Eleanor Asher in: Homecumming

Chapter 5: Being Kind to Herself

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #D/s #exhibitionism #f/f #humiliation #magic #pov:bottom #multiple_partners #sub:female #urban_fantasy

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot © 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses.

Chapter 5: Being Kind to Herself

The native Eleanor looked around anxiously as she made her way back home. Even if she was certain there was no way that anyone would have been able to follow her, and no reason for anyone who had to know what she’d been up to, it was impossible for her to fight the feeling that somehow in one glance anyone would see her and know everything she’d done.

None of her worries had any basis in reality, but even if this Eleanor was scientifically minded—much like the one who was prone to traveling from dimension to dimension—that did little to wash away the worry that her mother might find out where she’d spent for the weekend.

It had been a fun time, and amazingly freeing to not need to be so concerned about keeping herself palatable to her family. It was even worth the anxiety for her return home.

Even keeping that in mind, it was difficult to not feel at least a tiny bit concerned.

When she reached her childhood home, clad in a pair of small black shorts, and a loose black t-shirt, she found her mother standing outside with her arms crossed over her chest. She was speaking with Isabelle, but the way they were posed, one at either side of the small path that lead from the sidewalk to their porch, it was impossible to not feel like they were waiting for her. There was at least a moment’s relief when she saw that Isabelle’s small skirt managed to be tinier than her shorts. Hopefully, that’ll make it harder for them to be suspicious…! I really don’t want them to see me wearing these and have any idea what I’ve been up to…

Her mother and sister caught sight of Eleanor before she reached the path. It was almost comforting that Diana looked calmly judgmental. Isabelle for her part was smiling and waving, but they weren’t always at each other’s throats so that wasn’t very concerning.

“Hey…!” Eleanor tried to keep her smile from being too shy, but she couldn’t quite stop her lips from spreading a bit too wide, or her eyes from being a bit too intense.

Diana shook her head. “Don’t you ‘hey’ me, young lady. You were gone all weekend without saying a word. You get yourself inside. Right now. We need to have a nice, long talk…” Eleanor was wincing, ready at any moment for her mother’s tone to strike a nasty, cruel, spiteful chord. When it sounded syrupy sweet, and her casual disdain faded into a warm smile, Eleanor’s mouth dropped open. “You had me so worried! You know how important you are to me. If anything happened to you, and I didn’t even know where you were…!”

“Yeah, sis!” Isabelle smiled as she moved beside Eleanor, wrapping an arm around her in a very sweet, sisterly hug. “You didn’t even tell your big sister where you were going! I’m supposed to look out for you… you know that, right?”

Eleanor’s eyes tried to widen more, but they couldn’t. She looked from her sister to her mother, and back again. What… the hell…? Did one of them sleep next to a weird flower before I got back? She squinted, trying to look for some sign of alien parasites, or imperfect cloning. Their eyes look… green…? Mom’s always had green eyes, but I thought Isabelle’s eyes were… Did I have so much mind-blowing sex this weekend that I completely forgot what my family looks like? There’s no way that’s really a sign something is wrong… right?

She shook her head, dismissing the thoughts. They weren’t worth voicing, and they definitely weren’t worth worrying about.

Her mother was acting loving. Her sister was being supportive.

I should just enjoy this, for as long as it lasts…!

“Okay…! Right… We can talk!” Eleanor let out a heavy sigh as Diana walked up the steps. Something seemed odd about her mother’s stride, like her legs were giving her a hard time.

There was that, and her hips were moving side to side in the most… dramatic way. I can’t be imagining that, right? She’s swaying her hips, like she’s trying to get my attention, or like she’s… happy…? Eleanor wasn’t sure which of those possibilities sounded more outlandish.

To help enhance Eleanor’s confusion, Isabelle was stroking at the small of Eleanor’s back. Her hips quivered, and she found herself biting her lip. It was an innocent enough place to touch, innocent enough that Eleanor wasn’t even worried to be seen with her sister’s hand feeling along the back of her shirt as they made their way inside, but it was still very intimate. Isabelle’s hip brushed her own before her arm pulled away to let her younger sister step inside first.

“You’re always such a good daughter, Eleanor. I don’t thank you enough, or encourage you enough. I really want to start treating you… better…” Diana quivered the moment Isabelle pulled the door shut. “You’re my precious daughter, and I need to start… treating you like that…”

“I-it’s fine, mom, really… are you… okay…?” Eleanor felt her face flush as she heard the deadbolt behind her. She didn’t turn to look. She was too busy gawking at the way her mother was suddenly sweating, squirming as she idly fanned herself.

Isabelle laughed behind her before moving so close, arms wrapping around Eleanor’s waist. Eleanor felt her ass squeezed tightly against her sister’s body as she was pulled so tight, so close. All she could bring herself to do was squeak out a shy, embarrassed squeak as her sister whispered deep and low into her ear. “Mom’s fine… and I’m fine… We’re both fine, and better than that…? We’re here for you…”

What’s going on… nnn… Eleanor squirmed as Isabelle’s fingers teased along her waist. There seemed only one way to describe those touches, but feeling that from her sister, that was… impossible to imagine. Iz can’t possibly… There’s no way she’d… right…?

Diana laughed in a sweet, charming way that made Eleanor flush even more as her mother reached up and slowly opened the top button of her black dress. “You look so tense, sweetie. I know it’s hot in here, but you’re with your family now. We can take care of you…” She pulled open the second button, still far from scandalous, but nonetheless making Eleanor’s eyes widen at the sight. “What’s wrong, Eleanor? You’ve seen a woman naked before, haven’t you?”

“Yeah… tell me that mom isn’t the first woman you’re seeing take off her clothes…” Isabelle purred into Eleanor’s ear, holding her tighter as her tongue reached out to flick at the very tip. “I don’t know where you were this weekend, but I hope you weren’t just going out to study…”

Eleanor gulped as she quivered in her sister’s embrace. Her mother was already working on the next button, her almost glowing green eyes looking so intensely into Eleanor’s blues. There goes that excuse… but… how do they… but I… If they know that then… She shook her head. The flush from her cheeks felt like it was reaching much higher, making her head swim. That still doesn’t explain why Diana is doing… that…! She’s stripping! That’s not like her at all. She hasn’t been with anyone… for a very long time!

When her mother opened the next button, and began to slowly lower the dress from her shoulders, Eleanor tried to pull out of Isabelle’s grasp. Her mother was beautiful. There was no denying that.

Even if she was beautiful, that didn’t change the fact that Diana was her mother!

She tried to pull away, but Isabelle held her tighter, tight enough that it almost hurt. “H-hey, what are you doing…?! L-let go of me!”

Her mother’s dress hit the floor, and Eleanor stared at her mother’s naked body. She wasn’t wearing a stitch underneath—even more out of character for the staunchly conservative older woman.

Stop struggling, Eleanor.

Eleanor’s eyes opened wide as she heard a voice that sounded like her own, but her lips hadn’t moved. What’s more, the way those words sounded… they were so… different from any other words. It wasn’t a suggestion that she listen and take the advice they offered.

It was a demand.

Green throbbed through her body, and sucked away all of the force from her twisting and turning. She tried to resist the command, to find some way to tear away from her sister’s grasp, but nothing she did seemed to make any headway at all. She couldn’t bring herself to move, and she was forced to stare at her naked mother as she stepped closer and closer, her green eyes hooded.

If they weren’t glowing before, they were definitely glowing now. “Relax, sweetie…! We really do want to talk about treating you better… And that should start with mommy letting her daughter enjoy her body… all of her body.”

Diana turned around, and arched out her ass. Even if she was older, nothing about the curves of her behind looked any less appealing. Her skin was still so soft, so smooth, and the supple shape made Eleanor quiver even as she tried repeatedly to remind herself how wrong everything happening really was. This is… this isn’t… Somethings happening, to them, to you, to… to… to…

“Oh come on, she’s right there… we know what you like… don’t hold back…” Without Eleanor struggling, it was easy for Isabelle to reach her hand down from her sister’s waist to feel up along the inside of her thigh until her hand was tightly cupping between her legs. Her clothed breasts rubbed into Eleanor’s back. “Check out mom’s butt. You’ll love it…”

“Isabelle…! Di—mom…!” Eleanor couldn’t stop sputtering. Even if she wasn’t able to struggle, she was still wordless, overcome by just how bizarrely arousing the scenario was.

Stop holding yourself back, and enjoy mom’s ass. It’s what she wants!”

Eleanor groaned as another wave of green washed over her, and those words thrust themselves deep inside of her, burning in between her eyes, coiling around her so tight. She could no longer stop herself from gazing down as her mother pulled her ass open, showing a butt plug buried between her curvy cheeks.

Without her inhibitions rising up, the many objections Eleanor would have found to deny herself the pleasure were so distant. There was so much to enjoy, and so few reasons not to freely indulge herself.

The sight of her mother with a plug buried in her ass—a plug that she recognized—right above her drenched, sopping pussy…

She’d never fantasized about anything like this, but now that it was happening and she couldn’t bring herself to hold back, she could feel herself soaking right through her panties. Her shorts felt too tight. Gosh her ass is so… It’s so… I just wanna nuzzle in, wanna pull out that plug and just… lick… kiss… suck… I wanna… I wanna worship that ass, I want… I want it to be like a shrine and…

            “Really. I made sure they’d both love it. You’ve had a hard time, and you loaned me your mom, and your sister… Isabelle, help her enjoy herself.” That other voice spoke again, and Eleanor felt herself pulled down to her thighs even as Isabelle’s hand thrust under the waistband of her pants, past her panties, rubbing along her slit as she fell face first into her mother’s ass.

Isabelle groaned in obvious pleasure as her fingers began to move inside of Eleanor. The quivering, kneeling Eleanor reached out for that plug, pulling it free and savoring the scent that drifted through her senses. It was dirty, and it wasn’t something that just anyone would enjoy, but it made her clench. It made her slick in ways that nothing else could. Soon, the plug was forgotten, falling from her hand as she dove in to lick, and kiss, and suck at her mother’s puckered hole.

Green squirmed and twisted inside of her, green that whispered to let go, to stop struggling against her desires, to embrace how much she wanted what was happening. Eleanor had long since stopped resisting, her hands rising up to squeeze and knead at her mother’s ass.

Diana cried out, her whole body shaking as she bucked back into her daughter’s tongue as it danced along the tight ring of flesh. “O-ohhh y-yesss… I’ve been… s-so cruel… so… thoughtless… b-both of us have… and the least we can do… is give you our bodies… to enjoy… to use… to… o-ohhh… f-fuck, yess, use your mother’s body, Eleanor… fuck your mother… make her cummm, she needs it…!”

As her mother spoke, the green that coiled and twisted through Eleanor’s mind thrust deeper into her libido, making each flick of her tongue, and each squeeze of her fingers, that much more intensely satisfying. It somehow felt familiar, but not as though she knew that feeling… but as if it knew her.

With one hand Eleanor squeezed and kneaded her mother’s ass, and with the other she moved her fingers down to tease along her mother’s slit. She was wetter than any woman Eleanor had ever seen or felt, even herself. The thrill of someone being so aroused by her, by her touches, by her tongue in their ass… Her thighs clenched harder as she thrust her fingers deeper, suckling even harder as her tongue continued to flick.

Enjoy yourself, Eleanor.

She moaned, rolling her hips back to press into Isabelle’s fingers as they continued to move inside of her, as her sister’s lips suckled and nibbled at her neck. In front of her, her beautiful mother’s ass was hers to enjoy however she wanted. Behind her, her gorgeous sister was making love to her with a touch that felt so practiced.

Isabelle wasn’t just touching her in ways that felt good. She was touching her in the ways she preferred to be touched, lips finding the right places on her neck, and all of the right places inside of her.

If I didn’t know any better… ohhh… I’d say she practiced for this…! Eleanor’s thoughts were all heated to plasma by the green that squeezed so tightly around them.

She could feel it in her pussy with each thrust of her sister’s fingers. She could feel it in her breasts, throbbing with her heartbeat. She could feel it with each breath of her nose, inhaling her mother’s scent. Everything was so full of that sweltering, toe curling, thigh clenching green that made everything so much better.

Her weekend sexcapade seemed like nothing compared to her current excitement.

In front of her, Diana was a drooling mess. Her body glistened in sweat and her moans only grew louder and louder with each flick, each rub, each and every touch from her daughter. Behind her, Isabelle was a focused sex machine. Her mouth existed for one purpose, to taste and explore her sister, just like one hand existed to tease her sister’s clit, and the other to reach up under her t-shirt and play with her breasts.

In the middle, all Eleanor could do was lick and kiss and suck. Her hips bucked on their own, and her muffled moans couldn’t have been held back if she’d tried with all of the volition that hadn’t been corrupted and coopted by the green that filled her body and mind.

When her mother came, pussy twitching, a burst of stronger scent, Eleanor came with her and Isabelle wasn’t far behind. The three women fell to the floor, all of them pressed so tight together in a pile of writhing, shuddering flesh that glistened and shimmered with wet lust and aching need.

For the moment, Eleanor’s loving worship of her mother’s ass paused as she struggled to catch her breath and regain control of her shuddering thighs. Her mind, like her eyes, was hazed over with a thick layer of glowing green that obscured everything else.

Loud clapping disrupted the green, making Eleanor quiver as she looked up to see an impossible sight standing over her: her own naked body—naked except for a strange bracelet that glowed an unearthly green. “Don’t worry, I’m just you. It’s a long story, but since I can’t stick around forever… this is really the least I can do. I do want something from you before I go…”

“Wh-what…?” Eleanor was still panting, still breathless after such an intense, erotic workout. “What do you want…? Could I even say no? When you speak, and it gets all green, everything…”

“No, but it’s not like I’m doing this to be mean to you… me.” The standing Eleanor grinned as she leaned down, ruffling the fallen Eleanor’s hair.

Laying on the floor, Eleanor’s mind ran through the strange events that led to her hand still buried between her mother’s legs. They’d been waiting for her, and uncharacteristically sweet. Then her mother had stripped for her, and that was when that voice—the voice of the woman above her—had forced her to go along for the ride.

It was impossible to be angry. She could no longer grasp the inhibitions and taboos that kept her from enjoying her mother’s body, or her sister’s touch. All she could do was rub her lips together, and stare up at the way her hips own flared up above her.

She’d never gotten to see her own body from this angle before. Eleanor would be the last to claim ignorance of her own sizable assets, but it was one thing to see them in the mirror and bemoan the difficulty of finding comfortable pants that were also stylish. It was another to stare up at herself still in a haze of afterglow and ponder the possibilities of enjoying that ass from the other side.

Take off the rest of your clothes. We need to be closer.” Eleanor’s green echoed through the air, and all three of the women on the floor moaned as they tugged and tore at what few garments they still wore until there was nothing but bare skin.

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