The Love and Trances of Madison and Belladonna

Donna Pens Some Thoughts

by Cammie Dawn

Tags: #consensual_kink #dom:female #f/f #romantic #sub:female #asexual_characters #multiple_partners #plurality #polyamory #realistic #transgender_characters
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Bell and Madison discuss the disappointment of their first hypnotists. Donna teaches Madison to think lavender thoughts.

“Hey, guess what?” Madison grinned impishly.
“I dunno. What?” Bell bounced back.
It was Friday night date night once again and the pair were enjoying their rhythm. Bell’s Family were used to the routine now and gave her both the space to enjoy these evenings and the encouragement to spread the joy and love that radiated from her the next day.
Saph had his own dates that paired up well with Madison and Belladonna’s regular routine.
All too quickly the unexpected encounter at the hypnosis event had evolved into a natural and normal part of the lives of the polycule.
Online the pair were constantly sharing back and forth both in DM and in public forums. Around them people would often note that they were experiencing ‘New Relationship Energy’ and that they should enjoy it all the more while it is shining.
Discord pinged the sound of a new DM and Bell reached for her tablet to pull it up. On the screen was a confirmation screen for a hotel booking.
“Hotel’s booked. I’ll see you in 3 weeks!”
They had discussed the plan through and through and had guaranteed that they could each get the time off of work.
Bell had suspected during the entire process that something would take it away. Nothing was guaranteed until it was guaranteed.
But this screenshot was proof. It was guaranteed. A 4 day weekend where they would be in the same state. There would be some time Madison was occupied with the family business that allowed for her to travel but there was at least 3 days worth of time.
The most precious and beautiful thing in the world.
Time. Together.
“Oh, wow…” Bell breathed. Within her heart a bright spark of enthusiasm stirred as the potential of a meeting transformed into a promise, “I’d better start preparing things on my side of things, then.”
Madison shuffled giddily and beamed brightly at the camera in a way that was becoming a comfortable familiarity. “I’d like to get a chance to cook for the family on your side one of these days. I stayed over with them a few years before you got there and it’d be nice to do that again.”
“Oh they would love that.” Bell confirmed, “If you don’t mind me in the kitchen with you, I’d be happy to help you.”
“I’d like that.” Madison chimed. For a flash she bubbled with satisfaction before a pensieve expression crossed her face.
“...what’s wrong?” Bell asked, cautiously.
“No, nothing’s wrong.” Madison quickly, “I’m just surprised at how quickly I agreed…” the thoughtful expression intensified as Madison scanned her memories, “Normally I don’t like people being in the kitchen with me when I cook.” she explained, “But I agreed without hesitation with you.”
“Well, hey, don’t just agree to it and feel locked in, okay?” Bell said, ensuring her tone did not pressure Madison to proceed one way or the other.
“No, no, I–” she took a firm breath in and processed her thoughts a little before speaking, “I do trust you. I wouldn’t let Donna do what she does with me if I didn’t trust y’all. That’s not the issue. It’s just. It’s amazing how much I trust you, y’know? I didn’t even pause.”
Bell frowned, it was a lovely sentiment but she never trusted herself when she got in one of her Donna moods. “And it’s not because of any reckless conditioning, is it? I’d hate for hypnotic banter to pour into actual conditioning of your trust.” as she spoke her words of self-accusation she felt an emotional pang of rebellion against the concept. Clearly a prideful part of her was not happy to be assumed at fault.
“Bell? I know how to advocate for myself and you’ve been just fine at negotiating. I promise, it’s all me and I like that I trust y’all. It’s a good thing. I promise.”
It was Bell’s turn to look pensieve. Her lips pushed together and her eyes danced a little as if searching her room for the answer to her inner inquiry. “I just don’t want to become one of those crappy hypnotists who doesn’t contemplate how much damage their words do. I’ve been on the receiving end of that. It sucks. It hurts.”
Madison’s shoulders sagged and she wished, not for the first time, that she could reach out and hold her girlfriend “Sympathy, love. If it helps, I couldn’t see you ever becoming that kind of hypnotist. But I understand the worry, I do. But if something does come up, I'd tell you.” she took a beat to ensure she caught the relief on Bell’s face before proceeding, “Anyway, it’s just me recognizing that I’m taking some big and healthy steps. With Saph I wasn’t quite there when we started cohabiting. It took time for me to be okay. I’ve known you for years and I’ve already gotten comfortable with Saph.”
“I’m glad, then. Not just that you trust me, but that you’ve come a ways since your relationship with Saph began.”
Madison nodded, still caught in the thought, “Trauma brains are going to trauma brain, aren’t they?” Bell politely laughed in solidarity from her side of the camera.
“I’d say ‘that’s where therapy comes in handy’ or something, but to be honest most therapists kind of suck. A shame, because the need is there. I’ve been through a fair few and it seriously took decades to get to my current one.”
“Yeah, well, maybe if therapists stopped advertising themselves as specialists for every single thing when all they do is behavioral therapy then people might actually be able to get good care!” Madison shot out, “Not that I have opinions or anything.”
Bell laughed again and smiled at her partner. The pair of them had spoken in the past about their mutual struggles finding adequate mental healthcare and had discovered matching chips on their shoulders. For Madison it was a minor in psychology and for Bell it was a lifetime of being pathologized by the mental healthcare system of two nations.
And the mutual obsession with hypnosis theory.
That helped.
“Fingers crossed we both cracked the code this time. Especially if you’re talking about improvements like trusting me to crowd you in the kitchen. How’s Kelly doing at the moment, anyway?”
Madison shrugged neutrally, “Fine enough. Not doing any trauma work right now, but it’s going okay. We’ll have to see how things are when we start doing the hard stuff.”
“Gah, I hope it goes well,” Bell sighed, “The hard stuff fucking sucks.”
“Yeah, well…” Madison trailed off, letting the sentiment hang pregnantly in the air, “Speaking of which, I do hope Clare works out better than Sarah did.” Madison said softly. She was aware of the touchy subject and the two needed to trade support and understanding. She didn’t want either of their griping to evolve into swearing off professional help. It was a balance between complaining and enabling.
“Should be. She’s still doing a battery of intake tests. Longer than most, but she’s asking me to stop using ‘BPD’.”
“Oh?” Madison said, intrigued by the new bit of information, “Why’s that?”
“She said that my last therapist had too many diagnoses and that she’s seen a pattern with clients bouncing between therapists while having the BPD stigma. She wants to be certain before she lets me stigmatize myself any further. Her words, not mine.” She shrugged and let out a drawn out sigh, “Either way, it’s more information and knowing helps deal with things, you know?”
“Then I hope you get better results, she seems like she's taking care with this, which is a good sign.” Madison responded, diplomatically.
“Same for you, though. Not just in you getting help from Kelly, but in the whole sharing information thing. I’ll always do my best to keep you updated on how things are going so you have that to work with. Change only happens with knowledge, right?”
“Fair.” Madison shot back, “Can I mention something which has been on my mind then?”
“I eagerly and openly invite it.”
“That scene last week with Kayleigh? You remember?” Madison paused to wait for Bell’s nod of confirmation. She never took it for granted that Bell would remember something that happened with another facet. She usually did, but it was not a guarantee, “It kind of touched on something for me. I just wanted to make sure I said something.”
“Oh? I was worried about that. It was a little impulsive to draw her into a scene out of the blue.” Bell said, she was always worried about the actions she took when she let one of her more impulsive moods control her actions for a while, “Was it the thing where Bella tried to use the ‘Notice Me’ trigger to kiss you?”
“There’s that, yes…” Madison begun, “But it was more using Kayleigh as a prop… no, that’s not quite it. There is the fact that we haven’t kissed yet. Bella’s enthusiasm got ahead of her while she was fractionated and she understood the moment I said something… That doesn’t bother me, she was a good girl for listening.”
“It still shouldn’t have happened.” Bell sniped.
“She was fractionated. I’m not upset about that. But it was involving Kayleigh. I don’t know if that was allowed. You both have your relationship with Dove and I want to respect that. It didn’t seem fair to be put on the spot without a chance to negotiate-” Madison spoke, her clarity and conviction finding footing as she navigated her thought and spun it into words.
“Which Bella couldn’t really do while fractionated…” Bell noted, cutting her off.
“Right.” Madison stated flatly, “But it’s more than that. It’s that we never spoke about that before. I know where I stand with you all, but I don’t know about how that relates to your other partners. Then there’s using a hypnotee to influence another hypnotee. It’s not quite serial recruitment, but it touches on those ideas and I have some bad history with it.”
Bell’s blood froze cold. A pang of guilt flooded her system as she considered the relationship between what she had considered an innocent action and the concept of recruitment.
“Oh…” she conceded, not disguising how that had impacted her, “I’m so sorry.”
“You didn’t know. I don’t talk about it unless it comes up.” Madison’s expression deflated as she thought back on her past, “Back when we met, on the old IRC communities? I worked with someone who kept trying to make me act as a hypnotist.”
Bell silently listened as Donna shaped emotions squirmed in discomfort behind her eyelids.
“I told him that I didn’t want to. He always tried to find new ways of testing my boundaries. Asking me to feel more bold and playful or asking me if I wanted to try hypnotizing a gal I was friends with in the chat room we hung out in after fractionating me enough that I was still just a little bit suggestible.”
Bell rolled her eyed and let out a disgruntled sound. “God, that sounds scummy.”
“Yeah. Well…” Madison trailed off, “It’s given me a lot of reason to call Red on any suggestions that try to force a hypnotee to act as a hypnotist or anything which would force certain cuties to switch from one facet to another.”
Bell bashfully hung her head, “Thank you. It does mean a lot that you always show that you never mind what mood I’m in.”
“It means a lot to me. Not just because of what that man tried to do with me. I love each of you too much to ever give you the impression that I play favorites.”
“I’m glad you recognized that scummy behavior, though. We had someone do something similar with us. Plus he did play favorites. He found Donna in us, back when she had a different name, and dared to claim ownership over her.” Bell’s voice growled with a dark edge as the resentment of a man she once called Master intruded on the present.
“Oh, Bell…” Madison sighed, “Sympathy. I wish you never went through that.”
“I wish you hadn’t either. So recruitment is a Red. I certainly won’t complain about that in any headspace.”
“Yeah, well… he tried to push me for that, too.”
Bell’s expression fell flat, “You’re kidding me…” her stomach continued squirming. Her head was starting to get that pressured feeling of magnets pushing against her eyes.
“In the chatroom we met on, he’d try to get me to practice on other subs. Find people who maybe wouldn’t have trusted him but would have trusted me. I never did. But he was always relentless about it.” Madison’s voice took on a level of indignation Bell rarely saw in her.
“I’m sorry that what happened with Kayleigh brought you back to those memories.”
“You didn’t know.” She asserted, “I was just a little uncomfortable and working out why and I think this is as close as I can articulate right now. I’m really sorry that you had similar experiences.”
“Yeah, well. Early hypnosis community chatrooms were awful, weren’t they? I’m glad you never let someone like that taint you.” Bell’s voice waivered, the word ‘taint’ flooded with disdain.
“Is that Bell’s word or Donna’s?” Madison asked, not missing a beat, she was always quick on spotting the shifts and took them in stride. She’d suspected that Bell was withdrawing. She’d still not decided if she was comfortable pressing on with a topic that forced a shift, it felt like such things needed more examination than any facet of her girlfriend ever offered the circumstance.
The woman on the other side of the call exhaled sharply and smirked, “Ever observant, aren’t you, my dear? Either way, I am glad for you sticking true to your conviction, darling.”
“Hello, Donna.” She said, “I don’t mind staying on the topic, but I want to check on you. That didn’t look like a comfortable shift.”
“Alas, it was not.” Donna confirmed, “My apologies for the concern. For what it is worth I am truly sorry that we put you in this position, my love.”
“It is what it is…” Madison sighed, “He was my first hypnotic partner and I walked when it became clear he wasn’t going to respect me. We don’t need to keep on this topic if it is uncomfortable, though.”
“I’d like to keep talking about it.” Donna responded, her voice sharper and firmer than Bell’s had been moments before, “Seems as good a time as any to share some of my shame, plus you’re upset about how things went with Kayleigh and it’s a matter of personal comfort that we never use our ‘mood swings’ to avoid talking about important relationship topics. So long as you are okay with me sharing and confessing to some less than comfortable truths.”
“I won’t hold anything from the past against you. I promise.” Madison assured, “We communicate, change and grow, don’t we?”
“That we do.” Donna closed her eyes and drew in a breath, “I wish for you to know about my greatest shame. Our former hypnotist, a man we called Master? I did recruit for him… all the way up until he asked me to put him in touch with a college friend who wasn’t even involved in kink.”
“How dare he!” Madison growled.
“If I am generous to myself, I may claim that it was a wake-up call that allowed me to humanize the games we played back in those days when hypnosis was a magical fantasy I was lucky to engage with. But regardless, I agreed to it and followed along. I am pleased that you did not. It makes me think all the better of you, my dear.”
Madison shook her head firmly, "I don't think I did anything worthy of praise. After all, I didn't stop playing with him when he continued to push up against my boundaries - even when he did try to get me to hypnotize a vanilla friend."
Donna only responded with a non-committal murmur. “I hate that we both had people like that in our lives. I guess with experiences like ours it would lead to a lifelong distaste for serial recruitment scenes.” She finally managed, “And I’ll consider that going forward. At the end of the day, we both had crappy histories with people who didn’t deserve our time.”
“And we turned out okay in spite of all of that, didn’t we?” Madison warmly offered.
“That we did. Perhaps we should not have been in those situations, but we grew well from them, did we not?”
“It helps when they show themselves to have been unworthy of our attention to begin with. My former partner eventually admitted that he stopped seeing me as human.”
Donna just stared at her screen, mouth open. “I… have no words…!”
“Yeah, well…” Madison said, not for the first time during this conversation, “He stopped seeing me as human after playing with me for a time. You learned that the people you were playing with were.”
“Fuck…”. Donna breathed, “Just the idea of someone literally objectifying you. You didn’t deserve that.”
“You’re right. Neither of us did.”
“I guess all we can do is learn, grow and not repeat the mistakes of our past. Hence the communication, I suppose. Thank you for stating your boundaries. We’ll honor them, I promise.”
“I’m not upset with any of you.” Madison clarified, “Bella was fractionated and you didn’t know.”
“But we do now.”
“And I trust you to honor the limit now that it’s communicated.”
“Thank you, my love. Sincerely.” Donna clapped her hands together, about to dramatically lead into the next topic when her eyes flickered upwards and to the corner.
“IM window?” Madison asked, recognizing the visual by now.
“Bell is reminding me that this may be a good time to reciprocate. You were kind enough to lay a boundary of a sort and I feel it is my turn.”
“Of course…” Madison intoned, “Anything.”
“Personality Play of any kind is a red for me. I know you’d never push us to switch for any reason, however it is a little more broad than that.” she paused a moment to see Madison’s reaction, she was attentive and quietly awaiting further elaboration, “The man I called Master, Alex, Bell said that he reached in and claimed ownership over me and that is half true. The more full and accurate thing would be to say that he sculpted us, sculpted Ben, gave us names and personalities and tried to edit our expressions, memories and attachments… it was…” she pursed her lips, “We didn’t realize what we were doing. I didn’t understand how much damage it would do and when we were young all we wanted was to escape and so we just did that to ourselves… and we even kept it going for years.”
Madison held her hands to her heart, she yearned for a teleporter so she could hold her love. 
“We quit cold turkey, almost quit hypnosis entirely when our marriage ended and all the characters we spent over a decade building just… vanished.”
“Are the characters different from the facets?” Madison asked, carefully.
“A good way to put it is that the characters were masks we could each wear. Most of them were me. The one Alex turned into his ‘recruitment doll’ was me. I just didn’t have a shape back then, if that makes sense?” Donna’s body language was tense but her words were clearly her own. She was serious in a way her typical flirtation did not often reflect.
“I think I understand.” Madison responded.
“One of the reasons Bell even accepts that there’s something going on with all of us is how we reacted to all of that. She’s still in denial and likes to think Bella and I are just her more extravagant sides or us slipping into a trance like the days when our ex would hypnotize us to roleplay characters for her. But trust me when I say it’s pure denial.”
“I’ll keep pointing things out so she has more evidence to lean on.” Madison asserted, “I think I’ve proven myself capable of noticing things that you don’t even know that you’re doing.”
“It does make it harder for her to reject what’s happening with us when you can see it plainly too. Thank you for being a doubt buster.”
“I’d like to say I’m more than that, though.” Madison joked.
“Oh!” Donna suddenly blurted in a mild panic, “No, no, I did not mean to insinuate anything of the sort, I merely meant to thank you. I do not intend to lean heavily upon or become dependant on your external assessment.”
Madison smiled warmly, “It’s okay, Donna. I know. I know.” she stressed the word with emphasis, holding her partner’s gaze over the video screen.
Then the tension began to melt away. The pair gave a pause to just appreciate the weight of the conversation and check in with themselves.
“Notice me wrap my arms around you.” Donna finally said. Madison closed her eyes and held her arms to herself as she savored the phantom sensation of her girlfriend’s touch.
“Notice me hold you in return.” Madison gently responded, “Are you doing alright?”
Donna reached over to her shelf and produced a small bottle, “I will be. What about you?”
“I will be.” Madison parroted, “I could use something a little lighter, though. We can revisit this another day?”
Donna delicately worked the cap of her bottle, “Deal. Perhaps you could utilize a delicious taste of trance?”
“I mean, if you’re offering?” Madison responded, brightly. “What have you got there, anyway?”
“Oh, it was a rough switch. My head’s feeling a little messed up. This’ll help anchor me into the body a little bit better.” She paused and held up the now open bottle, a small container of lavender scented essential oil, “My lavender oil.” She took a dramatic breath in and relaxed into the exhale, “How have I not mentioned this yet?”
Madison shrugged politely with a little chirp, her spirits lightening, “I guess it didn’t come up?”
Donna tilted her head, unphased, “Well, lavender is my scent.” she drew the bottle under her nose and soaked it in a moment, melting into a satisfied smirk, “I guarantee that in time you’ll come to associate it with me. Kayleigh most certainly does.”
Madison’s eyebrow raised, her interest piqued, “Well now you have to tell me more.”
“Of course, my dear. Consider it a little fascination or a fixation of mine and specifically mine. For as long as we can recall we’ve entangled the idea of being a strong and powerful hypnotic force with the scent of lavender.”
“Any reason?”

“Aromatherapy, I think?” Donna said, slowly, “In England there was a big push for that and I feel we used it as a scent fixation when we were learning hypnosis.” her eyes trailed down and she blinked a couple times.
Madison, as always, noticed right away “Donna? Where did your mind go?”
The answer singed the edge of Donna’s lips but she shook her head as if physically expelling the thought from her head, “Unimportant. Lavender and hypnosis became entangled in our associations and…” she took another breath and broke into a slight chuckle, “I like to think of myself as an embodiment of hypnotic seduction.”
“You play the part quite well, Miss Donna.”
“Thank you, my darling.” Donna smirked, “Oh how much I look forward to having you breathe in my lavender scent and feel it intoxicate you and pacify you.”
Madison’s lower lip drew in under her teeth and she let out a soft whimper, “Please, Miss Donna? I’d like that very much.”
The familiar sight of Donna’s flirtatious grin was becoming more apparent by the moment as she leaned in towards the camera, “Oh? Do you like the sound of that?” a low rumble of laughter rumbled in her throat, “I would very much enjoy seeing you helpless and hypnotized just by my presence. We already know my words are so effective at wrapping around your thoughts. Aren’t they, my love?”
Madison’s shoulders sagged as she allowed herself to fall into the rhythm, much as she could recognize her love’s mood shifts, she could easily tell when Donna was gearing into an induction and she welcomed it, “Yes, Miss Donna.”
Good girl.” she growled, “Notice me cup your chin and hold your gaze!”
With a sudden squeak Madison launched upwards, eyes locked on her monitor and the sapphire eyes of her love.
“That’s it…” Donna triumphantly husked, leaning in and focusing her gaze upon the webcam, “Just stare deeply and notice me pulling you deeper and deeper with every word I say.” her eyes flickered down to confirm Madison was reacting and returned her focused stare back to the camera, “Notice me claim your focus. Notice me take your resistance, you know you can’t resist me, Madison. DON’T. EVEN. TRY.
The firm words and the hypnotic triggers worked in unison as Madison fell deeper into the screen and felt herself sinking with every word.
“Knowing how easy it is to submit to my words. That’s it. Just. Like. That.”
Donna pulled herself backwards and looked at the screen. Madison’s eyes were flickering, her chin was floating only by the invisible force of Donna’s phantom hold on it, her expression was slack.
“Doing so very well, my love, and falling back into a comfortable position you can DROP and notice me release my hold as I guide you down.”
Madison’s body surrendered to gravity and sank back against her sofa, her head dipped down and she seemed completely unresponsive.
“Madison, my darling, can you hear me.”
“‘es Miss Donna…” she softly slurred, barely audible over her headset.
“Sit upright and look at the camera, darling.” Donna commanded, allowing her tone to become affectionate after the firm strength she had utilized during the induction.
Madison’s body delicately rose up and she positioned herself to look at the screen, eyes barely open and face completely slack.
“You know you can’t resist…” Donna softly husked.
“I know I can’t resist.” Madison repeated, her voice mimicking Donna’s down to the accent.
“No… you can’t resist.”
Can’t resist…” Madison repeated, though this time Donna could only see the lip motion, no sound was picked up by her microphone at all.
“I do so enjoy it when you let my words become your words, my dear.” Donna sighed, happily, “Though it does help if those words get to stick firm in your mind… Madison, my love, do you have access to a pen and paper?”
“...yes Miss Donna…” Madison sighed, her body automatically maneuvering over to reach off camera and retrieve the desired items.
“Very. Good.” Donna growled, happily, “Then I’d like you to picture your mind like a blank sheet of paper. Any thoughts that remain bouncing around that lovely hypnotized brain of yours can be like letters on the page and yet the more you listen and the deeper you sink the more you find that those words just flutter away. They can come back another time, you can just file them away elsewhere, editing all your conscious thoughts away into the back of your mind until there’s nothing left but a blank sheet of paper, you can do that for me, can’t you?”
“...yes Miss Donna…”
“Good girl, and you can keep focusing and listening, drifting and floating, dropping and dreaming, finding that with every word and every moment all those words and letters can just get put away, knowing they’ll all return when we wake you up except for those I give you now. Because in a moment I’m going to have you write on the page and the lavender ink of my words will spill onto the page and write deeply in your mind. You’ll be able to let those words dry on the blank page of your mind and become the only thoughts you can think in this trance, and only during this trance, while you remain my helplessly hypnotized weak and docile plaything.”
A low murmur of compliant need emitted through the headset as Madison whimpered in desire. “Yes Miss Donna…!”
“Blank. Deep. Dropping and letting all thoughts fade away as I compel you to write for me…
And then she spoke.
Madison looked through the monitor with unfocused eyes and allowed her dizzy spellbound mind soak in the beautiful words from her pretty girlfriend, her hand began to move automatically and her lips traced the words that felt too far away to find.
Line after line she heard Donna’s words claim her mind and beckon to her heart as her lips and her hand obeyed and repeated but her mind remained paradoxically clear and hazy. Empty and occupied. Guided and still.
Donna’s oscillated between warm affection and sharp cracks of dominant command. Madison surrendered herself to be piloted and to simply feel reverie as she was urged along.
“, wide awake.”
She blinked hard and shook off the cobwebs in her head, Donna sat on the other side of the screen with a broad grin on her face. Madison attempted to reach for the events that had lead to her coming out of trance and found it fruitless. Like reaching out to grasp an expected object and not knowing where it had been misplaced, she could not trace back to how she had come to be in this moment. She trusted Donna enough not to pursue further.
“How are you feeling, darling?” Donna asked, a sly grin on her lips.
“Fuuuuzzy…!” Madison slurred in reply, swaying a little for emphasis.
“Good girl. You’re Helpless.
Madison felt a gasp emit from her as her heart fluttered, “I can’t resist you, Miss Donna.” she gently gasped.
“Mhmm… that’s right.” Donna warmly, noted, “And you’re already becoming so drifty and dreamy again, aren’t you?”
All of a sudden Donna’s hand began to flutter up and down at the top of her screen, a standard Butterfly induction and her eyes delighted in following along.
Drop.” Donna commanded.
Madison obeyed.
“That’s my good girl. Just like that. Knowing that in a moment when you read what we had you write, you’ll feel the impact of the words and notice me whispering every word right into your ear as you read it until you succumb to the power of those words in your handwriting because you know they are your thoughts.” Donna’s firm tone was flooded with momentum and confidence. The trust Madison displayed to her was returned in how effortlessly and boldly she took control, “And knowing you can continue hiding away these lavender words that are so clear in your mind until you read them outloud and accept them, you can come back again on 3, 2 and 1. Wide awake.”
Madison woke up again, grinning broadly, her heart light and her mind clouded by the fog of fractionation. “You’re up to something…” she dreamily blurted out.
“Aren’t I often?” Donna enigmatically retorted, “Perhaps you can find out what it is if you look at the piece of paper in front of you.”
“What piece of paa— Oh.” Madison languidly leaned forward and collected the sheet before her.
Read.” Donna commanded with a direct tone.
Madison whimpered, her shoulders pulling back as her heart skipped, “Yes Miss Donna!”
“That’s my good girl.” she laughed to herself.
My mind is open. My mind is blank.” Madison read, her eyes tried to scan further down the page but something inside her kept her from following that idle whim. It felt better to read line by line and accept the words as she spoke them.
Miss Donna’s lavender ink fills the blank pages of my mind.” she continued.
“Go on…” Donna bid, “Read on.”
“Yes, Miss Donna. Every line the ink dries and cements in my mind. I am helpless to resist. I know I cannot resist Miss Donna’s words. I know I cannot resist her words in my mind.
“You know you can’t resist.”, Donna confirmed.
“I know I can’t resist.” Madison obediently repeated.
“Read on.”
“Yes, Miss Donna. Reading these words is making me sink deeper under Miss Donna’s spell. Reading these words makes me more open and susceptible. I am writing myself into trance. I am reading myself into trance. I am going deeper. I can’t resist. I must go deeper.” As Madison read each word her voice became all the more distant, her grip on the page became looser and the tempo slowed to a crawl. Her eyes flickered and her mouth hang agape as Miss Donna’s spell wrapped around her more and more completely.
“Keep reading. Holding on to the paper and sitting upright.” Donna gently urged.
These words are in my handwriting. I know these words are mine. These thoughts are mine. I am reading the words in my mind. I obey the words in my mind. The lavender ink in my mind guides my thoughts. I read and I obey. With every word I sink deeper. I am dropping deeper. I am under Miss Donna’s spell. I am deep. I am asleep. I am controlled. I am helpless.”
“Yes. You. Are.” Donna growled.
“Yes… Miss Donna. I will continue writing. I will continue reading. I will let these words drift from my conscious mind. I will let these words fade away. Ready to be read again. Ready to bespell me again. Knowing I cannot resist. When I read these words I will always sink. I will always surrender. I have written these words and I cannot resist them.”
“Drop.” Donna commanded, allowing Madison to dip her head low. “And as always any and all of these suggestions are things you can let fade away. But if it is safe and enjoyable then in my presence and with intent you can enjoy the control I have over you and I will continue to guide you deeper and make you feel more and more weak and helpless.”
Madison’s head bobbed up and down.
“Then I want you to store that page in your room in a safe location, knowing that whenever you see it you will be able to assess safely if it is something you wish to use as a tool of play or a loving reminder of the fun we have. It can and will only affect you when it is safe and appropriate for it to do so, do you understand, my love?”
“Yes, Miss Donna.” Madison gently husked.
“That’s my good girl. You did so very well. Fold up the paper now and put it somewhere safe like your keyboard or your pocket.” Donna waited for Madison to follow the instruction, the paper found its way to her pocket, “and notice me love you as you come back to me again on 3, 2 and 1… Wide awake.”
“You’re sneaky!” Madison happily chirped, “I like that.”
“I like you too, darling.” Donna happily responded, “Checking in. How are you doing? Do you have water?”
“Mhmm!” Madison nodded, taking a bottle and giving it a sip, “Hydration important.”
“Hydration very important, yes. Good girl. Where’s your head at?”
“Just in love!” she sighed, dreamily.
“Still a little fractionated, though?”
“Juuust a little!” Madison mockingly giggled, “I’m having fun.”
“Want to have some more fun, my darling?”
“Mhmm!” Madison sang brightly.
“Then you should check what’s inside your pocket…” Donna responded with a knowing grin.
“Notice me hold you close and pet your hair.”
It had been a solid hour of fractionation and play. Madison had read the sheet of paper over and over again and each time fell under its power faster and woke with no memory of the contents. Donna teased her curiosity, commanded her to read it, tricked her and outright asked her to look at the paper.
It had been a lovely session but time wound down and date night was coming to an end.
“Notice me petting your hair and offering my comfort and my presence.”
Madison nuzzled into the air and allowed the lingering remnants of trance to fade away. Now was time to just cuddle on to her plush toy, feel the connection she had with her long distance love and let reality return.
“We went through a few difficult emotions tonight, my love. Are you doing okay?” Donna asked, resting back and allowing the adrenaline of her performance to thin out.
“I am.” Madison said, “I am.” she added, intently, “You took really good care of me.”
“I’m glad. You did really well, my love.”
“So did you.” Madison affectionately chimed in return, “You always take such good care of me.”
“May that statement always hold true…” Donna sighed with a grin, “You’re oh so important to me. I wish I could be there to hold you and do this aftercare in person.”
“3 weeks.” Madison firmly shot back, “Three weeks and we can. We will.”
Donna’s heart skipped. In all the excitement she had let that thought slip.
“Three weeks…” she breathed. “Then I’ll have you…”
“And I won’t be able to resist.” Madison warmly laughed back.
“I suppose I had best start planning some scenes.” Donna grinned.
“We both had.”
“As you say.” Donna sighed out in joy, “See you in 3 weeks, beloved.”
“See you in 3 weeks, Miss Donna.”

Thank you for reading! As always comments and feedback appreciated. Follow me on Twitter @Camden_Dawn or Tumblr at MissCammieDawn for future updates and info.

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