Eleanor Asher in: Homecumming

Chapter 3: Mothers Aren’t Supposed to Be This Close to Their Daughters Either, but…

by MadamKistulot

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Eleanor Asher in: Homecumming

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot © 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses.

Chapter 3: Mothers Aren’t Supposed to Be This Close to Their Daughters Either, but…

“Hello, mother…!” Eleanor had been allowed to dress before they left her room. It was a small favor, but it granted Eleanor some small relief as she saw her mother wearing one of her black dresses with a white lace neck. She still had the same purple frames, the same green eyes that weren’t green because of some horrible ancient corruptive artifact. “I hope your errands all went well!”

Diana sighed dramatically, frowning as she looked at Eleanor wearing her simple shorts-and-t-shirt. “Hello, Eleanor. You really should dress better, even if you’re just lounging around the house, you look like a whore.”

Without mind control keeping Eleanor focused on the task Isabelle set for her, it would have taken Eleanor all of her willpower to keep from correcting her mother about how poorly she was treating sex workers. Instead, she just smiled, and nodded as she moved to give her mother a hug. Diana tensed, but didn’t pull away as she awkwardly reached to return the embrace.

Her face was visibly strained, her already judgmental expression somehow becoming even more sour. “You’re right, mom! I need to start listening to you more.”

“You must want something. You and your sister only ever act like this when you—”

So distracted with Eleanor, Diana failed to notice that Isabelle had walked up behind her, and was now sliding fingers through her hair. Waves of green magic began to flow through her scalp, making Diana’s softer green eyes pulse with an inner, emerald light. She mewled in confusion, so visibly uncertain how to react to the foreign presence forcing its way inside of her brain. “Don’t move, mom. This is going to feel so good… and you’re going to love every moment of it.”

Eleanor quivered as she watched her mother shudder. Even just Isabelle’s fingers in her hair… She’s already squirming so… so turned on… Nnn I can still feel the plug… I… This isn’t right, but I can’t… can’t stop myself…!

Her hands rose up to the buttons at the front of Diana’s dress, slowly undoing them one by one. She wasn’t too quick, smiling at her mother with hooded eyes as she stopped to kiss every new inch of exposed skin. Diana quivered in place, unable to move, but unable to stop her body from arching into those lips. The green inside of her knew what Isabelle wanted, and that didn’t mean there was any reason to restrain Diana’s lustful quivers.

“What’s… Ohhh… You’re… acting… this is improper, Isabelle, you can’t… You can’t do this… You need to stop, this is wrong… I’m your mother… We’re both women… s-stop this…!” Diana’s voice was trying hard to be stern, and firm, but the green presence invading her was already beginning to affect her will.

She doesn’t want this anymore than I do… but she can’t fight it any more than I can, either… Eleanor soon lowered the dress down her mother’s body, and reached back to unhook her bra. Even as she did, her lips kissed and suckled at the smooth, long-neglected skin between her mother’s pale breasts. “Mother… It feels so good… No one can touch you like a woman can touch you. Nothing feels like how Isabelle can make you—make us—feel… You can’t fight it… Don’t even try. Just let yourself feel good…”

Diana moaned, her face beginning to flush as she violently shook her head as if to shake away the idea. The green continued to pour out from Isabelle’s fingers, but soon they were reaching down, pulling her mothers’ panties down along her legs. That only left her in her sensible flats, and her stockings.

“E-Eleanor…! I’m your mother, you trollop…! You need to stop that… to… to… why can’t I move…?! What sort of diabolic—ohhhh…!” Diana’s accusations were cut short as Isabelle began to firmly rub her fingers along Diana’s slit. It took her a long moment to be able to breathe clearly enough to reply, and even then it was frantic, her chest arched into Eleanor’s lips as she suckled at a nipple, and her hips quivering back to feel more of Isabelle’s fingers teasing around her clit. “Ohhh you must be possessed…! This is unnatural, it’s unholy, you’re both… NNnhaaa… You need… you need to stop… this isn’t right…!”

“No… mother… It isn’t right. And I know how to make it even more wrong…” Isabelle grinned, as she stepped around from her mother’s back, and pulled Eleanor’s face away from her mother’s breast. “Why don’t you show our mother what part of a woman’s body you really love the most, you dirty little ass slut? Worship mom’s ass, Eleanor!”

The green squeezed inside of her mind, tightening her butt around the plug that was buried in so deep Eleanor could feel her psyche squeezing around it. She nodded with a quiet groan, her mouth hanging open, her eyes distant and glassy as she moved to kneel behind her mother. “Y-yess, Isabelle… I… Yess…”

Diana’s eyes opened wide, horror visible as she strained to see where Eleanor had gone. “What are you doing?! Isabelle, stop this, right this instant young lady! I am your mother and you—”

Isabelle pressed a finger to her mother’s lips—a finger wet from its time stroking her sex. “Going to make you my slut, mom. You can try to fight it, but it won’t matter. I’m going to bring us closer together, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Both of your daughters, fucking you senseless? You won’t be able to do anything but writhe… and I think you’ll just love it.”

Diana tried to find something to say, but all she could do was sharply squeal as Eleanor’s hands squeezed the cheeks of her ass and pulled them apart so she could thrust her tongue deep into her mother’s ass. Normally she had more restraint, but the green was pushing her on not to just make love to Diana’s ass, or even to worship it. Isabelle’s goal was to use Eleanor to break Diana and turn her into a needy slut.

There was no way she would accomplish that by being delicate or gentle.

Her hands kneaded so firmly, her nails digging in to the supple, smooth skin of her mother’s rear. She was so beautiful underneath her dress, just as Eleanor had said. It wasn’t a thing that many were lucky enough to see, but even from behind, gazing up at her mother’s naked back, it was something that Eleanor couldn’t have possibly missed.

Diana’s ass quivered around her tongue, and her hips shook harder as she pressed back into Eleanor’s affections, her cries louder and louder. Eleanor knew that her mother was already just as helpless as she was, already unable to flee or escape. Every movement of her tongue made her mother more helpless to her sister’s control, but Eleanor couldn’t stop herself from kneading, or wriggling her tongue in a way that she knew would drive her mother wild.

But that wasn’t the worst part.

The worst part, was that she couldn’t stop herself from inhaling her mother’s scent. Her sister hadn’t commanded that at all, but the opportunity was right in front of her. She inhaled once, and the intoxicating scent of her mother’s ass was too much for her to make herself stop.

It was wrong, horribly wrong, but that didn’t stop it from setting off all of the parts of Eleanor’s mind that loved the smell of a woman’s ass, the feel of her ass, from the way the cheeks felt in her hands to the tight puckered hole between them. It might have been the road less traveled; Eleanor was certain that her mother was too uptight to have ever willingly enjoyed anything like this before, but that only meant the feelings would be more intense. She suckled hard as her tongue moved inside of her mother’s ass, earning louder and louder cries.

My own mother’s asshole is turning me on this much… making me this wet… this hot… I… Ohhh it’s not even the green’s fault, even if I can’t stop, even if I need… need to obey Isabelle… can’t resist… must obey…! Eleanor’s eyes crossed, and she focused all of her attention on devouring her mother.

Diana had more than just Eleanor’s touch to contend with. Isabelle had brought with her one of Eleanor’s vibrators. She turned it on, the toy beginning to shake in her hand as she stared into her mother’s eyes. “Don’t worry, it’ll feel so good…! Like nothing you’ve ever felt before. By the time we’re done… you won’t want us to stop!”

“N-n-no! No, please, you need t-t-t-ahhhhhhnnnnnmmmnaaa!”

“Sorry, not an option, Diana! You’re going to be my slut, and you’re going to love it!” Isabelle pressed the tip of the vibrator right to Diana’s clit, teasing it up along the sensitive pearl with a delicate precision that could have made anyone think that she was the long-time closeted lesbian of the household. “Don’t hold back, mom… I want you to feel good, so you’re going to feel good! Aren’t I the most thoughtful daughter?”

Diana couldn’t stop herself from screaming as her eyes crossed and rolled back into her head. She was trapped between the intense movements of Eleanor’s tongue buried deep in her ass, and the quivering toy that had finally reached the tip of her clit.

It had been over ten years since the last time anyone had touched her at all, and the idea of masturbation was outside the realms of possibility. Even before that, no one had ever been so direct, so focused, so determined to force pleasure through Diana’s body in such a raw, unrestrained way. With that command given so directly, the green squeezing as deeply inside of her mind as it had inside of Eleanor, there was no defense the older woman had for the onslaught of both of her daughters pushing at her libido.

She came, screaming a strangled mess of both of their names, her entire body shaking out of control as so much lust stained her thighs. Eleanor moaned into her ass, her tongue hardly slowing its touches as her nails dug in deeper, harder.

Isabelle grinned, keeping the vibrator in place as she leaned closer to her mother, her eyes hooding so low. “Doesn’t it feel so good? Don’t you just want—”

“M-m-mooooore…!” Diana groaned, her eyes pulsing and throbbing with green as she continued to shudder and writhe. The orgasm continued to rock through her body, or another had begun to tear through her. Diana was too inexperienced to understand what she was feeling. All that she knew was that it felt good. “Give it to me… more of it… all of it… make your mother feel good… p-p-pleeeease… I need… I need more…!”

Eleanor’s cheeks burned a deep crimson as she heard the mother who had cruelly kicked her out now lust for the tongue that was writhing its way around her ass, pushing her to higher plateaus of pleasure than she’d ever thought possible. Making a woman moan like this, savoring a woman like this… I want to think that I’d love this if it wasn’t my mom, but I love it anyway!

“Don’t worry, mother… I’ll give you more…” Isabelle rubbed the still humming vibrator against her mother, all the while pinching and twisting at her nipples with firm, sharp touches. “I’ll give you all you want, as long as you’ll be my little slave. Can you do that for me?”

Diana’s eyes looked wholly different than they had before. Gone was the upset, ever annoyed expression that Eleanor had mentioned before. Gone was the stern judgement both daughters had learned to expect. All that remained was hunger, craving, and lust. Her mouth hung open, and she wasn’t just writhing. She was actively bucking, shuddering, lost in movements that the green not only refused to stop, but actively encouraged.

Isabelle wanted Diana to be her sex slave, her eagerly devoted slut, and if the reward for that was mind breaking pleasure then even if everything about it was so wrong based on the values that Diana held dear?

She couldn’t bring herself to care.

“Ohhh… yes! Yes yes…. Yes…! Anything for you, Isabelle… just give me more… make me feel more… fuck me, please!” Diana practically sobbed with yearning as she continued to buck and tremble between the touches that ravaged her body from either side. “I’ll be your slut! I’ll be anything you want! I can feel the green inside of me and it’s so gooood…! I just want to be yours… I want to be fucked… I want to be used… please…!”

Isabelle hooded her eyes, a low purr escaping her lips as she snapped her fingers. Without words, the green inside of her bracelet reached out to Eleanor’s mind. Her tongue stopped its madly driven movements, and she slowly drew back. Her mother’s scent was burned into her nose, impossible to escape.

Instead of trying, Eleanor inhaled deeper. It was wrong, but it was good and it was something she wanted. It helped to dull the feelings that rose from being so thoroughly debased and betrayed by her sister after being so happy to finally be reunited.

“I can make sure you’re always just as fucked as you need… but I need you to show me just how important that really is to you…” Isabelle gave her mother an innocent smile as she drew back the vibrator. Diana whimpered, looking like she wanted to move forward, to follow the toy, but she couldn’t. “On your knees.” Diana fell, panting, whimpering as Isabelle pulled up her skirt, revealing her bare sex practically dripping with need. “Make me cum like I just made you cum, mommy… and Eleanor…” She waved the wet vibrator around, holding it out with a smile. “Clean this off, and then take your place behind me…? I wanna feel that tongue, too…”

Eleanor shuddered. It wasn’t a command the way her mother had been commanded to fall, but she knew if she resisted, it would be. “Yes, Isabelle… Anything for you…”

She took the toy, and moved in a haze. She barely thought about what she was doing, just cleaning it off, making sure it would be nice and sanitary to tuck away. All the while the green whispered into her mind, teasing at something she could barely understand.

When she returned, standing behind her sister, it all clicked into place. Sensing her chance, without knowing how or why, she grasped her sister’s arm and slipped the bracelet away.

Isabelle moaned, stumbling as she grasped her mother’s hair as her tongue flicked along her slit. She did it more for something to hold, some sort of balance… but soon felt everything distorting, twisting. The green faded from her eyes, and she found herself shuddering, blinking as she pulled away from her mother’s eager tongue. It felt as though she’d been waking from a terrible dream. “What happened…?”

All of the nastiness in her former tone was gone, instead only sounding of confusion.

“I got the bracelet off of you.” Eleanor explained it calmly and simply, such a soft, gentle smile on her face.

As quickly as Eleanor had tuned to face her before, Isabelle turned with her eyes wide with panic. She saw the bracelet in her hand and shuddered. “El! Drop that thing! It’s dangerous!”

Now why would I want to do that…? Green coiled around her, teasing at places that had been aching for so long. So many people had their way with her, using her, controlling her… some of them made it clear they wanted to keep her, but it was always her being controlled. It was always her as the victim. She slid the bracelet onto her wrist with a debauched giggle.

Instantly she felt the green surging through her arm, but it was so much different than before. She understood now why Isabelle had been so insistent on Diana, and why she’d jumped at the chance to enjoy Eleanor even if she knew that she wasn’t the right Eleanor.

The bracelet felt so good to wear, and it had such simple desires—good desires. She didn’t want to resist. She didn’t want to refuse. The command from before twisted and morphed, taking shape so that now it was no longer from Isabelle commanding Eleanor to obey her—it was the bracelet commanding Eleanor to give in to her base, raw, lustful desires.

Her mother’s ass had been delicious. Isabelle looked so sexy with her face twisted in shock and horror. Down on her knees, Diana was quietly pleading for more, her hands roaming over her naked chest, squeezing at a breast and roaming along her thighs.

“Oh Izzy…” Eleanor sighed as she felt herself looking back over the previous day from an entirely new perspective. “It’s not dangerous. It just saw how destructive we are towards each other, how distant, how we can’t bring each other pleasure like a family should…” She stepped closer to Isabelle, who stumbled back with fearful eyes. “It just wants us to be a closer, more loving family…”

Before Isabelle could realize what was happening, Eleanor moved closer, causing her sister to back up so her mother’s face was nuzzling the bare cheeks of her ass. The distraction was enough time for Eleanor to grasp her sister’s hip, and bite down on her nipple. They both moaned as green surged through them, the bracelet humming with power as it forged brand new connections with its former wielder, now under Eleanor’s command.

When Eleanor’s lips pulled free of Isabelle’s breast, there was nothing she could do to resist.

“Isabelle… Sis…?” Eleanor purred, slowly licking her lips. “Kneel.”

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