From Fantasy to Reality: Diana and Danielle

Chapter 2: Awakening to Fantasy

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:incest #D/s #dom:female #f/f #pov:bottom #pov:top #sub:female #age_difference #age_gap #college_student #contemporary #daughter #mother #vacation

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot 2022, and not for reposting or other such uses. 

Chapter 2: Awakening to Fantasy

“Diana…” A soft, low voice whispers into my ear. I was just watching my mom read a book on the couch, so this must just be the next part of the dream. I think it’s my mother’s voice now... “I made sure you got a nice nap… but it’s important that you wake up now, or you’ll miss out on the best part of my little surprise, honey.”

“S-surprise…?” I flutter open my eyes, and gape at what I see. “M-mom?!”

Kneeling at the foot of my bed is… my mother. She’s wearing her hair up, strands framing her face in a way that makes her look so sophisticated and sexy in an effortless sort of way. The straps of her aquamarine dress practically tug my eyes down, and I can’t stop myself from staring at the way the dress and her bra are squishing her breasts together, nearly forcing them towards my face.

It’s such a pretty shade of blue-green, looking so smooth, so soft, though it can’t compare to her skin. The straps are so small, and her skin is so… luminous.


Maybe that’s because the room is lit by… candle light.

There are two sticks of incense filling my room with that scent, and I can’t even count how many candles carefully set up around the room. I really am as heavy a sleeper as everyone always says…

How could I not wake up while she was doing this…?

“That’s right, honey. I’m your mommy.” She hoods her eyes in a way I’ve never seen Mom hood her eyes. “I’m also a woman… and a very avid reader. An avid reader who hasn’t been able to stop rereading a story where a very special daughter tells her mother that she can’t forget, or resist… she can only obey.”


Oh fuck.

Her hips squirm, and it’s not that she looks uncomfortable. Every little shift side to side so much of her breasts just… jiggle and ripple in a way that I’ve seen in more innocent moments, but this… this is anything but innocent.

I’m not sure if the arousal I’m smelling is her, or me, or both of us. My eyes feel so fuzzy, and my thighs… they won’t stop squeezing. The way Mom’s mouth is hanging open, the way she’s squirming, gasping for each breath, arching herself towards me… She looks more turned on than any woman I’ve ever been with.

“I… M-mom… I-I can explain—”

“Explain how you became such a good writer? I can explain that…” She leans forward, and her breasts hang down in such a pendulous way. When she starts to crawl forward they swing, and I can see the heavy points of her nipples poking out against her dress. “You wrote so many stories, Diana. You wrote so many stories, and you did it without me even knowing for so long. I saw the publication dates… did I wear the right dress? Did I wear my hair the right way…? I wanted everything to be perfect tonight… Perfect for when I ask you…”

She’s leaning over me, her breasts between her face and mine. Her blue eyes look so… perfect. Her lips look even fuller like this. Maybe it’s because I can’t stop thinking about kissing them even if that would be so… so wrong the way I want to kiss them.

Her skin is glowing in the dim, flickering warm candle light.

“A-ask me…” I quiver, barely able to speak the words intelligibly. “Ask me… what…? How did you… what—”

Mom presses a single finger to my lips. “Let mommy explain herself, and then… then you can say whatever you want. I’m not going to force anything on you, that… That wouldn’t make any sense for what I want, but…” She shakes, her eyes rolling back up into her head. Her hips fall, nearly rubbing her body against mine. “I needed to do this… like… this. I needed to show you how… serious I am. Will you listen, Diana?”

What kind of question is that?

My eyes are hooded so low, and my hips won’t stay still. My nipples feel hard enough to tear my top into shreds, or at least cut glass. This isn’t how I pictured anything happening, but…

The candles are just like they were in my story “Submission in the Dancing Flames” and the way she’s crawling over me is just like the mother who was programmed to come on to her daughter without knowing she was hypnotized in the story “Compelled to Seduce”.

She’s recreating so many of the things I put on the page…

I think this might be the most impressive thing any of my fans have ever done, and she’s my mother, the woman who inspired so many of those stories.

“A few months back…” Her finger trails over my lip, so gently, and I kiss just enough for her lips to curl into a warmer smile. “Well… mommy wasn’t honest about why she was uncomfortable about you liking girls. Mommy does, too, but things were different back then, and things went… very badly for her. But, you were so brave, and so happy, I wanted to explore that side of myself again, but… it was scary to imagine doing that with another person, and the feelings I had…

“I didn’t want to be… in control. At all.” She quivers, her finger moving from my lips to stroke my cheek. I whimper, chewing on my lip as I stare up at her with eyes that I can’t make any less hungry no matter how hard I try. She’s emanating waves of pure milfy hotness. “So I started reading stories about bondage… dominance, submission… but it wasn’t enough.”

My cheeks burn darker.

I actually found out about kink because I saw her looking at a webpage that said ‘bondage’ when I was… a lot younger. She thought I was out of the house, and I thought whoever made the website didn’t know how to spell bandage, but one search later…

The rest, as they say, is my internet history.

“Then I found… hypnosis. Mind control. There were so many stories, all with women not needing to make the choice. They were all seduced, controlled, compelled… Sometimes brainwashed, sometimes… drugged, hypnotized… There were so many ways, but the stories of this one writer were so sexy I couldn’t read them without masturbating. I kept reading the same ones every night, Diana, it was like…” Her eyes roll back, fluttering as her mouth twists and her finger teases down my neck. “I could imagine them all being about me… happening to me…

“And then I started seeing little things in the stories… a dress that reminded me of one of mine… a lot of older women with blue eyes, blonde hair… Worn up the way you used to tell me looked so pretty… but I didn’t think it was you.” She strokes along my collarbone, and I mewl as my whole body shivers. “I just… kept reading… touching myself… every night before bed…”

She lifts her hand from my body, instead stroking down over the curves of her own chest. I whimper, biting my lip.

There’s no way she doesn’t want me to watch her squeeze at her hanging breasts, and then stroke down her belly. Her thighs part, and her dress… She’s pulling it higher… No one has ever… This is all so…


“The control, the stories, the characters… It started to feel like they were reaching inside of me, like they were twisting around my libido, so I looked at this Lady Moonlight’s website… And everything fell together.” Her fingers look like they’re moving along the inside of her thigh, and all I can do is gasp and stare. “Where you lived… the hints about your age… Then I looked around your room, and found a notebook, and it had… things… things inside that you wanted to do with hypnosis… to me… and they were all in those stories.”

“Mom, I’m sorry, I never meant for you to—”

Her finger presses to my lips again, but this time?

It’s wet.

“You interrupted me, Diana… and I was almost done.” She giggles, and it’s such a youthful, sexy giggle. “I want you to hypnotize me. I want you to brainwash me. Collar me, leash me, train me… Make me your mommy hypnoslut… I tried files, tried just cumming to your writing, but I need more… I need you!”

All I can do is stare.

Mom pulls her finger away from my lips again, reaching back down between her legs. I lick my lips, and the taste is unmistakably pussy—my mom’s pussy. My mom just shared the taste of her pussy with me.

And now she’s filling herself, and the scent keeps growing stronger as she starts to whine. Her eyes look so glassy, her lips so… limp.

There’s a lot of me that doesn’t want to have any hesitance or inhibition. It would feel so good, so simple, so nice, to just… reach up and squeeze her, to pull her down and kiss her, to finally after so long indulge all of these desires I’ve felt so ashamed of and feel her wanting them as much as me, but I…

Did I make my stories somehow hypnotic to her…? If I did it wasn’t on purpose! I never even imagined she’d find my stories, or that she was a lesbian!

Hoped, yeah, but I’ve hoped for a lot of things.

None of my crushes ever dropped to their knees and chanted obedience mantras. Apparently I just wasn’t hoping for that enough, not like I hoped for… well… this…

It takes me a long time to gather my courage, but with some effort I manage to find my voice again. “You want me to… hypnotize you, to… condition you, control you, to… to… o-own… you… my own… mother…?”

“Oh goddess, yes!” Her voice hisses from between clenched teeth. Each thrust of her fingers threatens to spill her breasts free from her clothing. “That’s why I can’t… I… I can’t make you do this, I can’t… Can’t beg for you to do this… I want you to want it… I want you to want me, like you did in all of those stories! Please, Diana… Honey… Mommy’s little erotica writer… Say you’ll claim me, say you’ll make me submit…? I want you to make decisions for me, to control me…

“I’m giving you permission to hypnotize me, and then do… do…” She shudders. Her cheeks, her chest… so much of her is as flush as I feel. “Do whatever you want. Make it so I can’t remember. Make it so I don’t want to remember. Make it so I need to answer any question, obey any command… make me do your homework… I don’t care. I just need you to do this!”


I haven’t touched myself at all and I feel like if I did, anywhere, for any time at all, I’d be ruining my panties, my skirt, and my entire mattress.

My whole body just keeps squeezing and arching and mmm!

Everything about this is taboo, and naughty, and not what mothers and daughters are supposed to do together. It isn’t wholesome, or allowed, or anything like that. It’s perverted, and twisted, and if I do this I don’t know if I’ll ever go back.

So of course, I reach up my hands and stroke the sides of my mom’s face with a shy smile. “If you cum for me, mommy… I’ll hypnotize you. I’ll hypnotize you, train you, and never let you escape my control. Together, or apart… you’ll always have my words in your mind, directing you, compelling you, controlling you…

“Bending you to my will.”

“Ohhhh…! Diana…! Fuck… yess… Yess… I… I want that…!” Her body tenses up, rubbing her breasts down against me as she starts to quiver like her spine was plugged into an electrical socket. “T-take me… Diana… L-lady… I’m going to cum for you… cum, and then I’ll belong to you… You’ll hypnotize me… make me obey… make it so I can’t even think of disobedience, resistance… only able… to… serve… my… Lady…!”

Lady, she’s calling me Lady!

It’s my penname, sure, but it’s also the title I use with girls that I trance, the girls that I regularly control, and my mother is saying it while openly vocalizing her desires to be my thrall.

I can’t control myself anymore. I can’t hold back, and she doesn’t want me to.

Grasping her face, I pull her down against me and kiss her lips as hard as I can. I grind my breasts into hers, my hips into hers, and the friction from the arm moving between us, the hand that’s making her whole body quiver and shake, is enough to make me feel so breathless.

Her lips kissing me, not a kiss a mother gives a daughter but really kissing me, they’re even better than I’d ever hoped. So plush, so supple, so…


Keeping your eyes open in a kiss is not what you’re supposed to do, but I can’t tear my gaze away from how fucked she looks! Her eyes aren’t just glassy. They look so aroused, so horny that she looks like a mindless, submissive mess. She’s such a brilliant, clever, intelligent woman, but right now reading so much of my smut has made it so none of that matters and instead she’s just my submissive plaything aching to feel me take the reins of her mind away.

Our lips part, and our tongues meet. My hands move down from her face, feeling her neck, her shoulders, squeezing, pulling her closer. It’s tempting to grasp at her breasts, but I want to make that moment special.

This moment is for kissing her, for tasting her, for filling her mouth with my tongue and making it so she can never forget how it feels for her Lady to possess her. This is about my desires overwhelming her body, her mind, her soul, and binding her with the desires that drew her into my bedroom while I was asleep.

Candle light dances in her eyes as I squeeze her shoulders, and claw down her back.

She’s writhing against me, so warm, so soft, and I can’t stop myself from moaning back into her mouth as she moans into mine. Her mouth is so wet, so warm, her tongue so smooth, so… ohhh… Oh fuck… Oh…


Mom screams, and I scream with her.

We aren’t perfectly synced or anything like that. I start to give in to the pleasure first, unable to hold back any longer when my fantasies are all coming true and there’s no room left for doubt. What’s important is that she’s cumming, I’m cumming, and I feel like a hot sticky mess of lust, desire, and mommy-owning perversion.

I might white out for a few moments, or have whited out…? I… My head is a little off right now, and every time either of us breathes in it feels like the other moans. It’s like our bodies are connected again, bound together again, chemically, physically…

Fuck I love my mommy so… so… much…

My mommy, my slave to hypnotize and condition.


I’ve always had a penchant for being a bit… possessive… but the feelings I’m having right now are so beyond that. Possessing her is just step one. I want to bind her down, pull her down, and shove myself into every nook and cranny of her psyche. I want to make her dream of me every night, and always cum screaming my name.

But to do that, I’ll need to catch my breath.

That is not as easy as it sounds.

“Oh… Oh honey that was… I’ve never… Not like that… I’ve—Mmmph!” I interrupt her words with my lips, clawing my nails up her back. Her eyes widen for a moment, and she almost seems to struggle, but when I grasp her tighter, all of her muscles just go… limp.

All of her strength drains away. All of the tension she was building up drains. There’s nothing but surrender as I kiss her so firmly and deep.

When I break the kiss, I lick the taste of her from mine before speaking so my lips brush hers with each syllable. “And you never will, not with anyone else… unless it’s for me, because mommy… you belong to me now… You belong to me, and I’m going to show you what that means, and you’re going to love every last moment of it.”

“Y-yess, Lady…! I… I belong to you…!” Her voice stutters from so much arousal, so much submission, and I almost let out a girlish squeal. I only don’t because as fun as that would be, and I will some other time, I want to savor this moment.

My mother just told me that she belongs to me, while calling me Lady.

If she wanted to make me cum again that wasn’t a bad start…

“But I’m going to need some water, and to… Ohh… I can think up the specifics more, but… I don’t think there’s any reason to delay…” I take a deep breath, and very gently kiss her bottom lip. “I don’t intend to make interrupting you all the time a regular thing, just so you know. I own you… but I also love you, mommy. I want to take care of you, to love you, to… show you respect even as I’m turning you into my perfect pet.”

Mom’s cheeks burn. “Thank you, Diana… I… Knew I could trust you to be a responsible dominant, I… I don’t mind if you interrupt me. Command me. Call me anything… Do anything.”



Her eyes stare soulfully into mine. I didn’t doubt her, but the sheer rawness of it still takes me back. I didn’t expect quite so much conviction.

“Then I love you, Danielle.” My lips brush hers, and she brushes hers back against mine. “This is going to be a long process, and I’ll still be going back to school… my degree is important, but… that isn’t going to come between us. We can make this work.” I reach for her hand, and twine my fingers between hers.

I lean in to kiss her again, and my stomach growls so loud. My stomach would be visibly rippling if it wasn’t squished with mommy on top of me.

“But before we worry about that… I uh…” Laughing, I shyly look away and squeeze her a little closer. “How’s some dinner sound? I… I’m really hungry.”

Danielle blushes, nodding slowly before kissing my cheek. “Of course, Lady… Diana. I made sure it would be easy to finish before I came up to… present myself to you. Whenever you’re ready… We can go down stairs, I can finish it up, we can eat together, and then…”

She lets her voice trail off, looking to me hopefully. Our eyes meet, and I slowly nod. She quivers, smiling so excitedly that her lips look like they must hurt.

“Then, whatever I want…”

She nods so vigorously I can’t stop myself from laughing.

Moments later we’re kissing again, and then again, and again. It takes us a long time to get out of bed, but eventually my stomach gets too loud.

Apparently I can dominate my mother, but I can’t resist hunger.

Who knew?

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