to her "I like this a lot... like... a lot, a lot. Many much."
Madison's hand stroked the loose hair into submission as she had stroked Bella's mind the same way moments ago.
"Is there anything else you wanted to do today, sweetling?" Madison asked.
Bella's eyes flickered to the side and then down again, her lips pursed in deep thought. If she were not buried in Madison's arms, perhaps Madison would have detected the shift in expression from an internal conversation. She had grown so good at seeing when the other facets were having opinions. Bella, especially, was expressive to a fault as it was, but there was something about the way she looked when distracted by her own thoughts that made energy shifts and collusion seem fairly obvious.
"I want a kiss!" Bella finally chirped in a voice that hinted an air of mischief. Bella would never be able to win a Poker game. Especially not against her Miss.
Madison smiled fondly and pulled out of the hug. She had no desire to deny her sweetling a kiss.
As the pair moved in and their lips met the softness of Bella's chaste and sweet kiss melted in a fire of increasing passion. Belladonna rose up to pin Madison to the sofa and used to momentum of the action to bombard her in hungry kisses that emitted a surprised muffled murmur from Madison as gravity took her down.
As she raised her head, Madison could see clearly that the gentle submissive features of her sweet Bella had given way to the firm and dominant expression of Donna, boldly boasting a confident smirk from having caught Madison off-guard for a change.
"Oh! Hello there. You're sure in a mood today!" Madison merrily observed.
"Absence does stoke the passions of the heart, my love. Is that okay with you today?"
"Mhmm!" Madison chirped, bouncing, "I like it when you're in a mood!"
"Good. Because I've decided. I'm going to make you kneel for me today. That scene has given me some ideas." her words were firm and direct. This was not a plan, it was a prophecy.
"Oh really?" Madison responded skeptically, eyebrows raised and a playful grin upon her face. "That's fair bold of you, Miss Donna. What if I don't feel like kneeling?"
Miss Donna placed a thoughtful finger to her chin for a moment, "Then I won't do it until you ask me." she said simply.
"Oh?" Madison poked, giddily, "You're planning something, aren't you?"
"Maybe..." Donna deviously responded, "But I can tell you that you will not be hypnotically compelled to plead. If and when you beg, it shall be because it's the only thing you can think to do to get me to let you sink to your knees."
"Let me?!" Madison responded with mock incredulity, "You're in a boastful mood today."
"You love it." Donna responded plainly.
"Yes, Miss Donna." Madison softly responded, eager to engage with this delightful energy that had built between the pair.
With a grin Donna raised a hand and snapped in the air. Madison blinked, startled, "That's it. Eyes on me. Give me your attention. Give me your mind. Find yourself falling for me, falling right into my deep blue eyes, falling into the power of my hypnotic words, falling for your love, you know you can't resist your love, lass."
Madison's shoulders drooped as the torrent of words crashed over her conditioned mind. "Know I can't resist..." she repeated, as she had done so many times before.
"That's right, lass. Good girl." Madison sighed pleasantly at that affirmation, "Very good girl. Just drift and float and find yourself succumbing to me, more and more with each and every moment, as is so easy, as is so natural..."
Madison's featured slackened, her eyes rolled back in that adorable way that they do. She was dropping rapidly.
"Freeze!" Donna suddenly commanded, whipping her hands in a dramatic gesture. The word and motion struck Madison and her shoulders reared back and eyes widened as her features petrified as surely as if Donna had cast the magic spell she had pantomimed.
"That's right... still. Frozen. Caught by my words. Caught by my gaze. Locked and bound by my will..." Donna husked, drawing in closer. With her index and middle fingers extended she thrust her hand forward. Madison felt herself pulled upwards, her spine straightening as if plucked by the top of her head and stretched as far as gravity would allow. Her eyes wide and focused on her partner.
"A puppet on my strings, pulled and compelled by my whims and my directions. I said I was going to draw you to your knees..." Donna took a fist of hair and exposed her partner's neck, planting a hungry kiss upon it and savoring the blissful whimper that emitted directly in her ear. "I'll drain you of all will, all power. Every kiss, every caress, every moment making your knees weak, literally and figuratively, you'll barely be able to stand; but you know you must--- until I release you, you will remain standing for me, my dear... and you will not only sink to your knees, but I will make you beg for me to let you."
"Yellow" Madison whispered, breathlessly.
Donna placed a hand to her cheek and softly held her gaze, "What's wrong, beloved? We can shuffle if you need to."
"Can't stay frozen like this... I'll lose my balance... I'll fall." Madison's words betrayed distance from her waking mind; but she was well practiced in ensuring she took care of her needs and moderated the safety of any session. It was one of many reasons Donna felt safe going all out with her.
"Then feel yourself being piloted, no matter how weak your knees get; and oh how weak they will become my precious plaything, your body will always ensure you are carrying your weight, shifting when appropriate and remaining as still as is comfortable for you."
Madison's features melted as the concerns were addressed and she could focus on the scene again, as much as her increasingly controlled mind could focus on anything that wasn't Miss Donna's words.
"Very good girl. You obey perfectly. You're so very good for checking in. For adjusting to better serve, to better follow, to better obey. That's exactly what you're supposed to do. Good girl." with those glowing affirmations Miss Donna pulled in again and kissed her partner's unresisting lips with the same fire she had used when she had sprung forth for the scene. Her fingers tightening into a fist in her hair and giving a controlled tug to savor another gasp of enjoyment. Lips buried onto earlobe and stamped gently with teeth.
"Submit. Succumb. You're mine." she husked into the ear, lips still brushing skin. "DON'T fight me." her voice cracked like a whip, dark and seductive, "You know how this ends. With you on your knees."
Madison whimpered and quivered in Donna's grasp.
"More and more with every moment. Resistance weakening, knees weakening. Pride turning to face me. Knowing that with every passing moment the pride of fighting my power, the joy of teasing this delightful fight, the strength you try to show. All of it turns to serve me. Your strength is my power and my power controls you. The stronger you are, the harder you submit, the more you will trust yourself to yield. To slide to your knees. To GIVE IN to me."
"Give... in..." Madison whispered to the air, her voice barely audible.
Donna slowly backed off, releasing the hair and watching her sweet lass' expression, "But you can't give in yet. You know that you can't sink to your knees without my permission... and I want you to beg."
Madison's lips parted, eyes flickering. Donna did not share Madison's gift for reading facial expressions, but she knew that she was having severe impact; but Madison was not going to surrender right away.
"Good girl... already turning that strength of yours to better serve your submission. Knowing you've done such a good job fighting and resisting and that you're so so very close to the sweet release and reward of surrender."
Madison whimpered softly, swaying on the spot.
"Do you want to kneel for me, lass?"
A brief pause as further struggle melted from her expression and finally evaporated in a soft and sweetly spoken "Yes Miss...".
With a sharp swift step forward Donna grasped her partner by the chin and locked eyes with her.
"I doubt there's anything but eager compliance in you now, lass and when you've given in, you can just feel pleading words spilling from your lips. Not being able to do anything to stop your heart giving in to its desire. Knowing that this compulsion is only from you and you alone."
The command hit her directly and words poured desperately, "Please, Miss Donna; Please. Oh please, please make me kneel, please make me submit, please let me, please Miss, please."
Donna smirked powerfully, drinking in each and every word before finally and firmly commanding "KNEEL.".
Madison all but leaped to the ground, knees collapsing to the ground and spine straightening to look directly at her Miss who plucked a hand and planted a kiss upon it.
"That's my good girl. Very good. You pleased me."
Donna raised a hand and offered it, "Surrender to me with the kiss of allegiance and then, you'll be mine."
Madison's lips parted, her glassy eyes stared straight up at her partner’s eyes and then to the hand. There was no hesitation. No more resistance. She surrendered eagerly and willingly with that soft and gentle kiss.
“That’s my good girl.” Donna husked, lowering herself to Madison’s level and stroking her cheek affectionately, “You did that perfectly.”
She leaned in and claimed another kiss, savoring the physical connection while the magic still lasted. She knew all too well that this long weekend was temporary and every second that could be stolen had to be enjoyed so it may be remembered later.
“Find yourself coming back up slowly and gently now, back up, up and up.”
Madison blinked heavily and pulled Donna into a bold cuddle, utilizing much of her strength as if she was afraid she’d disappear if she did not hold on tightly.
Donna in turn slipped her arms around Madison. She could feel her simmer into the affection of the embrace, Donna’s grip had been firm and confident, Bella’s now was desperate and timid.
“Welcome back, sweetling. Thank you for letting her act on that. I always want to go with the energy as it shifts back and forth, but I want her to know I am grateful for her letting us have tonight.”
Bella just smiled gently and gave a firm nod, “Well I wanted to have the first night shared with you.”
“And so you shall have it.” Madison responded. She looked around and with a smile rising to her features, collected the cat plushie and pressed it to Bella’s chest, “Don’t forget to take this with you.”
Bella sunk into trance once again, her fractionated mind barely able to process the situation before complying.
Madison kissed her head and woke her up once again.
Bella launched back to awareness and squeezed her new prize to her chest giddily, “I love her so so much. She’ll be my familiar and go wherever I go!” she proudly announced. “My witch’s kitty!”
“If you want, sweetling. Remember, I’ll keep my one close to me too, so whenever you cuddle it think that there’s a possibility I’m cuddling mine.”
“I really really like that idea. Though yours is different. Mine’s got a green tummy!” she blinked and then burst into ferocious giggles, “Green witch kitty! She’s my little Elphie! Y’know? Elphaba, from Wicked, she’s green?”
Madison shook her head, smiling, “Oh, sweetling… what am I going to do with you?”
“Love me and hug me and hypnotize me lots?”
“As you wish…”

Thank you for reading! As always comments and feedback appreciated. Follow me on Twitter @Camden_Dawn or Tumblr at MissCammieDawn for future updates and info.

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