Inheritance - Dreaming in Digital

Chapter 7 - Mingling and Obsession

by Creirwy

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"Come on, Mandy. You're exempt from drone duty today. We've got something to do." Xara patted her shoulder and walked past, heading for the door.

"I just need to make sure Layla will be alright." Amanda frowned and looked at her friend, who was happily lapping at a bowl of cereal on the ground, tail twitching lazily. Xara grinned over her shoulder.

"She'll be fine, silly. Just send her down to the server room when you're done with breakfast. I've gotta go get the maids out of their bed so they can help me get dressed. Maybe after a quick round in bed." Xara trailed off thoughtfully as she closed the door behind her. Amanda shook her head, then jumped at the sound of ceramic on wood.

"She sure seems open about her kinks, huh?" Layla mused, sitting next to Amanda in her work uniform as she spooned cereal into her mouth. She slowed her chews to a halt and frowned quizzically at Amanda's staring. "What?"

"You... were acting like a cat. All night."

Layla snorted. "I think I'd have noticed."

That was curious. "What do you remember?"

Layla raised an eyebrow as she chewed another mouthful. "Miss Xara invited me to be your room mate. I came up and checked the place out, then you two went to bed so I did too."

Amanda's cheeks felt hot. Layla had 'gone to bed' at the end of Xara's bed after a good hour of Xara getting off with Amanda's new ass, and Amanda knew Layla had been watching the entire time, albeit with no recognition or intelligence in her eyes, she seemed more drawn to the motions and Amanda's moans than anything, mewling in response to Amanda's whimpers.

"Well, I gotta get to work. I'm on processor duty today." Layla took a deep breath, erect nipples already visible under her tight latex catsuit. She patted Amanda on the shoulder as she left. "Try to relax. You're a babe, this town is full of horny folks and the sooner you feel comfortable letting loose the more fun you'll have!"

The advice only made her feel more embarrassed. Amanda sighed and ate her breakfast.

"Ta-da!" Xara held her arms out and cocked a hip to one side. Violet and Lavender stood either side of her, putting the finishing touches on her hair and dress, and discreetly groping each other when they got the chance. Xara's hair was still slightly punky but today it was let loose, cascading down her back in dark black fading to a venomous green at the tips, a colour scheme matched by her black cocktail dress that appeared to glitter with green stars like a galaxy. Her lips were once again painted black and green and she almost looked like an off-colour goth to Amanda, but she made it work.

"Wow, that's... you look..."

"Be a good girl and tell the truth." Xara had a confident grin, but she almost sounded self-conscious. That thought was quickly lost as Amanda felt herself forced to speak.

"You look amazing, sexy, powerful. I want you to top me again," she finished, cheeks red as Violet and Lavender giggled knowingly.

Xara seemed pleased with the answer. "Good girls. All of you. Reward!" She snapped her finger and all three of the girls around her moaned, squirming in place as their arousal surged and their skin lit up with pleasure. It wasn't an orgasm, but it felt close to afterglow. "We've got a special function today, Amanda. Bunch of important people from Ananke, our satellite communities and even some uncursed are having a function at the hotel. Aunt wants me to attend to network and learn more about how the city works and blah blah blah and I can take you since you're my concubine. So, makeover!"

On cue the maids swooped in on Amanda. Violet slipped behind her and started working on her brown hair while Lavender started to apply makeup. She could feel her bodysuit shifting against her skin, but she felt paralysed by Lavender's closeness and the brush on her cheeks, and couldn't even try to look down to see what was happening. She just hoped it wouldn't be mean.

Eventually the maids parted and pulled Amanda in front of a mirror, and she gaped at her reflection. Somehow they had styled her straight hair into waves midway down her back, longer than it had been straight. Her nanosuit had transformed from a skin-tight sci-fi plugsuit into a distractingly snug, dark green dress she would normally expect to see movie starlets wearing to award ceremonies with a plunging neckline that exposed far too much skin, complete with a pair of heels that had her eyes level with Xara's.

Right now, she quite literally had bigger things to worry about; even standing still the dress felt air-tight around her hips and ass, and she was pretty sure it stood out like a beacon from a far greater distance than normal.


"You look great!" Xara grinned and sidled up next to her in the mirror, arm around her waist and hand resting on her hip like the arm of a sofa. "Definitely trophy material."

The maids giggled quietly as Amanda involuntarily whimpered at the thought of going out like this, but as Xara held an arm out Amanda's automatically looped around hers and she found herself casually walking for the elevator, hips swaying disproportionately to the small steps she was taking.

Part of her was jealous she couldn't see herself from behind.

Xara's eyes repeatedly drifted sideways as they stepped into the elevator and rode it down and more that once Amanda caught her lick her lips out of the corner of her eye. Once again she felt like a mouse trapped by a predator.

Xara groaned to herself. "You got any idea what that dress makes me wanna do to you? I could have you dancing for me and presenting with a snap of my fingers but I've gotta be good," she scowled. "Stupid business networking. All I want is to fuck my girltoy all day, is that too much to ask?"

Amanda blushed and mumbled, unsure if she was supposed to answer or not. "Very unfair, Mistress."

Xara smirked at that. "Well, I may not be able to play with you as much as I like, but I can still have a bit of fun. As long as you wear that dress, you're going to interpret anyone touching your ass as an accident or your own fault for getting in the way. Be a good girl and obey, and forget hearing these orders." She snapped her fingers.

Amanda's head swam for a moment as the elevator rushed toward ground level. "I... hhuhh... Sorry, Mistress?"

"I didn't say anything, pet." Xara smiled widely at her. Amanda nodded and returned her attention to the floor indicator, watching it tick down. She much be a bigger hypnosub than she thought; just watching the number count down had her feeling a little fuzzy. She closed her eyes for a moment to clear her head, then blushed as she realised Xara's hand was resting on the swell of her ass.

"Oh... sorry, Mistress," she awkwardly apologised and took a step to the side. "I keep forgetting how big I am now."

"Don't worry about it, Mandy, it's not your fault." Xara grinned like she was hiding something, but the doors opened before Amanda could ask about it, and she was led out to the car.

As a mid-sized but secluded, private city, Ananke only had one hotel, and while it was a tall building a lot of it was reserved more for entertaining the guests, or any of the cursed who wanted to play away from home. In her insanely tight dress Amanda felt like the spotlight was on her from the moment Xara helped her out of the car to when they made it through the front doors and to the elevator, but seeing the skimpy uniforms some of the maids were rushing around in - and the blushes on one girl her age that told Amanda she was new to the city too - made her feel a bit less alone in her humiliating situation.

That feeling vanished once the elevator doors opened and she was led out, arm in arm, to a huge, elaborate function room like a palace full of men and women in expensive suits and dresses, eating expensive food and attended by expensive looking waitresses and waiters. Contrary to her expectations, none of the serving staff were fetishised - a little bustier or wider-hipped than other cites might expect, or a bit more muscular or attractive than the average wait staff, but they were professionally dressed and nothing erotic was going on.

It made Amanda feel extremely out of place as she walked with Xara through the room, mincing in her shoes, unavoidably bumping her hips into other guests and dignitaries and constantly getting her ass in their hands, apologising profusely every time.

Many of the guests were Ananke locals - business leaders, strategists, technologists, and Amanda saw the Matriarch herself in a blood red dress at one point speaking to some politicians she recognised from election cycles before she ever came to the city. There were perhaps eighty people here and fewer than two dozen non-locals, but after her three weeks (even if she was asleep for one) in Ananke it was weird to see 'normal' people again.

As part of her grooming, Xara was expected to speak to everyone before the real business started. She'd wander up to a group with Amanda in tow, introduce herself and her concubine (did she have to call her that?) and get to know who she was speaking to. Many eyes would slip over or linger on Amanda during conversations but she tried to ignore them and stay polite.

Partway through the introductory phase of the function Amanda was standing to Xara's right, and to her own right stood a businessman who had the entitled smirk of a wealthy playboy etched permanently on his face. Despite his smarmy confidence and professional speech, he was very clumsy - his hand had ended up on Amanda's rear four times already during the conversation and she was starting to feel bad about embarrassing him further, so she was trying to ignore his fifth faux pas, even if it was a bit more gropey this time. It wasn't like she could criticise him too much with how often she had bumped it into wandering hands since arriving at the hotel, but she did have a limit and couldn't understand how oblivious one had to be to not notice one's fingers accidentally probing the edge of a woman's ass crack.

"So we've been to the mines already, seen how all that works. I'm thinking we might go see how the technology division does its work soon," Xara was saying between sips of red wine.

"Don't suppose you can give us any tips," said the businessman, Amanda wincing as he accidentally goosed her.

"You know the rules, allies are only allies if they don't pry," the Matriarch's deep purr cut through the conversation as she strolled past. "Xara, dear, it's almost time for the formalities to end. You know subs can't attend." She smiled at Amanda, who shivered involuntarily at the attention.

Xara frowned slightly. "I know, but I wanted her to come to the party. What else can she do?"

"What, indeed?" The Matriarch mused. Her enigmatic smile slowly spread to Xara's face as the two looked each other in the eye, and Amanda had the feeling they were speaking over their connection to Nyna.

"Excuse me, Matriarch," an older man cut in. "One of our casino waitresses has become indisposed and we're understaffed."

Xara grinned and the Matriarch chuckled. "How fortuitous. We were just wondering what to do with our hanger-on here. Would you like to borrow her?"

A quick flick of the eyes was all it took the hotel owner to decide. "She would definitely make do, Matriarch."

Xara squeezed Amanda's hand. "Well, I'll find you after work, Mandy. Be a good girl and do what Mr. Banks says." She gestured at the hotel owner, who shook Amanda's hand.

"Pleasure to meet you, ma'am. Come with me, please."

Amanda turned to follow him, yelping as the clumsy businessman absently slapped her ass once her back was turned. "Sorry!" she called over her shoulder, blushing.

Xara's group politely laughed it off.

Amanda was led out of the function room and through a service door into a narrow hallway (enough that every step had one hip to the other rubbing against the walls, much to her chagrin) and down an elevator for a few floors, into an employee area.

"You'll be working the casino floor with the other girls. I know you haven't been trained and there's not enough time to go over things, but in her wisdom the Matriarch provided us with an Infodump."

"Infodump?" Amanda frowned, as did the hotel owner for a moment.

"Ah, you're new blood, aren't you? Infodumps are one of the Genecorp secret technologies. Businesses of note around Ananke are supplied with a station to help with emergencies like this." He gestured at an alcove in the wall with a helmet, similar to the drone pods at work. "It'll give you all the relevant information and skills to perform your job. It's not quite brainwashing or hypnosis, more like... an intensive course crammed into a few seconds. It wears off after six or so hours, plenty of time to do your shift."


"You're a bit wide to fit in the slot but the helmet has enough give we can plug you in while you sit in a chair."

Amanda flushed. That wasn't the problem, asshole... She sighed and took a seat as the hotel owner pulled the helmet from the wall and down over her head.

"Nyna, give her the crash course in waitressing."

"Yes, sir!" Amanda heard the bimbo kitty chirp before the visor lit up with overwhelming colours and lights and sounds.

She found herself in an empty classroom, seated behind a desk, in a total mockery of a school uniform that had her blushing even harder. As if to spite her, the chair she was in had armrests and she was wedged in too tight to stand up. If there was anything more humiliating than this situation it would be getting caught out in the corridor with a chair stuck to her backside, so she decided to stay put for now.

"I guess this is my life now." She sighed.

"The best life!" Nyna manifested by the holoscreen in a torrent of coding wearing a sexualised teacher's uniform. It would have been obscene if her avatar had identifiable private parts, given how short the skirt was, but it was perverted enough with how the low, low cut of the blouse offered no support whatsoever to her heavy yet weightless tits. Amanda got the impression Nyna didn't really know what clothes were for other than aesthetics. The screen behind her slowly lit up.

"Nyna? Where are we?"

"This is the classroom!" Nyna gave a vapid grin that reminded Amanda of a toddler answering a tough question with misplaced confidence. She waited a few more seconds to respond, but as soon as she opened her mouth to seek clarification Nyna continued. "Like, classrooms are where you study, yeah? And you learn stuff. And you're here to learn stuff!" She started pacing back and forth, bouncing breasts giving her a look at odds with the look of concentration on her glowing pink face. Her tail thrashed as she gesticulated. "So Nyna made a bubble... code... place thingy that was like..." She scrunched her face up, thinking.

A minute went by before Amanda cleared her throat. "Like?"

Nyna's eyes went wide, as if she just realised Amanda was there. "Nyna likes watching Genecorp's classrooms! She can see out through all the holoscreens and watch tomorrow's citizens learn!" She giggled. "And sometimes the teachers tease Nyna and the students by being all sexy while they use the screen? Sometimes students even sneak into a classroom at lunch and fuck! They think they're being secretive but Nyna's always watching and -"

"Nyna!" Amanda's cheeks were bright red and she doubted she could take much more exposition. "Why am I here specifically?"

The holoscreen behind Nyna glowed a bit brighter and seemed to bulge slightly. "Ooooh. To learn waistressing!"

Did she just make fun of me? "Waitressing?"

"Yeah, that!" Nyna giggled. "Sorry, a live model in the Genecorp Academy for Arts just took her clothes off. I think she's a second cousin of yours or something!"

The holoscreen pulsed again.

"Why is the screen doing that?"

"Oh! That's your lesson."

"My lesson?"

"Well you can't learn it all manually, silly! This is a crash course and that's the crash! We gotta get you up to speed in like, three seconds!"

"Running a bit behind, aren't you?" Amanda snarked, eyeing the screen nervously as it strained against its frame.

Nyna crossed her legs and sat in the air, giggling as she slowly turned upside-down without her clothes or bust responding to the change in gravity. "Naaaah, it's only been, like, two milliseconds. You're in Nyna time here!"

"But... okay, but how is -"

"Lesson time!" Nyna vanished in a pop, and the screen suddenly shattered. A billion alphanumeric characters and pictures exploded out of the void beyond the classroom and directly into Amanda's eyes and ears. She screamed, but it was drowned out by the cacophony of digital screeching and overlapping voices. Nothing hurt, but even if it had she wouldn't have experienced it for long.

Within a quarter of a second she blacked out.

I hate it I hate it I hate it…

Amanda strutted through the crowded floor of the casino, holding a tray of champagne flutes with a balance she wouldn't have expected her body was capable of, especially in heels that towered like the ones she now wore. It wasn't so much the leers, the grins, the comments she got as she walked around and offered drinks like a model on a catwalk. Those were humiliating, of course, and degrading, but they weren't the worst thing.

It wasn't waking up after the crash course to find her gown transformed into a bunny girl waitress outfit, white leotard and cuffs and ears and blue fishnet-patterned tights that by some bastard magic of Genecorp's nanobot technology were both tight enough she initially mistook them as body paint yet so lacking in support she could feel her ass and thighs wobble with every professional step and rock of her hips (which, if the whistles and catcalls she got from the drunks were anything to go by, were world-class).

It wasn't the polite, eager smile plastered on her face as she endured the debasement. Nor the giggle she instinctively gave when one guy reached over to pinch her backside as she leaned over a table to replace empty glasses with full ones, and not even the encouraging way she arched her back and pressed into his hand as if she wanted him to enjoy himself more.

No, what really got to her, more than the ears and the cotton tail and the fact the hotel owner had her dye her hair the fakest shade of platinum blonde she had ever seen "for the aesthetic" was the fact she wasn't turned on by any of it.


Nyna had giggled when Amanda mentally asked why she wasn't responding to her situation like normal. "Rule two, 'the client's pleasure comes first'! Casino policy is to maximise the client's enjoyment of their time here, so Nyna has been authorised to temporarily shut off your neural pathways that let you feel arousal!"

"But why?" Amanda had cried in shock. Internally, anyway. To anyone looking at her from the outside they would have seen a super-wide-hipped twenty year old having the time of her life parading around gamblers like a living wet dream. "This doesn't seem like Ananke's sort of thing?"

"Umm, like... You know when you have like..." Amanda got the impression Nyna was trying to think of a good metaphor, but considering she lacked the worldly experience necessary to make comparisons it would probably take a while. After serving another tray of drinks, a platter of nachos and spending ten minutes at a table kissing some woman's dice for luck while she and her girlfriend kept their hands glued to each of her asscheeks, Nyna suddenly resumed her thought. "If you have a hose that dribbles it won't put out a fire, but if you make it all pressured it'll be stronger?"


Amanda got the impression Nyna was frowning, even though she couldn't see her. "Like, we just hold back the tide so it's stronger when the time comes."

"When what comes?"

"Cums," the catgirl giggled. Amanda was rolling her eyes and waiting for an answer when a somewhat lecherous looking man she just wanted to get past grabbed her wrist.

"Hang on, babe, I'm buying out."

Buying out? Amanda wondered as her body slowed to a stop and waited. The man stood up and stood behind her, fingers tracing across the back of her leotard. Nyna?

"This is the hypnosub special! All the waitresses can get hired out by winners for some fun in the suites but the hypnosubs can get customised to the buyer's tastes."

Amanda's eyes boggled. No way, I'm not letting someone like him fuck me!

Nyna giggled. "Nyna can read your vitals, silly. If you could feel arousal you'd be into it."

Well, I can't, can I?



I am not doing it, Nyna, and you're not going to... Amanda turned around and for the first time since the crash course she felt a frown on her lips, one that only deepened at the stranger's wicked grin. With a quick scan she found herself in full control of her body again - she felt less well-balanced, she stood a little more meekly and tried to cover her embarrassing uniform with her arms. She opened her mouth to explain that she wasn't interested before the guy held up a couple of casino tokens and her head thumped so hard she nearly lost her footing.

The tokens were a pale bronze colour, and looked to be made of plastic. She wasn't sure of the symbolic value they had, but they can't have cost more than a few dollars a piece to make. The one on top even had some of the red paint on the rim chipped off, and they looked like they came out of a board game more than a casino so high-class it was visited by the richest and most well-connected around the world like a secret society.

Amanda needed them. She <b>needed</b> the tokens. More than anything else she had ever needed before. Those tokens were beauty incarnate to her. She wanted to look at them. Touch them. Own them. Kiss them, taste them, stroke them, rub, nuzzle, mewl...

Distantly she realised what Nyna had meant. Amanda's arousal was back in full fucking force, and she could feel her leotard dampening with sweat and lust. She'd do anything for those tokens. They were already hers, the rest was a formality.


"I'll give you one token if you take me to a suite and let me fuck that fantastic ass of yours, and the other if you make me really enjoy it."

Amanda grinned and wordlessly grabbed his wrist, turned and tugged him forcefully after her, Nyna superimposing a path to the nearest suite on the floor for her. This perverted moron was willing to give away two tokens just for some anal? He must have been insane. Of course Amanda would do it; it was just an ass. Just a huge deposit of fat on some young woman's legs. Why would she prioritise it over those tokens? She'd let him go for a week non-stop, not that she'd tell him that.

She only had one requirement.

"Yes... Yes! Fuck yes!" Amanda gasped. The man behind her groaned, hands pawing at her flesh, gripping her hips tight enough they're probably bruise, and ramming his comparatively small dick between her cheeks. He was groaning and cursing, obviously enjoying himself. It had been almost an hour and he didn't seem to want to stop.

Amanda didn't care. She had been on her chest on the bed the whole time, her heels helping her raise her ass to the perfect height for him (perhaps they adjusted their height for that? Her memory was a bit of a blur), and suit had retreated to nothing between her knees and her bellybutton, to give him full access and full visibility.

The mattress was soaked with her sweat, drool and cum. She had orgasmed four times already, and she felt a fifth surging up inside her. As the stranger - not even from Ananke, her implant told her - spanked her and thrust hard and orgasmed inside her again - she had lost count how many times he had - Amanda cried out and climaxed again.

The pill he had taken kept him hard and energised, and he only paused a moment for breath before he started again, groping her with rough hands and ravaging the ass everyone in the casino had lusted over. She barely felt any of it.

As she started longingly at the tokens on the mattress only inches from her eyes, jostling slightly with each shake of the bed, rasping softly against each other with the most heavenly sound she had ever heard, she bit her lip and felt another orgasm welling up inside her.

Those tokens were as good as hers.

"Shut up...Mistress." Amanda glowed red, grumbling.

Xara hadn't stopped laughing all the way home. Amanda could barely remember her time at the casino now, the Infodump's expiry taking much of her short term memory with it, but she remembered the trip home well enough. Hard to forget walking out of a public hotel dressed as a bunny girl, clutching a couple crappy tokens like the most precious thing in the world and announcing to your Mistress they meant everything to you. Especially so passionately. And erotically.

The suggestion had worn off on the way home, but Xara still had the giggles. And now that they were finally back in their flat, Layla curled up on the sofa and napping in the sunset light, Amanda could see how common and generic the things looked. Not even board game quality, they looked more like cereal prizes. That she had been so obsessed with them was humiliating enough.

Xara had stopped by a jeweler on the way home and had them turned into a pair of earrings which Amanda now wore, back in her cocktail dress, ostensibly for the aesthetic. A dress that looked more expensive than the house she grew up in, shoes that would put her in debt for life if she broke them, and a couple plastic discs dangling from short gold chains in her ears.

"Cheer up, babe. I was thinking of making them the centerpiece of a bikini for you to model," Xara snickered. Amanda clenched at the thought of strutting down a catwalk wearing such an abomination. This city was really getting to her.

She loved it most of the time but boy was it unfair.

Xara moved her over to the bed, sitting her down. "You've had a big day, and tomorrow's a day off, so you should get some rest. I haven't had my fun with you yet today, though." She smirked a little and pressed a finger hard against Amanda's forehead.

Amanda felt the strength drain out of her immediately. She fell back onto the bed, arms and legs limp and eyes struggling to stay open. "What..." she tried to speak, but it came out as nothing more than a relaxed sigh. Already she could feel sleep overtaking her.

"Don't worry, Mandy," Xara cooed. "You're gonna sleep and I'll join you after a round or two." She produced from the bedside drawers a large black strap-on which would have made Amanda's eyes widen if she had the energy. All she could do right now was exhale as her eyes drifted shut. She felt Xara's fingers slide up her suddenly bare thighs and gently spread her legs before even that sensation dulled.

"Sweet dreams..."

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