Eleanor Asher in: Homecumming

Chapter 1: They Say You Can Never Go Home Again, But…

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #D/s #exhibitionism #f/f #humiliation #magic #pov:bottom #multiple_partners #sub:female #urban_fantasy

Eleanor Asher in: Homecumming

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot © 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses.

Chapter 1: They Say You Can Never Go Home Again, But…

Eleanor let out a sharp cry as she suddenly fell flat onto the grass. It wasn’t a very far fall, but it was incredibly sudden. One moment she was flying through the air, taking advantage of the uniquely bizarre physics of the last world she’d visited. She hadn’t settled on the name it should have quite yet, something like Spandex Heaven. Nothing had been sensible, but she had ended up surrounded by beautiful women wearing skintight bodysuits as they flew through the air.

It was very hard for the problems she had with how irrational that was to outweigh her delight. She’d even been able to enjoy flying around a little bit herself with a loaned suit—but that didn’t seem to be functioning anymore. Instead, she was flat on the ground, her fists out in front of her, and her legs stretched out behind her.

Seems like I might be back on a version of Earth that isn’t completely nuts! Eleanor looked up to the sky, and didn’t see anyone flying overhead. I think I’m starting to acclimate to bizarre bullshit faster now. It’s still complete nonsense, but hey…!

Standing up, she brushed herself off. In addition to the black, red, and gold spandex bodysuit that squeezed tight to her body from the neck down, she was wearing a bomber jacket with a busted zipper. It had been a gift from a friend two hops back, and she appreciated the many patches sewn to it as much as the added warmth.

A moment later she looked around, and her blue eyes grew wide behind her dark framed glasses. She’d lost track of how many different worlds she’d visited in her time hopping through the multiverse, but there were some things she’d never forget even if she kept traveling forever.


She ran down the street, and gazed expectantly up at the street sign. Just like she knew it should, the sign read “Williams Street”. Her eyes widened even more, and Eleanor found herself moving quicker than she had in a long time without any immediate threat to her life. She took turn after turn without even thinking, just breathing hard as her feet slammed down on the sidewalk.

It seemed impossible. She’d been to so many different worlds, again, and again, but it had been so long since she’d been some place this level of familiar. After the earth populated by humanoid dinosaurs her concept of ‘familiar’ had changed greatly, but this was an entirely different level.

She was back in Magnolia Creek—her hometown.

Not even just travelling between dimensions… I haven’t been back home for what… five years…? Six…? Everything resets when I hop… am I even the same age anymore? Eleanor continued to run, shaking her head without slowing down at all. Existential crises are no fun, and I’m home! Laughter spilled freely from her lips as she approached Bougainvillea Boulevard. There were other places she could go, any number of special places that held countless memories, but all she wanted to do was see that familiar raised porch, steps leading up to that familiar dark brown front door…

A part of her had been sure that when she arrived she’d be whisked away again without a moment’s notice, but instead it was exactly like she remembered it. The numbers on the post that held up the small roof covering the porch. The familiar cracked white paint was the same.

Tears rose to her eyes, and she fought the urge to sniffle. It was really the home where she’d grown up. Before mom found out about Beth, before I had to couch surf…

“Nice outfit, El.” Eleanor quivered. It was the unmistakable sound of her sister’s voice. She turned around so fast that she nearly hurt herself in the process. The first thing she noticed was her sister’s hair—it was usually the same dirty blonde as her own, but now it was black and red. Next, she noticed her sister’s eyes, a very striking green. It had been long enough that she couldn’t be sure if she was remembering those being different or her memories were just failing her.

Life had definitely made things interesting enough for her to excuse forgetting such a small detail.

Her outfit was typical for a Georgia summer—a small denim skirt and a red tank-top. Both showed off plenty of the taller woman’s tanned skin, including the space between her breasts. The top was too small to conceal a bra, though the lack thereof seemed to suit her just fine.

Wrapped around her left wrist was a bracelet that was definitely something Eleanor had never seen before. It was surrounded by silver chains, and the center of it was gold. A green gemstone, or something that looked like one, sat in the center of the gold. It was charming, if ornate. In her travels Eleanor had seen so many bizarre pieces of jewelry that it was easy to disregard.

“Thanks, Isabelle…! It’s really nice to see you! Your hair looks great…!” Eleanor flushed. She was so happy to be back home, but she had no idea what to do. She couldn’t say where she’d been. No one would believe such an outlandish tale.

“Come on, El… we’re sisters. You really don’t need to use my full name. Iz, Izzy, something more intimate, you know…?” Isabelle winked, and pulled Eleanor into a tight hug.

Eleanor blushed as she returned the hug. Isabelle had never been so nice to her before. She’d never been so touchy-feely, either. Maybe I’m… no, of course not. She wasn’t surprised to see me. Something inside of Eleanor deflated. I’m not home, I’m in another parallel home. She would have reacted way differently… but clearly, the Eleanor from this world, and the Isabelle from this world get along way better than we ever did. I’m not done traveling, but…

Instead of letting herself worry about what that meant, she squeezed tighter. “You bet, Iz! I’m really glad to see you! I hope your day is going well…! Any big plans…? You’re looking really great, and it’s a really beautiful day outside!”

Isabelle raised an eyebrow, her green eyes looking curiously over Eleanor for a moment. She was the older sister, two years older. It wasn’t unusual for her to scrutinize her younger sibling for any reason at all. For once, she didn’t seem to end up particularly frustrated. “Of course it is, it’s the middle of summer! But thanks, El. I don’t have any plans… but I thought the two of us might spend some time together. How does that sound, sis?”

Either a pod person from Plant Hell Dimension replaced Isabelle or we get along way better in this dimension. Eleanor couldn’t stop herself from grinning widely. She wouldn’t even need to come up with a reason to spend time with her big sister at this rate!

Her mind briefly wandered to thoughts of where her universal-counterpart was, but then quickly pushed it away. If the other Eleanor showed up, Eleanor would apologize, explain as best she could, and be glad that she was enough of a nerd that she could trust herself to quickly come to grips with a version of herself from an alternate reality. She’d just need to avoid describing any of those other worlds or the other her would never believe it.

“Sure…! I’d love to, Isab—Izzy!”  Eleanor quickly corrected herself, but not quickly enough to stop herself from blushing furiously. “What do you want to do? I’m down for anything!”

Did Isabelle’s eyes glow when Eleanor said ‘anything’? For a brief moment they seemed more green, or at least a brighter green. It was a brief thing. Quick.

It’s probably just a trick of the light. Who cares what color my big sister’s eyes are? I haven’t talked with her like this in years—and we never got along like this! Eleanor patiently waited for her sister’s reply, releasing the hug as Isabelle began to walk towards their shared home.

“There’s something I wanted to show you in my room. I think you’ll love it.” Isabelle motioned for Eleanor to follow her, and she stayed close behind as they made their way inside.

Everything was more or less the same as Eleanor remembered it. The smells were all the same. The things hanging on the walls, the plants, the bookshelves, the television, the kitchen… everything was nearly like it had been pulled perfectly out of her memory. There were different things on the tables, some things had obviously been replaced—like the broken microwave and the analogue clock that had always been a little too slow—but it wasn’t anything important enough to matter.

Eleanor nodded happily, staying close to her sister as they made their way back to her room. The moment they were inside, Isabelle pulled the door closed, and shoved Eleanor down onto her bed.

Her eyes opened wide as she stared up at her sister. Her eyes were definitely glowing green now, pulsing, shifting, the same shade of green as the bracelet she wore around her wrist. Before Eleanor could sit up, Isabelle was straddling her waist, a hand at the center of her chest pushing her back down to the bed. She quivered, her lips trembling as she felt her sister’s hips move, grinding her down into the bed.

Is… is she…?! Eleanor sputtered, struggling to form her lips into some shape that might help her express any of her powerful emotions. All she managed to do was whimper as Isabelle’s left hand began to slowly stroke along her cheek.

“You’re going to love it, Eleanor… You’re going to feel so good under my control. You’ll do whatever I tell you to do, and it will feel better than anything you’ve ever felt.” Isabelle’s voice alone was so husky, so deep. The sound sent shudders along Eleanor’s spine, making her breath catch in her throat as she felt her skin tingling along the path that her sister traced. “It wants to help us be closer, don’t you think that sounds nice? To be closer… So… much… closer…”

“I-Isabelle, I—mmmphhh…!” Eleanor moaned as Isabelle’s lips pressed against hers, and her left hand squeezed a handful of Eleanor’s spandex clad breast. Her whole body writhed as she felt something so much more than just her sister’s touch, but an invading force tingle and slither its way inside of her body.

Warm and hot, the sensation felt green, the same green of Isabelle’s eyes, the same green of the glow from her strange bracelet. Eleanor tried to struggle away, to push her sister off of her body, but the longer their lips mashed together the less Eleanor could do anything to fight it.

Her struggles grew weaker as the tingling green slid down across her belly, along her hips, and even felt like it squeezed at the plush, large shape of her ass as it made its way down her legs. It moved down her arms, and up along her neck until it tingled at her scalp.

The feeling of her sister’s lips against her own was green, intensely green in a way that no color had ever felt before. It was green, and it was sexy. Eleanor felt that green filling her lips, and burning deeply into a place between her eyes. She couldn’t struggle away, her sister’s taller body pinning her down so helplessly, but she didn’t kiss back. It was all that she could do, as her sister’s lips pressed harder, and firmer, and she pressed her body down to Eleanor’s that much more roughly, but it was… it was something.

Isabelle broke the kiss, her lips hovering mere inches away from Eleanor’s. Both of them were breathing hard and fast. Eleanor’s eyes were still wide. Isabelle’s were hooded low.

Kiss me.

The words burned into Eleanor’s mind, parting her objections as they rose until they wrapped around the very core of her volition. It didn’t sound like a better idea, and it didn’t wipe away how wrong it was, but Eleanor leaned off of the bed, wrapping her arms around her sister as she rawly pressed her lips into hers. Both of them moaned, their bodies grinding together so tight.

Kissing… my sister… on her bed… Can’t… fight it… It’s making me so wet, but even if she’s not my real sister, it’s still… so… wrong…! Eleanor whimpered, but all she could do was feel their bodies rubbing together, and their lips pressed together so tight. Even if she’s sexy, and her lips feel so good… this shouldn’t be happening… I shouldn’t be doing this…!

When the kiss ended, Isabelle purred and nibbled on Eleanor’s bottom lip. She moaned, her eyes fluttering. The green inside of her felt so sexy, and she could feel it throbbing with Isabelle’s heartbeat as she grinded down against her.

Is she even wearing panties under that tiny little skirt…? N-no! Bad! She’s your sister! You’re a bit of a pervert, sure, but your sister? That’s a bit much, even for you, hun!

As Eleanor was preparing for another kiss, or for lips or teeth or a tongue to find her neck or her ear, instead, Isabelle pulled herself away. Her lips were quirked to the side, shaped in a pleased grin. “Eleanor. You think I’ve never heard you, but I have. Show me what lewd things you keep hidden away from mom and me.

“Y-yes, Izzy…” Eleanor’s voice was teased out of her by that intense green, and before she could think she was making her way to her room. Isabelle followed close behind. Before long, Eleanor was pulling out a small box, and setting it on top of her bed. She couldn’t stop herself from obeying the command, or from shuddering as pulses of green teased over and through her body, but she could still speak on her own. “I-it’s nothing fancy, really, just some old beat-up magazines… J-just… w-whoa…!”

Apparently, whatever had diverged in their universes meant the Eleanor from this world was far more prolific at collecting lewd objects. Instead of just a few half-torn magazines, there was a wide variety of sex toys.

Most of them were perfectly in line with Eleanor’s interests—anal beads, butt plugs, a few vibrators that were clearly for use in either of her needy holes, but right on top was a large double ended dildo. The other toys were clearly as suited to solo use as group play, but there was no mistaking that. Eleanor flushed. I never had a collection like this… wow…! I’m actually a little impressed with myself. Herself. Us?

Isabelle smirked, moving closer and sliding her fingers through Eleanor’s hair as she lifted up the most prominent of the toys and waved it in the air. “You’re already a lesbian?”

“Y-yes, I…” Eleanor didn’t know what to say. Her Isabelle would know that.

“You aren’t Eleanor… no… you’re her but you’re… wrong somehow…” Isabelle shrugged, waving the toy in the air a little more before she gave a wide grin. “That’s fine. You don’t need to tell me. Wherever she is, she’ll come back, and then all three of us can have some fun… and then all four of us.”

Eleanor quivered. The green inside of her was still pulsing, still throbbing, still filling her with an undeniable lust to hear that voice from Isabelle, that voice that made her feel weak and helpless to obey her commands. “F-four…? What do you…?”

                “Shut up, sis. I was hoping to be your first woman, but if I can’t have that, then we are definitely having some fun before mom gets home.” Isabelle grinned. “Eleanor… Strip.

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