Inheritance - Dreaming in Digital

Chapter 3 - On the Town

by Creirwy

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"Wake up!"

Amanda groaned. Her body felt so sensitive, so compressed, and every squirm she could feel the bodysuit restricting her movement and pressing into her skin. She took her time waking up, basking in the dream. It had felt so real; she was back at the college a couple years ago, but things were... kinkier. She was part of a small hypnosis club that had sprung up after the stage hypnosis show one semester, and she had a boyfriend, seemingly purely so she could get cheated on by him and that Xara girl.

None of that had really happened while she was at college, of course, but it felt so real while she was dreaming. She was starting to see why the hypnodrones enjoyed server duty so much. It was taking her time to readjust to reality, and it felt good.

She had only been here a day, and she was already feeling at home, despite not even making it out of the building after meeting the Matriarch. She had gone right into the training stage, which mostly involved getting one of those metal collars welded shut around her neck (very hot; she'd been very close to the muscular chest of the man carefully welding the metal halves together and it was a challenge not to squirm, and now she wasn't sure the collar was even possible to remove), learning how to interface with Nyna once her chip was installed, and basic exercises in how to mentally manipulate her nanosuit - she couldn't help but notice that over half the instructions she was told to give her suit involved making it tighter, expanding her curves and generally sexualising her, and she just knew the trainer was aware of how hot it made her.

'Training' for server duty was barely training at all. She was just instructed to lie in a chamber, had the helmet placed on her head, and before she knew it, she was 'waking up' in Mark's presence believing yesterday had been a hypnotic hallucination. Nyna was certainly good at her job.

"SL6778, at attention."

It was said quietly, but the order resounded in Amanda's ears like an explosion. She had to obey, she needed to obey. Instantly alert, she stepped out of the chamber and stood at attention, eyes straight forward as her helmet was removed. The technician walked around her, scanning her eyes with a bioreader and tracing his hands unnecessarily across her hips and ass. Ordinarily she might have moaned, flinched away or even arched into his touch, but she could think of nothing but the order to stand at attention.

"SL6778, did you dream?"


"Were you a good slut in your dream?"


"How many times did you orgasm in your pod?"

"Three times." There was no hesitation, no embarrassment, no shame. A question had been asked of her; she must answer. It was cause and effect, as irresistible as falling if she were pushed off the stairs.

"Excellent. This completes your training, SL6778. Your shift is now complete, and you may re-engage your personality."

Now Amanda blushed. She had never admitted to even her friends how often she'd gotten off, let alone a stranger whose name she didn't even know, although he had already moved onto the next trainee.

"Red isn't your colour, girl. You need to loosen up!" Another hypnodrone commented, smiling at her. Layla was the trainee that had been tested before her, and she and Amanda had conversed while they were in the waiting queue. She seemed friendly enough, and if she was going to live here Amanda could use friends.

"Bold words from the woman who spent five minutes trying to walk through the wall," Amanda grinned. Layla flushed.

"Look, they told me to walk forward and then they just... didn't tell me to stop. You know how it is."

Amanda couldn't tease her too much. As part of her dehumanisation test she had been placed in front of a still image of herself and ordered to win a staring contest with the inanimate photo. Thankfully they only left her alone for a few minutes, as with the benefit of hindsight Amanda was quite sure she would have stood there for an hour believing she could win. The hypnosis here was incredibly strong, and this was only her training day - if her job was going to be like this all the time she had definitely made the right choice in staying.

Now off-duty, the girls had their names back and had free reign to spend the rest of their day. As had been explained to them, their nanosuits could be reshaped into any form or texture they desired, but until they got a feel for the culture of the city they thought they should play it safe, and just left their suits in the skin-tight hypnodrone uniform mode. Layla shifted her own suit from dark purple to a pale red, offsetting her dyed blue hair, and Amanda opted for white.

"So what were you, uh, fantasising about?" Gosh, what an awkward thing to ask, but Amanda supposed she'd need to get used to awkward conversations.

"I was some bimbo cheerleader at a frat party. There were drugs. And pretty big cocks." Layla blushed, though she didn't seem particularly shamed; Amanda rather got the impression she has been pretty outgoing before she was brought here. "You?"

"It was weird. It was like some... pornified version of my time back in college. It felt real but now that I'm awake I can recognise all the weird and sexual things that I didn't seem to pick up on in the dream, but it didn't seem like a full-on fantasy like you had."

"Huh. Maybe Nyna is easing you in? Maybe she can read our experiences and bases the fantasies on that. Or maybe you just have a thing for school uniforms."

"Watch it!" Amanda blushed. Layla's only response was a cheeky grin as her outfit shifted into a short-skirted schoolgirl's uniform that flattered her still modest but attractive body.

"Fuck I love these suits. I'll never have to go shopping again and it's gonna save me so much time changing. It's almost a pity the rest of the world doesn't have them, but I guess it makes me feel like I’m in an exclusive club, y'know?”

"Yeah, I guess... are you going to keep wearing that, though?"

Layla laughed and returned her outfit to the pale red skinsuit, though Amanda was certain her bust seemed slightly larger than a few moments ago. "I'm thirsty. We're allowed to explore a block around headquarters while we're on probation, you wanna see if we can find somewhere to get a drink?"

"Sounds good to me. Uh, Nyna?"

"Yes, Ma'am!" The catgirl popped into their path. With the connection chip installed she no longer looked like a hologram, rather more like if a cartoon character was just... there, in front of them. She seemed very pink today.

Layla scratched behind her ears as the catgirl purred and fluttered her eyes and rubs her thighs together. "Wow, I can kinda feel her. It's like she's really here."

"Mmmn... Nyna's stimulating your nerves manually... tricking your fingers into thinking they're touching Nyna..."

Layla cocked her head in consideration, then a grin crept over her face. "Hey Nyna, can you..." she leaned in and whispered in the AI's twitching ears.

Amanda frowned in confusion, but as she opened her mouth to respond she felt a sudden violation between her legs, almost lifting onto her toes as she cried out and her cheeks flushed red. Layla burst into laughter as Amanda's thighs separated slightly, a phantom cock buried deep inside her. "Nyna, cut that o-out!"

"Yes, Miss!" The sensation was suddenly gone, leaving Amanda flustered and Layla doubled over with the giggles. Nyna looked proud of herself, utterly unfazed.

"You can just make anyone feel anything like that?"

"Uhhuh! Your chip is, like, connected to your brain, so Nyna can make you see or taste or feel or hear anything! It takes more concentration and power but Nyna's creators wanted Nyna to be as close to omnipotent as possible in Ananke, to make it a paradise!"

Layla calmed down. "Well, kitty, we were hoping there's somewhere we could grab a drink within our range. Any suggestions?"

Nyna considered for a moment, then bounced in place. "You can go to Udders, just across the street from the west exit!"

The trainees blinked together. "Udders?"

The girls stood at the entrance to Udders, completely bewildered. True to its name, it appeared to be a milk bar. As would be expected for Ananke, the establishment had a fetishistic twist, the waitresses all cow themed.

On the way in they had noticed graffiti on the wall outside reading "MILF BAR" (with a dozen lipstick kiss marks around it), and that was also pretty accurate.

From what Amanda and Layla could tell, every single one of the five or so waitresses strutting around in cow-print bikinis, halter tops and shorts was a mother, or expecting mother. Some had barely visible pregnancies and others were well into the second half of their terms. By the above average - even for what they had seen of Ananke - width of their hips and the basketball-like size of their breasts the girls could only assume they had each given birth several times before. To say nothing of the lactation stains in their shirts, dribbling around the side of their bikinis and down those full, heavy breasts, around the curves of their flesh and -

"Hello girls, can I help you?" Amanda jerked in shock and blushed at being caught staring at the pair that had been walking in her direction, uncomfortably similar to Miss Samara in her fantasy. She looked up into a kind and mature face that didn't look at all embarrassed or annoyed, but rather understanding. "You're new here, aren'tcha?"

Layla piped up. "Yes, ma'am. We're training at the Genecorp offices for, um... hypnodrone duty," she trailed off, as if suddenly realising the absurdity of their new job. But the waitress simply smiled.

"Well, we're happy to have you. Come in and take a seat, order up. Everyone here is very nice and we're happy to be mother figures as you settle in," she winked. Amanda wondered if the subtle but distracting chest shake was necessary.

The girls sat in a booth as their waitress handed them each a menu listing an array of milkshakes and alcoholic milk drinks. Once they'd ordered she strolled away with those well-used hips swaying and -

Boy, Amanda needed to figure out a way to calm her libido down. Not that Layla seemed to care too much; she kept staring and licking her lips until the waitress disappeared around the counter. "Okay, Amanda, I think I love this city."

"I mean, me too, but don't you worry it's a little... much?"

"Much? I'm not sure what you mean," Layla responded, blushing as she spied another waitress breastfeeding a guy in a business suit behind Amanda's back. "It's... nice. Very... mature."

Amanda was about to turn to see what her new friend was distracted by, before her milkshake was placed in front of her. The matronly waitress smiled down at her, though from a seated position her face was almost obscured by her own impressive chest. That cow print really suited her, though...

"Since you're new, any questions you have, sweeties?"

Amanda and Layla took a sip of their respective drinks, moaning in delight. "That's delicious..."

"Creamy..." Layla sighed.

The waitress smiled again. "Thank you, darlings. Made them myself." She gently shook her chest again, and Amanda was so distracted by the wobbling she almost missed her meaning.

"So all the milk in the bar comes from the waitresses?"

"Of course! That's what Udders is all about. Name's Daisy, by the way," the MILF added, licking a thumb and wiping some milky froth off Amanda's upper lip, causing the girl to clench her thighs and squirm. Layla smirked and picked up.

"So how does that work? Do you have to stay knocked up to keep lactating?"

Daisy smiled and took a seat, her bust resting on (and dominating) the small table. "No, that's backwards, love. We're all breeder-strain girls. Once we're pregnant we don't need to stay in the breeding pens anymore, so we usually go find other jobs or go on holidays. Some of us can't get enough of motherhood so we just get temporary work at Udders so everyone can enjoy us and our milk, and we can dote on all you cute things like this."

Both girls swallowed audibly as Daisy teased a bikini cup out of the way, flashing them a view of her leaking nipple. "If you ever wanna try some from the source, just let me know... First drink's on the house, you girls are gonna need some calcium spending all day lying in a chamber."

Amanda shifted her weight. "Sure... Thanks, Daisy."

Daisy trailed a gloved hand along her torso, fingers stroking the top of her breasts. "Please, call me mom."

The girls blushed, but were too entranced by the slow, spiral-like movements of Daisy's finger around her nipple. "Thanks, mom..."

The waitress closed her eyes and took a shuddering breath, arching her back as she rode the wave of pleasure, the pressure causing her to lactate a little heavier for a moment. "I love being called that... Good girls."

Amanda and Layla groaned in submissive bliss at the compliment, each humping the air gently. They were so focused on Daisy's tits they didn't notice her smug grin, and only barely noticed as her bikini top slipped off those massive udders.

"Come on, sweethearts. Mommy's got a lot of milk to share, she needs some milking."

Amanda hesitated a moment. Her thoughts were foggy through the arousal, and she was distantly aware of being in public. They couldn't just suck a stranger's tits in a bar, could they? Didn't she want to take things slow, get an idea of how Ananke worked before diving in?

On the other hand, Layla had already latched onto Daisy's left nipple and was drinking her fill, moaning as Daisy cooed and stroked her hair, whispering soothing words. Fuck it... Amanda half-thought as she scooted over and went for Daisy's left udder.

Absolutely delicious.



"Did we get hypnotised?"

"By Daisy?"


The girls stood outside Udders, trying to clear their heads. They remembered suckling the MILF's enormous jugs and being soothed and praised as she stroked their hair and congratulated them on their new jobs, but everything after that was a blur. All they could remember was slowly becoming aware, bellies full, and a signed photo of a smiling Daisy with the two off-duty drones sucking away that neither remembered taking. And yet...

"I don't think she did... I think -"

"She didn't." giggled Nyna, manifesting between the two, her own impressive tits jostling as she bounced. "You two are just, like, really subby, so any confident woman can coerce you to do most anything if they push your buttons right, you know?"

Amanda swallowed. Being a plaything to any self-assured woman in the city sounded great, in part, but she still had inhibitions. She thought. She might need to be careful. She glanced over as Layla cut in. "Hey, Nyna, while you're here -"

"I'm everywhere all the time, silly!"

"Right... Well, are you saying Daisy knew we would be that submissive? Or do people around here just sort of... you know."

Nyna giggled and twirled. "That's one of Nyna's jobs! Matchmaking!"

Amanda blinked. "Matchmaking?" The pink catgirl nodded.

"Yahuh! Everyone in the city has a chip installed, right? Nyna, like, compiles data on citizens and learns their desires and then subtly nudges people into situations they'd enjoy!"

Layla frowned slightly. "Isn't that just mind control?"

Nyna shook her head, pigtails dancing along with her boobs. "No, it's more like... um... slight changes? Suggestions? Minor control, intercepting thoughts. Like, umm... Look!"

Layla and Amanda followed Nyna's fingers to spot a young blonde coming around the corner. She wouldn't have looked out of place in a bimbo porno from Amanda's old life, she thought with a blush, though not as much of one as the girl herself sported. Platinum blonde hair, a bright pink tube top and miniskirt, and a pair of four-inch matching heels did little to cover tits like basketballs on her chest and hips that, while modest compared to the Udders waitresses, swayed like she was determined to get more attention than them. Only she looked humiliated about her look, and was taking tiny steps, hands held rigidly at her sides as if to prevent fidgeting.

Layla licked her lips. "Damn."

"So you made her dress like that?"

Nyna giggled again. "No, silly! Her master made her dress like that! Nyna just does stuff like this!"

As she spoke, a man crossing the street, eyes buried in the bimbo's tits, missed a step, tripped on the curb and fell right in front of the woman, yelping as his hand instinctively reached up to grab anything he could to break his fall, catching the bimbo's top and tearing it clean off her chest. He landed and rolled onto his back, then went almost as red as the woman himself as he caught sight of her naked rack. "Oh, fuck... Sorry."

The woman bit her lip, glowing red as she shook her head. "No, it's, like, my fault. I didn't like that shirt anyway." She resumed her walk without another word, slowly approaching the girls as they stood gobsmacked, not even raising her hands to cover up.


The mascot AI giggled again. "Brianna's got, like, a huuuge humiliation kink, and her master leans into it. Nyna knows he ordered her to make herself look like as much of a bimbo as possible today, then he sent her to casually walk to the store, take her time so she could be good eye candy, yeah? But Nyna also knows that as totally hot as that makes her, she always wants more, so Nyna messed with that guy's motor functions juuust enough and guided his reaction so he tore her shirt off. Easy peasy! And she'd never know it was me if I wasn't telling you!"

"Nyna!" Brianna hissed, squirming as she paused by the girls. "You did that? Are you telling these girls about me?"

The catgirl giggled innocently. "Totally! Nyna knows you love it!"

"I -"

"In fact," Nyna skipped behind the blonde and floated over her shoulder, too short to reach on her feet. "Nyna knows you sucked your master off for breakfast!"

"Nyna!" Brianna whimpered, blushing as a chuckling crowd was gathering to watch. Amanda bit her lip and noticed Layla was surreptitiously stroking between her legs as she watched. This all felt so surreal. "I did not!"

"Huh? But you did! Nyna can prove it!" The catgirl gestured and the advertising monitor in a store window next to Udders cut to a first person view of Brianna between a muscular pair of legs, dutifully sucking a cock large enough to escape her cleavage. Brianna's eyes went wide as the crowd laughed and clapped, a few of the closer citizens giving her ass a congratulatory spank.

"N... Nyna!"

"Nyna got permission to record her Master's perspective, he wanted Brianna to get exposed as a slut today," Nyna giggled. "And Nyna is a good girl so she obeyed! Cuz good girls obey!" Her eyes fluttered.

"Good girls obey," Amanda and Layla repeated in a monotone before blushing, and Brianna whispered as she squirmed.

"Anyway! Brianna's Master wants that shopping done, so Brianna's gotta get going!" Nyna tilted her head as if hearing a voice, then smiled. "Nyna just need to make sure Brianna stays nice and embarrassed!"

She stepped into Brianna's body, and the blushing blonde briefly took on Nyna's mannerisms. She giggled, arched her back proudly to thrust her massive chest forward, and grinned a Cheshire Cat grin. She placed her hands on her hips, then Nyna stepped right back out.

Brianna's expression altered enough to show a humiliated fear in her eyes, but the grin was as frozen on her face as her hands were on her hips. From a distance she looked to be enjoying herself way too much. Amanda groaned and rubbed between her own legs; Layla was already panting by this point, and a large portion of the crowd were either fondling themselves, each other or recording the proceedings on their chips, Amanda assumed, by how intently they were staring.

"Off you go, Bri!" Nyna playfully spanked the woman's ass, and though she looked like she would rather swear at the AI, Brianna only giggled and sashayed slowly off, taking small steps like a model and treating the onlookers to a fantastic view of her barely-covered ass - and some side boob her narrow back couldn't quite obscure.

"She has a collar like us... Can't she just edit her outfit?" Amanda asked as the crowd dispersed.

"She could, but she gave her master veto powers over her nanosuit. She's totally dependent on him for how she dresses as well as what she does!" Nyna chirped happily.

Amanda thought she felt a quiet voice of envy in the back of her mind. "I think it's time we went back to the compound..."

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