From Fantasy to Reality: Diana and Danielle

Chapter 3: Love and Control

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:incest #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:female #age_difference #age_gap #college_student #contemporary #daughter #mother #vacation

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2022, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 3: Love and Control

“Alright, Danielle… Mommy…” I take a deep, slow breath. I was worried that my nerves would be shot, but honestly all things considered I feel pretty calm. My mom is kneeling on her bed, looking up at me with pleading, fuzzy eyes. She’s wearing her hair up, her body wrapped up in that aquamarine dress, her chest arched out like an offering.

There’s no part of me that can doubt she wants this, and every part of me knows that those feelings are incredibly mutual. I’m going to hypnotize my mom, and turn her into my slave.

Fuck, it still makes my clit shudder.

“T-take your time, honey…” Mom quivers, wiggling her hips in the perfect way to make her breasts threaten to overwhelm the fabric of her dress. “No rush…”

Someone else saying that might not mean it, but it’s clear that she does. I can see in her eyes that being patient, waiting for me to make the first move, having herself on display like this until I take the initiative is part of the thrill for her. Every moment just builds anticipation, making those hips of hers keep wriggling side to side as her hooded eyes occasionally flutter.

Who could not find my mom incredibly hot?

Leaning down, I kiss just between her eyes before closing mine as she mewls in the most adorable, erotic way I’ve ever heard. Mmm. Fuck, I love her voice. It’s so… incredibly hot.

With her warmth on my lips, and her scent so close to my nose, I open my eyes and look into hers. So blue. So pretty. So mine. “No more delaying, mommy. Look into my eyes. Look deep into my eyes, and let the rest of the world just… not matter for a little while. Let it all fade away, drift further and further, as you let yourself focus more on my eyes, on the sound of my voice, on how weak and soft that makes you…

“Because you’ve been looking forward to this. You’ve been dripping waiting for me to come home, and claim you as my own…” My hands gently cup her cheeks, thumbs sliding across the smooth, warm skin. Emulating one of the dommes in my writing is easy when so many of them are based on me. “And each little drop of lust made you more ready for me…”

Mom moans, withering in my hands as her eyes slowly start to hood. Her gaze is no less focused on mine, but something about the strength of her visible thoughts, of her functional mind, is softening with every little word I say.

Half of her breaths are just moans.

Gosh this is the most erotic power trip I’ve ever even imagined!

I kiss the tip of her nose without breaking eye contact. She quivers, mewling a little lower, a little needier. “That’s right… So wet for me, making yourself cum over and over again to my writing, to my words… You’ve been priming your mind to be the perfect subject for me, a hypnoslut who can’t resist, who can’t want to resist, can only sink deeper and deeper every moment we’re here together… Because you already need to obey me, don’t you, Danielle…?”

“Yy-yess Lady… Diana…” Her lips quiver. Her eyes flutter. “Need… need to obey you… so… so much…”

“That’s right…” Mirroring the touch she gave me before, I press a finger to her lips. She groans, kissing my finger before her shoulders sag and her eyes hood the slightest bit more. “You need me. You need me to claim you, to take you, to control you… You’re already so far past the point of no return. You’re already mine… I just need to hook my leash into your collar…”

How could I possibly describe the trembling moan that sounds like her whole mind is shuddering in erotic bliss?

The way her eyebrows are slanted up like you could extend the lines and draw a very wide ‘v’… The way her mouth is hanging open like she lacks the self-control to close it… The way just breathing makes her whole body shake… The way the sound captures so much need, so much desire, so much longing


She’s already starting to really sink. I can see it in her eyes, hear it in her moans, feel it in every little way she’s expressing herself. My mommy is really becoming my hypnoslave.

I’ll never let her go.

She had so many chances to just not plead that I make her into my helpless pet. Now that I’m doing it… Gosh, I can’t stop clenching, tightening, just… buzzing with arousal from how perfect she is, how perfect this moment is!

“And doing that is going to be very easy… because that leash is my voice…” I stroke my fingers down from her face, feeling along her neck, and then along her collarbones in the same way she did to me, but more… possessive? I’ve always had a problem with taking things a little too far, but this is permission to let all of that out. “My voice, that my mommy has been listening to so carefully, making sure to take in each and every word…

“It’s finally time for you to really let go, Danielle. Time to give me your body, your mind, your heart… your soul.” Pressing my nails into the exposed bare skin of her chest, I trail my fingers to her shoulders and squeeze as she lets out the most pitiful cry I’ve ever heard. “I’m going to shove you down onto your back, now. You’re going to fall, to fall so much deeper than you could have ever fallen into one of my stories or for one of those silly files. None of them could give you what you need, because what you need is me dominating your mind. What you need is me claiming you, and owning you… making you more obedient, and more helpless, each and every day… So…”

I kiss her forehead before drawing back, my nails digging into her shoulders. She moans, looking up at me somehow even more pitifully than before. Her forehead is shining with sweat. Her eyes are so glassy, so aroused, so…



My hands shove her onto her back, and the sight of her breasts bursting free of her clothing, her limbs falling limp around her, her eyes staring at where mine used to be before they fall shut… This is even better than I hoped. She looks so… so… gone, and the groan she lets out sounds like the most fucked vocal expression I’ve ever imagined.

She crawled over me before, so it only feels fair now to do the same thing. I settle down onto the bed, slowly moving until I’m able to crawl higher with my body grinding down against hers, pushing her down to make her sink even deeper into my control.

Nothing she does to squirm is any attempt to struggle or resist. She’s just so deep, so lost, and she wants more. Friction, sensation, domination…

When my clothed breasts finally rub over her naked pair, it takes all of my self-control to not instantly wrap my lips around one of those hard, dusky-brown nipples. So puffy, looking so firm but so soft… There’s no more milk in there for me to suck out of her, but that doesn’t mean she can’t give me so much nourishment.

That will have to wait, but not much longer.

Soon, whenever I want those tits in my mouth… they will be. She won’t have any choice at all.

“Fall, mommy…” I moan right into her ear, and she moans a softer, quieter echo. “Fall, and open your body to me… Fall, and feel your mind obeying my words more than it ever obeyed your thoughts…” Carefully, I trail my fingers across the center of her chest, careful to focus right over where her heart is beating below. “Fall, and feel your heart, so full of love, binding you to me with a whole new level of intimacy, of love, of connection. Feel the center of what you are, of who you are…

“Kneeling to me… eager to please at a moment’s notice…” I press my lips to her ear, and she groans as I grasp one of her breasts and squeeze as tight as I can. “Because before anything else, from now on, comes your obedience to me. Before you think, act, even breathe, you’re obeying me. You’re submitting, surrendering to me… isn’t that right, mommy?”

She moans, arching into my hand as her voice almost seems to give out from her sheer arousal. “Y-yessss… D-diana… L-ladyyyy…!”

Her voice is still so soft, so quiet, barely above a whisper.

Something about that makes it even easier to imagine her sinking and falling so deep that she’s so far away even inside of her own mind.

I’ll make sure we still have times where she can think and we just cuddle, times where she can enjoy all of the things she currently enjoys with me nuzzled into her chest, me stroking her hair, me idly taking advantage of my ownership of her pretty little brain… but to make that the way we both want it, those moments truly as helpless and submissive as they can be, I need to take everything now.

Her every decision needs to be because I allowed it.

My own mother needs to ache for my permission, to feel small and weak even when I’m nuzzling into her chest and her chin is resting over me. I need to pin her down so deep that a part of her mind never rises back up…

…because that part belongs to me and no one else.

“That’s my obedient, sexy, hypnotized little mommy pet…” I brush my lips against hers, tracing my nails around the smooth border where the texture of her areola blends in with the rest of her breast. She arches into my touch, shaking, but both movements are so pitiful and slight. “You don’t want to think. You want to sink. You want to sink deeper, and deeper, and feel me making you nothing more than my obedient slave… but so much more than you are now. So much more free…

“Free from needing to think all the time…” I pinch her nipple and twist. She cries out, but the sound fades away so quickly even as she continues to wiggle and whimper. “Free from needing to be alone… Free from needing to be your own, independent person…”

Hypnosis is so much more about rapport than any other technique. So much of it is knowing, and understanding, just how far and how fast to push a subject from their reactions.

Mom’s reactions tell me I can push her down as hard as I want, as fast as I want. The only reason I’m not already programming her to obey my specific desires already is that I want to take my time. I want this to be special. I want to make sure that this is a sacred moment that both of us remember for the rest of our lives.

All of this will need to be reinforced, massaged into her fetishes, her desires, her psyche over and over… but I want it to feel like this was the time that I made her belong to me forever.

Every subsequent experience will be more like me making sure the collar fits just right.

“It’s been so much effort to think for yourself for far too long… to be in control for so long… to be an authority figure for me…” I lean in so my lips brush my mother’s, and savor just how soft they feel. Mmm. They’re even fuller to touch like this, softer, warmer, than I ever could have imagined. “It’s time for all of that to change. When I kiss you, you’re going to feel my desires overwhelming your mind, my control, my dominance…

“You’ll belong to me on a whole new level than you did when you came, because this kiss is going to seal my control so deep inside of you…” I twist her nipple again for emphasis, and she lets out the sexiest whine. “And you’re going to be my hypnoslave. Your mind is going to need to obey me. No choices I don’t offer you. No decisions I don’t let you have. No authority. Before you’re anything else, mommy… you’re going to be mine, brainwashed and conditioned. Say it… mommy…”

Her lips move against mine, but there’s no sound—not at first. I can feel her hot breath, but she’s just too weak to get any words to take shape.

In time I’ll help her learn that when she’s this deep and obeying my control it isn’t her strength making her speak, but my control. There’s no need to rush that, though. Right now, I want to savor just how pitiful she is. I want to savor how deep and lost she is.

Lost to me, lost to her own fantasies, desires…

Lost from all of those nights with her fingers buried deep between her legs and her screen filling her mind with my stories over and over again…

“B-before… I’m anything e-else…” Her voice hitches and she whines as it falls silent. It takes her another few moments of harsh breathing, but the rest of the words come from a voice so sexy I can barely stand it. “I’m going to be… yours… brainwashed and… c-conditioned…”

“Good mommy…” She moans, and before the sound can finish I mash my lips into hers.

More than just a kiss, this moment isn’t just physical or symbolic or spiritual or any one thing. It’s my heart pinning hers to the bed. It’s my lips melting into hers and pouring in all of my heat. It’s my dominance wrapping up her sweet, sexy, subby mind and making it mine. It’s all of our needs swirling together, and her devoting herself to me just as I devote myself to her.

Owning a sexy mom like mine is a big responsibility, but I am more than ready for it.

I hold the kiss as long as I can, breathing through my nose as I twist and tug at her nipple. Her heartbeat throbs in my fingers, and she moans against me. Her heartbeat is so quick, her body so warm, and I can feel our connection in a way I’ve never felt myself connect with anyone else.

My heart feels so calm, but not because I’m not excited. Something about this moment just feels so… soothing, so validating, so… something I needed that it’s hard to feel anything but bliss. It’s hard to feel anything but contentment that my mommy and I can feel this together.

Mommy… Danielle… My slave… My lover…


Her lips break away from the kiss when I twist her nipple a little harder, but that’s fine. I was going to need to end it soon, anyway. This way it gets to end with another of her weak, helpless, submissive moans and I love the way those sound.

I love the way she always sounds, her voice, her cadence, her tone…

When it comes down to it, I just love her, and everything about her.

It’s not like this isn’t a sex thing, my wanting to dominate her, to control her, to have her for my own, but… it’s not only a sex thing. I’m going to make my mommy into my obedient lover, my partner, my other half. We’ll need to keep it secret just how far things go between us, but I’m a writer anyway. That doesn’t include very much being social by default.

Mom has never had the biggest friend groups. I won’t isolate her or anything, but I don’t think it’ll cramp either of us to make this work.

“Now that I’ve claimed you… I’m going to indulge in something I’ve been fantasizing about for a long, long time. I want you to feel every moment of it making you more helpless, weaker, more controlled… In fact…” I kiss my way from her lips, to her chin, to her neck and suck my way down. “I want you to chant for me. ‘I am my daughter’s helpless slave. I must obey.’ Can you do that for me, mommy…?”

“Y-yess… I-I… I am… m-my daughter’s… helpless… s-slave…” She moans, arching off the bed the faintest bit as I bite between her shoulder and her neck. “I… m-must… must obey…!”

Oh fuck words have never felt so much like a pair of fingers between my legs before, but those, from her… Those are like lips around my clit, fingers in my pussy, nails down my back… fingers in my hair… So… perfect! Stopping when a jolt of pleasure flows down my spine that’s just a bit too much, I quickly resume my mouth making a path towards the breast I haven’t touched at all.

“My daughter’s… helpless… slaaaave…!” Her voice peaks again, and I whimper at just how hot she’s getting saying those words. Each time she repeats them the heat in her voice burns hotter, and the truth in them is that much stronger. “M-must… must… I must obey…!”

I fucking love hypnosis!

Finally breathing over my mommy’s nipple, I’m treated to a low moan that sounds just as eager as I feel. Has she been imagining this, too? Has she known how many times I stayed awake late at night imagining my lips wrapping around this nipple…? Did she play with her breasts using wet fingers, imagining it was my lips wrapped around them…?

Or even better… did she suck on her own nipples imagining that…? She probably could, her breasts are big enough…

Well, I know what I’m getting her to do later.

“I am… m-my daughter’s… helpless slave!” She screams the words in the most euphoric voice I’ve ever heard like she wants the whole world to know. It’s still quiet, but the feeling I get from it is still that she wants to belt it out without reservations or inhibitions. “I must obey…! M-must… must… must obey…!”

My tongue teases out across the rim of her areola, my hot breath blowing over her stiff nipple. Her mantra pauses as she struggles against the pleasure, and in the end her obedience wins out. She continues repeating just like I told her, and my lips form a tight seal.

Sucking has never felt so good.

I hold her breast in my hand, squeezing rhythmically in time with the suction from my lips. I rub myself against her, both of us still so clothed, but in a way that only makes it better. Neither of us wanted to rush out of our clothing, and right now I have higher priorities than either of us being naked. I can access these amazing fucking tits, and that’s more than enough for me. Pulling up her dress high enough to make it even easier to shove my hand into her panties wouldn’t be hard, either.

Stroking my mommy’s pussy, feeling her slit, feeling her cum around my fingers…

Taking things that far was something I told myself I’d delay, but I don’t think that’s very realistic. Now that I have her nipple in my teeth, my lips wrapped around the perfect, smooth skin of its base… how can I hold off on anything?

Her mind is wrapped around my finger. Shouldn’t I use that finger to reach deep inside of her and make her cover her mind with lust? Mmm… My imagination is in the horniest place I think it’s ever been, and there’s no reason for me to hold back any more than my mommypet. I should be embracing this, showing her how much I love her and this new relationship that we’re sharing.

To do any less is to not fully appreciate the gift she’s given me, and that would just be…


“I am my daughter’s… helpless slave… I must obey…!”

“Good mommy…” I kiss the tip of her nipple before tugging it with my teeth until it slips free on its own. She lets out another anemic cry, and I moan as my nails trace their way down along her clothed belly. “Such a good mommy… and a good mommy deserves a reward. She deserves feeling bliss, release, all of the best sensations she could ever hope to feel… and that’s just what I’m going to give you.

“I’m going to make my mommy cum, and you’re going to feel yourself belonging to me even more.” She whimpers, still chanting as I slowly kiss my way down behind my fingers as they grasp the hem of her dress and start to pull. “I’m going to show my mommy just how much I love every part of her, and just how much I want to use you, to control you, to own you…”

All that she can do to express her agreement is to scream “I must obey!” even more insistently than before, but it gets the meaning across.

She wants this as much as I do.

Having her naked right now would take away from all of my fantasies of pulling up this dress. Seeing her breasts pop free was so much better than it would have been if she’d stepped into the room already naked to kneel and present her bare body to me.

I wouldn’t have been disappointed, but this is just… so much better.

This is the way I always wanted things to be between us.

I tug her panties, the same matching aquamarine as her bra, out of my way. My fingers can reach under them just fine, but my tongue isn’t quite so flexible. I kiss over the damp fabric, my nails tracing over her thighs as worshipfully as I can. Some might see this as a submissive thing to do, but being down here, touching my mommy how I want, making her chant what I want, taking from her what I want?

That never made any sense to me at all.

“Your pussy is so beautiful, mommy… and now, just like the rest of you… it belongs to me.” I kiss over the flush, wet lips of her pussy, squealing in my mind over every little way she moves, every little facet of her taste, and the wonderful combination of this texture and her lust. I already tasted her on my lips, but that was just a hint of her flavor.

This is drinking directly from my pet, and I love it even more.

“I-I-I am my… my daughterrrr’s… my daughter’s… h-helpless slave…!” Her voice peaks again as I tease my tongue slowly along her slit. My nails stroke higher, feeling that perfect place between her thighs and her pussy. “I must obey! I am my daughter’s helpless slave!”

So many variations in tone and inflection twist her mantra as she repeats it again and again, wrapping her up that much tighter in my control. She was already caught in my grasp, but now that she’s doing this while feeling so much pleasure… Mmmm…

I want to spend so much time conditioning her, teaching her, training her, but I don’t think I’ll need to worry about the basics one bit.

Her mantra is the perfect accompaniment to the sounds of my tongue delving inside of her, tasting at her clit as my fingers finally stroke along her lower lips. Everything about this is making me burn so hot. My mommy is my slave. My mommy is making herself more helpless for me. My mommy’s pussy is squeezing around my fingers, making them so wet as she soaks them with something so sacred to so many of my deepest fantasies.

“I must obey! I am my daughter’s helpless slave! I must obey! Must… must… slave… helpless… I am my daughter’s helpless slave!”

When I wrap my lips wrap around her clit, and bury three of my fingers as deep inside of her as I can, her mantra distorts in the sexiest way I could have imagined. It fixes itself after a few broken repetitions, but none of the words really left her, and neither did the purpose. She was just that turned on, that helpless, that lost to how good I can make her feel that it was impossible for her to keep herself together.

And this is why I love making women feel good.

What part of making a woman writhe helplessly as pleasure overwhelms her mind isn’t hypnohorny? What about her pussy so desperately squeezing at my fingers as they stroke her deeper and deeper into passionate need isn’t a sign of how much she’s under my control?

She wanted to explore her sexuality without any of it being her responsibility, and now all of her choices are out of her hands. She belongs to me.

This is the way things were always meant to be between us…

That’s why I wanted her so much! This was always a part of her, she found my stories because we were meant to be together. I’m meant to own her, to fuck her, to hypnotize her, to make my mommy the happy, content, blissful woman she deserves to be!

Destiny never felt so slick.

“I… I… must… must… o-obey… o-o… obey…!”

Her pussy squeezes tighter, and her heartbeat pulsing through her is so quick, so desperate. Her legs are wrapped around me so tight. My mommy is close, so close…

I never imagined that I’d get to feel my mommy cum around my fingers. I never imagined that she’d be doing that while pledging herself to me over and over again until her voice is hoarse.

Note to self: make sure mommy drinks a lot of water after this.

I need to take good care of my mommypet, after all.

“Then obey me, mommy!” I pull my mouth back, but only long enough to speak just loud enough for her to hear over her own mantra and the still-loud sounds of my fingers filling her pussy again and again. “Don’t hold back anymore… stop chanting… tell me that you belong to me, that you love me… and cum!

“I-I belong to you! I love you! I-I… I’m… c-cumming…!”

Divine is the only word I can use to describe the feeling of her juices flowing as I suck and thrust and wiggle between her legs. My mommy is cumming in my mouth, cumming around my fingers, cumming herself into my obedient little hypnoslut eager and ready to obey.

Now that we’ve done this, now that she’s had a taste, now that she’s sunk deep into my control… Everything in the future will come that much easier.

In no time, my mommy is going to be conditioned exactly the way I want her to be, and life is never going to be the same for either of us. I may only be home for a short time right now, but we’ll have so much time after I graduate.

As a distant bonus: I won’t need to worry about the housing market!

Her breath is still heavy and shaky as I stroke her into her afterglow, gently kissing her through every last quiver and shake as I greedily suck up every small droplet of her taste.


Mommy cum…

Kissing my way up her body as slowly as I can, I savor every contour, bend, and twist of her shape. Perfect. She’s perfect. I wouldn’t change a single thing. I do look forward to doing this with her clothing off, but this first time really did need to be like this.

In the future… we have so much to explore.

When I finally reach her lips, I kiss her, softly, and then whisper against her lips. “Even when I let you think again, when I awaken you from this trance… you’re still going to be my pet. You’re still going to be my slave. I decide for you. I’m in control. All you can do is surrender… and obey…”

“S-surrender…” Her hips jerk up as I tease my fingertips across her glistening mound. “O-obey…”

“That’s right… but right now, what I want more than anything is for my mommy to take a deep, slow breath… and awaken… feeling, knowing how owned she is, how obedient she now must be… nuzzle your head into my chest… and I’ll hold you. Aftercare is important.”

So much quicker than I anticipated, her arms wrap around me, her face buries itself deep into my chest, and she moans as her warmth presses flush against me.

“I love you, Diana… Owner… Lady…”

She kisses over my heart, and I whimper before sliding my fingers through her hair. Soon enough I’ll want to be nuzzled into her chest and having her hold me like this, but that was an intense experience. She deserves a little extra treatment right now.

It’s only right that I attend to that.

“I love you too, Danielle… Slave… mommy…”

She kisses over my chest, and I kiss over the top of her head, savoring the scent of her sexy blonde hair. We stay like this for a long time, basking in each other’s warmth.

I’ve never been so happy I’m a writer and a hypnotist in my entire life.

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