A Girl, Their Girl, and Their Them: Hypnovember 2021

Day 5: Bells

by Mars

Tags: #consensual_kink #D/s #dom:female #f/f #hypnovember #microfiction #dom:nb #f/nb #multiple_partners #nb/nb #sub:female #sub:nb

Did I take a look at the prompt of "Bells" and immediately use it as an excuse to write a hucow scene? Maybe

#Lactation tag for this chapter.

I fasten the last of the suction tubes to the harness around Kelly’s chest and take a look at our work. It’s shiny, sleek, and it matches really well with the cow print ears and the one piece that’s mostly still on her body. God, to me there are few things hotter than milking. I would absolutely love to have the rig set up on me, but I don’t own a “I have no tits” hat for nothing.

Kaitlyn is putting the finishing touches on her end as well, making sure the vibrator is snug against the inside of Kelly’s thigh, but just out of reach of the spot in between her legs unless she really reaches for it. The Frustration Position, I call it. Guaranteed to induce heavy squirming, 10 out of 10 times.

So now she’s positioned on the bed, all fours with the harness on he torso holding the milkers to her chest and the harness on her leg holding the key to her arousal away, and if you ask me, the sight is absolutely gorgeous.

And who is the lucky bottom-with-just-enough-toppy-energy-to-be-a-cow-handler that gets to run this scene, you ask?

“Mmm, Kelly. Focus here.” I lean down to face her, smiling at how she looks up with want in her eyes. Just the presence of ropes and restraints is enough to put her in a subby mood. I watch how her eyes snap to my fingers when I put it before them, starting to wave it back and forth, slowly, lightly at first, but growing with every swing.

“Focus on my voice, focus on my motion. Let that familiar feeling start to sink in, let your breathing slow down to match me.” I take in a deep breath, and she mirrors me automatically, her eyes fixed on my finger, never leaving it for a second as it travels further back and forth, back and forth.

I signal to Kaitlyn. She sneaks behind us both and flicks a switch that starts the pumps. In an instant, the air is pulled out of the tubes that are now firmly attached by suction onto our cowgirl’s breasts. The motor vibrates the room a little, and Kelly’s eyes flutter when it happens, a small, soft, erotic moan leaving her mouth, but before long her eyes are back on my swinging fingertip, now half-lidded and glowingly unfocused.

I don’t need to say anything else, she already knows how she is going to go down. I slow my wave down, bringing my hand to a stop before her face, her eyes trying to focus as her shoulder go limp. She watches closely as my finger forms together, and then snap.

Her head flops down and she lets out a deep moan that rumbles as much as the motor does. I squeak a little in excitement, trying to hold it in but it’s so goddamn hot that I have to let a little out. I turn around as silently as possible and grab the collar from its box, more cow print with a shiny little bell attached to the bow, a pretty sounding cowbell for a very pretty cow.

Kelly barely even moves in her trance as I place the collar around her neck nice and snug. It shifts a little and lets out a small rrring and I whisper into Kelly’s ear. “The ringing of the cowbell makes you sleepy, the ringing makes you empty. The more it rings, the more you become a good, blank, docile cowgirl. A cowgirl made to be milked, a cowgirl made to moo.”

I kiss her softly and whisper once more, “Now be a good cowgirl, wake up, and moo.” I snap my fingers once more.

The moan that comes from our cow is a long and drawn out “Mooooooo~.” It sounds wonderful, and I can feel my grin reach across my face. I signal to Kaitlyn once more, and she flips on the vibrator. The moos come down now in beautiful harmony.


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