Inheritance - Dreaming in Digital

Chapter 1 - Orientation

by Creirwy

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Amanda had butterflies in her stomach. Everything was happening so fast.

Her birthday had been last week, and she had woken up feeling much more turned on than usual. She had put it down to anxiety about graduating, as she had never liked being in front of people. But then during the ceremony she found actually being on stage, with all those eyes on her, oddly thrilling. Luckily some nerves were expected with getting in front of a crowd so she didn't think her blush and fidgeting went particularly noticed. Though it didn't help her classmates seemed to have really cleaned up for the event.

A whirlwind of a weekend went by once she had her degree, and she was suddenly invited to a "once-in-a-lifetime" opportunity with a prospective employer. Initially excited, she was a little deflated and confused when she recognised most of the other... applicants? Headhuntees? on the private bus from school. It made for some slightly relaxing conversation on the ride, though she couldn't help noticing the suits and dresses her former classmates wore were slightly snugger than she might have thought appropriate a week ago. She couldn't exactly criticise them, though; her own pencil skirt was feeling a bit short and tight, especially when she crossed her legs, but she had a handle on it. As long as nothing pornographic happened, like tripping right into some MILF's tits like in her dream last -

Hey, look at that, the bus stopped. She couldn't really see anything outside the windows - in fact, despite having flown into the somewhat secluded city she had hardly seen anything or anyone. They were funnelled onto the bus right away and driven straight here, almost like they were being kidnapped. But her parents knew she was here, and they were flying in next fortnight, so everything seemed safe enough.

Stepping off the bus in single file, Amanda glanced up at the towering building in front of her. Dozens of floors high, the building was the headquarters of Genecorp, although she could only imagine the architect wasn't very popular with how phallic the end result looked from the air. The guys on her plane had a laugh over that, and at least one of the girls took a photo with a bit of a bashful grin on her face.

Genecorp didn't own this building; they owned this city. From her research it had started out almost a hundred years ago as a commune near an old mine site for a company whose name she couldn't find much mention of, not that it mattered. A company owning a town might be one thing, but a whole city was impressive. They owned such a large area around Ananke that it was almost impossible to get in without someone knowing. The corporation was known for being secretive, not allowing just anyone within city borders, but their inventions and products had certainly assisted shaping society over the last hundred years, at least. Aside from the factories and the headquarters, there was a private power plant, a large lake, and a whole central business district squeezed within something like a two square mile diameter. Not that she had seen any of it yet...

The driver escorted them through large glass doors and into a foyer, leaving them in the capable hands of a guide. Guidebot. A bit of a flex, perhaps, but there it was, welcome them to Genecorp and asking them to follow it; a rather human-looking robot of some kind, just within the uncanny valley. They weren't on the market yet, like all the old sci-fi novels of two hundred years ago suggested, but if Genecorp had a working model for such a mundane purpose it couldn't be too long.

The prospective graduates were separated and led to a counter on the third floor, where they were met by a pretty blonde lady with glasses seated at her workstation.

"Thank you, ST582. You may return to door-watch mode." The blonde smiled.

"Affirmative." The robot bowed and walked back the way they had come, and Amanda only just managed to force her eyes away from its swishing skirt - though not before she caught one of the guys in her group surreptitiously grope its ass on the way past. The robot didn't respond and he didn't seem to notice he had been seen, so Amanda just rolled her eyes, idly wished she had been in his place and looked back to the secretary.

"Welcome, all, to Genecorp. I'm Lara. I'll be taking you to your individual waiting rooms and an induction officer will be with you shortly." Lara then stood and walked around her desk. Holy shit I thought my skirt was tight. The woman didn't lose her smile as she beckoned the group after her, but if the rest of the graduates were as weirdly turned on as Amanda was right now they wouldn't have needed the instruction to follow that ass anywhere it went. Lara wasn't huge, per se, but she was very well proportioned and the skirt exaggerated her curves more than it protected her modesty. Thank god I don't have to deal with that, Amanda thought, as she noticed a couple of the guys awkwardly hunching over in an obvious attempt to hide their boners.

She was led into a sparse, small room with a table and a couple of chairs, and Lara asked her to wait with that pretty, disarming smile of hers. Disarming enough that Amanda wasn't on guard enough to avert her eyes when Lara suddenly bent at the waist to pick up a pen someone had dropped earlier, treating her to a mouth-watering eyeful... Amanda flushed and looked away just in time, though when she next looked she couldn't quite tell if Lara's smile was just obliviously friendly or cheekily smug. The secretary bid her goodbye and strutted out the door (those are some nice heels, too) before closing it.

"Jeez," Amanda whined, fanning herself with a loose sheet of paper. "I can't tell if this is a dream or a nightmare."

After about ten minutes the door slid open again, and Amanda rose to her feet, eyes bugging out of her head. The woman who entered the room was far from the professional mentor she had been expecting; long, wavy black hair and sharp black eyes only momentarily caught her attention before her gaze slid of its own accord down the woman's well-toned and curvy framed wrapped tightly in what must have been a skin-tight leather catsuit. From her neck to her high-heeled spiked boots and her gloves the woman looked the very image of a dominatrix, and Amanda stifled an aroused groan as the woman grinned and took two slow, hip-rolling steps toward her. Even the sound of those boots on the tiles was getting Amanda hot.

"Welcome to Genecorp, sweetie. I'm Ebony, and I'm here to induct you into our little family business." She casually lifted a hand and cupped Amanda's cheeks with it, thumb rubbing just under her eye, and Amanda was too bewildered to move. "I'm sure you have a lot of questions, and I'm here to answer every one. I'm sure we'll be good... friends."

Struggling to control her breathing, Amanda nodded. "Yes, Miss Ebony." Fuck, why did it feel so good to call her that? As good as it made her feel to let the words come out, it felt somehow better to see Ebony's grin widen, her hand pat her cheek before sliding down her neck, her arm, around her waist and stopping in the small of her back as Ebony stepped next to her and gently nudged her toward the door.

"Come along, let's give you a tour of the lower levels. I've checked your file and that's where you're being assigned for now."

"Assigned? Aren't I supposed to have an interview?"

Ebony laughed, and the almost mocking tone made Amanda shiver. "You're here, that means you're part of the company now."

Amanda blinked. "Everyone on the bus?"

"Everyone on the bus and more. You'll understand soon enough, if you have a decent brain in that pretty skull of yours. Now come along, pet." Ebony strode out the door, and Amanda was so distracted by the way her suit was sculpted to her fantastic, swaying ass she didn't realise her groan this time was audible.

"Many decades ago, our ancestors were cursed."

"Cursed? Wait, our? Are we related?"

Ebony smiled and turned to look Amanda in the eye as she strolled down the corridor. "We are. How does that make you feel?"

Don't say turned on, don't say -  

"Turned on, right?"

Amanda blushed a bright red and started to stammer, stopping in place. Ebony only laughed and placed her hand back on her cheek, and Amanda's embarrassed mumbles gave way to a weak mewl.

"Calm down. We're not closely related. Maybe our fifth great grandparents or so. Everyone in the building is."



The sexy secretary from the help desk... or her ass, anyway, came to Amanda's mind. "Even the lady at the front desk?" Now she seemed... kinkier.

"The lady at the desk. The boss. Every employee. The greeter. Everyone."

It took a moment to parse. "The greeter? You mean that robot?"

Ebony's silent smirk as she turned and continued walking only made Amanda feel even more foolish, and she couldn't deny even that felt erotic right now. She could only hope she wouldn't make a mess of her skirt, at the rate things were going. How could she work like this?

"Well, what about the -"

"Yes, all your classmates to."

"But I'd never seen them before.”

"It's an extended family, sweetie. Hundreds of years ago, marrying outsiders, and eventually funnelling back here to our fair city. In fact, the only people in the city are all descendants of the cursed progenitors." Ebony glanced over her shoulders. "You know how after four or so generations the genetics between two family lines are diverse enough you could never know they shared a common ancestor? You'd be surprised how many people two or three people could produce after two hundred years. Especially ones so... eager. It's a real bitch to keep track of, which is where the company AI helps."

Amanda's head was swimming, and not just with the unfamiliar lust. The conversation was confusing enough to distract her, then she'd look at Ebony and remember that fucking suit and how good it looked and shudder again. Do spiked heels hurt to get stepped on by?

"But... Everyone from the college?"

Ebony led her down an elevator and into a long corridor framed with monitors. "Nyna?"

A hologram appeared feet-first next to Amanda, walking alongside her. "Yes, Miss Ebony!" Amanda stopped and gawked; the hologram looked realistic and almost fully coloured, but there was something just slightly off about it that proved it wasn't really there. A sort of blue tint, and a bit of fuzziness around the edges.

Also she had cat ears and a happily swishing tail, her hips were half again wider than Lara's and her chest was double the size of Ebony's, and she appeared to be naked in a PG-13 kind of way, where Amanda couldn't see any clothes but also couldn't really see proof of nudity.

"Amanda, meet Nyna, our pet AI. She's a very good girl, and extremely helpful." Ebony reached out with a finger and stroked just below where Nyna's chin would have been were she physically present, and the catgirl giggled vacantly, purring deep and squirming in a way that set her chest jiggling distractingly. "Nyna, pet, give our new recruit The Talk."

Amanda blinked again. "I don't like the sound of that..."

Ebony's mocking laugh and Nyna's ditzy giggles somehow hit Amanda's ears in such a way that it had her thighs clenching and her cheeks flushing. She felt like she was the butt of some joke and it was a struggle to remember to stay anywhere close to professional, though she was starting to seriously doubt this bizarre company cared.

"Not the sex talk, pet. The curse talk. Well, there is some sex."

"So, like, a long time ago, back before Genecorp, back before the Sexual Freedom Movement, and probably even back before, like, phones or something, y'know, the dark ages, there was this curse thingy, yeah? And no one today really knows how it happened, but somehow this one family got cursed. It took a few generations for anyone to really notice, but the founder of Genecorp's predecessor learned about the curse and set up this kinda monitoring network to keep track of anyone born from that family, cuz the curse was... um... hereditary!"

Amanda walked down the passageway with Ebony, looking at the walls as they lit up to show old footage from hundreds of years ago, family trees, early business plans and the like... anything to distract her from the semi-naked catgirl hopping backwards one step at a time and bouncing those oversized tits for anyone who wanted to look - which was both her and Ebony, honestly, but Amanda didn't have the same lack of shame Ebony seemed to and couldn't just tune out the chatter and grin at those melons the same way. Plus she was actually interested in getting some answers.

"So there's a bunch of sciencey stuff involved Nyna won't get into today, but basically people have kinks, right?"

The change in topic was so sudden, as was the wall's shift from mundane floor plans and family trees to pictures of attractive men and women in leather, latex and compromising positions, that Amanda missed a step and would have fallen over if Ebony hadn't gripped her tightly on the shoulder. Her fingers lingered there, squeezing a bit hard for a few moments before she withdrew with a smirk. Amanda blushed and rubbed her shoulder, looking back to Nyna. She might be the safer option right now.

The catgirl proudly puffed her chest out at the regained attention. "People with the curse would develop kinks like any other human, but unlike everyone else it would encode in their DNA and pass onto their offspring. It took some time to work out because for the first eighteen years or so the curse wouldn't have any visible effects, but towards the end of puberty it would activate and start learning any kinks the subject might develop, and around the twentieth birthday the curse would fully activate, and the effects of any kinks the subject picked up, plus those of their parents, would become much stronger."

Amanda gaped. This all sounded ridiculous, but she had only turned twenty last week and she was pretty obviously feeling a lot more turned on by things that she had only had a vague interest in prior. Especially in this place, with all its sexy workers and dress codes and - wait.

"You're doing this on purpose?"

Ebony grinned and cocked a tightly-wrapped hip. "Doing what?"

Amanda licked her lips and blushed. "T-that. This." She gestured at Nyna's chest, wobbling unnaturally slowly at the catgirl floated like a breeze past her. "The... being hot. If you know everyone you bring into the building has these kinks and you're dressed like a dominatrix then you've gotta be doing it on purpose." Like something from a fantasy.

Ebony winked. "Correct. Smart girl. Yes, everything since you walked through the front doors has been tailor designed to get your juices flowing."

The clinical way she said it was erotic too. God, it was just constant. "But...why?"

"It makes you easier to manipulate."

Amanda had to think for a moment to make sure she had heard right. "You're... admitting to manipulating us?"

Ebony rolled her eyes. "Duh. Of course we're manipulating you."

"But... that's unethical! And why would you tell me? Now I know so I can just leave, right?"

"Oh, you're free to leave. The building and the town. Everyone gets to leave, but if they don't leave on family business it's a one way trip. You can never come back."

"If you're so openly manipulating us why would anyone want to come back?"

"Yes, why would anyone ever regret leaving a once in a lifetime opportunity to live in a city full of eye candy and hedonism?" Ebony smirked. Amanda blinked and looked to Nyna, who was pressing her tits together in what she imagined was an attempt at a coy pout. Her throat went too dry to respond. "Tell you what, pet, let's finish the tour and then you can decide, okay? Continue, Nyna."

"Yes, Miss! So: after a lot of time passed and stuff happened and Genecorp was founded, it was decided that new employees and residents would get to choose how they served the family, or to leave for good. After the breeding program was started our numbers exploded and the commune became a town, which became a city. And, like, since everyone's all hot and hot for each other most of the time and everyone is so exhibitionist, it was decided that any offspring should be raised outside the city. So for the first couple decades, new parents would leave Ananke to rejoin the outside world and further support the cause in subtle ways - tracking other family members, seducing them, guiding them into fetishy situations, nudging societal developments in certain directions, or just super high quality prostitution. Meanwhile their offspring would obliviously be raised like normal, go to school like normal, and once they hit the end of high school they'd get funnelled into one of the Genecorp schools, like you!"

Amanda nodded, digesting the ridiculous story, before it hit her. "You mean everyone at the college was family? Not just on the bus, everyone? I had classmates who were dating..."

Ebony clapped sarcastically as Nyna giggled. "Yup! Like, not secret sisters or cousins, but all descended from the same sires of two hundred years ago. All of them cursed. Like, did you never think it was weird that Ms Samara always wore those tight black latex skirts for math class? Or that college was just like high school but with shorter uniforms and less homework?"

Amanda flushed bright. She was intimately familiar with that particular sight. Her teacher had always seemed quite clumsy, dropping her notes at least once a week...

"She was in on it? My... parents were in on it?"

Ebony chuckled again. "Pet, everyone who had any power over your life was 'in on it'. You may have free will, but your life was carefully curated to lead you here, to activate the curse and to test what kinks are strongest in you to help us decide your role. College was more a testing ground and a catalyser - your college and a dozen others like it. How does that little revelation make you feel?"

Amanda wanted to be furious, to turn around and walk away and never look back, but first she'd have to catch her breath and stop whimpering. Why did the discovery she had been puppeted for the last three years have to be so arousing?

Ebony grinned victoriously and shifted her weight from one foot to the other, letting her suit creak pleasantly. "So that's our little history lesson. Now it's time to show you where you'll be working if you stay... And what you'll be missing out on if you leave. Come."

At this rate I don't think I can avoid that much longer...

The corridor ended in a spiralling metal staircase that led into a large, somewhat dark room that reminded Amanda of a hangar. She could see people carrying mechanical equipment from around the walls and off automated forklifts to the centre of the room, where they were attaching components and screwing them into place. Two things stood out to Amanda: the utter silence with which they worked, and the fact that everyone worse dark purple, shiny latex-like bodysuits and face-obscuring helmets.

Ebony gestured. "The factory floor. This is where we put Genecorp's physical products together before we ship them out to the world. As you can see it's very efficient and tightly run. Nyna here keeps everything flowing smoothly." The holographic catgirl waved excitedly.

Amanda frowned. "Okay. Forgetting for a moment everyone is dressed like visitors to a sexpo, there were robots hundreds of years ago that could do this sort of thing. Why do you have people doing it, exactly?"

Her guide grinned and winked at her. "Imagine having to do a job a robot could do for you. One that robots had been purpose-built for, designed specifically for to replace human labour, yet you had to do it instead. How would that feel?"

Amanda blushed, thinking of the foyer greeter she had assumed was a robot. "Sort of... dehumanising? Like the robots were too good for the task but you weren't..."

"And that makes you feel?"


Amanda has seen the smug look now on Ebony's face on plenty of people over the years and had wanted to wipe it off, but now all she could feel was a helpless uselessness as she watched the dominatrix laugh at her. "That's why you've been assigned to drone duty, pet."

"D-drone duty?"

Ebony stepped over in front of one of the silent workers on their way back to the stockpiles of equipment and grabbed them around the neck. They jerked to stop as another... drone came out of the darkness and fluidly took their spot.

"Generations ago one of the more fun ancestors got into hypnokink. I'm positive you've had experience with that before. If I recall correctly the end of year show at your college a couple of years back was a stage hypnotism show, yes?"

Amanda shuddered. Yes, she remembered that show. She had been shocked to see so many of her fellow classmates go under so easily, and seeing the boys and girls make fools of themselves had definitely caught her interest. There had been a minor debacle when some of the post-hypnotic suggestions hadn't completely worn off the following morning but none of the teachers seemed to notice any of the participants acting unusually... although with her new knowledge Amanda rather suspected that was intentional.

"Mistress Somna. One of our best from the hypno-dominant strain. She's sent around to the colleges, shell workplaces and other functions to help incept and strengthen the hypno-submissive strain in family members. And you, pet, are one of that particular stock, which makes you ideal for drone duty."

Ebony knocked on the drone's helmet, eliciting no response. "Everyone here is deeply hypnotised while they're on duty. Genecorp gets to use their bodies, and they get to experience powerful fantasies, assisted by Nyna and their nanosuits." Her hand drifted down from the drone's neck to its backside, gently squeezing.

At this point Amanda was unsure the weirdness of the situation was registering anymore. She just felt curious now. "Nanosuits?"

"Mmm. These lovely skin-tight numbers are made of billions of nanobots. They keep our drones safe, warm or cool as needed, and increase their physical strength, and other attributes. They're very versatile, and every drone worker wears one as part of their uniform. Plus they are extremely fun. Watch: Nyna, bimbo mode Drone 6384."

"Yes, Miss!" Nyna floated over and thrust her hand into the drone's chest. The dark purple seemed to flip over fibre by fibre, turning a shockingly hot pink that stood out in the dim light of the hanger. The helmet's visor brightened to a light blue, and with an almost imperceptible noise like the rustling of leaves the drone's chest seemed to balloon out into a pair of tits the same size as Nyna's, with its hips and ass rushing to meet her sizes too. The heavy boots rose off the ground as they gained a few inches of heel and took on more of a fuck-me high heel look that work boots.

"Ohh fuck..." Amanda's knees went weak, and she wasn't sure if it was at the sudden parody of femininity the drone proudly displayed or the fact it hadn't responded in the slightest. "Did you really change their body?"

Ebony snickered. "Don't be silly. It's just the suit. A trillion nanobots inflating with air translates to quite impressive changes on a larger scale. Plus we can control things like the softness or firmness of the curves. Now," she drew her hand back and slapped it against the drone's voluptuous ass. "Drone 6384, go wait in break booth 126 for further input."

Amanda watched as the drone silently walked off into the hanger, ass swaying and hips rolling and heels clacking and - fuck. She looked back to Ebony, who watched her with a wide grin.

"He really filled out, huh?"


"Oh, yes. Drone 6384 is a he. Usually. Right now Nyna is feeding him a lovely feminisation fantasy and making sure he can strut with the best of sluts in those ridiculous shoes." She turned and stalked away as Amanda groaned in lust, throwing a look back over her shoulder at the pink suit sashaying to the stairs.

They walked down a corridor with a low humming at the far end. "So they're just hypnotised for their whole shifts? Isn't that dangerous?"

"Nyna looks out for them. And once their shift is over they get their original minds back. Everything is consensual here, pet, despite what you've heard about hypnosis. But you'll find that out soon enough, should you choose to stay in our city."

The idea was certainly appealing. It would be embarrassing wearing a suit like that and unwittingly being subject to shape changes or perved on, but if Amanda was honest the thought was something out of her own fantasies. And that was another thing; a job she would carry out with no memory of doing so, no boredom, just constant dreaming? It sounded amazing.

"Why haven't I heard about nanosuits like that before? It sounds very useful."

"It's more of a pet project. Nyna manages the nanotech, too; she wouldn't be able to do so at such a scale if every country had workers using the suits. As powerful as she is, she does have her limits."

"But even that aside, how do you have technology like that? I thought scientists gave up working on this level of nanotech a hundred years ago."

Ebony smiled. "You'd be amazed what three generations of lust-driven perverted hobbyists who don't need to worry about funding can get done. Quite simply, they thought it would be sexy, management gave them the go ahead, and now we have thousands of men and women in skin-tight suits mincing around mindlessly and dozens of cameras live streaming them to anyone in the city who cares."

Amanda flushed brighter at that. "Live streaming."

"Exhibitionism runs strong in the hypno-submissive strain, pet. Don't think I haven't noticed you picked a shorter skirt than you could have for your 'interview'."

Amanda picked awkwardly at her skirt as the domme grinned.

"Now, let's show you Nyna's brain."

Through the door at the end of the corridor the humming noise resolved in a series of low, quiet moans, which Amanda quickly realised was coming from a series of thick columns around the large room surrounded by almost vertical slabs onto which drones had been placed and bucked in. Some only wore leather straps to hold them in place while others were clasped into place with metal manacles. None seemed to be struggling. Amanda looked to Ebony, hoping her curiosity hid her interest.

"An AI with the ability to track tens of thousands of relatives and micromanage thousands of drones takes a lot of processing power. The human brain has a lot of spare space and is more efficient than any computer part, so we roster drones between physical labour, as you've seen, and processor duty." Ebony slowly strutted over to one of the slabs and stroked a hand down the drone's visor. "Close to a thousand drones gives Nyna an incredible amount of processing power. She's easily the best AI on the planet, and always will be, because no one outside our city has the technology, let alone the consent, to use human brains as farms."

She turned to Amanda with a smirk. "You'll be doing your part, I'm sure. Just a cell in our darling catgirl's metaphorical brain."

Amanda must have looked worried, for Nyna floated in front of her, beaming. "Don't worry! Nyna takes care of everyone! They're totally unharmed, and just like the worker drones they're, like, living out fantasies. Nyna's even managing those!" She skipped over to one of the drone's slabs, nuzzling its helmet. "Marriage." She twirled over to the next one and stroked its hip. "Erotic birthing." She giggled and pressed her forehead against a third helmet, closing her eyes. "Tentacle rape. Like, a lot of tentacles. And big ones! Like a giant squid invading her bus and -"

"Anyway," laughed Ebony. "Nyna knows their preferences and caters to everyone individually. The drones have a chip installed in their brainstem which lets them connect to her processing system, and also lets her manipulate their nervous system to make sure everything feels real. Nyna, why not show Amanda what you can do."

The catgirl giggled again, raising her arms like a conductor, and with a gesture every drone in the room gasped, moaned and cried out in hundreds of simultaneous orgasms. She was hard pressed not to join in.

Ebony sighed. "I love that sound. And that smell... now, another demonstration, come here, pet." She reached for the cord plugging one of the drones into the network and yanked it out, pushing a button on the slab to unlock the restraints and pulling the drone to its feet. She twisted the helmet and lifted, exposing a panting but blank-eyed woman with red hair. "Drone 2738, obedience mode."

"Obedience mode enabled," the woman monotoned, her panting immediately stopping and her eyes half closing. Ebony turned to Amanda.

"You wanted to know about danger. First, let's prove she's totally under control. Drone 2738, you must breed with this young lady. There is nothing more important.

Amanda hesitated a moment too long, unsure she heard correctly, and the redheaded drone's eyes locked on hers as a primal need filled her face. Before Amanda could take two steps back the woman had her wrists in a vice-like grip, and before Amanda could protest she found herself pressed back against the slab as the drone kissed her neck, ground her crotch into Amanda's, pawed at her tits...

The sudden stimulation and loss of control was too much. Amanda just hoped her struggling and gasping hid her own climax from Ebony, but she doubted it.

"Attention, Drone 2738."

As suddenly as she'd started, the redhead backed off and emotionlessly stood silently. Ebony graciously gave Amanda a few moments to collect herself, catch her breath and rebutton her blouse, chuckling at the blonde's blush. "Now, then..."

Ebony pulled a switchblade from her belt and flicked it, a blue laser bursting out twice the length of the shaft. She handed it to the drone, who obediently took it. "Stab yourself."

The drone straightened and spoke in that sexy monotone. "Drones will not follow orders in violation of health and safety provisions." She didn't move the knife at all.

Ebony gestured to the empty air in front of the drone. "Stab forward." The drone obediently thrust the laser knife through the air, dust crackling on the blade. Ebony stepped forward as the drone relaxes her arm, putting herself right where the blade had been a moment ago. "Stab the same spot."

"Drones will not follow orders in violation of health and safety provisions."

Ebony winked at Amanda. "Drone 2738, close your eyes. I've moved out of the way. Is there anyone in front of you?"

"There is no one in front of me."

"Stab forward."

"Drones will not follow orders in violation of health and safety provisions."

Hands on her hips, Ebony turned back to Amanda. "Satisfied? We could spend an hour trying to trick her into stabbing someone but Nyna's oversight won't allow her to harm herself or anyone, accidentally or on purpose. Consent is the lifeblood of the city, but so is safety. Even with thousands of people mindlessly operating heavy machinery and walking around blind to the world, you're unlikely to find a safer place to live and work than Genecorp."

Amanda felt she had regained enough composure to respond. "Why do you have the knife on hand?"

Ebony gave a toothy grin and twisted a knob on the knife, the long blue laser shifting into a shorter pink one. "To do this." She slashed out with the knife across the chest of the drone's nanosuit, the suit appearing to move away from the laser as it harmlessly traced a circle around the top of her breasts. "This is the only setting that matters. Literally unable to harm a person but the nanobots flee from it. Lovely for leaving a toy exposed for a shift, they love waking up to discover they've spent who knows how long with their tits or cock out."

There was that exhibitionism streak again. Amanda couldn't help but imagine herself wandering the halls emotionlessly and topless, rubbing her thighs together. Fuck it, Ebony knew exactly what she was doing, why should she try to be proper? If this whole company was built around arousing their employees then hiding her one arousal was ridiculous.

Ebony smiled approvingly. "The drones can even replicate personalities on demand, so real you could be forgiven for thinking they're awake. Drone 2738, persona mode."

"Persona mode active."

"Vapid bimbo."

The redhead blinked and giggled, relaxing her muscles and brushing her hair back. "Um, hi! What are we doing in the farmy room again?"

Ebony gave her a swat on the backside. "Just thinking about getting you some action, you ditz." The drone giggled again, rubbing her ass into Ebony's glove.

"Stereotype," Nyna sniffed. Ebony laughed and reached out to scratch behind her ears.

"Don't worry, pet, we all know you're the biggest bimbo in the city." Nyna purred, and much to Amanda's surprise (and, yes, her arousal) several of the drones nearby, including the redhead, purred with her. I guess she really is connected to them...

"Well, we had best be off to see the boss. Can't leave this bimbo alone with all this science stuff, though, can we?" Ebony shifted her weight from foot to foot, wriggling her hips. Amanda got the feeling she was relishing the moment. "Entitled perverted jock."

The redhead's vapid expression gave way to a confident grin as her eyes roamed over Amanda, sizing her up. Amanda's eyes were drawn between the drone's legs, where the nanosuit was reforming into the shape of a large and realistic cock. The drone's hand snaked its way down and stoked along it as she spoke in the deepest voice Amanda had heard from her yet. "Hey, new girl. Like what you see?"

Amanda shuddered. She had known guys with that attitude in high school and college, and while it always bothered her that they expected her to enjoy it, in retrospect she had to admit she really did. Thankfully, Ebony stepped in before her heat got her into trouble.

"Of course she does, stud. Any girl would be lucky to play with you," the dominatrix oozed sexuality herself, and the drone grinned back. "Damn right they would, and I'm a very generous guy..."

"Unfortunately, I've got to take our new hire to a meeting. Hate to leave you with such a boring task, but could you check break booth 126? I think there's a drone idling in there."

The redhead frowned momentarily, but got a calculating glint at the mention of a drone. "Oh, sure thing. Wouldn't want to leave a drone idling." She grinned, stroked her artificial cock and walked off with a bit of a swagger. Ebony laughed and walked in the opposite direction as Amanda followed.

"Break booth 126, isn't that where you left the other drone? The one you... reshaped?"

"It is. I wonder what a perverted entitled jock would do if he were to walk into a room with an obedient walking set of tits and ass?" Ebony licked her lips. Amanda walked in silence for a moment, skin flushing at the mental image of the hypnotised duo acting out their script.

Ebony sighed contently. "Dad's certainly going to be embarrassed when his shift ends."


Ebony grinned like a cat and walked ahead as Amanda jerked to a stop and shuddered as an intense wave of pleasure washed over her.

The elevator doors opened at the top floor and revealed an expensively carpeted room with ornate furniture, oddly old-fashioned in the otherwise technologically advanced city. Amanda adjusted her shirt and tried to stop blushing; on the long ride up Ebony had become bored and passed the time idly fondling her ass, acting as if she didn't notice her own wandering hand, and Amanda was far too horny to stop her. They approached the secretary's counter, and the brunette smiled and stood, Amanda's eyes pulled to her massive - yet not out of place - tits straining her blouse.

"Here to see the boss, Ebony?"

"Yes, it's about time Amanda met the Matriarch," Ebony smirked, bumping Amanda's hip with her own and flexing the leather squeezed around her thigh.

"Of course. Right this way, please." The secretary stepped out from behind the counter and led them to a heavy set of doors, and Amanda wondered if she'd ever get tired of the asses these women had. It might be worth living here just for the eye candy.

The doors opened, and Ebony ushered Amanda in, shutting the door with her heel. Overlooking the city, a mix of technology and carefully maintained nature, the windows dominated the room almost as much as the woman behind the desk. Somewhere in her thirties, the black-haired lady wore a smart business blouse and a longer skirt than her secretary, though hers appeared to be made of something closer to leather than cotton. Despite her age she had black lipstick and eyeliner on, a streak of red hair almost covering one of her equally red eyes, and spiked earrings to match her claw-like fingernails. She reminded Amanda of some of the poser girls at college, but older and she didn't look like the type to feel the need to prove anything to anyone. Especially with those spiked knee-high boots she had resting on the desk, showing off toned and powerful-looking thighs.

She smiled and lifted her feet into the air and back down to the floor as Ebony stood to attention, chest thrust forward and arms behind her back like a soldier. "Ah, there you are. You've got our new recruit, I see. Name?"

Ebony responded with a smile. "Amanda, Miss."

The Matriarch grinned, and Amanda couldn't help but shudder. "I know her name, you ditz. I meant your name."

Ebony's brow twitched in confusion. "Ebony, Miss."

A deep chuckle emanated from the Matriarch's throat as she steepled her fingers and leaned forward on her desk, winking at Amanda. "You know that's not true."

Ebony shifted uncomfortably. "Ma'am, I'm not sure what you -"

"Wake up." The Matriarch snapped her fingers, and Ebony went rigid for a moment, eyelids fluttering, before she dropped to her knees with a shaky groan, one hand reaching up to grope a breast while the other snaked its way between her thighs.

"Oh f-fuck..."

The Matriarch toyed with a pen on her desk as she watched, almost as amused by Amanda's shock as she was by Ebony's display. "SW194. Playing at being a domme again, are you?"

Ebony whimpered. "N... yes, M-miss?"

"Look at you. Dressed above your station. All heels and leather and riding crops, walking with misplaced confidence." The Matriarch stood, towering over the mewling woman. "I know we needed to rustle up a few extra dominant-strains in the building for induction week, but did they have to bring you on board? Everyone in management knows how pitiful you are." Ebony moaned and humped into her hand, quite eager to get off despite Amanda's rapt attention. The Matriarch's gaze slid across and pinned Amanda in place, mirth and expectation in her eyes. "The dominance strain is relatively rare, and even though all natural-born dommes are in management sometimes we simply don't have enough to meet our needs. SW194 here is part of the 'switch' strain. She has both the dominance strain and the submissive strain in her DNA, but her dominance is so weak we have to use hypnosis to fool her into thinking she is one. Year after year."

SW194 cried out and came, helplessly aroused by her humiliation.

"But such a submissive wearing the uniform of her superiors... Picking a name as clichéd as Ebony... She's in need of a bit of punishment. Wouldn't you agree, Amanda?"

Amanda gulped, and would have been at a loss to respond if the Matriarch didn't slowly nod while maintaining eye contact - she barely felt her own head mimic the movement.

"Excellent. Nyna, office, now."

After a moment the doors burst open and the secretary skipped in, her giggle and grin totally at odds with her blank, emotionless eyes. "Yes, mommy?"

The Matriarch grinned and used both hands to rub the secretary on the chin and behind an ear, promoting an excited purr and a rapid wiggling of that backside that had Amanda struggling not to join the still-masturbating SW194 on the floor.

"I'm sure you were told about Nyna's ability to direct the fantasies of the hypnotised drones, but she can also take direct control of anyone's body if they have the chip installed, which she needs to do in the absence of holo-projectors. Brit, my secretary, is still conscious in there but she can't do anything to influence the world while our little kitty cat is in control, can't she, Nyna, you good girl?"

"No, mommy! She's a total prisoner!" Nyna's eyelids fluttered and she rubbed the secretary's crotch into the Matriarch's hip, moaning as the lady's hands came to rest on her hips momentarily before she sat back down with a pleased sigh, slouching a little.

"Nyna, we need to punish "Ebony" here. Any vacancies?"

Brit's head tilted to one side, as if listening to something, before Nyna's voice chirped from her lips. "BDSM Supplies could use a new bondage mannequin and after hours maid!" Ebony moaned a little louder at the news.

"Perfect. Let's say a week showcasing their tightest, most disabling ropes and cords and then she can rejoin the drone collective. Sound good, SW194?"

"Yesss, Miss!"

"Ah, but first, I understand your father has unwittingly found himself in a bit of a predicament in one of the break booths with an errant drone. Since you won't be seeing each other for the week I'd hate to see you leave without saying goodbye. How about you go strip off, go down and make sure Drone 2738 treats you the same way he is being treated?"

Amanda's... co-worker? stumbled to her feet and pressed a finger to her spiked collar. The metal spikes retracted and revealed a much simpler metal collar, into which her leather suit appeared to suck itself into. The woman stood naked, skin flushed and pussy dripping down her thighs, but she only had eyes for her boss.

The Matriarch smiled at Amanda. "Drone collar. The nanosuits need to be housed somewhere, and the collars never come off, so it's the only way they can 'take their clothes off'. It's extremely efficient and oh so demeaning." She turned back to the debased SW194. "Looking good, slut. Why don't you stop by the cafeteria on your way down and fetch Drone 2738 a vitamin drink? Even if 'his' dick isn't real I expect it's quite the workout fucking a bimbo this long, and a recharge would do wonders for your own treatment."

Amanda watched the humiliated and whimpering SW194 leave the room, then turned back to the desk as she heard the Matriarch sigh long and deep in satisfaction. She squirmed in her chair, grinned and rolled back, reaching out of Amanda's view and pulling a younger girl only a few years older than Amanda to her feet.

"Amanda, meet kia. No capital, she's abstaining from personhood."

Amanda was wide-eyed as she took in the sight. The new woman was dressed like the fetish nuns she had seen on the datascape through college, a tight-fitting but modest latex dress and habit, and she had an innocent look on her face even as she licked what Amanda has to conclude was the Matriarch's cum off her chin.

"kia here is the high priestess of the city's new religion. What was it called again, pet?"

kia swelled proudly, her hefty chest thrust forward like an offering. "The Church of the Edge! Adherents of Anticipationism believe in abstaining from orgasm. If you never cum you'll always be ready for sex with anyone, any time!"

Amanda rubbed her forehead. "What..."

The Matriarch chuckled. "kia was just visiting to try to get me to join the Church. It's like this every week; she shows up, gives me a sermon, swallows my load, promises to come back next week. You'd think she'd have given up by now but she's convinced she can turn me."

kia's eyes widened slightly, yet they seemed oddly empty as she nodded eagerly. "I can tell you're close to seeing the light! One more sermon and I bet you'll swear to never cum again, Matriarch!"

The CEO reached out and groped one of kia's breasts in one hand, and Brit's in the other, both women mewling and panting. "Oh, I'm certain you're right, Mother kia. Perhaps if you bring along one of those bottom-heavy blonde sisters that I've seen in your newsletters to try to convince me I'll convert."

kia nodded enthusiastically as she backed toward the door. "I'll do that! We'll save you yet! See you next week!" She shut the doors behind her and was gone.

Nyna sat Brit's body in her boss's lap and nuzzled as she was rewarded with scritches and grinding against her ass. "Poor little zealot. She's been running the Church for three years and she's only managed to get a few dozen subs on board, but she's convinced she's only days away from a full city conversion. A girl that pure hearted could be manipulated by anyone without her best interests at heart."

Amanda had the strangest feeling the Matriarch had a few more teeth than average when she grinned. "Nyna, sweetie? Good kitty?" Nyna purred and wriggled in the Matriarch's lap, looking up into her eyes blissfully. Her eyes hooded as her cheeks were rubbed and her nose was kissed. "Back to work, pretty kitty~"

"Yes, mommy!" Brit's expression shifted from the catgirl's innocent dependency to a confused blink and then a wide-eyed blush. She slid off the Matriarch's lap and onto her feet, stammering.

"Brit, you silly girl, you need to hurry back to the front desk," the Matriarch chided as she slapped her secretary's butt.

"Yes, Miss," Brit squeaked, trotting around the desk and toward the doors in a way Amanda recognised as an attempt to hide her arousal.

"Oh, and for the rest of the afternoon, size three anal plug," the Matriarch called. Amanda heard a whimpered "yes, Miss, thank you, Miss" as the door quietly shut.

"Now, time to decide, Amanda." She opened a drawer and pulled out a grey capsule and a shot glass of pinkish liquid, which she placed before her. "Stay or leave? The glass has a drug that will suppress your memories since 'Ebony' came to pick you up. You'll wake up to find yourself in a normal interview scenario, sadly fail, and will be put on the next flight back to civilisation to live out a normal life as a kinky but well-adjusted young lady."

She reached out with a finger and tapped the pill. "Nanobot capsule. Swallow this, and they'll construct a chip in your brainstem to allow you to interact with and perceive Nyna like the rest of us. As a hypno drone it will also give you access to the processor system so you can be one of Nyna's brain cells now and then. Additionally, the nanobots will stop the puberty blockers and encourage -"

"Puberty blockers?"

The Matriarch smiled wolfishly. "I'm sure you've noticed all the women around here are quite well-endowed. Generations of... selective breeding tend to have that effect. But we can't have women walking around the outside world with double or triple sized tits and hips without drawing attention, nor can we have too many chiselled Adonises with abnormally high stamina and low refractory periods. So your parents were sent a different capsule to slip you earlier in your life - gave you some immunities, helped improve your health, but it also restrained some of your genetic benefits to more ordinary levels. If you join the community here, we will remove those constraints and the nanobots will spend a few weeks carefully rushing your development to where it would have been without the blockers. In other words, join the commune and not only will you have a place to live, a literally fantastical job and all the fun you could ask for, but you'll also be extremely hot and fuckable and everyone will want to stare at you as you walk by."

Amanda dwelt on the fantasy for several seconds before wordlessly taking the capsule and swallowing it. The Matriarch grinned.

"That's what they all say."

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