A Girl, Their Girl, and Their Them: Hypnovember 2021

Day 2: Mindless Obedience

by Mars

Tags: #consensual_kink #D/s #dom:female #f/f #hypnovember #microfiction #dom:nb #f/nb #multiple_partners #nb/nb #sub:female #sub:nb

     I can feel my eyelids flutter and struggle to stay open as the words reach my ears. Kaitlyn in my left ear, Kelly in my right. Mistress, and Mxtress. Their words echo in my head like an empty cave, bouncing off the wall and repeating themselves.
“Good pets,”
          “Don’t think.
“Good pets,”
       “Stay nice and weak.”
     I don’t think I don’t think I don’t think, I just let my head tip back and forth, receiving their words in one ear, and spilling thoughts, feelings, and memories out of the other. Tilting lets it flow like sand from the draining hourglass of my brain, out into space, out of my mind. Mistress’s lips meet me above my left temple, before her hands tilt me back to the right
     Mxtress turns my head this time to kiss me. I mindlessly kiss back, feeling and accepting the command to crave her affection, her touch, her tongue.
“Good pets,”
“Touch yourself,”
          “Feel yourself,"
“Explore yourself,”
          “Enjoy yourself.”
     There isn’t an ounce of resistance in my body. It’s not that I want to obey or that I even process the want to do as they say, it’s purely automatic, like the directions went straight from my ears to my hands, which plunge under my clothes and straight between my legs.
          “Take off your trousers,”
“Take off your pants.”
          “Turn off your mind,”
“Give us a chance.”
      The order came through and I just… did. I know what it’s like to obey an order because of the raw amount of power behind it, how it triggers the most submissive and well trained parts of my brain, but this wasn’t a conscious choice to obey. As soon as they said it, it just happened. My clothes fell off in one swoop with my hands, which then returned to their position between my legs, where they were quickly joined my two more, one from either side of me.
“Feel your arousal grow,”
          “Feel your mind shrink.”
      Their hands, stroking, touching, loving, fucking. My breath quickened.
“Counting down,”
          “Blowing up.”
“Ready to cum,”
          “For both of us.”
     I don’t want anything, I don’t even want to obey. I just obey, I just crave, I just need to submit, I just need to cum.

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