Eleanor Asher in: Homecumming

Chapter 2: Sisters Were Never Meant to Be This Close!

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #D/s #exhibitionism #f/f #humiliation #magic #pov:bottom #multiple_partners #sub:female #urban_fantasy

Eleanor Asher in: Homecumming

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot © 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses.

Chapter 2: Sisters Were Never Meant to Be This Close!

“I-isabelle…!” Eleanor moaned as she felt that single word peel apart all of her defenses and slice through all of her objections without any real resistance or struggle. Before she could stop herself she was shrugging off her jacket, and then reaching back to unzip the tight spandex from her body. Wearing a bodysuit meant it was hard for her to take her time, removing her outfit a piece at a time, but that wasn’t what Isabelle had commanded her to do. “S-stop…!”

She’d been ordered to strip, not to tease. As soon as she could pull the zipper down, she was peeling off the body suit, standing in nothing more than her glasses, her panties, and her bra. Isabelle’s hungry green eyes devoured the sight, but it was only a moment more before Eleanor was shedding her panties, and then tossing her bra down to the floor.

The command had been to strip, and that word not only throbbed to order her obedience, but also pulsed to reward her. Eleanor whimpered, her sex already so flushed, her nipples so hard at her chest. Each breath quivered, making her body all the more on display for her sister.

“Why should I stop…? You wanted to spend time with me. I wanted to spend time with you. Isn’t this what sisters should do?” Isabelle grinned, wiggling the two-sided dildo a little more as she slowly licked her lips. “I want to be closer with you, Eleanor. I want to fuck you, and because I want that, that’s exactly what we’re going to do… because I’m in control, and you’re going to obey. That’s just all there is to it, sister. This bracelet feels so good, and using you feels so good… so there’s really no reason I should stop.”

Eleanor whined. “Well, I can think of a few? It’s wrong. It’s probably bad for you. Things like that don’t make any sense so it shouldn’t even exist—”

Shut up.” Isabelle’s two word command shuddered its way into Eleanor’s mind, making the simple act of quieting enough to make her clit sing. “Much better. Your body is so different from mine, from mom’s… You’ve got such a big ass… I want to take you from behind, see what that feels like. Bend over your bed. Spread your legs. You can talk, just… don’t start being stupid again. You’re smart enough to understand what that means, right sis?”

“Y-yeah…” Eleanor whimpered, her body already moving to comply. Bent over her bed like this, her ass up in the air, her face down, she felt so wholly exposed. Her sister had such a clear view of her wet pussy, and the entirety of her ass. “I… I understand… But… please…?”

Isabelle groaned, rolling her eyes. The next thing that Eleanor felt was a lubricated plug being shoved forcefully, deeply, into her ass. She let out a sharp cry, clenching around it as she tried to stop her sister from forcing the toy inside of her. It was too slick, too slippery, and the shape was too perfect, specifically designed to force its way in and then be a nice, solid presence inside of her ass.

None of Eleanor’s whimpers or whines seemed to bother Isabelle at all. If anything, they made the taller woman grin more, and the green in her eyes pulse brighter along with her bracelet. “Stop resisting.

The words were simple, but there was no room for Eleanor to resist. Even as she tried to find some way to reinterpret the words, to stop resisting her desire to flee, the green adapted and adjusted to fill in those gaps. Eleanor couldn’t resist, and that meant when her sister eased the toy first into herself, and then into Eleanor, all she could do was shudder and move back to press into that feeling, to clench around that toy as it moved deep inside of her.

Eleanor’s eyes rolled back into her head, the whites glowing green as Isabella slowly found her rhythm. Both of them moaned in unison as Isabella’s hips slowly moved faster and faster, filling Eleanor’s pussy again and again. “Mmm you know, I’m still kinda let down that you’d actually want this with another woman, so I’m going to need to push you, hard…”

“Nnnnhaaa… aaaah…. Is… Izzy… I’m your sister… I’m… ahhh…!” Eleanor screamed as Isabelle’s hand slapped down against her ass. Fingers grasped at her hair, pulling so tight as Isabelle’s hips continued to move quicker, moving the toy so deeply, so powerfully.

“Yeah, I’m your sister… and that’s why we’re going to get nice and close…! Mmm…” Isabelle pulled back, the toy still inside of her, skirt bunched up around her hips. “On your back, now.” Eleanor moaned as she quickly moved to comply, feeling that color pulsing and tingling inside of her, humming and throbbing with more pleasure and bliss as her eyes crossed. Before Eleanor could recover from the pleasure, the toy thrust back inside of her, and Isabelle’s hands grasped at her breasts. “You have a fun ass… but I like these, too… mmm I like your whole body!”

Blue eyes crossed as green clenched and squeezed inside of Eleanor’s body, continuing to grasp deeper through her with each thrust of the toy. The longer she stayed on her back, trapped and helpless in the sway of Isabelle’s control. Even without being told to remain on her back, that was Isabelle’s will, and Eleanor was unable to resist, only able to obey.

Time felt like it lost all meaning to Eleanor as every moment both seemed to stretch on forever and yet she was also frozen in the same moments of being filled, emptied, and filled again. Each thrust pushed more green into Eleanor’s body and mind, and as Isabelle drew back, more of the parts of Eleanor that had tried to fight drifted away, dissolving and melting into nothingness.

Eleanor found herself moaning and whining louder and louder as each thrust felt like it was pushing the green into the very center of her brain, stroking at the pleasure centers of her mind. The green felt so good. Even if she didn’t want what was happening, it was impossible to not want that feeling, to not want the blissful surrender.

The longer Isabelle thrust inside of her, the longer that Eleanor had to admit, whether she wanted to or not, that she enjoyed the feeling. She enjoyed the way she had no choice to truly resist, no option to fight back. All she had to do, all she could do, was be used and controlled.

It was her sister doing it, but the sensation was powerful. That her sister was debasing her, demeaning her, using her as little more than a toy… that made everything feel better. She couldn’t hold back the deep groans or the quivering moans, and so much of her was thankful she couldn’t. Doing that wouldn’t be the truth she really felt, even if she wished that wasn’t who or what she was.

As Isabelle filled her with the large sex toy again and again, the dildo filling the room with the wet sounds of both of their pussies quivering with each thrust, there was no place for her mind to escape from how hot and good it felt.

Each time that Isabelle pinched at Eleanor’s nipples, or pulled them taut, Eleanor screamed as she felt herself growing weaker. Each moment of pleasure let the green slip deeper inside of her, an intoxicating feeling that made her more lustful, more anticipating the next thrust. Her hips were even beginning to move on their own, actively welcoming her sister’s thrusts, eager for the next to begin.

She had been so elated to be back in Magnolia Creek, but she had never imagined that things would end up like this.

“Cum for me, Eleanor… Cum with me!” Isabelle screamed out the command, pressing her hips down against Eleanor as tight and close as she could. The sisters’ moans twined together in the air, shuddering in sync as both of them flowed so sweetly with pleasure, quivering against each other as their bodies writhed nearly as one.

All that Eleanor could do was cum, her entire body feeling like it was squeezing around the dildo buried deep inside of her. It was her purpose, and the only task in the entire world that mattered.

The green used the explosion of pleasure to twine deeper through Eleanor’s mind, squeezing and tangling through the very fundamental aspects of her self. There was such little room for anything beyond her helpless obedience to Isabelle. She still resented it, still longed deep inside for some chance to escape, to get away, to do anything but be her sister’s quivering sex pet, but there was nothing for her to do.

Her sister had told her to stop resisting, and she was helpless to obey.

“Mmm… That was fun… I dunno if your anguish made it better, or if squeezing your tits was just that fun.” Isabelle’s green eyes pulsed, and Eleanor felt her nipples tingling like they’d both been nibbled at the same time. She arched out her chest, groaning. She wasn’t sure if it was in response to some unspoken command, she only knew she was every bit as powerless to resist the impulse. “You have any input on any way we might make this more fun…? I didn’t see any nipple clamps in there… You’re kinda super obsessed with butts, aren’t you? I guess it makes sense, given yours… but I thought you’d be more… self-conscious about it.”

Eleanor’s cheeks burned. She would have looked away, but knowing her sister was getting off on her humiliation even resisting in such a minor way was forbidden. The green held those choices just out of reach, forcing her blue eyes to meet the glowing greens that made her spine tingle. “I… I am… self-conscious about it… It just… feels really good…”

“Uh-huh. Right.” Isabelle giggled, reaching down to grasp ahold of the flared base of the plug that could still be grasped even with so much of it inside of her sister. She wiggled it in place, purring as she hooded her eyes. “Clench.”

“Oohhhhhhh yessss Issabeeeeelle….!” Eleanor felt her whole body tighten. Her ass felt so filled, the plug a new presence where it might have been familiar to the Eleanor from this Earth. It had been inside of her the entire time Isabelle had been using her, but concentrating on it now as she squeezed around it tighter, squeezed around the dildo filling her pussy, it felt like something so much more than it had before. It felt larger, deeper, like it was somehow pushing all the way up to her mind.

The toys weren’t hers, but they were the exact things she would have gotten. Of course when she was still living at home she’d been sixteen, and accumulating a box full of sex toys hadn’t exactly been her priority. Not only had the other Eleanor not been caught with her girlfriend Beth, but she seemed to be supplementing her urges impressively.

Something gives me the feeling that Isabelle and I get along just as well in this world as we did in my universe… So she was probably already wondering why I’d be so eager to spend time alone with her as it was. Eleanor would have sighed in disappointment, but instead she mewled as Isabelle continued to play with that toy buried so deep inside of her. NNnn… fuck… So… hot… so… it’s not fair…!

Finally, Isabelle released the base of the plug, but Eleanor didn’t feel any relief. It was still buried deep inside of her, and the order to clench felt like it lingered. She was tighter than she was before, so much more aware of every part of her body trying to work to squeeze and close and feel more of everything pushing inside.

“So, Diana’s out running some errands, but it shouldn’t be too long before she gets home. When she does…” Isabelle’s eyes hooded. “I’m going to get her, too… and you’re going to help.”

“Wh-what?!” Eleanor’s eyes opened wide. “You want… mom?! She’s… She’s the most sexless woman I’ve ever met…! Not only is she always glaring at everyone like they peed in her cornflakes, but she’s never… after dad left she’s never seemed interested in anyone! I don’t… she’s mom, Isabelle…!”

Isabelle grinned, grasping both of Eleanor’s nipples and giving them a firm, hard twist. Eleanor cried out, arching higher off the bed as she felt the green reaching out from her nipples, kneading at her breasts as though the intense twisting wasn’t powerful enough. “I know! And I want us to be a closer family, a much closer family… Besides, she’s not really your mom, anyway. I don’t know what your deal is… you’re El, but you aren’t El? I don’t care. But you’re going to help me seduce and wreck Diana. And you’re going to love it.”

Eleanor quivered, writhing as Isabelle held her nipples so taut, twisted so far that all she could do was desperately pant and whine. She couldn’t resist, she could only surrender to the intense pleasure that fogged her mind and made it harder to want to struggle.

“I-I’m still Eleanor… J-just not from this dimension… I—ahhhhh!”

Clicking her tongue against the roof of her mouth, Isabelle twisted firmer, harder. Eleanor screamed so loudly her voice fell silent as she tried desperately to even gasp.

Her sister grinned down at her, slowly licking her lips. “I said I don’t care, sis…! But just to make sure…” Isabelle took a deep slow breath, and purred before she spoke. “You will help me take our homophobic mom and turn her into a dirty little lesbian slut for me to use!”

The command was so intense that Eleanor’s eyes crossed as her mind struggled to comprehend what she was being told. Diana was older than both of them, older than both of them combined, but she was pretty, blonde…

Eleanor quivered as she heard the sound of the front door opening. That could only mean one thing.

It was time to obey.

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