A Girl, Their Girl, and Their Them: Hypnovember 2021

Day 4: Headphones

by Mars

Tags: #consensual_kink #D/s #dom:female #f/f #hypnovember #microfiction #dom:nb #f/nb #multiple_partners #nb/nb #sub:female #sub:nb

*Day 3 was its own standalone story found here [https://readonlymind.com/@Mars/TheHeroandherMistress/]! Thank you all so much for following and commenting! I appreciate all of them so much!*

We are between, we are between, here we are

Somewhere between dust and the stars


I bobbed my head along to the music as I typed out my daily report on my laptop. I know some people can’t work while listening to some tunes, but I am not one of those people. For me, the busier the music, the more relaxed I feel and the more things I can get done.

So open up all your thoughts, cause here we are

We are between, we are between the head and the heart


The song faded out as I wrote the closing salutations to my supervisor. My noise canceling headphones were like a divine gift, they blocked out absolute everything outside the what was playing in my ears. That meant no traffic to distract me, no footsteps from upstairs, if I was lucky I wouldn’t even hear the phone ringing with some telemarketer’s call.

The next song started to fade in with some whispering voices. Usually I listened to my own playlist of pop punk songs mixed with a genre I affectionately call “indie shit,” but today I was listening to a playlist Kelly had set up for me. We had pretty similar music taste, though she listened to a lot more electronica. The bass came in as the beat started to pump like some kind of technologic machine. I wanted to grab my phone to see what song was playing but I suddenly found myself unable to stop bobbing my head robotically while my arms became increasingly limp. Then a voice I recognized came through and I realized what was happening.

Feeling like a puppet

Your body growing dumb

You can’t stop your dancing

Your body needs this one


Kelly’s literally hypnotic voice hit me like a ton of bricks as I started to breathe heavy. My arms came back to life just to be out of my control as I moved back and forth in my seat automatically, dancing to a beat that ran unfiltered through my head.

Can’t control your head

Not that you’d ever want to

Let me take control

Let the music flaunt you


Bounce that slutty body

Let those thoughts grow blank

Move those wanting hips

You’ve got so much in the tank


Feeling like a puppet

Feel Mxtress’s word caress you

Let me let you know

How my control runs though you



I was panting, at some point during the song my memory had just stopped recording what was going on, but I must have danced my head off for a while cause I was breaking a sweat. I took off my headphones and picked up my phone, dialing Kelly’s cell.

She picked up on the second ring. “Hey Ambyr! How’s work going?”

“You tell me, I think I found the surprise you left me.” I giggled

“Aw dang! I was supposed to be there for that. I wanted to watch you shake and shiver like a good pet.”

“Well, I’m not opposed to listening to your playlist again…”

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