Inheritance - Dreaming in Digital

Chapter 5 - Revelations and Promotion

by Creirwy

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Darkness. Heat. Arousal. Amanda groaned as she rolled her hips. The dream felt short this time, but so hot. That Xara girl was really fucking with her. Impersonating her boyfriend to hide her manipulation... Mmm.

She sighed and came, feeling a warmth spread between her legs as a man groaned.

"Fuck, that was nice. Think she's about to wake up, though, we should get back to lunch."

"Yeah, sure," said another masculine voice, a moment before Amanda felt a wet warmth in her throat. Her lips closed as something slid away, and she heard a gentle rustle of clothes. "Let's get going."

Amanda kept her eyes closed as she drifted for a few more minutes. All at once her mind cleared and she bolted upright, turning her as she took in her torn nanosuit, exposing her torso down to her pussy and her skin coated in cum. "What..."

Nyna appeared on the table, barely bigger than a normal housecat. "Hi, Amanda! You have questions!" A statement, not a question itself.

"Where am I? What happened? Why am I..." she gestured at herself with some embarrassment.

"Break booth 039. You got picked." The catgirl smiled.

"Picked for what?"

"Didn't you already get told? Drones are free pickings for any workers with brains on the upper floors. They come down here, pick drones and use them to blow off steam!" She was oddly chipper for someone describing a situation Amanda had grown up thinking was an abuse of power.

"So, strangers brought me here and used me."



"Nyna can't answer that, silly! That'd be a breach of privacy!" Nyna giggled.

"Breach of... they used me to get off!" Amanda blushed and covered her chest, before remembering she could just will her suit to reform and cover her. The catgirl only giggled, tail and tits swaying gently.

"You're so cute trying to be all shocked about this. No wonder she likes you."

"Who likes me?"

"Anyway, you gotta get back to work! Products don't build themselves, y'know!"

"They could if you just got robots..."

"But drones are hotter than robots! Especially when they think they're robots," Nyna added with what Amanda assumed she thought was a deep look of consideration. "Nyna could make you think you're one?"

"...maybe later." Amanda blushed and left the booth. She did like the idea of being a robot, but she needed her head clear right now. Dipping back and forth between her fantasies and reality was really starting to confuse her. How many days had she been here? It wasn't many. Training was supposed to last for a week, and she hadn't yet reached the end of it. But why did the school fantasy feel as real as this reality? Was the hypnosis that powerful? Or was the school the reality and this bizarre sexual city the fantasy? That would make more sense, but with Xara in the picture the school seemed only barely more tame.

Amanda needed a way to tell which reality was real. She was quite certain she was being gaslit and as aroused as that made her she wasn't quite trusting enough to not ask questions yet.

Amanda absently put her drone helmet back on and the visor lit up. "Oh, wait!"

Her mind went blank. SL6778 re-joined her unit and resumed labour.

"Nnngh... what?"

Amanda rolled over in her bed and forced her eyes open. The fantasy was feeling more real every time, and now she was even starting to doubt the fantasy... or was this the fantasy? "Oh my god," she groaned, squeezing her eyes shut.

"Something wrong, Amanda?" A sultry voice, one she didn't quite recognise. Amanda opened her eyes again and realised she wasn't in her room. The college's nurse stood over her in a short white, skin-hugging minidress with a red cross and a useless cap. Her cleavage was hidden by Amanda's angle of vision, but she had no doubt it was more than adequately exposed - her thighs were certainly bared to the absolute legal limit from where Amanda lay. She blushed and sat up.

Only to be pressed gently back onto the bed. "Don't move, sweetheart. You need your rest," Nurse Paige cooed. Something in her voice told Amanda to listen, that things would be alright if she obeyed. But even as she relaxed, Amanda felt something was wrong.

"Um, Nurse Paige, doesn't this feel... off?" she wondered as the sexy nurse stroked her hands up Amanda's thighs to the hem of her skirt.

"How do you mean off?"

"Something isn't how it's supposed to be..." It was such a struggle to identify what was wrong, especially as the nurse climbed onto the bed and straddled her lap.

"Everything is normal, Amanda. You might be under some stress," Paige whispered seductively as she began to gyrate her hips, grinding her ass into Amanda's lap. The girl moaned and arched her back a little. She supposed she might be stressed...

"I'm starting to feel like I can't tell the difference between reality and my dreams..." The nurse caught her wrists and lifted her hands to her breasts, encouraging Amanda to fondle them.

"Mmmm... Well, this is real, Amanda. I can promise you this isn't some fantasy."

This definitely felt real. And yet, Amanda couldn't shake the feeling something about it felt... artificial. It was just so hard to focus on the thought as the nurse leaned down, pressing her breasts into her own and kissing her neck. "Fuck..."

"Yes... Girls like you tend to get stressed and repressed when you focus too much on classwork. You'll feel a lot better if you let it all go." Nurse Paige murmured in her ear, kissing between sentences. Amanda whimpered and humped up into her nurse's ass, fingers probing her hips.

Maybe she was right. Maybe she was just feeling repressed, Amanda thought as their lips met and their eyes closed. She was a nurse; she would know how to help her, after all. Amanda just had to listen and cum. And Paige was a very good nurse. It wouldn't take long at all.

The months passed without any more fantasies. Mark stopped giving her hypnotic dreams of some sexy version of Ananke, but they still tranced together and fucked. Nurse Paige had been right; getting off was a great stress relief. In fact, sometimes the couple snuck out of class to get some in wherever they could; a supply closet, the boy's restroom, a classroom during lunch... A few times they even used the nurse's office, where Paige seemed happy enough to join in.

Oddly, Mark seemed to oscillate between a kind, caring if kinky boyfriend and a bit more of a dominant, advantage-taking pervert, but Amanda loved to play with him whichever mood he was in. Sometimes he was happy to just cuddle and touch in bed, sometimes he insisted Nurse Paige and Amanda try to bring each other to orgasm while he watched. Sometimes he recorded it on his tablet; Amanda initially had concerns about that, but Mark had explained why it was okay. She couldn't quite remember what he had said, but she knew it had convinced her, so whenever he decided to record she went along with it happily.

Miss Mari kept riding Amanda's ass as much as she wished she could ride Miss Samara's. She always seemed to mess up in history class specifically, and she couldn't work out why. Thankfully, the daily sex was helping her deal with the stress.

Sometimes her thoughts returned to the fantastical city of MILFs and drones and dominatrixes and silly cursed DNA. She had asked Mark about if a few times, but even under hypnosis he didn't seem to know what she was talking about. It was odd, but somehow Amanda couldn't be bothered to get to the bottom of it.

Xara even seemed to back off as time went on, which relieved Amanda. Something about the girl had always made her a bit anxious, and she had been worried that being more intimate with Mark would cause her to do something bad, but the opposite seemed true; the more Amanda and Mark fucked, the less Xara teased or bullied Amanda. She still smirked like she knew something Amanda didn't, but she didn't really talk to her anymore. The lack of conflict was such a relief Amanda even sent her a video file of herself masturbating as a thank you and peace offering, and Xara accepted it surprisingly graciously.

But one day Amanda was called to the principal's office. She wasn't sure why, so after class ended for the day she walked into the administration building, through the teacher's lounge and knocked on the door.

"Come in," a mature but friendly voice called. Amanda opened the door.

"Go in," said Brit, smiling and pressing a button. The door slid open and Amanda walked inside, still in her drone uniform. Today she finished her training, and had been called to the Matriarch's office to finalise the process. She hadn't been given a fantasy for the last few days, and was feeling more secure in her reality now. Maybe it was all the sex? Even if she didn't remember it? A few times in the last few days she had woken up in odd locations around the workshop, nanosuit torn, retracted or modified into some fetish costume or another, feeling oddly spent, full or raw. It was all very erotic, and completely inappropriate to think about seconds before meeting a meeting with her top boss. She willed the nanosuit to subtly add a few layers to her bust in the hopes of minimising the visibility of her nipples.

And stopped abruptly. The Matriarch was seated behind her desk as she was during Amanda's first visit, but she was quietly speaking with another woman sitting on the edge of her desk, one who Amanda was shocked to recognise.

Mistress Somna, the stage hypnotist who had come to her college, wore less of a performative stage uniform than Amanda remembered, and more of an outright dominatrix uniform that reminded her of "Ebony". Black leather from neck to heel and wrist, tall spiked heels and tight leather gloves, studded belt and straps strategically sewed around the suit to make her look sealed into the damn thing, which must be compressing and hiding the real extent of her shape, Amanda realised belatedly. Her white hair was done up in a high-resting ponytail and she had dark make-up on, and a green pendant hung over her breasts. Her hair was almost the opposite of the Matriarch's, only she didn't have a coloured streak like the Matriarch's red on black.

The two women looked over at her as one, and Amanda suddenly felt like a rabbit who had wandered into a lion's den, though she imagined a rabbit wouldn't feel as horny in such a situation. Something was going on, something she was unaware of that these two knew, and the power imbalance almost had her dropping to her knees in supplication and need. Then Mistress Somna's lips parted, her grin showing a hint of teeth, and Amanda's knees literally wobbled. The women shared a laugh at her expense, and she fought back a moan.

As strange as the situation was, something about it was disconcertingly familiar.

"Good afternoon, Amanda," the Matriarch purred, leaning forward at her desk. "Today marks the end of your training. This is the day where all the good little drones get proper living quarters and the freedom to move about Ananke when they're off duty. But we have something else in mind for you."

"Something else? Why?"

"You've been chosen."

She frowned. "Chosen for what?"

The Matriarch grinned, as did Mistress Somna, who remained silent as the former answered. "You'll find out momentarily, sweetie. But first there's something you need to remember. My dear friend Somna is here to help with that. You just need to let her hypnotise you."

Now there was a hot thought. Amanda had often fantasised about the hypnotist trancing her, ever since the show she had put on back at college. But something inside her gave her pause. "What if... I don't want to?"

She blushed dark as the two women burst out laughing, as if the very idea of her resistance was absurd. And given how hard they laughed, Amanda couldn't help but feel it was. Especially as Somna stopped with a mirthful smile, rolling her leather-wrapped hips as she slowly, slowly stalked closer to Amanda. Gosh, even her aura was hypnotic. Amanda could practically feel the urge to sleep creeping up her spine as the woman rose a good foot taller than her and smiled down like a wolf.

The hypnotist lifted her pendant and placed it against Amanda's forehead. "Cum and remember."

Amanda fell to her knees, crying out in bliss as her body obeyed and her mind overloaded with sensations and memories.

Amanda jerked to a stop. The hell? Inside the principal's office was the principal, of course, but also that hypnotist, Somna, and her on-again off-again tormentor, Xara. The principal sat behind the best while the other two sat on the corners, arms crossed and grinning.

"Be a good girl and lock the door," Xara smirked. That seemed like a reasonable request, so Amanda locked the door and turned back to the trio.

"What's going on?"

The principal cleared her throat. "Amanda, you've been called here to -"

"Quiet, mom," Xara barked. Amanda gasped. Mom? Xara never let on that she was related to the principal. Was that why she acted like she owned the school?

Though more shocking was the way the principal blushed and sat back on her seat, as if embarrassed to have spoken out of turn. What the hell was going on? Was this another fantasy?

Amanda must have looked surprised, for Xara grinned all the wider and narrowed her eyes cheekily. "In fact, we don't need you for this next part, mom, so why don't you go kneel in the corner and finger yourself?"

The principal flushed and looked over to Somna. "Honey..."

The hypnotist leaned over then stroked her hair, murmuring softly. "Don't worry, my love, it's a good idea." Amanda watched her stare into the principal's eyes, and the older woman's expression slowly changed from embarrassed concern to calm acceptance.

"Good idea... Of course..." She stood and moved away from the desk, tugging her skirt out of the way as she shoved several fingers into her pussy, sitting on her knees in the corner and quietly smiling at the other women.

Amanda took several long moments to recover enough presence of mind to look away, and when she did Xara was grinning again. "Sorry about that. Somna's the cool mom. Ann was born submissive, which is why she was sent here to run a college instead of inherit her birthright."

Amanda frowned and rubbed her head. "What the fuck are you talking about?"

"You'll find out soon enough. But right now, I want to enjoy seeing you squirm, so be a good girl and remember everything I've done to you."

"Everything you've -" Amanda nearly stumbled to the floor as her memory recontextualised itself. Half her memories of Mark suddenly replaced themselves with Xara playing a part, and Amanda obliviously going along with it. To her humiliation, Amanda realised she had slept with Xara far more often than she had with Mark, and most of the trances she remembered with him were Xara, too. She also had her answer to the question that had been plaguing her - Genecorp was the fantasy. College was real. Which meant all those times she had embarrassed herself unwittingly on Xara's instructions - deleting homework, getting off in class, that day she 'accidentally' send a nude selfie intended for Mark to the computer science group chat - were all real, too. And yet she had forgotten each of those faux pas - no wonder her classmates teased her or smirked behind her back. Her face went beet red.

Xara moaned. "Yess... that shock, that helpless look, the panic!" She licked her green lips. "It's taken so long setting this up, and you're not disappointing me. Be a good girl, come and lick me... nice and tender, like a lover."

This time Amanda knew she was being triggered, but she couldn't stop herself from approaching Xara. The punk shimmied her pants down and exposed herself, and though she struggled to change course Amanda could only kneel at the foot of the desk, gently hold Xara's hips and bury her face between the girl's legs, slowly and lovingly teasing her with her tongue.

"Mmmn... That's the stuff." She felt Xara's hands stroke through her hair, pushing her down.

Somna's voice chuckled somewhere to the right. "Xara, I know you want to enjoy your toy some more, but we called her here to prepare for her next life. Remember?"

Amanda heard a throaty groan. "Yes, mom... Fine, we'll do it your way. Amanda, keep doing that, but mom's gonna hypnotise you, okay? And you know you can't resist cuz she already got you back at her show."

She did, Amanda realised. Her memories of her and Mark watching the show had been manufactured, too - they were two of the volunteers. Amanda could only assume Xara had got her trigger phrase from Somna after the show - and even with that knowledge she couldn't stop eating the girl out.

Then a green pendant dropped in front of her eyes, and her gaze locked on it like there was nothing else in the world. Just the taste of Xara's snatch and the swing of that pretty, green crystal.

"Amanda, pet, you've been such a good subject. The last couple of years have given you a lot of practice at trancing, and soon you'll move onto a new world you've dreamed about. But first we're going to clear your mind of the baggage so you can have a proper first experience, and so we can mess with your perception of reality. So, imagine all the hypnosis you've experienced here at college. Your memories of trancing, your memories of anything lewd... Your memories of Mark, and even Xara. And put them in a box deep in your mind. Can you do that?"

"Mmmmph..." Amanda sighed. Part of her wanted to resist, but Somna's voice was just too relaxing, and that crystal was so distracting not even Xara humping her face could keep her eyes from following it.

"My daughter is going to cum soon - trust me, I know the signs - and when she does, that box is going to shut and lock tight, and my pendant will be the only key. As far as you will remember, none of those memories ever happened. You had a perfectly normal college career; you weren't taken advantage of."


"I know, I know. You still had the hots for Samara and almost failed maths because you were too busy staring at her. You've always had a thing for authority figures, after all; you were born for it."

Somna's voice directed itself away from Amanda. "Ann."

A groan. "Yes, honey..."

"Come sit at your desk. When Amanda wakes up you need to act as a proper headmistress and offer her the Genecorp pass." Distantly Amanda heard the sound of shuffling feet and a chair creaking. "Hm. You look far too hot and bothered. Amanda, when you wake up your principal will be calm, cool and collected, no matter how she really looks or sounds."

"Mmmm..." Amanda droned into Xara's pussy, causing her to giggle with the vibrations.

"Can you make mom get off in front of Amanda?"

If she had the presence of mind Amanda might have heard Somna smirk. "Naughty girl. Ann, you're going to find Amanda believing everything is normal too erotic to resist masturbating in front of her. You need to cum before she leaves the office."

"Yesss, honey..."

Xara wrapped her thighs around Amanda's head and with a final thrust she let go, laughing.

Xara's laughs dissolved into Amanda's own cries of pleasure. Her orgasm had lasted long enough to take her through the memory deluge - her original oblivious memories, remembering the hypnotism, and being made to forget - she could even remember watching her principal bring herself to orgasm as she handed her the Genecorp information pack, where just moments ago she had only remembered a pleasant conversation with an excited mentor whose handshake was oddly warm... Ew .

Amanda fell to all fours, gasping, twitching, the suit so tight it stimulated her as it struggled to stretch over her ass and between her drenched legs. "What... did you do? What's real?" She whimpered, looking up at the two grinning dommes.

The Matriarch crossed her legs, dangling a heeled boot under the desk where Amanda could see it. She imagined licking it, feeling it step on her... "This is real, silly girl."

"But when I'm... back in college I think that's real."

"That's because it is," Somna chuckled. Amanda whined again, the competing realities warring in her mind.

"They both are," the Matriarch chimed in. "A year and a bit ago Xara had Nyna help her come up with a scenario to make you fantasise, and this week we simply played it out like a script."


"We haven't explored gaslighting too much. You were something of an experiment. We wanted to know how you would cope with not knowing what was real - very well, by the way, if a little turned on - and we wanted to see if we couldn't give you a kink for it. We'll have you give a full report soon enough. Thank you for participating, by the way." the Matriarch winked.

"You say that like I volunteered." Amanda pushed herself to her feet, swaying slightly. She blushed, but she was getting used to being on display, so she didn't bother trying to cover what the suit flattered.

"You did. We explained what we were going to do, you agreed, and we wiped the memory from your mind as a control." Somna crossed her own legs and fidgeted with her pendant.

That seemed... possible. Maybe reasonable. But... "Wouldn't I have remembered that when you told me to remember?"

"Only if we told the truth." Grinned the Matriarch. "Either we told you and made you forget, or we picked you and did it behind your back. You're never going to know which. How does that make you feel?"

These women had complete control over the situation. Amanda just wanted them to fuck her, use her...

"Anyway," the Matriarch purred. "We really did call you here to assign your new living arrangements. You'll be living with my niece."

"Your niece?"

"Hey, Bitch." A familiar voice rang out behind her as the door slid open. Amanda shuddered in a fearful arousal before looking over her shoulder.

Xara still had the same hairstyle and colour scheme, but now she wore a leather bodysuit with dark green highlights. Her boots were just as spiky heeled as the Matriarch's, her figure seemed slightly fuller than the last time Amanda has seen her, and she seemed completely at home.

"Feels so nice to wear proper clothes, doesn't it?" Xara spanked her on the way past, and Amanda, in her confusion, barely even reacted, which only made the girl laugh as she hopped up to sit across the desk from Mistress Somna. That was a familiar sight...

The Matriarch stroked Xara's back fondly. "You met my older sister. Half-sister. She ran your college. The dominant gene skipped her, the silly sub-borne, as it sometimes does, so I took over Ananke in her place. Xara here, a fellow domme-borne, is my heir. One day she will run the city, and be directly in charge of the tens of thousands of submissives and their handlers."

Amanda bit her lip. That was a worrying thought, yet one she couldn't quite deny she wanted to see happen.

"You asked what you were chosen for. Xara picked you to be her personal plaything when you graduated. So, you'll be living with her, with her as your owner. Congratulations," she finished with a wink. Xara grinned and held a metal wristband to Amanda's collar, which beeped once, then clasped it around her own wrist.

"Let's see..." Xara made a face of concentration, and Amanda was shocked to see her nanosuit retreat up into the collar, leaving her fully bared in front of the twisted family. She tried to call it back, but it no longer listened to her. "Oh, this is gonna be fun. Let's stick with the classics for now." Xara smiled, and Amanda's suit melted back over her body, warping itself into a shiny latex schoolgirl's uniform, rather shorter than her college uniform had been.

Somna spoke up. "Xara's had a crush on you for years. She really wanted me to give her your trigger phrase."

For the first time since she had known her, Amanda witnessed Xara's cheeks go red, though she looked as annoyed as embarrassed. "Mom!" The two older ladies laughed.

"Whatever," Xara huffed. "Lust isn't love. Let's go, Amanda. I wanna show you my apartment, but first we're gonna stop by the surgeon's."

"Surgeon?" Amanda wanted to stop until she was answered, but she dutifully followed Xara, as if by instinct.

"We just call them that. You know the nanobots can reform your body once the blockers are removed? The surgeon lets us, if picked early, select the target proportions you want. It's new tech, but popular."

Amanda blushed quietly, trying not to goggle at how well Xara's outfit fit her, or how well her body fit the outfit. Xara twisted and grinned at her. "Come on, lighten up. You look terrified! Smile. You'll feel better." Amanda frowned, an expression Xara soon copied. "You're gonna want to smile willingly, or I'll put your hair in pigtails, get you a giant lollipop and make you giggle and skip all the way home. And if you think your current situation is humiliating you don't wanna go to Dick's Suckers."

"That's not a real shop name," Amanda deadpanned. But as Xara's grin slowly returned to those pretty black and green lips, Amanda forced herself to grin back.

"Amanda, is it? Well, we'll have your growth template set up in no time. You must be excited, a lot of new girls in town are," said the Surgeon. Amanda's face was flushed and her breath ragged, but that may have just been because she had been ordered to sit in the lap of a man older than her father as he 'inspected' her body. By feel.

The schoolgirl uniform only made her feel more slutty. Xara seemed to be enjoying it, though, grinning that infuriating(ly sexy) grin as she leaned against the wall.

The Surgeon stood and set Amanda's feet on the floor, then guided her over to a holoscreen with a hand on her ass. Even if she wanted to, and she wasn't sure anymore that she did, Amanda couldn't even twitch away from the groping because on the way to his office Xara had told her to be a good girl and don't resist physical advances.

"You'll be able to select various options for the nanobots to carry out from here. It's sort of like a character creation tool in one of those old-fashioned VR experiences, but since it's your body it will, of course, have its limits. But Genecorp is hard at work overcoming silly things like limits for the betterment of Ananke and the world," he smiled. "Now, you pick your dream shape and I'll be back momentarily."

The Surgeon left the room as Amanda studied the options. A crude outline of her current body, apparently transmitted via Nyna from a bodysuit scan she had undertaken back during training, was surrounded by clinical but embarrassingly blunt options. "Hips", "Tits", "Ass", "Musculature", "Softness" and even "Sensitivity" were all choices. Each was in the form of a slider, and the extreme ends of each spectrum were greyed out, with a notification explaining that special permission was required to move beyond about the first or final fifth mark. Her current natural shape was used to define the default, smack in the middle of the sliders.

Amanda cautiously put her finger on the Tits slider and edged it up a notch. The outline of her body showed an increase in the size of her bust, and Amanda blushed as she remembered Daisy and her outrageous udders. How far did she push hers when she had the choice, and did pregnancy only add to it? Or was she a special case because she was a breeder?

"Boob girl, huh?" Amanda jumped as Xara spoke into her ear, then laughed at her reaction. "Can't blame you. Some guy two hundred years ago must have loved tits cuz basically everyone in the city sees those fat mounds on their neighbours and wants to get a piece. We even get some men who decide to grow a pair instead of having to use the nanosuits. To say nothing of the feminisation strain..."

Damn it, maybe it would be more notable when she wasn't turned on in this city.

Xara's gloved hand slid over hers, her finger pressing Amanda's against the screen as she slowly dragged the slider further to the right. Amanda whimpered and moaned as she watcher her avatar's chest balloon outward. The lack of agency was... really exciting.

"I know what you're thinking, pet." Xara whispered in her ear, lips against her skin. "Subs like you like having decisions made for them. This is a semi-permanent decision on how your actual body will look. No technology tricks, no costumes, just your naked body. It's a decision not to be made lightly, one a lot of people grow up wishing they had... and you'd rather give that choice to me, wouldn't you?"

Amanda twitched and shook her head. "No..."

"No? You don't want me to choose? But I own you now, Amanda. You're my property. Under Ananke law you only have what rights I let you have." She pressed her leather-clad body against Amanda's side, whispering in a voice that plunged deep into her mind and tickled her soul. "You're only even human when I let you be."

"Fuuuuck..." Amanda couldn't help it. She quivered and came, and would have dropped to her knees if Xara hadn't held her up with a surprising strength.

"So, future-volleyball-tits, we haven't finished. Shall we make you soft? Muscular? Should your tits be natural or feel fake? Mmm. So many choices." Xara mused to herself like she was reading a curtain catalogue as Amanda panted and tried to recover her finger. But Xara simply pulled her hand over the screen and manipulated the sliders, not even bothering to lift Amanda's gaze to see what she was doing.

"But me... I'm more of an ass girl. Remember Miss Samara?" God, did she ever. "That pencil skirt looked fantastic on her, didn't it?"

"Yesss..." Narrow waist, wide hips, and a nice full ass that caused the skirt to straddle the line between professional and slutty. Even if the teacher herself was unaware (was that just an act?) Amanda had known a lot of men who would talk about her during breaks. The girls had rolled their eyes and called them perverts, but Amanda knew a fair portion of them were either jealous of their teacher or as infatuated as she was, or perhaps both.

"Since mom was the principal, I got to visit the teacher's lounge at lunch, you know. And since my other mom is Ananke's best hypnotist, I got to enjoy the odd lap dance from Samara."

You lucky bitch!

Xara laughed. "But I'm not cruel. I could tell you had a crush, so I got mom to... encourage Samara to give you a good show each class. You're welcome," she smirked. Well, Amanda couldn't complain too much about that. "Point is, can you imagine how good you'd look with an ass like that?"

Amanda's eyes widened. Samara had had hips only a little smaller than the breeders at Udders. Could hers really be modified that much?

"Of course it's possible, you ditz. It might be new tech, but it's reliable." Amanda blushed. She hadn't realised she mumbled. She was too horny, too delirious. She could barely pay attention as Xara rubbed her sorry excuse for a rear.

"Samara might have a great butt for a teacher in the outside world, and I'm sure she cockteases a lot of guys on her days off. But here in Ananke she'd be roughly average. Breeders are a bit wider for practical reasons. But me, I just like good curves and a big ass." Xara grinned down at her. "Shall we make Samara look small?”

Amanda cried out and came in anticipation as her finger slid across the screen.

The Surgeon was a little surprised by Amanda's choice. "Usually new arrivals are conservative their first visit and if they later want an upgrade, they petition for a second shot. But you seem sure," he monologued. Amanda was still catching her breath and nodded, though part of her felt that may have been because Xara was standing behind him and nodding.

The Surgeon had her sign some documents and contracts - one of which, he noted, was the right to use her as a marketing model should he wish to, and Amanda signed without hesitation. Had she done it willingly? Or had Xara manipulated her? She couldn't tell; she didn't remember being triggered (not that she would) and Xara seemed entirely too amused by the situation, but the girl was unreadable, at least at Amanda's current level of arousal.

"It'll be about a fortnight before you finish readjusting, a week if you take the vitamin shortcut. But it's gradual, and you will grow used to it as you adjust. The nanosuits are helpful as they will automatically adjust to cover you, too. No need to buy new bras every day," he chuckled.

"Fucking pity," smirked Xara. Amanda didn't like that wolfish grin. Maybe she liked it? Her brain was a mess today. Maybe this was the fantasy after all. "Let's go home. I can't wait to see what you think of the place."

The drive back from the Surgeon's was short, and to Amanda's slight disappointment it turned out the heiress lived in the Shaft. While the first few dozen floors were office space and laboratories, and the underground levels were dedicated to assembly and maintaining the AI servers, the upper floors of the tower were the living space of the 'royals'. She supposed it made sense; as the tallest building in the city it dominated the skyline, and the ruling family certainly had a thing for dominating.

That much was evident in the decor. Xara lived one floor below the Matriarch, but the moment the elevator doors opened Amanda was confronted with a carpeted hallway that wouldn't have looked out of place in a hotel, if the hotel had a slight castle aesthetic. The walls were lined with portraits of what she assumed were former owners of the city, and there were statues evenly spaced throughout the hallway similar to suits of armour, except most were of men and women in BDSM gear. Whips and riding crops and dildos in display cases were positioned as if they were historically significant weaponry, and as Xara led her to her quarters, they passes a stairwell with a sign declaring it "the recreation dungeon". Amanda was starting to feel anxious as Xara lightly commented she might be spending a lot of time there.

Xara's quarters were spacious, opulent and high-tech. A large foyer with a hot tub in one corner (because who needs privacy in a place like this?), a whole wall of windows gazing out at the city, an entertainment suite including a massive holoscreen and a retro VR chamber, a stairwell up to a second floor, and a bedroom with a frankly enormous bed and an even more enormous wardrobe - a bit redundant for a city with shapeshifting clothes, Amanda thought, but she didn't get the feeling Xara cared for practicality as much as her position.

"Right!" Xara clapped her hands, turning to face her. "Let's lay out the rules. First, my place, my rules. If i say something is a rule, it's a rule, and you obey. Understood?"

"Yes, Xara..." Amanda felt her cheeks turn hot. Back at college she would never have considered saying those words in any context, let alone as a slave.

"Good. Second, I pick what you wear, what you eat, what you do while you live here, where you sleep. If you're good you'll share my bed, and if you're not, or I'm bored with you, there's a box in the wardrobe you can curl up in. I'll even lock it up for you," she finished with a grin. Amanda was definitely blushing now. "Yes, Xara."

"Hm. Third, call me Mistress Xara or Mistress. I want you to feel your status every time you speak."

"Yes... Mistress." Fuck.

"Good! Now, I'm gonna go have a shower. You feel free to explore my place. You are one of my possessions now." She grinned and licked Amanda's ear. "Oh, and... don't worry." She smirked and sashayed off through a door, her suit receding into her collar as she walked.

Amanda felt a sudden burst of anxiety. Don't worry? She was supposed to live with a girl who had manipulated her throughout college, gaslit her, threatened her, wiped a whole boyfriend from her mind and she wasn't supposed to worry? What was she even doing here? In this city? Surely none of this was legal. Or did laws not apply here? Ananke was so remote and so tightly controlled people might not know of any violations that took place here. Amanda certainly didn't. Not once in her schooling did anything even slightly lewd or sexual get mentioned in relation to Genecorp.

Something was wrong here; she could feel it. Amanda needed to get out while she could. Maybe she could help Layla, too? Or would that draw attention? First thing's first; she had to get out of the Shaft without drawing attention to herself. If she was stealthy, she might just make it.

She knocked on the bathroom door. "Yes?" Xara called out over the sound of the shower.

"I'm going to run away, Mistress," Amanda replied.

"Alright, good luck~" Xara sounded amused. That was weird, but there was no time to analyse it. She had to get out before Xara realised what she was up to.

She paused at a wall mirror on her way to the front door, frowning at her school uniform. She needed a disguise, something to blend in. She couldn't stay like this or she'd draw attention like a magnet. She deliberated for a few minutes, then her uniform slowly returned to a full-body catsuit, this time as bright pink as Nyna. This should blend in, but there's something...

Amanda blushed as a memory of Daisy popped into her mind. It was an embarrassing concept, but she really needed to go under the radar. She focused her will on the nanosuit, touched her collar as she had been trained, and the nanobots responded to her thoughts, swelling her chest, hips and rear out until she looked, for all intents an purposes, as curvy as the MILFy waitress.

There... The perfect disguise. She just needed a few minutes to... adapt. She had never had tits this big before, not even fake ones. She bounced them in her palms curiously, marveling at how real they felt. Nyna was really working overtime. Something she had learned also interested her... With a thought her false breasts turned from a natural bounciness to a hard, plastic stiffness she could barely make a dent in even when she dug her fingers in. She bit her lip and returned them to the default state. That was too hot.

She modified the shoes of her suit into a stealthy pair of hot pink fuck-me pumps and left Xara's apartment, walking back down the corridor toward the elevators. It was like a fog had lifted from her mind. The dungeon definitely sounded illegal, and the sex toys on display were just... obscene. She was pretty sure they hadn't even been washed before they had been sealed away. How was any of this sexy?

What was sexy was how much she felt like a heroine from a spy movie. Between her form-fitting catsuit, her stealth and her confidence she felt like she could take the family controlling this city down. Nothing was going to stop her, she was just too good!

Her tits bounced as she took a bit too much of an excited step. God, that felt nice. And now she was at the elevator. She was basically free. Fuck Xara; she'd head down to the ground floor, slip out of the building and find a way out of a city with no one the wiser.

She allowed herself a smug smile as she gently knelt on the carpet, staring at the elevator to freedom. Her simulated ass felt nice against heels and the back of lower legs, her fake chest felt pleasingly heavy, and it felt even nicer as she ran both hands over the ridiculously rounded latex. She was really good at this. She pinched her nipples as a reward and mewled as she felt her body warm up.

The elevator doors opened and a purple-haired woman in a maid uniform exited, pushing a tray of cleaning supplies ahead of her. She stopped, shocked, upon seeing Amanda kneeling in her way, mauling her tits. "Um?"

"I'm escaping!" Amanda panted, smiling. She could trust the maid. Why would she give the game away?

"Ahh. Well, you're doing a good job of it," the maid replied, a friendly smirk on her lips. "Keep it up, ma'am." She pushed the cart around Amanda and walked on, eyes lingering on the stealthy garish pink suit.

"Thanks! I'll find a way to rescue you from Mistress Xara too!"

The maid groaned and squirmed for a moment. "Oh, I'll need rescuing alright..." she muttered as she admired one of the statues as she passed it.

What a nice woman. She didn't deserve to be exploited by this cruel society. Amanda would do everything in her power to save women like her, as soon as she got off. Got free.

The sound of moaning was so relaxing. Almost musical, but sensual, hot. Amanda could listen to it all day. How long had she been fondling her massive prosthetics for? Long enough for the maid to have finished her cleaning duties and return, dishevelled hair and wide grin, down the elevator, minus her cleaning supplies and plus a strange quirk in her step. Damn, maybe Amanda should have taken the lift down with her? Oh well, it would only take a few minutes to come back up, and then she'd -

Amanda squealed and jumped as a hand landed on her shoulder, setting her tits wobbling. "Hey, slut. How goes the escape?" Xara's voice. She could hear the smile.

"I'm almost there... I've almost gotten away!" Amanda gasped, tweaking her nipples again. Even though they were fake the feedback was so real, so good. No wonder Daisy loved having people suckle her!

Xara laughed. "Well, you almost made it. Come on, time to come home." She patted Amanda's hair condescendingly, and she rose to her feet, staring at the elevator as her feet carried her in the opposite direction.

"But... I was so close... How did you know?"

"Fuck, you're fun." Xara giggled and snapped her finger. Amanda felt her perspective shift again, disorienting her for a long moment, then her cheeks went as pink as the suit. How could she have possibly thought...


"I know, right? You're so open to suggestion. You've got an amazing brain, and I'm going to looove using it like this." Her eyes roamed over Amanda and she grinned. "Keep that profile for now. Looks good on you."

"Yes, Mistress Xara," Amanda whispered as she walked alongside her captor.

"In fact, walk ahead of me. I wanna admire that ass before I break it in."

Amanda whimpered as she obeyed, her traitorous body even putting a swing to her hips she didn't need. She really was just a toy, wasn't she?

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