Eleanor Asher in: Homecumming

Chapter 4: Isabelle, Let Your Sister Have a Turn!

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #D/s #exhibitionism #f/f #humiliation #magic #pov:bottom #multiple_partners #sub:female #urban_fantasy

Eleanor Asher in: Homecumming

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot © 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses.

Chapter 4: Isabelle, Let Your Sister Have a Turn!

The power of commanding her sister sent shudders through Eleanor’s body. The green that had twisted through her body was still there, but it was so empowering now. She could still feel it in the plug nestled between the cheeks of her ass, deep enough to press into the core of her mind, but it felt less like a teasing taste of Isabelle’s control and more a gift from the magic that was now granting her utter control of her mother and her older sister.

She could feel the green was still inside of Diana, and already beginning to take deeper and deeper control of her sister. It felt godlike to be so instinctively aware of the seductive, alluring power inside of her family as it hummed and throbbed at her command, waiting for her to make use of it to fulfill her every desire.

Whatever you want…The bracelet whispered into her mind, teasing around that plug buried deep inside of her very soul. They cannot resist… They must serve you… Make them please you… It will bring you closer as a family… make up for all of the harm they’ve done…

Eleanor’s once blue eyes were now a pair of green suns, shining with such bright light as the young woman quivered and relished the feeling of power unlike any she’d ever felt before. Flying through the air had been nothing compared to this. She was in control of the woman who had cast her out, able to do anything… but she didn’t want to hurt them. She never wanted that, and the bracelet didn’t want that either.

I can finally show them my love… feel their love… I don’t need to worry anymore… I can be happy… I can feel good…

Isabelle quivered as she looked up to Eleanor with eyes torn between fear and lust. Behind her Diana nuzzled at her back, kissing and nibbling at the place her neck and her shoulder met. She was so hungry for pleasure, for lust, for satisfaction that she had no more inhibitions. The green had made the one orgasm akin to so many, turning the once abstinent woman into a wanton slut.

“Both of you… Stand up and come with me.” Eleanor quivered again as she felt the green power circle around her clit, and burn around the rim of her ass as it coursed with power and promise and potential. All she needed to do was use the right words, the right inflection, and she could satisfy any longing or desire that she had.

Sure, she had fantasies that didn’t involve her mother or her sister, but the bracelet made all of those feel so insignificant, so unimportant. It made Eleanor’s more animal lusts so…


Diana and Isabelle both rose to their feet, following close behind as Eleanor lead the way to her room. “E-El, you really need… you really need to get rid of that thing, I thought it was pretty, but it did something to me, it… I’m sorry, I really don’t want to hurt y—”

Kiss each other, and follow me.” Eleanor didn’t give the command with an angry tone, but with a wide, happy grin. She wanted to make both of them feel good, and Isabelle was just making things more complicated. She couldn’t understand why Isabelle was being so silly. She should have been able to comprehend what was happening.

All of Isabelle’s attempts to reason with her sister fell silent as she found her lips locking with her mother’s, tasting the green dancing between their lips and filling her head with more weak, hazy lust. Her sister was in control, and no one understood better than her what that meant. Even if Eleanor was acting nicer than she remembered from her strange, dreamlike trance, the bracelet was clearly affecting her.

Diana for her part was eager to obey, her lips parting and her tongue thrusting into Isabelle’s mouth. Their moans mingled together in the spared space, their bodies quivering as the bracelet compelled them forward. All that mattered was obeying Eleanor’s commands, and the magic inside of them was happy to help make that easier.

When they reached Eleanor’s room, she giggled and hopped up onto the middle of her bed before carefully peeling away the clothes she’d hastily donned to greet their mother. It felt more indulgent to be naked, and the bracelet wanted her to be indulged. The bracelet wanted all of them to be indulged.

Mmmm when it’s done being on my wrist it might try for Diana’s, but I don’t think so… She’s such a dirty little slut now, such a hot little slave… There’s not enough passion or creativity in her to be interesting… Eleanor’s eyes hooded as she licked her fingers and slid her hand down to tease along her slit as she watched her mother and her sister kiss. Their bodies were pressed together so close, both of them panting and moaning as their tongues rubbed together and their hips shook. The bracelet wants me because I’m full of desires… because I can make us all feel good… it likes me more than it liked Isabelle… It likes me best…

The green made the ring of flesh tightly squeezing the plug inside of her tingle, and Eleanor moaned. It felt so good, and it would only feel better to indulge her desires. “Diana… Izzy…” Eleanor purred, her eyes hooding low as she curled a finger to beckon them closer. “We’re going to have some… fun…”

Isabelle quivered, trying to think of some way to make this stop, to help her sister break free, but she knew it was useless. The bracelet was too strong, and all of them were far too weak. There was nothing they could do besides fall victim to its corruptive influence.

Eleanor was wearing the bracelet, but the green magic was really in control.

Diana hopped up onto the bed eagerly, rubbing her body against her younger daughter’s. She was still so slick, and her nipples were so hard. “Anything you want, Eleanor… I can be your slut instead of Isabelle’s… whatever you want me to do… Mmmm it feels so good when you tell mommy what to do with that bracelet… When you tell us what to do…” Diana moaned, kissing at her daughter’s shoulder, her hands feeling uncertainly, but eagerly, over her body. “Whatever would make you feel good… whatever you want… just give us more, please…!”

Silently, Isabelle cursed at her mother. She’d been so weak willed once the bracelet’s magic took control, and encouraging Eleanor’s impulses were only going to make things worse, more intense, more… inescapable.

“Of course, Diana…!” Eleanor reached a hand down to tightly grasp at her mother’s ass, squeezing, kneading, clawing hard enough to feel the supple skin morph and distort. “I want to make us closer… I want to make us all feel so good… isn’t that so good…? Isn’t it so yummy…? Isabelle… Follow Diana’s example. Be a good big sister… I’ve missed you so much, and all I wanted was to spend time with you…!”

“Y-yess, El… Anything you want… Anything… at all…” Much like Diana, Isabelle climbed up onto the bed and rubbed herself against her sister. Her hands roamed in counterpoint to her mother’s, and soon they were both stroking at a breast, kissing at a nipple, and rubbing their pussies against Eleanor’s legs. “Ohhh… I want to spend time with you… I want to be closer to you… I want us to be such a close, happy family…! Anything you want, El… Anything at all… All you need to do is ask…!”

Eleanor purred as she felt the green twisting her sister to be just as submissive, just as weak, and just as aroused as their mother. Every time she kissed, or stroked, or sucked, every shudder of her hips, the green inside of Isabelle was sucking away the dominant impulses that had driven Isabelle and replaced them with the same yearning that filled Diana.

All of us will be so much happier with both of them as my weak, wet, needy little sluts… I can teach them how good it feels to obey me, to please me, to… oh… Eleanor purred, finding that somehow she had a long string of anal beads in one hand, and one of the other plugs from the box in the other. “Diana... this is going to feel sooo good… you’ll love it…”

“O-ohhh… th-thank you Eleanor… Thank you sweetie… mommy loves it when you treat her like a slut, loves it when you make her feel so… so… good…!” Diana’s eyes widened, and her body shook as one after the other, the beads pushed their way inside of her, forcing her body to stretch to fit them all in place. Each time a new bead pushed in past the tight ring of flesh that resisted the push, the shudders that shook down her body were more dramatic, and her cries louder. “Th-tha-thank youuu, Eleanooooor….!”

Isabelle quivered, her eyes wide as she watched her mother surrender to bead after bead. They looked almost comically large, but her mother was such a slut for Eleanor’s every touch that she accepted them eagerly even without any experience. She looked at the plug in her sister’s other hand, feeling everything inside of her shudder.

It looked so similar to the plug she’d forced inside of Eleanor, only this one was even bigger. It looked more intimidating, almost… scary.

“Don’t worry, Isabelle… I didn’t forget about you…! You’ll love it… in fact… You can put this in for me.” Eleanor gave her sister the warmest, most cheerful smile she could as she handed her the plug, and hugged her writhing mother closer with the other arm. “Be a good girl, Isabelle…”

“Y-y-ess El… Anything for you, El…” Much like when Isabelle had been the one using the bracelet, there was no way to find a loophole or a way to escape. Eleanor had said to ‘put this in for her’, but the green inside of Isabelle knew what she meant, what she wanted, and it would not accept the logic that it should go anywhere but within the tight space of Isabelle’s ass. The shape was perfect for it, and it was what Eleanor wanted.

There would be no escape, and no meaningful resistance.

While less eager than Diana, more of Isabelle’s struggles faded as she began to push the toy deeper, and deeper. Each new sensation of her body expanding, greedily squeezing around the plug as it pushed deeper, sent out more waves of submissive euphoria between every thought, every moment, every idea in Isabelle’s weak, helpless mind.

She’d valiantly tried to hold on, to find some way to pull the bracelet off of Eleanor, to set them all free, but it was no use. By the time she’d shoved the plug in so the flared base was flush, tightly and snugly in place, there was no more room in her mind to struggle. The plug served like a cap, trapping in all of that lust, all of that desire, and it was too intense a furnace for any of Isabelle’s struggles to remain.

Instead, she began to eagerly grind her pussy against her sister’s thigh, sucking longingly at her nipple as she felt her will truly dissolve. Diana looked so happy as she suckled, and Isabelle wanted to be happy, too.

Eleanor purred, her fingers sliding through both of their hair, arching and writhing as their hands began to move down between her legs. Her thighs shuddered apart, so slick, her lower lips so flushed. Her nipples felt so hard between their lips and the gentle pressure of their teeth. She never wanted the moment to end, except to enjoy a little intimate time with both of their asses once she was done writhing.

“Good girls…!” Eleanor moaned as she felt the pressure in her belly growing stronger, her ability to hold out against the rising pleasure swiftly fading. “Cum with me!”

All three of the Asher women screamed as one, staining the alternate-Eleanor’s sheets as they became a much closer family.

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