The Pot'oxi

The True Victim

by grimest

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #cw:sexual_assault #brainwashing #dom:male #f/f #f/m #scifi #alien_invasion #aliens #brain_drain #brainwash #breeding #breeding_kink #drugs #dumb #impregnation #lactation #lesbian #monsters #parasite #pheromones #sexuality_change #sub:female #virus
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Erika has to help Sally

Despite all of her bravado before, honestly Erika was as lost as anyone on how to proceed, there she was sitting in an isolated room, with Sally, who now was wearing one of the Yellowstone t shirts from the gift store. A pair of sandals with similar branding, and a very short mini skirt… Erika would have to ask later why they couldn’t find something more decent…

Erika sat on a table besides Sally, who looked around, spacing out, Erika saw fine lines of drool escape her mouth at times…

“Well” Erika began “I’m here…”
Sally blinked and seemed to remember where she was “Yes…thank you…for resc- re… for…saving me” her voice was so different to her voice in her videos, where she looked so full of energy, now she spoke in mere whispers, in a hoarse tone.

Erika nodded “I was only doing my duty, how are you feeling right now? Are you comfortable?”

Sally looked around and then pulled the t shirt by her neck “clothes…itchy…”

Erika stood up “I will try to get you s-”

But she was interrupted by Sally who shook her head “N-no…all clothes… itch… every single one, feels wrong…tried to tell them…that…wanted to be naked…that it felt nice…but they insisted”

Erika gulped saliva, just what kind of things did she endure? to come out so different from the Sally in the videos?

Out of an impulse, Erika grabbed her phone and searched for Sally’s channel, she picked one of her last videos and showed it to her “look, it’s you…”

Sally required a minute to understand but the concept seemed to dawn on her, she was seeing her old self, Erika watched her with attention, waiting for any kind of signal or response, but sally just smiled “Yes…she is me before…” Sally’s eyes rolled back and both her hands now covered the lower half of her face, as she made the lewdest of moans and gasped.

Erika felt deeply sick to her stomach but she pressed on “before what Sally?  tell me what happened, I want to help you” Sally seemed to nod as she fidgeted and tried to find some comfortable way to sit on her chair.

“Before…she called…” continued sally with another little moan.

Something deep inside Erika’s gut told her she needed to run away, a small voice was screaming to leave this room immediately, but she ignored it, something was clearly wrong with Sally, and Erika needed to know what, even if it doomed whatever credibility the rangers had left.

Sally took a deep breath as she relaxed her muscles, as if she was preparing for something, then she whispered “I can tell you… but only you”  she motioned with her fingers  that Erika needed to be closer, Erika gulped as she stood up and went to the other side of the table, but that was not enough, Sally gave her a little smile as she  motioned to  lend her  an ear, Erika readied herself, she was convinced she was about to heard the most disgusting levels of depravity than a human being could commit against another.

Instead, she felt Sally’s tongue traveling down her ear canal, Reaching, further...and further in just a second, way further than any human tongue should be able to reach, and finally, she felt a sting, a sting just in the tip of sally’s tongue, Erika could hear perfectly as some gland released something directly into her bloodstream, Erika wanted to scream, but sally covered her mouth so quickly.

Before Erika could think of what else to do, Sally injected her another two times, stinging her again and again, until she was satisfied it was enough.

Erika was no longer capable of screaming, she drooled as the, whatever things Sally injected her, started affecting her head.

“Good girl…the queen will be pleased…now…for your present” Sally spread her legs wide, and with a little moan she expelled a small and black egg, not much bigger than a nut.

Erika’s entire mind was on shock, she needed, she wanted to run, to scream! to call someone! Anyone who could assist her! Never in her life she had even considered for a second that such a thing could be real, it just couldn’t be! She had to be dreaming! an awful awful nightmare!

And yet, she couldn’t wake up!

Sally whispered something into the egg, and as if prompted, the shell began to crack, revealing a creature what more or less looked like a snake, but not like any snake Erika had ever seen, the little pink monster slithered out of the egg and into its mother’s hands, the creature did something akin to a yawn, and instead of the normal two fangs, it had one massive one on the center of its mouth, Sally seemed so very pleased with it, Erika felt like she could puke.

“You have quite the honor now…your partners…your friends here… the queen wants them compliant…but she also needs them to do their job…for now…” she gently pushed Erika who just fell into the cold floor, like a sack of potatoes

“You…will seduce your boss first…then your partners… you will get them to fuck you… and my baby will be there…to finish the job” It took Sally a moment to notice that when she pushed Erika down, the Ranger hit her head against the cold ground, leaving her out cold.

… “er…ups”

The plan was deviating from course…she would need her queen’s help.

Erika woke up in one of the bunk beds, she put her fists in the air as she half jumped to defend herself, she was almost expecting to punch someone, but she was alone, in the darkness, her heart was beating like crazy and she looked around terrified, but indeed, she was alone, she slowly stood up, her head was buzzing, her memories were a mess…

She could remember interrogating Sally, who was downright creepy, and then, nothing, she stumbled in the dark and realized this was the bunk beds where the recruits used to sleep, she spent some time in here, she turned on the light, her eyes hurt by the abrupt shift, but she couldn’t wait, something had happened, why was she here?

Before she could do anything else a familiar figure got inside the room, Harold, the District Ranger “I heard commotion… good thing that you are awake…” Erika’s heart skipped a beat, never before she managed to understand this attraction to the men that were called “silver foxes” but she was watching one right now, wasn’t she, mad at him before?…her poor scrambled mind tried to piece things together, but it was so hard.

“Erika…can we speak?” he asked a bit awkwardly as he motioned to one of the beds, she slowly blinked and nodded, she could not help to stare at her boss… “Im sorry…Sir…wha…what happened to me?”
As both of them sat he scratched his beautiful beard “You passed out…she was talking to you, and then we heard her scream, she said that you fainted”

That…sounded about right, Erika had never fainted in her life, but it was Harold saying those words, it ringed true for some reason.

“Look Erika…I…I want to apologize…” he started “You…you are the best of us…honestly… I say it without exaggeration, If I retire, I want you to take my place…”

Erika was now swooning just by hearing him say such kind words “Sir…you honor me”

“I’m not done… I… please let me continue… you… Sally has not shared much more…but I think you hit the nail in the head when you brought her… and you are right…we ought to do better… the stress was getting  me…but it’s not fair for you…and more importantly…for her… Sally had a phone call with her dad, and she asked him to keep all this affair…private, he is coming to pick her up tomorrow probably, but…whatever happens, if  we get fired or…whatever…you did the right thing…I’m proud of you…”

Erika found herself almost drooling as he praised her more, but she managed to avoid it… “Sir…”

Harold gulped nervously “y-yes Erika?”

She bit her lip as she let go of her pony tail “Please fuck me!” she lunged at him, embracing him and kissing him with a level of lust she had never experienced before.

She heard him mumble a few more things, something about a wife and a kid, she was no longer listening to him, she needed him, and she knew that she could get him to fuck her

“Sir…Sir! Ever since I was a rookie…I wanted you to slide inside of me!” she lied effortlessly, her mind was fuzzy but she was pretty sure she was more or less asexual until that very moment.

“I’ve masturbated so many times thinking about you Sir! About you visiting my watch tower…and making me moan right there!” she was unbuttoning both her uniform and his, and he did not seem to be resisting anymore.

“Erika…is…is this happening?” he looked absolutely astonished as she freed her breasts led let them hang in front of her…

“Please Sir… make my rookie dreams come true!” Finally, she saw him take action, as his massive hands grasped at her breasts and cupped them, she moaned in delight, this was heaven.

“Sir… let me feel you inside me…” this was all going so fast; she could hear a small voice inside her head that begged for restrain…but that voice could go fuck herself! This was true love! she wanted this! He was her soulmate!!

She hurried to unbutton his pants and pull them off as she did the same, Harold did not have to lift a single finger, she would ride him, she saw his erect cock, gosh he was huge!

In mere instants both of them were naked, She lowered herself, ready to be impaled by his shaft, and then for just a fleeting instant, she felt doubt in her heart one last time, what was she doing? Erika had never shown any interest in sex, or her boss, and now here she was, lying about secret crushes just to get him inside of her, even worse, in the back corners of her mind she knew this would not stop with him, the lust inside of her demanded more than just Harold, she wanted, she needed to fuck more of them, to get them, to infect them, that last thought slipped into her subconscious.

Her lover spanked her ass and this was all she needed to melt away whatever misgivings she had, she giggled and lowered herself fully, he groaned in absolute delight, Erika had zero experience in sex, but by the sounds that came from his mouth, it appeared she was naturally good at it.

Sex…sex felt amazing, in all honesty   she could only feel a slight tingle of bitterness *all these wasted years not experiencing this* kayaking and going fishing suddenly felt like such stupid wastes of time, she thrusted faster with renewed excitement until he got very stiff, he exploded inside of her, and she felt warm all over, this was downright ecstatic.

But there was something else, something she needed to do, consumed by desire she lowered to the man she loved, she kissed him, his eyes went wide, he felt something strange, something…off.

She recognized that he was slowing down, she stopped kissing him “its fine… I’ll make it all better…” before he could protest she went into his ear, and the small friend in her tongue knew it was its turn, fused with her tongue  the creature slither forward, deeper and deeper until it  rubbed against the ear drum, then as it was designed to do, it pierced Harold’s skin, and released the pathogen specially designed by the Queen, Erika withdrew her tongue before he could do anything else, Harod however was way too horrified to even trash around a bit, in instants his muscles went limp.

Erika had no idea why she did that, nor why she now had a mutated snake on her tongue, she was not fully brainwashed to appreciate her Queen’s design, but the same infection still fresh on her system was enough to dull any suspicion, she knew this whole thing was strange, downright bizarre, but the sex…the euphoria was strong enough to just roll with whatever weirdness expected her next, from now on, if something felt really good, it was not worth questioning it, no matter the source.

For Harold however, it was not over, right on queue something flew through the open window… it was a big moth, the moths Erika knew usually had very dull colors but this one was not any moth.

Erika found herself enraptured by its vibrant colors… and tried to follow it with her eyes, the little insect flapped its iridescent wings around her and Erika decided to stop riding Harold…his cock had become soft a while ago, but maybe she still had hopes for another round…

She felt surprised as the moth landed on his shaft, the creature moved and spread its wings in front of her, Erika’s infected mind could only relax  as she kept staring at it, then the creature’s antenna moved, and Erika felt a whisper of a voice from the small being…

“You worked fast…way too fast! you could have taken a few days to start…are you aware of this? ” it asked, Erika just nodded, but her hollow expression revealed no sign of true understanding, she was told to fuck her colleagues, and she was doing that, it felt absurdly good.

“How many times did you stung him?” she blinked…  “Just one…” she answered honestly…there was no space on her idiotic brain to even consider lying…

“Good, you are done here, the male need something different to continue this infection, dress, find a new target, BUT be more subtle, everyone heard you two screaming here, if you keep moaning you will ruin everything, and you don’t want to ruin our fun do you?”

Erika looked confused… the question had…a few layers… *our fun* who were “we”…she…she wanted to ask questions… demand answers…but…sex felt so good… Erika loved to have sex…and the voice was  sending Erika to have more sex….she nodded finally “more secret… more hidden…understood.” Erika went and started to get dressed mechanically

Meanwhile, a very confused and dazed Harold begun to feel as something strange began to sting him in the dick, then in the balls, despite this uncomfortable feeling, his mind was too focused on the image that now lived rent free in his brain, Erika bouncing on top of him, her breasts going up and down as she swore she adored him…Harold knew he needed to experience this again.

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