Inheritance - Dreaming in Digital

Chapter 2 - Plaything

by Creirwy

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"Wake up."

Amanda heard a snap and groaned, squirming her way out of the darkness. She stretched, opened her eyes blearily, blinked and found herself lying in her bed. "Morning..."

"Good morning, Amanda. Have fun?" Her boyfriend, Mark, smiled at her, though it could have been a bit of a shit-eating grin. She arched her back in a yawn, taunting him with her chest in payback.

"Yeah... that was an intense dream. Genecorp and Ananke as some kind of sextopia? Where'd that come from?"

Mark shrugged. "It just sort of came to me. You and I both know hypnosis is hot so I suppose I thought making you think it'd be part of your job would be fun!"

Amanda grinned again and rubbed her thighs together. "Yeah... Can't say I wouldn't be interested working in a place like that, though. Real pretty girls... How long have we got until class?"

"About forty minutes?" Mark smiled and subtly spread his legs even before Amanda climbed into his lap, wrapping her thighs around his waist as his hands found her hips.

"Plenty of time."

Her mind kept wandering back to the fantasy. She knew she was still at college, but in the moment it had felt so real. She was certain she had graduated, and that she was going for an interview. She had even started to believe what that fake domme had told her about the college being unusual. Sure, everyone was fairly attractive and the uniforms were a bit embarrassing at this age, but it was something of a private school. Everyone being related? She wasn't sure why Mark included that in the session - maybe he was into it? It was a little hot to imagine the couples in the student body were distant relatives.

She'd have to pay him back for teasing her about her crush on Miss Samara during the trance, though. She really could stare at that pencil skirt all day. In fact, that's what she was doing now, instead of paying attention to the class - what could she say, those curves were her happy place.

She heard the chair next to hers scoot over slightly and was dimly aware of Xara edging closer. She was a pretty girl, though a little weird by the school's standards. Most of the students were proper, well-kept boys and girls, and it's not that she didn't look after herself, it was more that the quarter-shaved black and green hair and leather collar made her look a bit... rebellious. Not quite a goth or a punk, but very confident in the image she cultivated.

She was actually a bit of a rival of Amanda's. Not a totally friendly one, they just rubbed each other the wrong way a little. Amanda half suspected it was because of Mark. She started to turn to look at Xara, but the girl smirked and whispered something Amanda didn't quite catch. It didn't matter. It wasn't worth paying attention to Xara, so she'd just ignore her.

Amanda returned her attention to the lesson, but Miss Samara had her back to the class and was manipulating text and graphs on the holoscreen and man it was hard to keep her eyes from slipping lower whenever her teacher shifted her weight. Was she even aware of how snug that skirt was? Either she was a total slut or she was the most innocent woman on campus.

A hand rested on Amanda's thigh, rubbing slowly back and forth. It was relaxing, as was the soothing murmur in her ear. A quiet sigh escaped her lips as her mind turned back to the fantasy.

That woman in the office, the Matriarch - since Genecorp owned the school, Amanda had seen her portrait before, not to mention any news about the company. The CEO of Genecorp was Ruby Dawn, by all accounts a savvy businesswoman, confident to the point of arrogance at times, but she had a charm that kept people on her side. Or so she had heard, anyway.

The hand inched down her thigh to the end of her skirt, pulled it up and teased its way between her legs. Amanda idly spread her legs, lost in thought.

Mark must have included her in the fantasy because she was as close to a real world dominatrix they had ever seen 'in real life' even if it was just a video welcoming everyone to the school on orientation day. She wasn't as openly sexual in the video, of course, but a lot of the students, male and female, found her voice and her smile awoke something in them, Amanda could tell.

Miss Samara dropped her light pen and bent to retrieve it. Amanda bit off a groan as she gently rolled her weight forward in her chair, the fingers sliding into her pussy and slowly stroking back and forth. Why did the teacher have to be so clumsy? At least once a session she'd drop that thing and bend over and suddenly vanish behind her own ass...

Nyna, Amanda was sure, was based off the school's mascot. While she wasn't a proper AI in real life, there were computer generated versions of a somewhat more modest Nyna on monitors around the campus, directing people where they needed to go or answering questions. Her likeness even appeared on some of the campus property, including a digital clock in Amanda's dorm. Mark must have been inspired to sexualise her, make Amanda forget her consciously and then use her to further arouse her in the fantasy.

God, Mark was a great hypnotist, and an even hotter mind. Just thinking about some of the things they had done together ever since Miss Somna's show got her wet. She humped the fingers in her snatch a little faster, panting under her breath. Between Mark and Miss Samara she was feeling so close...

The fingers slipped out of her and she instinctively sighed in disappointment. Oh well, it didn't matter. She and Mark were going to meet up after class anyway. Miss Samara shifted her weight again, one hip cocking out. Amanda's lips parted as she continued to hump the air slowly, and something touched them. She opened a bit wider and felt it slide into her mouth. It tasted familiar, and it felt the same as the fingers had, but she couldn't take her eyes off Miss Samara's ass. It was just... unthinkable. She'd work out what it was later. For now, she'd just suckle and lick the fingers clean as she daydreamed. That seemed nice.

After a few long minutes the clean fingers slipped out of her mouth, just as the pencil skirt turned around. Those hips, those nicely wide, mature, motherly hips rocked back and forth as the approached, and Amanda fantasised about burying her face between them and –

"Amanda? Are you alright?"

Amanda jerked in surprise and looked up into Miss Samara's concerned face. "Uhh..."

"You look rather flushed and breathless. Are you feeling ill?" Miss Samara bent slightly and placed a hand on her forehead, and it certainly felt a lot cooler than Amanda did. Especially as she belatedly felt a dampness and a lack of fabric between her legs. Thank god the desks are long...

"I - I'm fine, Miss Samara," Amanda replied, blushing more as her voice cracked at the start. Several other students around her chuckled, but the teacher ignored them.

"Well, if you feel like you can keep paying attention, sweetie." She turned and sashayed casually back to the holoscreen.

"Yeah, pay attention..." Amanda mumbled as her eyes fell back on Miss Samara's ass like magnets, until she heard a snicker. She looked to her right and saw Xara grinning wickedly at her.

Amanda blushed harder. What was she so amused about?

She had a bad feeling and couldn't explain why.


Amanda flopped onto her bed. Class had finally finished and she'd barely paid attention to any of the lesson. Worse, as she went to stand up she suddenly felt self-conscious, as if she'd started to realise getting wet during class wasn't normal. Her thoughts were still a bit fuzzy, but running back over her memories there were too many things that only made sense if she were being hypnotically triggered. And if Xara's smirk was anything to go by, she must have been the one to trigger her.

"But how would she have gotten a hold of my drop trigger? Mark wouldn't tell her." Thankfully her boyfriend was coming straight over, so they'd be able to get her trigger changed soon enough.

There was a knock on the door. Amanda hopped off the bed and hurried over, pulling the door wide with a relieved smile that quickly turned into wide-eyed shock.

Xara smiled with narrowed eyes. "Hey, Amanda, be a good girl and let me in?"

This was dangerous. If Xara really did have control over her, Amanda might do something she didn't want to without even realising it. She stood aside and let Xara stroll casually through the door, then shut it behind her. "What are you doing here? I've got someone coming over right now..."

Xara tossed her dark green-tipped hair over her shoulder and grinned. "I know. I thought I'd pop in for a bit of fun, is all. Be a good girl and strip."

Amanda frowned as she started to pull her blouse and skirt off. Didn't this girl have any sense of etiquette, showing up uninvited? She shouldn't have even let her though the door. She dropped her bra and panties in a pile and crossed her arms as Xara's eyes roamed over her naked body. "Look, is there something I can help you with? I really am busy."

Xara laughed. "You can't help me, but Mark can. I'd quite like to play with him too, so be a good girl and put him into a trance for me."

Play with him? Her boyfriend? This girl had some nerve. Amanda was about to demand Xara leave when the door knocked again. So distracted was Amanda she found herself reaching for the doorknob and opening the door before she knew it, forgetting her nudity until Mark's eyes bugged out.

"Woah... Amanda, what are you - hey!" He protested as she grabbed his shirt and pulled him into the dorm room, locking the door and pushing him gently but firmly into a chair. Mark's gaze passed over to Xara and his eyes widened. "Wait, what are - "

"Sleep for me, sweetie," Amanda said, pressing a hand against his forehead. His eyes rolled back and closed, and his body went limp like a puppet with cut strings. Amanda noticed Xara lick her lips and rounded on her. Time to kick her out and -

"Be a good girl, don't speak and kneel in the corner."

She'd kick her out, alright, Amanda thought, as she walked over to the corner and sat on her knees. Right after she let Xara say her piece.

Xara grinned at her, then at Mark's unconscious body, her hands resting on his shoulders and rubbing. "Mark, can you hear me?"


"Good... You're a good boy, aren't you, Mark?"


"And good boys do what they're told, don't they, Mark?"


"And you're a good boy, and good boys do what they're told. So when I call you a good boy, you do what you're told. That makes sense, doesn't it?"

Mark's voice was like a sigh. "Yes..."

"Excellent. And my instructions are more powerful than Amanda's, aren't they?"

Mark frowned and squirmed. Xara smirked again and looked over at Amanda. "Amanda, be a good girl and help convince Mark to obey me."

What was her angle? Amanda couldn't quite figure it out, she just knew this was dangerous. "Mark, sweetie, listen to Xara and obey. Let her words sink in deeper than my suggestions. Her words are more powerful."

"Her words are more powerful..."

Xara took over again. "My words are more powerful."

"Your words are more powerful..."

"If one of my triggers contradicts Amanda's, you will prioritise mine."

"Prioritise yours..."

Xara licked her lips and squirmed; she was obviously excited. "Now keep those suggestions buried deep inside, Mark. In a moment I'm going to wake you up. You will see me as Amanda, and you will see Amanda as her pet dog, Bitch."

Amanda's eyes widened. What the fuck?

Xara grinned over at her. "Be a good girl and play along, Bitch." Amanda glowered defiantly as she put her hands on the floor in front of her and started panting. She'd show Xara who the bitch here was.

Xara snapped her fingers and Mark blinked awake. His eyes fell on Xara and he smiled. "Hey, Amanda..."

She grinned triumphantly. "Hey, Mark. Just gotta go freshen up. Wait here for me," she winked and disappeared into the bathroom. Mark looked over at Amanda and smiled. "Hey, Bitch. Come here, girl."

Amanda had to do something. She pawed her way over on all fours, placing her hands on Mark's knees and barking a warning, but the silly boy just smiled and ruffled her hair. It felt good, really good, and made her kinda horny, but it didn't seem to convince him he was being manipulated. As the only one of the two in control of herself, Amanda needed to protect them both.

"I'm back~" Xara sang, strutting back into the room in lacy black and green lingerie. It was very skimpy and showed off a moderately large bust and thick but toned thighs, and Amanda was sure if she turned around the lingerie would hug her ass just as well. Mark certainly seemed to think so.

"Wow, Amanda. You don't usually get so forward."

"What can I say, Mark. I'm just a huge slut." She grinned and strutted forward, gently pushing Amanda to the side and Mark onto his back on the bed, climbing astride his lap. "And I need your cock."

Amanda growled. Mark's hands rubbed their way up Xara's thighs to her hips and started teasing the panties down as the girl wriggled her hips to excite him.

"I don't know about slut, but I'm not complaining."

"Definitely a slut. Be a good boy and say "Amanda is such a fucking slut."

"Amanda is such a fucking slut," he repeated, barely even noticing. Amanda could tell he was getting pretty hard, and he groaned needily as Xara called him a good boy. Amanda needed to intervene. She barked and made to jump onto the bed, but Xara shot her a wide grin.

"Be a good girl, sit quietly, and watch closely."

Bristling, Amanda sat on her haunches to watch. Watch as her boyfriend pulled his pants away, watched as he shoved his dick into her enemy's pussy, watched as the two of them moaned, ground their hips and shook the bed with their passion. How could Mark not realise he was in a trance? How could he not see Xara was the one riding him, and his girlfriend was the one quietly watching, naked? Surely he'd be aware that something was wrong on some level; Amanda certainly would have been.

Xara shot her another look, sweating a little with exertion as she took her own boyfriend's cock for herself. "Be a good girl and enjoy yourself." she whispered.

Enjoy herself? With her boyfriend getting raped by some amateur hypnotist who had needed her own help to trap him? What a ridiculous suggestion, thought Amanda as her hand slipped between her thighs and started to tease herself. As soon as soon as she got off she was definitely kicking Xara out.

She just wasn't sure if “she got off” meant herself or Xara.

"Be a good boy and sleep." Xara murmured to Mark, wrapped up in his arms, smiling as he obediently passed out. Not that he needed much of a push; whether because of her hypnotic suggestions that he keep trying to cum just one more time or because she was just that good a fuck, the poor guy was utterly spent. Xara rolled out of his arms and raised herself to a seated position, looking down at Amanda, herself sitting in a small puddle of her own after multiple orgasms.

"Mmm... thanks for sharing, Bitch," she laughed. Amanda just yipped at her, an unimpressed look on her face. "Be a good girl and stop acting like a dumb dog, go lay with your boyfriend."

Amanda got to her feet and stretched. An hour spent on her knees had her muscles aching, and she was relieved to flop back on the bed. "Why did you do that?"

"I wanted to fuck Mark? Duh? And I wanted to fuck around with you, too. Now that I've got two oblivious hypnotised toys the days are gonna be a lot more fun," Xara cackled, idly pulling her uniform back on. "Speaking of which, be a good girl and notice."

The comment confused Amanda for a moment before with a slap-like rush of memories she understood. Her cheeks burned bright as the day's events reconceptualised in her mind - being hypnotised in math class, being manipulated here in her room, somehow thinking she was acting of her own free will, and worst of all, helping Xara hypnotise Mark into the same situation.

Xara groaned. "Fuck that's a hot expression. Horror, terror, but also arousal. You're scared, but you enjoyed it, didn't you? Be a good girl and tell the truth."

"Yes." Amanda said before she had even parsed the command. She blushed; had she really enjoyed it? Being totally out of control, manipulated by someone she had not consented with, being humiliated in front of her boyfriend and very nearly her class?

Xara smirked. "See, total slut. Subs, I tell ya. Now, I'm going to leave. Once you hear the door close, be a good girl and forget I was here, believe you were the one fucking Mark, and..." she whispered in Amanda's ear, then left with a pat on the shoulder.

What?! Forget? Amanda couldn't afford to forget. It was already dangerous enough, the two of them being under the control of someone they didn't trust. If she forgot, how could she possibly protect herself? She rolled over to slap Mark awake -

The door clicked shut.

Amanda sighed and kissed Mark's cheek. Her boyfriend always slept so deep after one of their marathon sessions. She certainly felt raw between the legs, and she wondered if Mark would feel the same way if he has stayed awake. Personally, she thought the discomfort was worth the afterglow relaxation.

She rolled out of bed and brushed hair out of her eyes as she approached her desk. It was getting late, and she needed to do her homework for class tomorrow. But, more importantly, she needed to do Xara's.

Her friend was counting on her. She didn't want to let her down.

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