A Girl, Their Girl, and Their Them: Hypnovember 2021

Day 1: Thembofication

by Mars

Tags: #consensual_kink #D/s #dom:female #f/f #hypnovember #microfiction #dom:nb #f/nb #multiple_partners #nb/nb #sub:female #sub:nb

Thanks to @lamplightdraws & @chemicaljam, @morbidhypno, and @fauxpawe on Twitter for this year's prompts! Happy Hypnovember to all and to all a good sleep ;)

I was totally working and not in a chatroom when Kaitlyn exploded through the door to my office (the spare bedroom) and nearly knocked me over and my laptop off my desk (a coffee table).

“Do you know what day it is!?” Kaitlyn asked with a huge grin on her face, her blonde hair swaying as she rushed to sit next to me on the couch. Despite being the toppiest  of the three of us, she might be the most like a golden retriever. She nearly pawed at my arm waiting for my response.

I took a swing, “Um, Monday?”

“Psssh. No, you dork,” Kaitlyn called me affectionately, “It’s November 1st! You know what that means!”

“That I need to start mentally preparing myself to eat dinner with your parents for Thanksgiving?”

“It’s Hypno-vember! It’s a whole month of hypnosis goodness, and you are the lucky one who gets to be tranced and fractionated and brainwashed and hypno-ified every single day!” She giggled mischievously, sitting up straight so she could just barely look down at me with ideas in her eyes.

I had been so caught up in my work that I hadn’t even realized October had come to an end. Hell, it still felt like September with the 70 degree weather we were getting outside.

Hypnovember was a yearly tradition for our triad, a month where Kelly, Kaitlyn, and I made it our mission to get into kinky hypnosis shenanigans nearly every day for as long as we could keep it up. I hadn’t exactly forgotten about our tradition, but, well…

“Listen, I do want to do it this year, but we’re down multiple staff members at work and I’m basically having to work twice as hard to keep up so all our shipments go out before the holidays. I just feel like I’m going to be busy all the time that I won’t really be able to enjoy it—”

Kaitlyn put a finger to my mouth, shushing me. I tried to open my mouth to speak but my lips just wouldn’t move. Oh shit, I realized this was a trigger, it wasn’t that I wouldn’t be able to speak, I couldn’t speak. Her pre-conditioned hypnotic power over me was holding me in place, making sure she had the floor to say what she wanted. I squirmed a little in my seat thinking about it. It’s actually really hecking hot when someone you trust has so much power over you it’s like your own mind answers first to them instead of to yourself.

“Dear,” Her voice had changed dramatically, becoming sultry and imposing. It was no longer the voice of Kaitlyn my girlfriend, it was the voice of Mistress my Owner, “I know how much you’ve been working lately, and I don’t intend on stopping you from getting that work done. But I’ve seen how stressed it makes you to be sat in-front of your computer all day hashing out deals with stuffy businessmen who drive you up a wall. So I am making, heh, and executive decision. So all this month, when you have the time, we’re going to make sure you relax. We are going to ensure that your mind can be strong and ready to handle all that stuffy business by making sure the rest of the time it’s not being used. It’ll be empty and entranced, blissed out and beautiful, so you can enjoy this most wonderful time of year and still get everything you need done. Doesn’t that sound nice?”

Her voice sent shivers down my spine. I nodded automatically, her voice and her words already making my body and mind start to melt. “Yes, Miss.” I said as she took her finger off my lip. I had to admit it didn’t sound like that bad of an idea, and I was always pretty bad at deciding when I needed to take a break. Kaitlyn knew this, so she was always allowed and encouraged to force me to take rest when I needed to. It was part of how our relationship formed over time.

“Hmmmm, but really, Alert and Awake.” Her fingers snapped and I found myself all the way up, I hadn’t even realized how far I’d started to slip into trance. “I want to make sure this is okay with you, and that we can do this month like we normally do, where we could drop you and play with you at any time. If you need to we could schedule out specific times for us to do trance or—”

It was my turn to interrupt her, which I did with a swift kiss. As I pulled back I saw the look on her face and giggled. “Yes, yes, yes this is okay with me. You know how much I like your fingers in my brain, but I’ll tell you what. We can do it so if I really do need to work on something in that minute, I’ll safeword with yellow, and we can put it on hold until I can get off, okay? And I’ll tell Kelly the same thing, I know how much she wants to be in on this.”

Miss’s sly grin returned, “’Until you get off?’ Very curious choice of words there, dear.” She chuckled and placed a hand softly on my cheek, which I instinctively leaned into. “But as long as you feel like you’re always safe to safeword, we can do that, and I would love to do that.”

“I always feel safe with you, Miss.”

Miss gave me a peck on the lips, “And I’ll make sure not to betray that trust.”

I smiled. “So, what’s the prompt for November the first?”


It felt like a gust of wind had just streaked past my ear and some of it had gotten into my brain, stirring up dust and making it harder to think for a second. “Woah, I’m not sure I remember this trigger.”

Miss giggled, “You might not, but that lovely little subby brain of yours clearly does, cause I can just do this: Pop.”

I totally, like, spaced out for a second. Somehow Miss had ended up sitting across my lap. What was she doing? It usually wasn’t too hard for me to figure out triggers, and I was all that great at amnesia either, so this was, um, a page turner, or like a kerfuffle or somethin’.

Miss took off the red beanie I was wearing, allowing my dyed white hair to flop out, some of it covering my face. I tired, mostly unsuccessfully, to blow it back into place with my mouth. “Pop.”

I giggled as soon as she said it. OMG, my brain was definitely getting foggier, or maybe just like misty-er, not like fog, but like the not-fog that comes off of some hot coco after it comes off the stove. Some hot coco would actually sound really good right about now.

“Figure out what it does yet? Pop.”

More giggles. I don’t knows what was so silly, maybe it was the way Miss was running her hands through my hair, it felt so gooooood, like light head-scritches. “Ummmm, is it, like, making me foggier, Miss?”

“I think you’ll need to be more specific than that. Pop”

Woahhh, that one was hot, was it always so hot in here?? IDK what it was but Miss was just looking like a goddess all of a sudden, her blonde hair framing her face and making her look so hot and mysterious. I definitely didn’t start drooling over myself at this point, oops.

“There’s a word I’m looking for, rhymes with bimbo?”

I got it! “Thembo! I’mma good they-thembo!” I beamed with pride up at Miss. I don’t know where the pronouns came from, but they felt important!

Miss clapped her hands together, ”There you go, yes you are, such a good thembo. I think that deserves a kiss.” Misstress kissed me long and hard, and again and again and again. I moaned into her lips as her arms pulled me tight to her chest. Gods she was so hot, I felt myself nearly pant just being near her.

When she finally pulled away I gasped for air. Mistress just took my chin in her hand and licked her lips. “Now come on, my cutie pet thembo, I have some very important things for you to do.” She led me out of the room with an invisible leash attached to the collar I was sure was snugly and happily around my neck.

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