Inheritance - Dreaming in Digital

Chapter 4 - Confusion

by Creirwy

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"Wake up."

Amanda groaned, hands sliding up her bared chest to tease her nipples. She gently bucked her hips as she slowly woke up, thinking over the events of the fantasy. MILFs, milk, humiliation, manipulation... god, it was all so erotic.

Distantly, she was aware of a door closing, and suddenly she felt wide awake.

"Shit!" Amanda gasped, staring at the clock. She was going to be late for class if she didn't get ready right now. She hurried to the shower for a fast rinse then dressed as quick as she could. No time for a proper breakfast; she grabbed a carton of milk, popped it open and drank directly.

Fuck. Did milk always taste this good? Did it always slide down her throat so silkily? She could feel it teasing her tongue, taste it on her teeth, each gulp and swallow making her feel a sense of comfort, of being wrapped in a mature woman's arms and nuzzling her tits and -

Amanda tossed the empty carton in the sink with a blush. That fantasy must have had some residual effects. She decided she should find Mark as soon as she had some time to try to get that sorted - surely that wasn't intentional. She grabbed her tablet and hurried out the door.

It was only when she walked briskly into the outdoor air that she felt the breeze more keenly than usual and realised she had forgotten her underwear. Damn it! she was too rushed this morning; she had no time to go back and re-dress. She'd just have to be careful not to expose herself or get horny today.

She was sure she could manage it.

"Hey, Amanda," Xara grinned, leaning against the lockers with her arms crossed. "Had a good night?"

Amanda paused before responding. Her best friend was definitely a looker, and she admired the easy confidence with which she carried herself. Here Amanda was, hiding her embarrassment, rushed and on the back foot, and there was Xara, taking life in stride, utterly comfortable and not a care in the world. Amanda wished she could be as cool.

"Yeah... Just had some interesting dreams," she mumbled, dragging her eyes away from Xara's hips and the way her uniform flattered them.

"Oh? What about?"

Another blush. She'd have to get used to those at some point, surely. "Nothing in particular... Just wandering around town, a new job, stuff like that."

"Ah. Sounds udderly normal."

She flushed darker. "What did you say?"

Xara smirked. "I said 'sounds utterly normal'. What did you think I said?"

"Um... That is what I thought," Amanda mumbled as she finally closed her locker and stood. Something about being near eye-level with Xara felt wrong, but despite their similar heights Xara’s presence still felt larger to Amanda. . She briefly imagined her friend in one of those leather suits the dommes in her fantasy wore and swallowed.

What part of don't get horny don't you understand?! She held her tablet strategically in front of her breasts, making sure her lack of a bra wouldn't be too obvious.

"By the way, Amanda, did you do my homework?"

"Oh... yes, I did," Amanda responded, looking Xara in the eyes. So captivating. That smile was nice, too. Some might call it predatory, maybe even cruel, but Amanda knew Xara better. She was just being nice. She felt herself smile, too.

"Could you transfer it over?" Xara held her tablet up and Amanda dutifully traced her finger across her own screen, sending the files. It felt so nice to do a good deed for a friend.

"Did you manage to do yours too?" Xara's free hand reached over and cupped Amanda's cheek, and she felt her body relax.

"Yes... went to sleep late but got it done..."

"You're such a good girl, doing me a favour. You like doing me favours, don't you?"

"Mmmm..." Amanda smiled and nodded, eyes glazing over. Xara grinned and leaned a little closer.

"Could you do me another favour? It's nothing big. No big deal for a good girl like you."

"No big deal," Amanda sighed.

"That's right. Could you do me a favour and delete your homework? It's no big deal."

Amanda smiled and lazily traced her finger over her tablet again, removing her own homework file from the device. "No big deal..."

"Good girl!" Xara was so nice to call her that. Amanda mewled, eyelids fluttering. She liked doing good deeds for her friend. "One more important favour?"


"Could you be a good girl, count to thirty, then forget everything about my homework and that you've seen me today? And clear your mind of being my friend." Xara smiled, turned and stalked off with a chuckle.

"One... Two..." Amanda continued to smile and count as she stared at nothing.


"Twenty-nine... Thirty."

Amanda blinked. What was she doing standing around? She had a class to get to. She felt a little lightheaded as she took off down the hall. Oh, great, there was Xara, several rooms ahead, green-tipped hair swishing as she looked over her shoulder. "No running in the hall, Amanda!"

Amanda scowled. Damn teacher's pet, acting like she owned the school. And what was she so smug about this morning?


Great. Just great! Amanda thought as she stomped down the hall. History class had not gone well at all. Miss Mari had asked for homework to be sent to her console, but Amanda couldn't find hers. She knew she had stayed up late finishing it, but it was nowhere to be found.

Always a hardass, Miss Mari had glared at her through her glasses. Her expression, coupled with a severely tight hair bun and a smart blouse and pencil skirt, gave the teacher the textbook appearance of a sexualised, dominant headmistress. So Amanda's attempts not to get aroused were once again put to the test as her teacher humiliated her.

"Did you forget to do your homework, Amanda?"

"No, Miss Mari..."

"Then where is it?"

"I... can't find it, Miss Mari."

"Then you have no proof that you even tried, don't you?"

"No, Miss Mari..."

"Naughty girl."

Amanda had looked up and blushed at that. Had she heard her right? Several snickers from the row behind suggested she had, but her teacher had moved on.

"Xara, have you done your homework?"

"Of course, Miss Mari." the punk grinned, swiping her tablet and sending the file.

"Well, at least someone did," Miss Mari snarked, throwing a dirty look at Amanda, who sank into her chair (partly out of a hope her tablet could hide her nipples from her teacher). "You should be more like Xara, Amanda. Honestly."

The lesson had progressed more or less as normal from there, but Amanda's attempts to calm down had the opposite effect. The next time Miss Mari had turned around, Amanda was sweating visibly and wriggling in her seat. The frustrated teacher sighed.

"If you're feeling sick, go see the nurse. Xara, could you make sure she makes it?"

"Yes, ma'am," Xara chirped, and before Amanda knew it she was out the door, Xara's fingers digging into her upper arm as she pulled her along.


"You really shouldn't go to class if you're feeling sick, you know." Xara commented lightly. Amanda bit her tongue.

"I'm fine."

"You don't look fine. All that sweat, panting, squirming. You must be so hot."

Amanda swallowed. She definitely was... that.

"And here we are." Xara pulled her through the door to the medical centre. Clinical beds and small but complicated machinery lined the room; Genecorp tech was usually compact but versatile. The nurse, a short redhead woman in a buttoned-up white lab coat, smiled over.

"Something the matter, loves?"

"Amanda here is feeling a bit under the weather, Nurse Paige."

"Well, lie down, then. This shouldn't take long. And stay still."

Sighing, Amanda lay on one of the beds. The nurse pulled a scanner from the ceiling and placed it just over her body, effectively pinning her in place as it slowly roamed up her legs. She watched the scanner with some trepidation for a few moments, then glanced over at Nurse Paige - and her eyes went wide as she saw Xara pressing an injector gun to the nurse's neck.

"Hey -"

Xara pulled the trigger and a wet squirting noise broke her off, Nurse Paige's eyes rolling back as she fell into an open-eyed sleep. Xara snickered and fondled the defenceless woman's chest for a second as she tugged her to her feet.

"What did you do?!" Amanda demanded. If the scanner weren't pressed against her belly she would have jumped up and slapped Xara.

"Nothing! Just a chemical compound. Puts the conscious mind to sleep, exposes the subconscious... very strong, but very temporary. She'll wake up before long, so I need to give her some instructions. Be a good girl, shut up and wait."

Amanda clamped down her response. Once Xara was finished speaking she'd give her a piece of her mind.

"Alright, Nursey. Listen carefully and accept what I tell you." Xara leaned over and whispered in the redhead's ear, pressing a package into her idle hands. A few moments later Xara straightened up. "Once you get dressed, sit in the corner and sleep. Once Amanda wakes up, carry out those instructions."

She gave the nurse's backside a swat and Paige slowly walked out of Amanda's line of sight. Xara grinned and took her seat by the bed. "Now, Amanda, time for another bit of fun with you. I always look forward to this."

Amanda glared up at her, but didn't speak. Xara hadn't said she was finished, yet. The girl brushed some of Amanda's hair out of her face and then pushed the scanner out of the way.

"Be a good girl and stay there. I'm going to leave the room in a minute. When I do, be a good girl and forget everything that happened today; when you hear the door open you'll be in your bedroom, and you'll see me as Mark."

What? That was ridiculous, Amanda wanted to say. She couldn't just forget something on command. Even Mark's trances hadn't been that deep, and Xara definitely didn't have any sort of power over her. She patiently waited as Xara walked over to the door, then paused to stare at Nurse Paige walking zombie-like to s bed in the corner and sitting on it, now wearing a very fetishy latex nurse's uniform. Amanda's eyes went wide in shock for a moment, then the door clicked.

Groaning, Amanda rubbed her eyes. Why was she so sleepy? She blinked her eyes open and her gaze rested on the sexy nurse doll Mark had bought her as a joke. And partly to turn her on. The doll was surprisingly realistic, despite its somewhat busty chest squeezed into the minidress it wore. Still, Mark did tend to spoil her.

"Hey, Mandy..."

Speak of the devil... she smiled and rolled over as her boyfriend swaggered in, all confidence and teasing attitude. "Hey, babe."

"Wanna have another little dream?" Mark sat on the bed next to her, trailing a hand up her socks to her bare thigh and along her hip, grinning suggestively. Her toes curled as she groaned.

"Sure... but you need to do something about me being so horny when I wake up, I'm gonna get in trouble if a teacher notices."

"Well, I don't think they will, but I'll think of something. For now, why don't you be a good girl and trance for me?"

"Mmm..." Amanda sighed blissfully as her eyes shut and her senses dulled.

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