The Hero and her Mistress

by Mars

Tags: #bondage #f/f #fantasy #mythology #plant_control #multiple_partners

Hypnovember 2021 Day 3! Prompt: Nature. After being saved from a monster, a village warrior finds her hero has a leafy mistress with more control over her than one might think.

A self contained story for Day 3 of Hypnovember. The prompt today is "Nature," so i decided to dust off an unreleased story of mine. I hope you enjoy!

The snarling Beast roars as it tries to track my scent through the tall grass. It has the eyes of jackals and the heads of a serpent. Its teeth, the thousands of them, could shred a boulder like knife through a cloth. I cannot hope to evade its tracking skills for long, but I am so out of breath I have to stop and hide behind a fallen tree.

I take stock of myself. I am bleeding still, my robe is in tatters and I’ve already torn off shreds of it to try to bandage the wounds on my left arm, but the blood has soaked through and I continue to get weaker the longer this chase goes on. Outrunning the monster is out of the question, so I must escape by losing it, but its nose could detect my scent on the wind from miles away, and these kinds of creatures rarely get distracted from their prey.

Fighting is looking more and more like the only option, and with no weapon, it’s not really much of an option at all.

It started back at the village. I was assigned night watch over the crops and livestock with Burgus. Rarely do they let a woman on guard duty, but I’ve been training since the day I turned two to make sure I wasn’t just another lass, just another pretty daughter to be married off to the premier family in the next town over in exchange for gold and coin. I hated the idea. I saw how my sisters were taught to act and talk and I wanted none of it.  I skipped every lesson my mother tried to give me about being more ladylike and proper for a future husband I didn’t want. Instead, I ran favors for my uncle, who in exchange taught me how to fight.

My uncle was once a great fighter, a warrior who’d fought off invading armies alongside the legendary Hercules, who’d once slayed the minotaur of Akthos, who’d kept our lands of Greece safe for decades. Those are the stories he tells, at least, and they are likely not as true as I once believed them to be, but he is still a skilled tutor with weapons.

In exchange for cleaning the nasty parts of his shack or fetching a bottle of mead from across town, he would teach me how to hold a sword, how to swing a lance, or how to fight monsters and men alike with my bare hands.

“You have to be crafty, do ya,” He would tell me, “Any soldier you’d meet, he’ll have two stones worth on you, not to mention a longer reach. You don’t have the luxury of overpowering anyone, you have to rely on your technique and your wits.”

Once my mother had finally given up on raising me a lady just to sell me off, I was allowed to train to join the village guard. She figured if she couldn't get value out of her daughter by making her a bride, I could at least be valuable in protection. I trained to be strong and sound in my fundamentals, while also being flexible and agile in how I approached any situation where I could be overpowered. I joined the guard the day I became an adult and… well, I hadn’t yet been very well tested to be honest.

I would routinely draw assignments that had nothing to do with protecting the town or that involved any chance of fighting. Basically, I was asked to run chores for the guard or for residents, like washing robes and cloths, fetching the water from the well, or inventorying the stockpile.

I would also be given assignments that just no one else wanted to do. Like staying up late at night to watch over the village with Burgus, the biggest loudmouth I’ve ever had the poor fortune of meeting.

It was almost dawn when things went wrong. Burgus was yapping away about his latest sexual conquest while I kept an eye on patrol. We would walk around the perimeter of the village and make sure no wolves were coming to take the sheep from the woods, or that no ruffians were sneaking down the roads to cause trouble. I had learned to tune out my partner quite well from previous nights’ watch and was paying him no mind until the sun just began to peek over the horizon, at which point he started to scream.

I turned to see what he was so startled by and saw the monster that hunts me now first stalk down the road. It looked like it was previously heading for the grazing sheep, who were nervously ‘baa’ing and stumbling back towards their feeding shed, but it had now turned its head toward us. I saw its nostrils flare, and I could swear I saw smoke come out of them as it captured our scents.

At its size it could swallow a calf whole and not even have a tummy ache. It didn’t look like anything I’d ever seen or had been told about, and I had no name for it. I didn’t have time to make one up as it began to lunge at where Burgus and I were standing in the middle of the road.

I acted on instinct drawing my sword from its sheath. I shoved Burgus out of the way so I had room to maneuver as it approached, and the words of my training came back to me.

Get in close, my uncle had taught me, Whenever you’re fighting with a shorter sword or a dagger, get in close and use their momentum against them. Let them cut themselves on your blade while you just stand there, ready for your counterattack.

Time moved in slow motion. I lept atop its jaw as a thousand teeth flashed at me, each no doubt sharp enough to cut me open. I let it carry itself forward while I stayed in place above it, which let me sink my blade straight down into its flesh, right between the red eyes that burned themselves into my mind.

My dismount was a little less graceful. My feet finally touched down, but not on land. My feet were swept out from under me as the Beast flew by underneath. I tumbled to the ground face first next to its hind right leg, the claw of which cut me right open, giving me the deep cut I now have to cover up. The Beast howled in pain, its whole body shaking as a black liquid came out from where I had stabbed. The earth trembled as its body slammed to the ground, making the homes around us shake violently, as all quickly went silent.

A second passed. Then another. I finally heard myself breathe. Holy Zeus. What had just happened?

Burgus just stared at me and the monster, slack jawed. I winced as the pain in my arm suddenly came alive. Villagers were rushing out into the street now, no doubt everyone awakened by what had transpired. Everyone came to a stop a few meters before the carcass of the Beast, however, like its presence creating a force pressing away from it. I saw the guard captain come running in his nightrobes. I saw my uncle behind the crowd, smiling, about to start a cheer. He never got the chance.

A screech louder than loud sent piercing daggers at my ears. The monster raised its head to the sky, coming back to life. It shook its neck and flung my sword who knows where as the crowd cowered back. Something was growing from the cut on its neck.

In a move that defied all I knew about creatures, a fully formed second head sprouted from the wound on its neck, black fluid pouring all over it. The feet of it touched the ground once more with another earthquake.

It turned around and immediately locked its four eyes with mine. I felt a clear message being sent. You will pay for that. It howled the sound of a thousand nightmares and before I could think, I was on my heels running for my life.

That’s how I found myself on the run, hiding behind a hollow husk of a grand tree, losing blood, losing energy, and surely losing my life if this was to go on for any longer. I was woozy and disoriented; I think stopping made the problem worse as I couldn’t run through the pain. I had to hatch a plan, to end this monster before it ended me.

I grabbed a stone and weighed it in my palm. I wasn’t a good thrower, but maybe I could hope to blind it, aim for the eyes and escape as it cried in pain. Maybe I could--


An arrow flew directly over my head from somewhere in front of me. An instant later I hear a thunk as it connects with its target. The Beast wails, it's nearly right on top of me, and I scramble as it tries to reset itself.

whhhp! whhhp! Another two arrows in quick succession, from the same direction as the first, strikes the hide of the monster. Then another. And another. They come faster than I can count, and they all dig themselves deep into the monster’s side. I go to stand up and run and I hear a woman’s voice yell “Stay down!” I duck down again just in time for another arrow to fly past me and into the Beast as it screams in pain.

I lose track of how many arrows fly by at speeds I had never seen before while I crawl through the grass away from the tree. Hundreds must go by, there must be a whole team of archers notching one after another and unloading them. I finally find cover behind a rock and cover up. Cries of something definitely not human ring in my ears as sticks whistle by on the wind.

Finally, something gives. Something topples over with a crash and moves the earth with it. I catch my breath and rise slowing, hoping to catch a glimpse of my saviors, and hoping what was hunting me was no more.

The Beast is covered in black blood, the heads of countless arrows sunk inside its flesh. A woman, tall, unarmored, and buff as hell runs towards it. She shouts a cry and digs a blade into the monster, which lets out a long, deflating wail, before it is no more.

When all is still again, the woman kneels by its side and whispers what I can only assume is a prayer. A hunter's blessing or something. I look around to see the group she must have been with, but there is no one around as far as the eye can see. I rub my eyes and look again, no one. Only this huntress beside the monster and myself. I feel myself immediately grow weak and realize my bandage has come off. I fall, but I’m unconscious before I can recognize myself hitting the ground.


I awaken to a pair of golden green eyes staring down at mine. They are beautiful, perhaps the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I think I must be dead. I must be dead, and these are the eyes of a goddess looking down on me as I descend into the afterlife. The eyes blink, and they say something. No, something else says something, I couldn’t be---

“Thank the goddess you’re awake. I was almost sure you were lost to Hades.”

I’m aware of a strong pair of arms wrapped around me, a very muscular yet comforting pair of arms that match the owner of the eyes I am shamelessly staring into like they’re the treasure of a lifetime. I cough and try to sit up, but the person holding me keeps me down, forcing me to lie back. My entire body burns with a gentile fire as I slowly come back to consciousness.

“Whoa, no no no. You relax for a second, take a moment, you look like you’ve been through a lot today.”

I do take that moment and use it to look over this amazon of a woman leaning over me. Oh my Hera, she’s huge and so incredibly fit and oh my Hera. The woman could be twice the size of me, twice the size of any man in the village. Even though she is on her knees next to me, she towers over my form, blocking out the sun like a mountain. She is built like a coliseum, toned muscles along every part of her, she could crush a watermelon with her fingers if she wanted to. I cough again as my mouth goes completely dry.

To put it bluntly, she is without a doubt the hottest thing I’ve ever seen. All my words are instantly gone as I can do nothing but stare with my mouth hanging wide open.

She moves and tugs at my arm, I look over to see a new dressing on my wound, expertly done. I can tell some kind of ointment has been applied from the texture on my skin. All of my blood is cleaned, spare for what remains dyed into the remaining shards of my robe.

“How are you feeling, small one? You were quite hurt when I found you.” Her voice is as beautiful as she is. I’m so hopelessly enraptured by her presence. “You had lost a lot of blood. What were you doing playing with a Hydrall?”

She looks at me for a second and suddenly I want to answer, I feel compelled to answer this woman and anything she asks, but all that comes forward are more coughs.

Eventually, I calm myself down enough to speak: “I… I was protecting my village. We were attacked by that… That Beast! That thing! I’ve never seen anything like it before, never heard of it. I thought I had slain it back in the town but--”

“But you only managed to split its neck, hmm?” She nods, like she knows what happened. “Hydrall are named after the Hydra for a reason. One head can become two, can become four. The only way to properly defeat it is to slice its heart in two, not its body.”

She hands me a pouch full of water, I drink it down. “You should be more careful. I would not have even gone after the Beast were it not endangering you. You must always know the limits of your hunt.”

I want to say something about my village, about the sheep and the people and how it chased me down for hours, but I don't. I just lay back and breathe a moment longer.

Suddenly she stands up and grabs her gear. “Your wounds are dressed and you should be fine. You should return home and rest. There will most likely not be any other creatures you will encounter on your way back as the Hydrall scared them away. I wish you the best in all of your hunts, sister.”

Before I can question her, she turns and walks away. I scramble to my feet in confusion, bad idea, I should not have stood up that fast. I sink to one knee and look up at the amazon, her back to me as she adjusts her gear. “W-What? What do you mean? You’re just going to leave me here?”

The woman looks back over her shoulder. “You are healthy enough to return to your family. You should go home and rest. Our paths need no longer intertwine. Besides, I am needed elsewhere.”

“You can’t just leave,” I say in disbelief, but she just keeps walking. I pace after her for a second, though I need to hurry as her steps are the length of two of mine. “At least tell me your name!”

Without pausing, she turns her head. “Alcie.” she states and continues walking.

I ran after her, trying to keep pace, this was ridiculous. I couldn’t just go back home without the woman who saved my life. Without the woman who, by extension, saved our entire village. I also couldn’t let this gorgeous woman, who seemed to possess the body and all the skills I desperately desired in life, just walk away without.... Something more than just a name!

As I chased after her, she stopped suddenly in her tracks and I ran into her backside. She didn’t move an inch but I fell right back to the ground. She gazed at me and had a serious look in her eye. “Do not, under any circumstances, try to follow me. You will grow tired before I do, I will not look after you, and I will leave you behind. You should go back to your home and rest. And as I said, I am needed elsewhere.”

She continued on her way through the tall grass. It occurred to me that I knew roughly where I was, not too far from the river that flowed south of town. I could easily follow it back to the village, where I could fall asleep and forget all about the beautiful amazon who had severed a monster's heart to save my life. I might even be lauded as a hero for leading the Beast away from town and coming back alive. I could even claim I managed to kill it. I could be taken seriously as a warrior, instead of a troublesome girl who pushed her way into the guard.

I waited until Alcie was far enough in front of me and then started to follow her trail, heading the opposite direction from town


It wasn’t long before we came to the edge of the woods. The Athenian Woods to be exact. Notorious for being impossible to navigate, unless you took one of the few paths that went straight through to the other side. The message regarding the place was clear: Stay on the path. Those who had wandered off it or who had been foolish enough to try to cut their way through the thick brush on their own came back talking insanity, like their minds had been subject to the most powerful of hallucinogenic mushrooms, or they didn’t come back at all.

Luckily, Alcie walked along the forest's edge until she came to one of the paths. The trees nearly blocked out the sun altogether on these routes, but it was said you should never bring a flame to light your way. A simple candle to show you your own footing could mysteriously lead you down spiraling paths and into spaces where you could find yourself suddenly underwater, or instantly on a treetop. No, the only way to travel the paths was to walk forward in a straight line, and to continue walking forward, no matter what. If you did that, you always made it to the other side unscathed.

So it was quite concerning that after a few dozen steps on the path, Alcie walked right off it into the bushes, no sign of a trail where she was headed, no markers or anything. I made the split-second decision to dive into the bushes myself and follow her. There was truly no turning back now.

I stayed as silent as I could and as far back as I could. If she knew I was following her, she didn’t let on. A few times I nearly lost her; She’d take one corner after another and I’d lose sight of her for a moment, but I managed to stick with her when I hurried. It felt like she was moving at random, turning in ways that made it feel like we should have definitely made it back to the path, or turning to the left over and over yet still finding ourselves in a different place each time. Eventually she stopped and I nearly ran into her again as I moved quickly to catch up. I was sure she had noticed me but she didn’t act like she did. Instead, she took off her gear, set her bow on a tree branch, and started undressing.

Oh Hera forgive me, for what I saw next was clearly never meant for mortal eyes. She was toned and slender, like she had maximized both strength and agility in tandem. Her arms like pillars, made of granite and stone that shone in the little light that peaked through. When she revealed her legs in their full glory, I swear I nearly fainted on the spot.

She reached forward and pulled apart the leaves in front of her, and suddenly there was a whole pond with its own waterfall in front of her. It must have been some kind of spring because the water flowed from a smaller pool on top of the small hill. I couldn’t get a great look at all of it as I rushed forward to spy at it through the green, but it was like a little pool of paradise, with lush, green vines and water plants aplenty.

Alcie stepped down into the pond and let out a sigh of relief as she relaxed into it. It was much deeper than it looked at first glance because she was quickly up to her neck in the cool, almost unnaturally blue water. It was then that the surroundings came alive.

There were no waves, but the level of the water began to rise and fall, like it was breathing slowly in and out. Something at the bottom of the pond started to glow, casting blue light in all directions. I had to avert my eyes because it was so bright. When it finally dissipated, someone else had joined Alcie.

“Hello my little daughter of Artemis. Haven’t you proved yourself worthy once again.” The voice was feminine and deeply playful, and its owner giggled. “Always protecting my woods from any beasts that would do it harm? How loyal, how obedient, how protective of you.”

A nymph sat along the pool’s edge, lounging luxuriously as she looked over the amazon in the water. I’d heard stories of dryads, naiads, and other nymphs being these personifications of natural spaces, the almost human embodiment of all the living things around that could bend the plants and animals to their will, like goddesses of their small domains, but I had never come so close to seeing one before, much less in such an intimate setting. It might go without saying, but she was also immensely beautiful. Her skin a pale green like limelight shining through the canopy, her hair endless and made of vines that swam around her naked form, reaching all the way around the water and into the woods. The thick curves of her body threw the nervous butterflies in my stomach into a full frenzy. I swear, I tried not to stare, but--

Oh Zeus, I’m really gay, aren’t I?

“Relax your body now, worthy hero, and Mistress will take care of your mind. Such a strong, sweet little thing.” The gorgeous nymph ran her hands down Alcie’s hair, petting her, and the hero just melted into the touch, letting out a deeply relaxed sigh that was not far off from a moan. “You’re such a good hero, the goddesses have truly blessed your form.” Her hands reached under the surface of the water and started to massage her shoulders. I’m not sure how much further she could have reached from her perch above Alcie’s head, because the nymph mistress was maybe a third her size. She was maybe a head shorter than I, which isn’t too short, but next to the amazon she was tiny.

And yet it felt like she was deeply in control of the situation. Alcie was melting more and more under her touch, and she had called herself her ‘Mistress.’ Was the hero who saved my life indebted in service to this woman?

The forest around the scene began to move. The vines! She was controlling them all at once! Many of them gathered under the water and began to move across the amazon’s body. I could see one of them approach her from below in the crystal-clear water, it slowly worked its way inside her and from her mouth came symphonic moans of pleasure. I finally got a look at her eyes, and they were completely glazed over.

“That’s better, my hero. You relax so well now. I remember when I found you, you wanted to fight anything and everything that stood before you. You nearly mowed the forest down in your quest to gather something-or-another, until you came to me. Well, I brought you to me, but that’s beside the point.” The nymph giggled. “You couldn’t strike me down like you did other creatures, not with the fire that burned inside you. That fire was fueled by vengeance, such a violent thing that doesn’t do anybody any good. No, no. I took that fire and with one little flower, I extinguished it, replacing it with a much warmer flame in-between your legs.” She smiled mischievously, twirling some of Alcie’s hair around her finger.

“You love that flame, don’t you, hero?” A vine grew beside her, a sunshine yellow flower in full bloom on its tip. “You want a reminder of that feeling, of how you lost control to me so quickly, don’t you?”

Alcie gasped for air, “Yes, Mistress!” Alcie moaned before biting her lip. “Please, please, please.” She begged.

A yellow dust puffed from the flower, filling the air with pollen the smelt so sweet, so dreamy… I breathed it in and saw stars before my eyes. I didn’t have a clue what it was doing to me.

Alcie moaned loud, loud enough to make the air rumble and reverberate. Gods, she looked so hot, so pretty, I couldn’t stop myself from getting aroused, and before I knew what I was doing my robe had been hiked up and my fingers were circling around my clit. I took another breath in and suddenly I was fucking myself on my fingers, my arousal reaching the heights of Olympus in no time at all.

I lost track of what was happening with Alcie as I laid there on the forest floor, suddenly desperate to bring myself to climax. Had I been thinking clearly, or even thinking at all, I might have thought this behavior, uh, very strange. But I swear I was gone the moment the pollen touched my lips. I did notice, however, that the ground beneath me had begun to movie, and I looked down just in time to see vines wrapping themselves around my legs before I was yanked up into the air.

I was suspended in the air by a single leg, directly over the center of the pond. All of my remaining clothing was torn off me by forces I couldn’t see. My senses came back to me somewhat when the movement stopped, by which I mean pleasuring myself wasn’t the sole thing on my mind. It was still definitely up there, but my panic and fight or flight instincts had kicked in. I started to thrash around, hoping to shake lose of the vine’s grip, but it did not give at all. I was winding up to kick it with my free leg when a cold green finger reached my lips with a “Shhh!”

I froze and cast my gaze in front of me. The nymph had barely moved from where I last saw her. She stood tall above Alcie, who seemed to not notice the commotion at all, as she continued to enjoy herself in the pool.

“Well, well,” the nymph began, “What do we have here? Has my hero brought a friend along for companionship?” She smiled as she looked at me with her deep green eyes. “Or are you a stray that followed my girl home uninvited? Hmm?”

I opened my mouth to speak, but she only pushed her finger into my lips harder. “Ah, no speaking. Words have power, stranger, and there are only a select few I allow to be spoken in my domain.” A smirk crossed her face, “That said, why don’t you give me your name.”

I gave her my name… My name… My name that is… Oh hellhounds, I gave her my name!

The nymph laughed heartily, “Oh silly little stranger, did I not just tell you that words have power?” Her laughter reverberating through her vines, swinging me side to side, before she grinned at me. “There is so much I can do with a name, but let’s take a closer look at you first, shall we?”

I began to turn slowly in place, still suspended, so she could take in every inch of my naked form. I began to blush, and tried to cover up my body, but every time I tried, smaller vines would come from the brush and bat them away. They were so alive and dextile. So instead I hung there, the nymph’s eyes taking in all parts of my body.

“Oh my, you are much more than I first thought.” She began to pet the side of my head as my hair hung down out of the way. “Look at the strength you possess, especially for your size.”

I try to turn away, but something about her touch, her smell, her scent, it makes my eyes flutter and my mind stutter. I find myself leaning into her touch, almost affectionately.

“You have all the workings of a good hero yourself, stranger. Now let’s see you fly.”

I’m spun around again in the vines, more of them this time. Several weave their way around my body as I’m right-side up again, but now my arms become restricted, tied behind my back in a way that forces out my chest. The effect is accentuated when my hair is tugged on, pulling my head back and extending my neck. My struggles go seemingly unnoticed by the sentient nature and my legs are folded behind me and secured at the knees. I must look like a chandler above the body of water, a decoration, swinging softly for my powerful captor.

The final vine that moves into place is straddled in-between my legs, and I notice very quickly that if I shake or struggle, it rides up between my folds and across my clit. I have no doubt that’s intentional, and my still aroused body begs for the stimulation.

As I turn slowly back towards the nymph, I see clap her hands with a satisfied grin. “Mmm, yes, absolutely delightful. I’ll think I’ll be keeping you, stranger. And when you’re not protecting my woods, you’ll make a beautiful decoration in my lair. Now let’s get you wet.

She hops off her post and into the pool below, where Alcie was waiting for me as I’m lowered down, down until the skin of my hips can barely touch the surface of the water. The nymph appears in front of me, pulling and tilting me forward. “You’re going to be so fun to play with, so delightful to ruin.”

I spot the yellow flower from before, floating calmly on a lily pad. She smiles. “Now, now, little stranger. I’m going to give you your own words of considerable power. You’ll use them well, I’m sure.” She lifts the flower between our faces and comes close, so close I can’t see anything but her endlessly green eyes. “They are ‘yes’, and ‘Mistress’.”

She blows a puff of pollen in my face, and before I know it, I am gone. My thoughts abandon ship as my maddening arousal returns, more intense than ever. In a second, I am straddling the vine across my crotch, trying to hump and ride it with wanton enthusiasm. I’m trying to break free of my binds to touch myself, to feel myself, to fucking arouse every inch of me I can reach with my hands. My eyes roll back in my head and I see stars as my mind just goes blank.

Suddenly I’m being kissed, I am having my mouth explored by a tongue with such a strange texture that just tastes irresistible. It’s her. She’s making out with me now. Her name comes into my mind like a light from above.


I’m kissing back with abandon as something approaches me from behind. It must be Alcie, her hands strong but soft. She moves vines out of the way, before her tongue is on me too, oh gods, oh gods, her tongue inside of me. My whole body shakes and is taken over with a feral instinct for more.

I moan into Mistress’s kiss, I moan whenever I need to take a breath, I thrust my hips as much as I can trying to ride the amazon’s face to climax. I need it, oh Zeus Poseidon Hades, I need it.

Mistress puts her finger on my lips and I’m suddenly still. I open my eyes and see her, only her. It is like she’s brought every muscle in my body to a standstill, but I’m still burning up with the wild need to orgasm inside. I feel like a fire ready to erupt, and yet held in place by this perfect green goddess.

“You want to climax, don’t you, stranger?”

I nod. Somehow my voice does not crackle when I speak despite the heat deep in my body. “Yes, Mistress.”

“If you do, you’ll be bound to me, strong little stranger. I won’t just have your name, I’ll have your will, your essence of being.”

I remain still. If I could speak, I would be begging to be bound, begging for anything just to orgasm in that moment.

“You’ll be mine. All your thoughts and all your cares, everything that makes you you, will belong solely to me. And I can change and erase any piece of you as I see fit.” Her smile is devious. I’m pleading with my eyes. “You’ll be as much mine as the plants in all my forest. Do you want that, stranger? Do you want eternity in my control?”

I am finally able to answer. It comes without hesitation. “Yes, Mistress.”

“Then let go, pet.”

I cursed as the fire inside me enveloped me whole. If I was seeing stars before, I could see the white heavens in all their glory as my body spasmed. Pleasure surged through every part of my being as, which a high-pitched scream, I came. It was an unearthly sensation; searing acute pain I could only interpret as absolute bliss. It could have lasted hours, even days. I was so lost in the feeling of my body I didn’t realize how my mind had turned to clay.

In my memory, there is no gap between the burning, bright white pleasure, and me finding myself deep underwater, only pure sapphire blue around me in every direction. I’m uncovered, unclothed, unburdened in every way. I feel like I’m floating in an endless depth, and yet like I’m being physically born again.

Blink. Something fills my mouth. I don’t panic, I can’t panic, I won’t panic. Everything is how it should be. I suck instead, on instinct, and I welcome the vine into myself. All is how it should be. The vine comes from my Mistress, it can do me no harm. It’s only here to help.

It begins to pump, and something comes from it’s tip. It’s creamy and silky and absolutely delicious, and I slurp it down without a second thought, or even a first thought. Everywhere it touches feels wonderful, feels perfected. Down my throat, into my stomach, and throughout my frame, everything is filled with Her touch, and Her will.

I continue so lick and suck and enjoy as I begin to rise towards the surface, the light above finally peeking through the blue. As my head comes above water I see her again and yet I see her for the first time. Gods above, she’s everything beautiful and everything strong. She takes my chin in her hands and I can feel sparks of pleasure emanate from everywhere she touches me. When her lips open I await to hear only her perfect voice.

She asks me a question, she asks if I am ready to begin, ready to serve, ready to obey. I want to orgasm all over again just at the sound of her words. My goddess, thank you for choosing me.

They are the only words I want, the only words I need. They are perfect in their power and simplicity. I answer Yes, Mistress. Yes, Mistress. Yes, Mistress.


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