The Love and Trances of Madison and Belladonna

Donna Assists Madison (Part 2 of The Visit)

by Cammie Dawn

Tags: #consensual_kink #dom:female #f/f #romantic #sub:female #asexual_characters #multiple_partners #plurality #polyamory #realistic #transgender_characters
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Madison is spending a 4 day weekend to visit Belladonna and attend a family function. It's Day 2 and Bell asks a tough favor of Madison, Madison cooks with the help of a lovely assistant and Donna gives the gift of Perfect Obedience.

“It’s going to be weird going today without calling you by your individual names.” Madison said as the car exited the highway.
The pair were on their way to the home that Belladonna’s polycule lived in. The House, as she referred to it, both the home and the polycule. The shorthand helped in describing them all without attracting any inconvenient questions when she spoke about them in mixed company.
Day 2 of the 4 day visit was going to be spending the day with The House. Madison was already familiar with them from having been in the online hypnokink community as long as she had been. It was not even going to be her first time visiting the home.
It was, however, her first time since Belladonna moved in and more importantly since their relationship had begun.
Bell sat in the passenger seat. The small plush cat that had received the name ‘Elphie’ was tucked under her arm, eyes on the road. “I apologize for asking it of you. I just find it’s easier this way.”
[Easy for you to say, you have the legal name.]
Bell let out a frustrated grunt and turned to face the window.
Madison caught the shift in energy. “Everything okay, love? It sounds like you had a moment there.”
Bell shook her head and sighed. There were times where she wanted to hide her thoughts and emotions from her partner, but each time the impulse to do so came up she asked herself if it would benefit their relationship to do so.
Madison, for her part, would always remind Bell that she was allowed to have private thoughts if she wanted. It was simply a matter of weighing if disclosure would help or hurt.
“I’m still getting used to treating my Miss Donna persona as something other than me in a role… I’m scared of what will happen if I start letting myself think otherwise.” she looked at the window. Not out the window, at the window, at her own reflection. It didn’t feel like her own at that moment. More often than she cared to admit it did not.
“You said you were going through some tough conversations in therapy, right?” Madison asked, diplomatically.
“...I’m just afraid of what it would mean if they’re more than just moods…”
“DO YOU WANT ME TO START CALLING YOU BELLADONNA?! BELLADONNA! BELLADONNA!! BELLADONNA!!! Is that what you want to hear?! Will that make you happy?!”
Bell closed her eyes and turned her head from her reflection, “I’d be committing a crime that I once called unforgivable. Depriving them of their names.”
“Well you didn’t know. But as you start accepting that they may be ‘more than moods’ then the way you act will matter.”
Bell silently stared off, lost in a memory.
Madison swallowed and focused on the road, taking stock of the sentiment and wanting to make sure she handled this situation right, “I won’t tell you what is right or wrong, but I can tell you how much Bella and Donna light up when I say their names with intent. That much is obvious.”
Bell took in a deep breath. 3 months ago her shifting moods were something she could justify and excuse. Now that she was in a relationship with Madison and had her eccentricities externally validated on a constant basis it became harder. The safer and more comfortable the relationship felt the easier it was to let the differences show and the more apparent the differences, the harder it was to claim that these were just ‘mood swings’.
“I know it’s not fair. Because I get to exist no matter what. But that wasn’t always true. I remember when hearing anyone call me Bell would have sparked more euphoria than I know how to describe. Before the transition, even. Back when I was called Ben all the time. I hated hearing that name.” her eyes flickered downwards, “I’ll work on it. I don’t want to cause the same pain others caused me. Just… I can’t do this all at once. I know it’s selfish to ask and I’m sorry. Just… please?
Madison was silent a time. She was fond of the way Bella lit up when she was identified correctly or the sly way Donna would note that ‘you always know’ and those emotions were important to her. But much as Bell had the right to private thoughts, she had the right to not be outed to her family.
It just didn’t feel right to hurt Bella and Donna in the process.
“I’ll be careful. I don’t think I can call either of them by a name that isn’t theirs, but I’ll avoid attracting questions.” she finally said. As the moment hung in the air the car pulled in to a side street and they parked. “We’re here.”
The pair exited the car and approached the door. “I text ahead, so we’re expected.” Bell noted, opening the door and sparking off the guarantee that every person in the house would know that they had arrived. The air was flooded instantly with the excited yapping of a tiny dog.
“Hiiii Munchkin…” Bell sighed, her voice carrying the exasperation of someone who had dealt with this every time she had entered the house for the past two years.
The barking only elevated in both intensity and pitch as Madison entered in behind Bell. The tiny pup was elated at the existence of new human.
Madison was delighted to get to meet the cutie who had been a background chorus to many of her calls with Belladonna. There was even a possibility that Munchkin recognized Madison’s voice from those very calls.
“Hiiiii, hi there, hello!” Madison sang, petting the puppy with zeal. Bell slid on ahead and was met with a living room full of eyes.
“Hey, everyone. We’re home.” she said sheepishly.
Madison raised back to height and waved to the room as Munchkin, satisfied with the inspection of new human, returned to Dove’s side. Dove was the head of the household and Munchkin was her support dog.
Six people and one dog were positioned around the room making full use of the open space. Madison recognized them all, some more than others. As she accepted the wave of welcomes from the group, Bell made her way through the room to offer hugs and kisses to those who were her partners.
After circling the room Bell approached Dove and she slid to her knees and plucked Dove’s hand and planted a kiss to the back of it.
“My collar’s been on since I left yesterday.” she said, proudly.
Good girl.” Dove asserted, “And hello, Madison. It’s good to see you. Sorry I didn’t make it out to the event in July.”
Bell melted back towards Madison and the pair sat down to address the room at large. Bell’s body language was tighter from the moment they had approached the house but Madison’s was blossoming into social comfort.
"We all understand. You're always missed when you can't make it, though." Madison replied. "Also! Saph asked me to pass along hugs and hellos to everyone" 
“Be sure to send them back!” Dove replied, merrily.
Bell, for her part, melted against Madison and just drank in the energy of the room. Everyone was so excited to just be together and communicate. For a hypnokink polycule, The House did not often get opportunities to mingle with the wider community and Madison provided a wonderful portal to the excitement of that world.
There was a certain comfort in the air. How easily conversation flowed between parties. There were 4 extroverts to 4 introverts in the room. Wires crossed and conversations shifted between topics in wild succession but everyone appeared to be at ease with the atmosphere.
“Oh, this delightful little thing is named Elphie and is a beautiful gift from my lovely lass here.” Donna exclaimed, holding Elphie the stuffed toy up.
Make that 5 extroverts to 3 introverts.
Madison squeed over all the lovely little things Belladonna had done in planning and making her feel comfortable and welcome for the weekend, being careful to use "love", "she", and body language to avoid using a name. It was the easiest compromise for an uncomfortable situation.
Time passed smoothly and before long conversation was less of a chaotic battlefield of ideas and concepts attempting to be heard and more a delicate simmer prefaced by the old ‘Oh, I just remembered…!’ line.
“Now…” Madison finally said, proudly, “I think I said something about making a lovely meal for you all.”
“You don’t have to. You are our guest, after all.” Dove, insisted, a hospitable grin on her face, “But we won’t turn down if you insist, which we all know you will.”
“Because she is simply shaped like herself.” Donna added.
“I can’t do anything but what I do!” Madison chirped, happy to be facing minimal resistance to her little ways of showing affection. “Now, if my lovely assistant here isn’t busy, I’d love for her to join me in the kitchen.”
Madison’s heart warmed to see Donna’s eyes bulge in indignation at Madison’s tease. “As you wish, Miss.” she saltily shot back.
With a spring in her step and a giggle in her heart, Madison pulled towards the kitchen, Donna in tow.
Once they were in the privacy of the kitchen she swung around with a beaming expression, “I’m going to pay for that, aren’t I?” she laughed, before approaching, kissing her partner’s cheek and whispering “Miss Donna.
Donna collected her wrist and pulled her against her body, firmly locking eyes with her and infusing every action with her indomitable presence, “Oh you will.” she insisted.
“Promises, promises…” Madison teased, “Now be a good assistant and show me where the mixing bowls are.”
“Note, my darling, I am only saving my retaliation for later because I do not wish to interfere with your dedication to making a lovely meal for The House and it means a lot to me that I respect how sharing space in the kitchen doesn’t come easily for you.”
Madison took a breath in and melted to the sincerity of Donna’s expression, “Thank you. Really. Though I do encourage you to make good on that later. It’s not often I get to tease you like that.”
“Maybe I should make Bell pay too.” Donna joked, as she spoke she flitted between cabinets and provided all the tools and ingredients for the agreed upon meal. Though she complained verbally she was remarkably capable at providing assistance and anticipating Madison’s needs.
Be nice.” Madison insisted, “I’d say the same to her if it was about you.”
Yes Miss.” Donna shot back with her tongue uncharacteristically poking out.
Brat.” Madison shot back.
“EXCUSE?!” Donna coughed out, taken off-guard by Madison’s boldness, “You’re really asking for it later, aren’t you?”
“Mhmm!” Madison merrily chirped, getting a start on food.
Donna quickly fell in at her side. “Jokes aside, my love, I yield myself to your direction. Do tell me how I can assist you.”
Madison collected her hand and planted a soft kiss upon the back of it, “Apple crisp will need peeled apples. Can you start preparing some for me while I start on the chicken parm?”
“I would be overjoyed to, my darling.” Donna sang out joyfully, “Just keep me in the loop.”
Madison joined at Donna’s side and the pair happily worked through to help Madison present The House with an offering baked with love.
It was not too long before the food was in the oven and there was nothing more but to wait. “We can return to the living room in a short while, but I feel there’s something you should see first.”
“Oh?” Madison responded, curiously.
Donna lead her down a flight of stairs and to a room on the left. With the door open and light turned on Madison recognized it instantly. “Nice to see it from another angle.” she said, admiring Belladonna’s bedroom. As the pair looked at the room a flurry of black fur bolted between the couple’s feet.
“Hah…” Donna sighed out, “Hello there, Signal.”
A tiny black cat hopped proudly onto the bed and began mewling in protest.
“I know, I know…” Donna sighed, “We kept you outside the room all day and I didn’t even come home last night? Such a bad roommate I am.”
Madison smiled fondly to see Donna, of all facets, acting so brightly with the small creature. “Hi there cutie…” she reached forward and paused, looking to Donna, “Does she enjoy pets?” all the while Signal leaned up and attempted to will Madison’s hand closer to her ears.
“She does.” Donna confirmed. “She gets bitey sometimes, but she loves attention.”
“I’ve noticed from how she demands y’all’s focus when we’re on calls.” Madison noted, doting on the cat. “So, what would you enjoy showing off?”
Donna slid around her and pressed a firm kiss to her cheek. “There’s always my pocket watch collection…” she said slowly, “my reading materials, my certifications… but in all honesty, I wish to give you a little bit of that payback.”
Madison’s eyebrows raised, “Oh, is that your plan? Well I don’t mind giving you a little time but we have the weekend for that. There are a number of lovely humans I’m quite fond of upstairs who our time really should be spent on instead.”
Donna’s smirk solidified into something mischievous, “Ah, then what you’re saying is for me to be quick in my payback? Then I’d be an agreeable lovely assistant if I adhered to that request, would I not be?”
Madison knew she was in trouble. She just couldn’t work out how, “What are you planning?” she asked, carefully.
“Notice me holding your gaze…” Donna began, planting a hand on Madison’s shoulder, “That’s it. Just notice the way my voice commands your attention. Can’t fight it. Can’t resist. Can only allow yourself to fall under my spell once again…” as she spoke she gently kneaded Madison’s shoulder and applied a gentle push and pull to throw off her equilibrium.
Madison fell into Donna’s gaze and bit her lip in anticipation, she did not fight Donna’s grip or her words. Each of them spilling into her conditioned and compliant mind, opening her up as they had done so many times before.
“That’s my good girl…” Donna husked, “You do that so well, and you can continue letting go for me, as I speak to your unconscious mind.” her spare hand reached to caress Madison’s cheek, “That’s it, deeper and deeper with every moment, and allowing my suggestions to take hold. As you realize how truly lovely it was to kiss yesterday. Wouldn’t it be nice to do that again? Perhaps you can experience that longing, that yearning grow with every heartbeat, with every new memory and experience, but you must hold off until the hotel room. No matter how strong that yearning gets. You will wait for it. You can do this for me, can you not, my love?”
With a trembling voice, Madison obediently responded, “Yes, Miss Donna.”
“That’s right…” she leaned in, planting her lips against Madison’s and savoring the inert connection. She backed off just enough that with every word their lips brushed against one another, “Such a good girl, following my direction and desiring this kiss but being patient for it. I will reward you all too soon, but you can wait for it, can’t you?”
“Yes Miss Donna…” Madison whimpered.
“Good girl. Then come back to me on 3-2-1.”
Madison’s eyes flickered and she broke into a firm pout. “Tease.”
“Always.” Donna confidently responded, “I had intended on doing that yesterday but my schemes did not reach fruition. Consider this payback with interest.”
Madison collected Donna’s hand and reached to plant a kiss to the back of it and then thought better of it, “I suppose I’ll have to make you wait in return, then.”
“Act tough while you can, beloved. I’ll have you pleading by the end of this visit.”
“Promises, promises.” Madison said, repeating a constant refrain, “Though you proved last night that you’re the one who can’t be patient, Miss Donna.”
“And you’re the one who can’t resist.” Donna sniped back.
Madison’s eyes flashed and she sank into a meek posture, “Yes, Miss Donna.”
“Shall we return to the others?” she asked.
“Yes, Miss Donna.” Madison responded once again.
Returning to the living room The House were continuing their comfortable conversation. “Food’s in the oven.” Madison confirmed, “Should be done before too long.”
“Looking forward to it.”
“So, are you two doing anything else with the time you have?” Dove asked, “You said you were going to a family event tomorrow, is that right?”
Madison nodded, “We’ll drive out tomorrow. Bell isn’t going to join me for the event but insisted on going along for the drive.”
Donna nodded to confirm, “I’ll busy myself while she’s occupied. Otherwise there’s not terribly much happening other than enjoying time with one another. It’s all we need for the moment, I feel.”
Madison looked between Donna and Dove, “She makes it sound like we won’t be doing anything at all, but you understand how things are with long distance, don’t you?”
“Of course.” Dove responded brightly, looking around the room at her partners, all gathered together, “I’ve had my fair share of stolen moments in airports. There’s a story online which is directly about one of those moments.”
Conversation bounced lively once again, each party providing their favorite hypnosis stories online, their ties to the various communities and mourning the end of various versions of the community that had existed prior.
Dove watched proudly as her shy little Belladonna glowed with life and vigor, paired up with Madison. Madison had always been on her list of ‘good people’. She had never once expected that she would become a metamour. Madison had similar sentiments mirrored.
“Seeing you two together is so beautiful.” she finally said, “I want you both to know you have my blessing. I’ve never seen Bell this happy. You two are good for one another and I hope you both see that.”
“We do.” Madison said firmly, filled with conviction. As she spoke she felt arms wrap around her and a mess of red hair bury into her. She could only smile fondly at the overt display of affection, “Oh sweetling…” she sighed.
Bella clung tightly but turned enough to look at Dove, “Thank you, Goddess!”
“Sweetling…?” mused the man to Dove’s left. Madison recognized him by his username, Randomizer. He was an old friend and one of the most well-read individuals in the online communities, “I’ve only ever seen that endearment used in one book. Come to think of it, you’re the one who got me reading that book, aren’t you?”
Madison’s eyes flashed brightly, “Not a coincidence!” she boasted, “This one has earned that name, haven’t you Sweetling?”
“Mhmm!” Bella chirped, looking up at Madison, her expression fueled by affection. Madison looked back and couldn’t help but notice how kissable her lips were. It seemed her mind had decided that Donna’s little payback did not care who was fronting.
Bella caught the gaze and leaned up to kiss. Madison leaned in and completed the kiss, savoring the eager connection of Bella’s unique flavor. It was, however, that unique flavor that helped her brain decide that it did in fact care who was fronting.
It just increased the desire for Donna’s kiss.
“She was reading those books and resonated strongly with Daine, it just felt right for her to be given her endearment.” Madison clarified, petting Bella’s hair as she spoke.
Bella gently purred in Madison’s arms.
Dinner was soon served and the conversation continued to flow through the room. Munchkin patrolled the room proudly, savoring the scent of new food and trying to appeal to any human who was able to take pity on a poor puppy and offer it some chicken.
Madison’s eyes were never expectant, but she did look over the room to ensure they all enjoyed the meal that she and her lovely assistant had made for them all. In Madison’s world food preparation and the sharing of a good meal were love languages and she wanted The House to know that she was deeply fond of them all.
Compliments were traded and memories of the last time she had made good use of The House’s kitchen were shared. Madison even offered to train Belladonna how to make her dishes so she could act as her hands and get to prepare meals after she traveled back home.
Bella made a show of pantomiming a hypnotized posture and saying “Muuust cook for Miss Maaadison.” which got a bright laugh from the room.
It was a pleasant dinner shared with Family and Madison was very much Family.
“I think that went well.” Donna said, settling into the passenger seat of the car.
“I do too, though I’ll point out that you failed to get me to plead. You said you’d have me pleading by the time the visit was over.”
Donna shot forward and cupped Madison’s chin, leaning close and lowering her voice into a seductive tone. “Oh… you wouldn’t beg for a kiss right now, my love?”
Madison’s heart skipped and her eyes locked onto Donna’s lips. The hypnotic compulsion was growing by the moment. Donna lovingly stroked her cheek, watching her with hungry eyes.
“Please, Miss Donna…!” she finally whimpered, “Please kiss me.”
“Be honest with me, my love. Will this impact your ability to drive? To have to wait? I did say the hotel room, did I not?”
Madison took a serious moment to weigh her answer before firmly nodding, “It won’t. My mind knows when safety is important it will not let any hypnotic compulsion win out.”
“Such an honest lady you are, my love. You could have conjured a kiss now and yet you decided to wait.” Donna’s words were slow and deliberate, her hand still petting her love’s cheek.
“Unlike you, I can be patient.” Madison bratted, “Besides, that would be cheating.”
Brat!” Donna cried out, mirroring their earlier banter.
“I aim to please, Miss Donna.”
The ride back as swift and comfortable as could be and all too soon the pair were walking into the room. As they stepped through, Madison turned to look at Donna with a keen expression. The door closed and the compulsion came crashing in, released from the binds of her agreement to wait, she acted to get the kiss right away.
Donna raised her eyebrows and watched as Madison controlled her movements carefully. Madison was stronger than her by a wide margin and that clever brain of hers was careful to weigh the equation of safety and desperation. Her arm crossed over Donna’s chest and pinned her to the hotel room door.
“May I?” she asked, utilizing the final vestiges of her restraint.
“You must.” Donna boastfully responded before being silenced by a new flavor of kiss, Madison’s hypnotically driven desire mingled in with no small measure of smitten affection.
Their lips remained locked for a time but inevitably parted. “Wow…” breathed Donna, breathlessly, “Remind me to do that again sometime…”
“As you wish, Miss Donna.” Madison jokingly responded. “Thank you, Miss.”
“Thank you.” she shot back, stunned into awe.
The pair took their time settling down, recovering from an active day full of social tension, changing into night clothes and setting alarms so they could drive out to the event in the morning.
“You know… you talking to Randomizer about your Tammy Pierce stories got me thinking…” Donna said, out of nowhere. There was a twinkle in her eyes as she spoke. Mischief sparked behind her words and, as always, Madison could see right through her.
“Are you planning something, Miss Donna?”
“Perhaps…” Donna mused sweetly as she twirled her hair in a mock display of bashfulness, “Would you not enjoy finding out?”
Madison grinned ear to ear. The kind of grin that could make one’s face hurt if she maintained it too long, which she often did. When she sensed mischief in her partner she often responded with brattiness. It made their back and forth more exhilarating. “I think we’ve seen how patient I can be, Miss Donna.”
“I could make you listen, darling.” Donna warned, her fingers dancing in the air playfully, “You know I could. But I do have something in mind…”
“I think you recall the scene from Kel’s books. Given your screen name I cannot imagine you’ve not thought of the Blue Fire sequence. That moment with the royal spell that compels perfect obedience?”
Madison’s expression lightened as she recalled that moment. She’d grown up nose deep in books and it always brightened her day to be able to share her deepest passions. The fact that all the wonderful facets of her girlfriend cared enough to share in reading the books of her favorite series was never going to make her feel anything less than smitten. Moreover, she knew the book, particularly this scene, quite well and it had lived within her mind for many years.
“Jon even told her outright that if he cast his spell she could be compelled to do anything for him and her body would obey without question.” Madison recalled, fondly.
“I can see why this stuck with you. Especially because it’s consensual mind control and the king was offering complete and utter obedience as a favor.”
“Right?!” Madison broke her composure just to exhale relief that she could share this with someone who got it. “And oh it was so good when his finger ignited with a magical flame and he pressed to her forehead to pull her into a hypnotic trance.”
“See, that right there, my sweet? That is enticing. Maybe you could tell me a little more about it?” Miss Donna broke out into a smirk, her hand fluidly maneuvering to brush her partner’s cheek, “Tell me what about this scene causes it to remain tumbling through your mind, why it stuck with you for so long— tell me how this scene makes you weak.” she poured a firm growl into that final syllable that struck Madison as if it were physical.
Madison bit her lip, not for the first time that day, and compiled, revealing every aspect of the suggestion that she found alluring.
Words were exchanged. Agreements were made. Desires received and clarifications given.
With the mood set and understandings defined, Donna spilled forward and marched forward, backing Madison until she was pressed against the wall.
“How about it, my dear? Are you ready to accept the gift of Perfect Obedience?”
Madison squirmed, locked between the wall and her partner, “I consent, Miss Donna.”
“Very good. Then close your eyes, lass. We both know this will work better if you don’t worry about what you see–” she delicately plucked her partner’s hand and pressed her finger to her palm, “--but what you feel.”
Madison did as instructed and let her eyes slip closed. She focused on the pressure of Donna’s index finger against her palm. She tried to ignore the rising plume of tension within her lungs.
“That’s it. Feel the warmth as it begins to radiate from my finger. A smoldering blue fire tickling against you with every motion.”
With a hand she braced her lover, holding her firmly against the wall, with the other she traced her finger up her wrist with the barest hint of contact and savored the gentle murmurs of delight that spilled from Madison’s lips.
“The flame flickers and dances against your skin, like a sheet of silk swaying in the wind. Warning your senses, lulling your mind and leaving you more and more enchanted and defenseless.”
Madison shuddered at the image brewing in her mind, the enticing promise of Perfect Obedience seeming more real with every passing second.
“Blue fire warming your blood. Focus on it now. Feel the way it fills you. Floods you. Captures you. You know you are helpless. The magic is already working its way into you. You want this, don’t you, dear?”
“‘’s miss donna…” Madison whispered, barely audible.
Donna’s finger shot to Madison’s forehead and pressed firm and deep. Madison recoiled with a moan as she felt the imagined fire burn straight to her mind.
“Eyes open and watch the flame.” Donna commanded. Her gaze intense, focused.
“...yes Miss Donna…!” Madison repeated, her eyes crossing and looking straight at her own forehead, showing Donna the whites of her ever flickering eyes.
“Blue flames melting your thoughts. One by one. Spreading through you. Casting my spell on your mind. Making you submit to Perfect Obedience.”
“That’s right, beloved. Submit. Submit to me now.”
All tension that had existed was vanishing by the moment. Donna’s leveraged grasp was the only thing holding Madison up to the wall.
“As you surrender to the power of Perfect Obedience; Now.”
The finger was removed. Madison’s eyes did not shift. She just hung empty and loose against her partner’s hand
“Your mind is drinking in my words, eager and swiftly. Your body belongs to me for this moment. You can’t resist me. Don’t even try. Just surrender to the gift of Perfect Obedience. Knowing you will follow this one task and be released from my magic.”
Donna savored the tense moment, watching her impacted partner’s placid face.
“Do you accept the power of this irresistible spell, beloved?”
“Yes Miss Donna.”
“Then kiss me.” she commanded.
Madison’s body launched forward, complying without reason or hesitation. She was possessed by the blue fire in her mind and would obey its every whim.
“That’s my good girl.” Donna sighed, delighted. “Then knowing I can ignite this fire within your soul again in the future, I would like for you very much to wake up on 3-2-and-1.”
Madison sprung to life again and gave an odd blink. Her eyes squeezed shut and then rapidly opened and closed and she looked between the spot she was standing and the wall she had been close to moments before.
“You did something, didn’t you?”
Donna grinned an impish grin, “I could show you again, if you like.”
“I’d enjoy that, Miss Donna.” Madison responded, eagerly.
Donna raised her finger and pressed it to Madison’s forehead. “Notice me ignite the blue fire in your mind and consume your thoughts.”
Madison’s eyes rolled back instantly, she looked completely gone. Her mind was consumed by flames and Donna’s blood was too.
“That’s a good girl. Just like that. Now that kiss you gave me when we entered the room. Until I tell you so, every kiss will just spark that desire in you, every kiss as bold as the one you gave me at the door. Do you understand?”
Madison looked like the words just flowed through her, her head bobbed in acknowledgement but she was not conscious at all. The spell had claimed her mind entirely. Donna slowly gravitated inwards and planted a kiss to Madison’s unresisting lips. Slowly the kiss stirred passion and fire and was soon matching enthusiasm, Madison wantonly seeking out more with every passing moment.
Donna drew back and raised a finger, looking at her with a wild grin, Madison was not yet done receiving her passionate kiss and still careful of how she utilized her strength, maneuvered over to Donna and held her to reunite their lips. Hungrily she allowed the sparks to pilot her and guide her to give kiss after kiss.
Each repetition growing in intensity and Donna’s found herself meeting it with her own zeal. While their lips were locked, Donna maneuvered Madison towards the nearest bed and guided her down to the mattress where Madison simply fought gravity and attempted to get more and more kisses as she was magically guided to do.
Donna weighed down upon her, gripping her wrists to the bed and letting her own fire guide her, matching the passion of each kiss with her own. The image of Madison’s completely unresisting blank face having sparked something and the endless barrage of kisses having stoked the fires further.
“That’s it…” she sighed out, “Release.”
Madison blinked in that distinct way again and looked up at Donna, reorienting herself to her new position. “Oh, hi.”
The spell having vanished, not just from Madison, it was Bell above her now. Her blood was not fire, it was ice.
“...that was… intense.” she sighed out, shaken, “Fuck…”
Bell shifted and sat on the edge of the hotel bed and tried to calm her nerves. Madison shook off the light veil of fractionation and joined her. “Hey, hey, Bell? What’s going on?”
“...she was…” color was draining from her face, “I was really going to go too far if I didn’t stop myself just then.”
Madison noted the edit and decided this wasn’t the time for policing how Bell referred to the others. “I would have stopped if she started pressing on boundaries, Bell. Remember? We made a promise?”
Months ago in a moment just like this Madison and Bell had agreed on how to deal with moments just like this.
“And if you can’t trust her just yet, can you trust me?”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean if something like this happens again… I promise that I’ll stop the scene if anything goes too far or I think that you wouldn’t be comfortable with it. Just like I checked if she-- we-- needed to check in with you before she tried this experiment."
“And in exchange I don’t stop the scene?”
“No exchanges necessary. I just hope that you know that a promise means a lot to me and I never want to betray your trust.”
“Sorry. I didn’t mean to doubt you. It’s just the whole perfect obedience thing kind of blurred the lines of consent and you don’t get to experience how it feels.” her eyes gravitated downwards and she shuffled in discomfort.
Madison leaned over and pulled Bell into a cuddle, “She did make sure that the suggestion would only work as far as my comfort zones and emphasized safety. She’s good like that. You all are. I trust you all. You have earned my trust. It’s why I give it.”
“I still think she should have discussed stuff like groping and clothes and stuff before getting all fired up…” Bell grumbled, “But I think that’s just an excuse. Truth is. I’m not ready for anything like that. I know when I’m in that headspace I can do the erotic stuff and it really served well when I was married… but I just. I don’t like losing that control. I guess the perfect obedience spell isn’t for me.”
“It doesn’t have to be, love. We don’t need to go any further than kissing for now. But please do trust me. I will keep my promise and part of that promise is protecting you. Can you trust me to do that?”
“I can.” Bell said, breathing out some of the tension that had built up. “I will.”
“Thank you, Bell.” she leaned forward and kissed her cheek. “I’m looking forward to driving with you in the morning.”
“I’m looking forward to it too. But I think I should let you do your thing for tonight.”
“Thank you for trusting me.” Madison said, firmly. “Speak in the morning.”
Bell rolled her eyes a little at the concept of ‘trading out’ as a literal thing, but she had long accepted that this was part of the relationship and it did impact her mood to fight it, “Good night, love.”
With another slow breath drawn in the fire returned to Donna’s eyes and she took Madison’s hand in her own.
“My apologies for that, my dear.” she said.
“Nothing to apologize for. Just be careful. Think of it like this. You can do anything Bell will be okay with in the morning. She’s trusting me and I’m trusting you.”
“As you wish.” Donna responded simply.
“I mean it, though. I respect your wishes and I respect hers, but when it comes to things where you need to compromise, I’ll always side with whatever causes no harm and if you could see her expression...”
“She’s afraid of me.” Donna stated plainly, “I know. It’s always been that way. She’s terrified of what she is capable of when she stops holding on to that pathological self-control of hers. It’s one of the reasons she… struggles with this whole situation.”
Madison nodded, “It won’t do any of you favors to make things worse on that front.” she said, diplomatically.
“Agreed. Though she’s doing better. It’s been a couple months since we last had a meltdown. Things are improving.”
“Then let’s play nice and make sure they stay improved.”
“That would be for the best, yes.”
“Good, then let’s get back to it. I was really enjoying the blue fire suggestion.”
Donna smirked and raised her finger, ready to ignite the blue fire once again.

Thank you for reading! As always comments and feedback appreciated. Follow me on Twitter @Camden_Dawn or Tumblr at MissCammieDawn for future updates and info.

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