Inheritance - Dreaming in Digital

Chapter 6 - Business Tour and Pleasure Trap

by Creirwy

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Amanda groaned and tried to move her head, but it felt heavy. After a few attempts she recognised the weight of her drone helmet, and the isolation of a server pod. What?

She had no memory of getting into the pod, and it was unusual to wake up in one, still wearing the helmet. Especially when the door was still shut. She tried to squirm, but the pod felt tighter than usual.

The last she remembered she had tried to escape... or believed she was trying to escape. Xara had tricked her into that humiliating bimbo body and tormented her (was it the right word if she enjoyed it?) for a few hours, and then... nothing. Just waking up here in the pod.

The door slid open and light spilled into the chamber, her helmet visor instantly darkening to allow her eyes time to adjust to the light. A couple of tech drones in silver bodysuits stood to either side of the pod, a woman in a lab coat with a dominant expression between them.

"Morning, SL6778. Been a while since you were awake, so I'm sure you need to get your bearings."

"Good morning, Miss," Amanda responded instinctively. She pulled her helmet off and made to step out of the pod but found herself stuck in place. The scientist smirked as Amanda looked down, eyes widening at a pair of tits larger than she had before waking up - not counting the suit's artificial curves. Leaning forward she was able to see past her bust, blushing as she beheld a pair of hips wide enough that they were wedging her into the pod. She tried to will the suit to return to its default state, but nothing happened. "Miss, I think my suit's uh... transformation function isn't working."

"Oh?" The scientist held a palm just in front of Amanda's suit and the smooth latex rippled into a fur-like fabric, then turned transparent. Before Amanda could react it was back to normal and the domme was licking her lips. "No, it works fine, SL6778."

"But I can't reduce my...width," Amanda mumbled awkwardly, then squirmed as the scientist laughed to herself.

"That's because it isn't the suit. Your body has completed its second puberty blueprints. That's your natural shape now."

Amanda's eyes went wider. This was natural? She couldn't even get out of the pod. She couldn't get a good look at herself but she wasn't sure she'd be able to sit in an arm chair without touching both armrests. "This is... excessive, Miss," she gasped.

"Definitely. Most citizens don't get to go as far as you, but I suppose being the heiress's plaything gives you special privileges. Among which is the biggest ass and the widest hips in the city," the scientist grinned. As Amanda whimpered and clenched she continued. "That's why these two are here. First we need to dig you out, and then we'll need to get you a custom-built pod unit tailored to your... gifted shape."

The masked drones stepped toward and pulled tools from their belts, each dropping to their knees and starting to cut through the metal pressing with against Amanda's hips. "But the adjustment was supposed to take at least a week," Amanda said, almost in a begging tone.

"That's right. But Lady Xara had you put under for the entire week so you could enjoy a more sudden transformation without any of that silly getting used to gradual changes. She was very clear she wanted you to have this experience." The scientist was definitely enjoying Amanda's humiliation, and that was the perfect word for it. The idea of being stuck and needing to be cut out of anything was embarrassing enough when the problem wasn't having too wide a pair of hips. Amanda was sure she had had fantasies like this, but with everything else that had been going on since her birthday she couldn't discount the possibility Xara had planted those memories.

"So what happens next?" Amanda asked.

The domme wriggled her own hips as if anticipating the answer. "Once you're out we need to get your measurements for a new pod. I'll be personally taking care of that part." She grinned, letting her eyes roam lower. "We'll also need to do a medical test and analysis of your body to ensure everything went well. Lots of poking and prodding, looking forward to that." Amanda blushed again. "Finally, with the extra surface area we need to add another pound or so of nanobots to your suit, unless you want to be wandering around semi-sheer."

Amanda looked back down at her chest and gulped. Now her eyes had adjusted and the light was on her, her usually dark purple suit did seem to be thinned out enough she could see the skin of her breasts underneath it, if she was looking for it. "That sounds like a good idea, Miss..."

Part of Amanda wanted to wipe the grin off Xara's face, but a bigger part was enjoying the feelings coursing through her body at being admired. A bigger yet part was wincing in self-conscious indignation as her body auto-piloted its way through a modeling session, hands on hips, twisting this way and that, showing her long-time rival exactly how large her lower half had wound up in her skin-tight suit.

Amanda wasn't sure what emotion "humiliated angry arousal pleasure" was supposed to be, but Ananke probably had a word somewhere.

"Well, I'm satisfied. Aren't you satisfied, Amanda?"

"Yes, Mistress Xara," she replied automatically, before she even had a chance to think. Another wince; it seemed she wasn't allowed to voice her own opinion, either. She was livid that her body had been so changed, her genetics bastardised for another's pleasure. Cross, anyway. And hot, but mostly cross. Huffy, maybe.


"Mistress, was I really in there for a whole week?" She asked as she walked out of the elevator with Xara and into the foyer of the Shaft.

The top grinned. "Maybe. Maybe you had a normal life and I just had you forget an hour ago. Maybe you've been a drone all week and I still took you home to use you. Maybe -"

"Amanda! Where have you been all week?" Layla ran over, having emerged from another elevator. Her suit was a pale blue, so it seemed her shift was over.

"I was gone for a week?"

"Yeah, I saw you get in a pod and what the fuck happened to your ass?" Layla gaped as her eyes slid lower. Amanda blushed again. Layla was also somewhat curvier than the last time she had seen her, but most of her growth was in the bust and neither it not her lower body was substantially larger than her original body. She had gone up maybe 20% while Amanda's hips catapulted up by closer to 80%. Still, Layla had confirmed she was asleep all week. Amanda turned back to Xara with a smug smirk that shrivelled instantly when she saw her owner's tight-lipped smile.

"Friend of yours, Amanda?"

"Y-yes. This is Layla. We met during training. She's my... friend." Amanda felt a shiver down her spine as Xara looked Layla up and down.

"Nice to meet you. What's your name?" Layla held out a hand with an oblivious smile. Xara hesitated before taking it, and when she did a grin cracked her face.

"I'm Xara. Nice to meet you too. Any friend of Amanda's is a friend of mine." She winked over her shoulder at Amanda. "I'd love to stay and chat, but Mandy and I have somewhere we need to be."

"Oh... I was hoping to catch up with her but, uh... I suppose you're a domme, huh?" Layla blushed slightly. Obviously she didn't know who she was talking to. Xara placed a hand on Layla's chest and a small star symbol glowed on her suit.

"Uhhuh. Listen, Layla, we need to go, but I'd like you to do something for me. Nyna will show you the way." The pink catgirl popped into the foyer next to Xara, giggling and waving at Layla. "Just follow her instructions."

"Um, okay. I'll see you later, Amanda." Layla waved as she headed for an elevator with the bubbly AI.

"What are you doing to her, Mistress? Where are we going? What -"

"Shh, Amanda. Fuck. You might be a great fucktoy, but you talk way too much for a personal assistant. Speaking of..." Xara touched her forehead in concentration and Amanda's purple suit shimmered and shifted into an equally tight dark purple pencil skirt, high heels and a slightly looser white blouse. Catching a glimpse of herself in a mirror Amanda watched as a scrunchie wove its way into her hair, pulling it into a bun as a pair of aesthetic glasses spontaneously grew out of a swarm travelling across her face. In seconds she had gone from latex sex drone to entirely too bottom-heavy secretary. She honestly wasn't sure which felt more objectifying right now. Her current look reminded her of Miss Samara, and she flushed again.

Xara was enjoying it, though. Her hand found Amanda's ass (not a particularly difficult search) and squeezed as she maneuvered her to the door. "Come on, babe. If I'm gonna take over this city one day I need to learn how it works. We've got a couple visits to make today. You just follow me, look pretty and don't speak unless I ask you to." Xara looked her in the eye with a mischievous and challenging smirk. Amanda instinctively opened her mouth to reply but no words came out. She wasn't sure if she had been triggered to be unable to disobey or if it was just the sexual haze and thrill of doing so that was clouding her ability, but it didn't matter to Xara. She just slapped her in the ass, called her a good girl and pulled her over to a waiting limo.

"Slaves first," Xara joked, and Amanda stepped over and climbed into the car. She was pretty sure Xara only told her to go first to get a good look at her ass in this stupid, sexy tight skirt, or perhaps to laugh at how she had to wriggle some to get her hips through the narrow doorframe. Either way, by the time Amanda was sitting in the back seat her face was red and Xara was sidling up close, rubbing her backside with her right hand. "You're gonna make a great PA, Amanda."

They drove in silence for a few minutes. "So, what do you think of your new look?" Xara casually asked.

"It's a bit... wide. I don't know if I'll ever be able to leave the city again..."

"Maybe, maybe not. Maybe I'll take you on a holiday. Could be fun to see how normies react to you," Xara smirked. Amanda got halfway to protesting before she was cut off. "Y'know, that's why the puberty blockers are there? Some citizens want to go big but they're capped off at ‘large but reasonable’ so they can still leave the city if they need to. It's just concubines, consorts and harem members that get bonus privileges."


"No problem." Xara grinned and squeezed her ass.

Amanda wanted to change the subject. "Is everyone with the curse as horny all the time?"

"Nah. Some people aren't as interested in sex. The curse manifests itself more as aesthetics and art and callings and shit. Usually, we send them out to infiltrate society or raise the next generation of cursed while their parents fuck it up in Ananke."

"Wait, so some people grow up with fake parents?"

"Sometimes! But we make sure their real parents are still part of their lives, even if they don't know it."

Amanda went quiet for a while. She was almost afraid to ask if she was one of them. It would make a level of sense, why she was raised in a string of boarding schools and living with extended family.

Xara continued as if no time had passed. "For example, we might make sure a daughter's biological parent is her teacher at one of her schools."

"Okay?" Amanda frowned. Considering Xara's smirk she was leading up to something.

"You look like a teacher yourself dressed like that."

"I look like Miss S-" Amanda's eyes popped out. "No. No!"

Xara started to laugh. "What?"

"Are you saying Miss Samara is my mother?"

"Even if I were, which I'm not, what's the problem?"

Amanda's cheeks went bright red as the answer was forced out. "I... touched myself thinking of her."

"You masturbated."

"...Yes, Mistress."

"Every week."

"How do you -"

"Dumbass, I had control over your mind for like two years. You think I didn't make you tell me all your embarrassing secrets?" Xara's hand groping her ass was getting hard to ignore. "Besides, it's more fun not to tell you, don't you think?"

Amanda scowled and looked out the window, trying to ignore her building arousal. No way Samara was her mother. Even if they looked similar, there were plenty of brunette girls like her.

"Although I can tell you one thing: if she were your mother, she would have been fully aware of it. Probably why she'd always put on a show for you."

Amanda bit her lip and squirmed as the arousal ramped up again. Xara laughed.

"She was a great fuck, too. You should try it sometime."

The elevator pinged and opened, and Layla cautiously stepped out into the corridor. She had never seen decor so expensive and felt very out of place in her fetish bodysuit, lewd sculptures aside.

"Nyna, do you know why Xara sent me up here?"


Layla waited. Nyna floated a few metres away, smiling vapidly.

"...can you tell me?"


"Great... Well, why does she have access to a floor like this? Isn't this way near the tip of the Shaft?"

Nyna giggled and fondled one of her holographic breasts. "Mmmm... Miss Xara is the heiress!"

"Heiress to what?"

"Ananke, silly!"

Layla's eyes widened. "Amanda is friends with the heiress to the city? Holy shit..." she mumbled as she automatically followed the floating catgirl. "I guess that explains her new look."

Nyna stopped by a slightly out of place door that led down stone steps into a dark room. After a quick glance to make sure the AI intended her to descend, Layla walked into the darkness. After walking for a minute she emerged into a room apparently lit by candles and fireplaces that resembled a medieval dungeon; racks, manacles, nail beds were scattered throughout, but there were also stretchers under melting candles, strange machines she hadn't seen before, and what looked like a vacuum-seal bed in one corner.

"So... Xara's sex dungeon?"

"Technically the Matriarch's, but they share! We have wax play, electrical play -"

"What's that?"

"Like... small needles they are electrified and kinda burn the skin in a safe way? Painsluts love them!"

Layla shuddered. "Not for me, I don't think."

Nyna nodded. "Nyna doesn't like them either. Electricity makes Nyna fritzy."

"So what am I here for?"

"Xara wants you to bring her these!" Nyna floated over to a raised dais, on which was a rack of four rings the size of bracelets and anklets. They resembled slave cuffs, made of what looked like heavy steel but were surprisingly light.

"They look like genie shackles." Layla examined them curiously. Each ring seemed slightly too large for someone's wrist. She experimentally slipped her wrist through one and it immediately shrunk to a snug size, almost skin tight. Her bodysuit slightly shifted until the latex was flush with the shackle, giving the appearance of a seamless transition from fabric to metal. "Woah! How do I get it off?"

"They're voice commanded, but you probably shouldn't put them on." Nyna giggled. "Miss Xara wants them for Amanda."

"Amanda will get her turn," pouted Layla. At least let me see what they're like!" She put her other wrist into a shackle, then each of her ankles. With a bit of focus she reshaped her suit into the loose silk of a harem outfit. "You got a mirror, Nyna?"

The AI dropped to the floor in front of her and with a burst of coding transformed into what Layla assumed was an exact duplicate of her current appearance. Layla twisted one way, then the other, admiring the way the shackles complemented the harem clothes she wore.

"Alright, better get them to Amanda. How do I take them off?"

Nyna backed away. "Just say 'activate'!"

"Activate?" Layla queried as a low hum kicked up. "Wouldn't deactivate make more - what's that?" The hum got a little louder and Layla found her hands floating upward, gently at first but more insistently as the humming got louder. "Nyna?"

The AI whimpered, ears folded. "Electromagnyatic field. Nyna hates them." She stepped back again as Layla was lifted off the dais, wrists spreading out diagonally above her, mirroring her feet and leaving her suspended and spread-eagled.

"Fuck... I can't move. Nyna, what's this?" Layla squirmed, worried but she couldn't honestly say the situation was a turn-off.

"Miss... Auto... Fucker... Machine!" Nyna responded, her voice full of static and her image starting to glitch out. "Nyna... Away!"

"No, wait!" Layla called as the catgirl vanished into thin air. "Shit. How do I get out now?"

A mechanical groaning made her look down. In this pose it was difficult to see past her bust, but she could see the dais below her opening like an iris, from which mechanical tentacle-like protrusions slowly rose. "Oh, shit." The tips of the robotic tentacles touched her feet then felt along her legs as they snaked their way higher, probing at her body as if searching for something.

As she saw the tip of one of them reform itself into a smooth, steel dildo she was sure she could guess what.

"Hey, no. No! Hey!" She felt one tentacle crawl along her ass, her pants splitting invitingly in its wake, allowing it to slide between her cheeks. Layla grunted and instinctively flinched forward, which only allowed the second tentacle to penetrate her pussy. Before she knew it, Layla was caught between the two squirming tendrils, each working their way deeper.

"Nngh... fuck..." A third tentacle, the tip unapologetically shaped like an erect cock, raised itself like a scorpion's tail aimed at her chest. The two inside her slowly sped up, and this new one seemed to pulse in time with their movements. "Release... deactivate... turn off?" She wasn't even sure if she wanted it to stop.

The third tentacle shot a glob of something at her without warning, causing her to yelp. Something wet and cold, but not organic. She could feel it moving on her chest like a mass of slime, crawling up to her neck and over her chin. "Wait!" She cried out as it covered her lips, then forced itself into her mouth. With a muffled whimper Layla felt the nanobots form themselves into a ball gag, prying her jaws open and clasping itself around the back of her head. A second glob covered her eyes and formed into a blindfold so dark she couldn't see anything, only hear her own moans and the squelch of the machine fucking her like captured prey.

<I>Worse ways to spend an afternoon...</i>

"A mine?"

"Yes, a mine. Where do you think we get the resources we trade? Or the raw materials for our satellites?"


Xara gave her a look. "The ones you drones are helping make when you aren't being server farms? You really are a bimbo, aren't you?"

Amanda opened her mouth to retort, but to her shock a vapid giggle slipped out. Reaching up to twirl her hair with a finger, she bashfully twisted her chest to the left, then right. "Like, I'm sorry, Miss Xara! Everything's so hard to remember!"

Xara laughed as Amanda blushed and returned to her normal stance. "God I love hypno-strain girls. We make satellites so we can manage Ananke's interests without oversight and to prepare for a more global rollout for Nyna. At the moment she's only really reliable for the city, but if we can get her access to all our relatives around the world, we'll really be able to coordinate well."

"And the mine is under the Shaft."

"Well, the lower levels of the Shaft are built into the former site of the mine from before Ananke was built, and the new mine tunnels spread out from there. Don't worry, we don't call it the Sack or anything."

"Can I have more mine-appropriate clothes?"


Xara slapped Amanda's ass again as they entered a door and were met by a man in a nanofiber suit far less fetishy than the drones wore; it seemed stronger, more resilient and protective. "Hello, Lady Xara."

"Hello, Milo. I'm here for my tour of the mining operation. Know what I'm inheriting, you know."

"Naturally." Milo smiled, eyes drifting over to appreciate Amanda. She wanted to shrink away from his gaze, but the look Xara gave her told her she should behave, so she forced herself to act relaxed, smiling weakly. "Well, right this way."

They were led through a metal corridor into an underground tunnel, then took a short maglev ride a few miles in a straight line. In a slightly larger, rounder chamber with multiple branching tunnels they stepped back onto the rocky ground, and Amanda had to fight to keep her breathing steady as she saw dozens of subs of all walks of life in reflective white nanosuits working away with axes and drills, and more distractingly, a host of a dozen or so female and four male dommes and doms wearing black leather, talking to each other, supervising the miners and occasionally whipping their backs and asses with an expert precision that seemed to cause the miners more pleasure than pain.

"This is our workforce. As usual, the menial labour is done by the sub-strain and the management is done by the dominant-strain. Everyone stays nice and motivated, and efficient. The supervisors are highly trained in whip use and can knock an acorn off a branch from the furthest possible range. They never miss where they want to hit." He leered at Amanda's hips and chuckled. "No danger of them missing you if they wanted, ma'am."

"I want, very much," one of the blonde dommes called from the other side of the tunnel, causing them all to laugh as Amanda tried to find a shadow to hide in.

"No protective headwear?" Xara noted, voicing a concern Amanda had herself.

"Don't need it," Milo responded, picking up a small pebble. "The nanosuits have a small but strong layer of protection like a helmet you can't see in this light, but it's there. Here." He gently tossed the pebble at the nearest sub's head, and rather than connect it was deflected centimeters from her hair by some force that only briefly flashed a purple colour. Judging by how she moaned and shuddered, the energy of the pebble was being redirected into bliss.

"Interesting." Xara grinned. "I take it Nyna's connection is still working, then?"

"We have transmitters at regular intervals along the tunnel so her signal can travel this far underground, and then each suit is it's own transmitter as well as receiver."

"The Matriarch indicated there was something more high tech about this operation than other mining sites?"

Milo grinned. "Ah, our trade secret. Come." He led them past the mining group, pausing patiently as Xara stopped to make out with one of the supervisor dommes and allow a couple others to fondle Amanda, then took them into another tunnel with a dead end, with a single miner standing close to the wall with their hands and forehead pressed against the rock. "Call it out."

"Yes, Master," the miner responded. After a few moments the wall seemed to shimmer, then turn silver, and a roiling mass of liquid metal seeped out between the cracks and fragments of stone. It enveloped the miner, three inches thick equally across their entire body, making them look like a slightly larger than life quicksilver statue.

"One of Nyna's duties is to manage the Swarm. Since we're so far underground her range is limited, and it can only penetrate rock about five metres from the nearest transmitter, but that's still five metres of rock we don't need to dig through just to explore. The Swarm locates any minerals of interest, marks their locations for our miners to more surgically extract, and loosens the rock and dirt around them to make them much easier to extract. As a result we're able to save a lot of time and manpower, and get full chunks of ore without breaking it unnecessarily."

Xara whistled. "That is high tech. Kinda spooky, too," she noted, turning to Amanda. "Imagine being lost in the tunnels with a sentient glob of nanobots chasing you down."

"Sounds... scary, Mistress," Amanda offered, but she knew from Xara's smirk she was imagining a more porn-like result.

"Tech Division reckons it's going to be another ten years before they work it out, but they think they can get the Swarm to... 'Remolecularise', or something, the tunnel rock as it moves, to turn the rock and dirt into metal as it travels. If they can pull it off, the Swarm will be able to build entire underground facilities in days. Until then, we manually build into the tapped-out mineshafts to house more infrastructure and subterranean drone workshops and server rooms."

"Technology sure is getting impressive." Xara sighed, sounding genuinely interested for the first time since Amanda had known her. That she could remember, at least. "Aren't you glad to be alive now, pet?"

"Yes, Mistress," Amanda replied. She meant it, too; this last few weeks had completely upended her perspective of the world and her place in it, threw her into the deep end of a whole range of fetishes and social hierarchies she had never in her wildest non-hypnotically implanted dreams imagined and had made her into her college rival's plaything, but a large part of Amanda still felt this was the best thing to ever happen to her. She had never had a bad life, but being turned on most of the day felt nice, and being comfortable in the fact no one in the entire city would actually judge anyone for their being horny was a big relief, a sense of freedom she had never realised she had been missing, though she still had a ways to go before she could be as openly sexual as the Udders waitresses or some of the drones. Ananke was a paradise she never knew existed, and she was connected with the top brass. All she had to do was deal with these huge hips; that seemed like a fair trade.

Of course, there was always the possibility her acceptance was something Xara had programmed into her. The realisation had her thighs rubbing together again. Stupid sexy gaslighting.

"Well, this has been interesting. I'll need to come back and speak with the supervisors again sometime." Xara smirked. "For now we had better get back to our apartment. Got something to show my little secretary."

"Are you serious, Mistress?"

"Of course. If I said something as a joke I'd just make you believe it for a laugh."

Hot. "She's been like this for... two hours?"

"Yup. Looks like she's been enjoying herself, too," Xara commented and dragged the toe of her boot through the cum pooled under the floating Layla. "She seems to have totally shut down, though."

"I can't blame her," Amanda muttered. Her friend was suspended in mid-air, mechanical tentacles even now continuing to stimulate her, grope her, fuck her, and the girl's eyes were blank, only quiet moans escaping her lips as she hungrily humped her hips in all directions, trying to get penetrated deeper.

"Suppose we should let her out, hmm?" Xara stepped up to the machine and placed her hand over a holographic control panel that faded in as she took her position, and the hum of the magnetic field suddenly cut out. Layla dropped heavily for several inches, sliding further onto the tentacles forcing their way inside her, throwing her head back and screaming before going limp and quiet. Xara chuckled as the tentacles slowly lowered Layla to the floor and dumped her on the wet floor. "Oops. Tentacles first, then magnets. I keep making that mistake."

"Will she be alright?"

"She'll be fine. Even if she weren't we've got some very experienced, very sexy nurses in town. You know the painslut strains sometimes injure themselves just a little more than necessary to get some TLC from them? Their bedside manner is just incredible. People used to say laughter is the best medicine, but we've learned that few things beat a good blowjob or domming."

Amanda stared at Xara for several seconds, but she couldn't determine what the small, confident smile meant. It was just as likely Xara was telling the truth as not, though given her time so far she was forced to admit it was probably accurate.

Xara gently rolled Layla over by prodding the girl’s belly with her foot, causing her to groan and roll over. "I don't need your name, drone. What's your number?"

"SL7149, Miss," Layla instinctively responded as she crawled to all fours and then wobbled to her feet.

"Well, SL7149, my slut here says you're her friend. Since she's my property, and you're her friend, that means you are her something, and thus mine. Makes sense, doesn't it?"

Of course it doesn't... Amanda thought, but she nodded along with a much more enthusiastic yet lethargic Layla.

"Good. You'll move in with us tonight. You're not going to be my concubine like Amanda, though. Shall we make you our maid? Or a permanent drone, mindless little robot to strut around our flat while we watch and mess with you?" Layla moaned as Xara placed a palm on her cheek and stroked. "I like the robot idea. What do you think, Amanda?"

"I don't think, Mistress." Amanda responded automatically, then blushed. Xara grinned.

"Of course not. Let me rephrase: how do you feel about that?"

"I don't want to make her a robot, she's a friend... I like talking to her..." Amanda confessed.

Xara pouted. "But imagine her walking around utterly convinced she was created to serve us. So mindlessly obedient, so utterly inhuman she doesn't recognise she's being used as eye candy - doesn't even comprehend that humans would have any reason whatsoever to admire her ass. Imagine walking around completing your tasks without even registering the possibility someone is perving on you?"

"Yeesss..." Layla moaned and quivered. Amanda squirmed as she pictured going around with her new body and no recognition other people might have opinions about it.

"That's... hot... Mistress Xara..." Amanda panted. Fuck, it was. Was that how the doorwoman felt the day she had come to Ananke?

Xara rubbed Layla's hips. "Or we could wipe her memory of the city and of you, and just make her our loyal utterly devoted maid." Layla groaned again, whimpering and humping towards Xara. "Or make her think she's our actual slave, our property, but still think she's human?" Amanda could tell Xara was getting into the ideas as she spoke them, her gropes getting a little more intimate.

"Um -"

"Shh, Amanda, I know what we're going to do." Xara brushed a finger through her black-and-green hair and stepped behind Layla, hands on her hips, chin on her right shoulder and staring at Amanda with a smirk as she whispered into Layla's ear. Amanda felt herself heat up as she watched her friend's needy, aroused expression slowly fade into dispassionate mindlessness, eyes hooding and head lolling to one side.

"Good little hypnosluts, your branch. Now, SL7149, you're going to live with us. Whenever you're in our apartment you will dress like this..." She put a finger to her temple and focused for a moment, and Amanda could only assume she was telegraphing a mental image via Nyna. "When it's just you or just you and Amanda, you will be a normal human girl with no memory of having been otherwise. When you leave the apartment you will also be in your normal state. When you are in my apartment and I am present - even if I'm in another room - you will be our lovely pet cat. You won't have any human thoughts, you won't understand human speech. Just a perfect kitty companion, no matter what."

Amanda felt her hand climbing toward to breast and fought to lower it with a whimper. Part of her was worried for Layla, part was jealous, and part wanted to see what would happen. Thankfully, Xara snapped her fingers and Layla slowly blinked awake as the domme stepped away.

"Uh... sorry, what... Must have dozed off," she mumbled. Xara patted her on the backside.

"That's alright. Go get your stuff, SL7149, and bring it to the floor above this one. You're moving in ASAP."

"Right... yeah." Layla smiled dreamily, then excitedly as she walked past Amanda. "Hear that? Roomies!" Amanda forced a smile as she watched her friend hurry off.

"You seem distracted. Wanna turn on the machine?" Xara jerked a thumb at the dais.

"N-no, thank you, Mistress."

"Just as well," Xara laughed. "Forgot to take them off for your friend. Oh well, suits her."

Later that evening Amanda followed Xara out into the corridor to find Layla smiling and two busty maids carrying her belongings. Xara waved them in; first Layla, then the bustier of the maids. The second maid, with purple hair, gave Amanda a look that turned into a cheeky smirk. "Escape didn't work out?"

Her cheeks went red as she recognised the maid from her first day here. "No..."

"Well, keep trying, babe." the maid giggled as she sashayed past, enjoying a swat from Xara as the heiress leaned on the door frame.

"Gosh, I remember that. Maybe I should make you try that again? I can just wipe your memory and make you think it's the first time you tried," she offered with a wide grin.

"That's fine, Mistress Xara," Amanda whispered. She endured Xara's laughing as the two maids stepped out through the door and curtsied.

"Ah, Amanda. These two are Violet and Lavender. They're twins." Xara fondly placed a hand on each maid's head as they bowed. "Not their real names, but I couldn't be fucked learning so I made them forget their old ones and accept these ones. They prefer these new names, don't you, girls?"

"Yes, Miss Xara." Violet and Lavender smiled.

"They're not quite on the hypno-strain like you and SL7149 are, but Aunt Somna got them for me for a birthday a couple years back. All I know is they're on the submissive line." She shrugged. "It's late. You girls heading to bed?"

"Yes, Miss Xara," the twins intoned, curtsied again, then bowed to Amanda.

"Sisters love each other," Xara said and snapped her fingers. Violet and Lavender's eyes widened slightly and they turned to face each other, moaning in need as they pulled the other against them and started to kiss and grope. "I think they'll be sharing a bed tonight." Xara grinned and waved Amanda back into the apartment.

Flustered by the display as the twins started trying to pull each other's aprons off, Amanda hurried inside. She saw Layla over by a sofa, opening her boxes and checking inside. Xara stepped inside and closed the door, and Layla suddenly went rigid.

Her purple nanosuit disintegrated into something more like a swimsuit modelled after a tiger's stripes down her back, leaving her breasts bare and her privates exposed. A pair of nanotech cat ears grew out of her blue hair and a long, shiny tail formed out of the remainder of the suit at the base of her spine. Layla dropped to all fours as her palms and knees glistened with a thin layer of nanofibers to protect her skin, and within two seconds of the door closing her expression had become more lifelike, but utterly empty of intelligence. She meowed at Amanda and padded over to rub herself against her thighs, then purred affectionately as Xara giggled and scritched under her chin.

"Perfect. Now we're a family. Mistress, pet... other kind of pet. Come on, Amanda. I need to blow off some steam."

Xara led her to the bedroom, her leather suit loosening and falling to the floor as she walked. By the time she reached the bed Xara was naked, and turned to watch Amanda as her own bodysuit receded into her collar. Amanda felt incredibly self-conscious as she felt her new ass naked for the first time. Her cheeks flushed at how much heavier it felt and how much wobblier it was without the nanotech support. Xara admired her lustily.

"You can get on the bed on all fours tonight. I've waited a long time for this." Xara fished out one of her custom strap-ons from a desk. It looked much larger than Amanda had seen before, enough to make her whimper, but as she obediently crawled onto the bed, she reasoned her ass had never been this size either. Surely it would fit.

Layla leapt up onto the bed next to Amanda and began licking what she apparently perceived as a paw. "Shoo..." It felt demeaning talking to her best friend like an animal, but Amanda couldn't help it.

"Oh, don't worry about her, love. She could watch every second of me fucking you and she wouldn't recognise what's going on at all. Let her watch." Xara chuckled darkly.

"Yes, Mistress Xara," Amanda whispered, raised her ass and pressed her face into the pillow.

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