Eleanor Asher in: Homecumming

Chapter 6: A Little Self Love

by MadamKistulot

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #D/s #exhibitionism #f/f #humiliation #magic #pov:bottom #multiple_partners #sub:female #urban_fantasy

Disclaimer: If you are under age, not a fan of lesbian mind control, or otherwise not permitted to read ahead, this is your warning. All of the women portrayed are of a legal age for such naughty endeavors, and the term ‘girl’ is not used to denote otherwise. Nonconsensual sex is unethical in real life, and any such examples within this fiction is not condoning or supporting such acts. The following work is copyright Madam Kistulot © 2021, and not for reposting or other such uses.

Chapter 6: A Little Self Love

“To make things a little less confusing, why don’t we call me El, and you Eleanor? That just seems fair since I borrowed your name, and your family… so you can have them back!” El, the Eleanor from another world, grinned as she idly stroked between her legs with the same arm wearing the glowing bracelet. “Sounds fair, right…?”

Eleanor nodded, blushing as she looked up at El. Watching herself masturbate had a naughty thrill to it she hadn’t expected. She could watch her lower lips becoming slicker, hear the hitches in the other woman’s breathing that were familiar even if she’d never really cared about them in the same way before. They were things she knew happened, certainly, but seeing them now felt so much more thrilling.

“Good! There’s a lot of things we could do that I know you’d love. I’ve seen some crazy shit you wouldn’t believe… but I think the best thing I could do is just show you.” El reached down, her slick fingers rubbing along Eleanor’s arm. “Bossing them around is fun, and sitting on your face wouldn’t be bad, but… I let you feel what it’s like to be on the bottom side, now I want a turn!”

Before Eleanor could react the bracelet was removed from El’s wrist, and pushed onto her own.

Unlike with Isabelle, the green glow didn’t leave El’s eyes, and she didn’t suddenly insist that Eleanor drop it or throw it away. Her expression did soften, a look of relief and calm spreading across her features as her double on the floor began to slowly grin.

On your back, now, El.

“Ohhh… yesss…!” El sucked in a sharp hiss as her legs gave out from under her. The raw power and thrill of being in control, of commanding her sister, her mother, and even an alternate version of herself had been a thrill, but one look at herself and she’d known just what she wanted. The moment she landed on her back, the green that remained inside of her, body and mind, lured her hand between her legs anew. Her fingers quickly began to take up their familiar rhythm as Eleanor slowly rose and grinned down at her.

Isabelle and Diana moaned, quivering as the green inside of them tingled and pulsed, but the moment wasn’t about them and the green inside of them knew it. It rewarded their obedience with pleasure that left them feeling drunk and exhausted, too weak to do anything but watch as Eleanor slowly moved to stand above El. She hooded her eyes, pink tongue reaching out to slowly stroke across her lips.

From her place on the floor, El moaned louder as new waves of pleasure shuddered through her body. The green had read her desires, and guided her to yield the bracelet. Now it was rewarding her, just as it rewarded the women who quivered near her on the floor.

Waves of euphoric bliss washed over El as she sank back into the floor. She was already flat, but it felt like she could sink deeper, fall further into the sensation of being little more than a conduit for the green. She’d fulfilled her purpose, granting it the long-term bearer that it desired, one that wouldn’t suddenly be disappearing with such little warning… but it wasn’t done with her, not yet. There was still more pleasure for her to feel, and new depths of surrender for her to learn.

Eat your own ass, El.

Eleanor lowered herself down, knees on either side of El’s head as she pressed the large, round curves of her ass down against El’s face. She pulled apart her cheeks, making sure to press herself flush with El’s lips.

The command was hardly necessary, but with the green pushing it deep within El’s mind the thrill of it burned even hotter. She moaned, her fingers continuing to dance and rub between her legs as she began to tenderly kiss, suck, and lick at the other woman’s ass. She breathed deeply, moaning as she was overcome with a feeling she hadn’t expected from the green, but one that was incredibly welcome.

There was no denying that the ass her tongue was tasting, dancing around the tight hole with the occasional darting flicks deeper inside, was hers. Through the green that pulsed and writhed inside of her like a living creature that filled her far more deeply and completely than anything else ever had, El could feel that tongue as though it were between the cheeks of her own ass, and the muffled moans she made were so much the same as the louder ones that echoed up above.

Everything about the woman above her was intensely beautiful, erotic, and desirable. With each moment that her tongue flicked, and her lips suckled so greedily, so hungry for more of the taste of the other woman’s skin, it became increasingly more impossible to deny.

All of the erotic desire she felt for the woman above her, the overpowering urge, the intense, soul-deep need to suck and lick and nibble and kiss at her ass with every last ounce of herself that she had to give… she knew that she possessed all of those same qualities that she was so savoring. Her scent, her taste, they were the same. Her shape, her texture, all of it. Even her varied diet from world to world had done nothing to affect that the woman she so gleefully devoured was shaped much the same as she was.

And El loved everything about the woman above her.

Her moans were more beautiful than the most carefully crafted music. No song ever made her clit sing or her tongue dance as quickly. Her skin was so smooth that even as her tongue traced path after path she felt nothing but greater desire.

Mmm she’s so… delicious, so sexy, so… and she’s me, and she’s… and she’s so… so… good…!

Green thudded her own fascination with herself deeper with each movement of her fingers between her legs, and every flick of her tongue, or brush of her lips. Every moment of the pleasure that would be impossible had she not traveled to a universe where she could find herself only made everything feel more perfect, more dreamlike. It had felt so wicked before, driving her sister to behave so raw, so demanding, but as she continued to rub herself and lose herself against an ass that both was and wasn’t her own, it was all so much more pleasant, so much warmer.

It was hard to focus on those feelings for long. The command still drove her forward, green still thrust deep inside of her body each time her fingers moved, curling to stroke places that made her hips quake and her gaze turn glassy and distant.

Eleanor’s hands let go, reaching up to grasp and knead at her own breasts as she rubbed herself down against El. If she had the patience she would have grabbed one of the many sex toys that El had found earlier, but the green didn’t need that, not when it was inside both of them, able to give El the feelings of Eleanor, and Eleanor the feelings of El.

For both of them, the feeling of so many hands squeezing and stroking, lips sucking, tongue flicking, everything so intense, there was little time before they began to shake, screaming as the same orgasm rocked through both women at once.

Green resonated through both of them, between their legs, within their brains, surging such a deep, rich emerald green that bathed everything with its beautiful light.

Time blurred as El continued to lick, and Eleanor continued to knead at herself, rubbing down against El’s insatiable mouth. At some point Diana and Isabelle ended up together, legs twined, bodies grinding, lips mashing, nails stroking over each other’s bodies. Isabelle’s hand grasped at the flared base of the plug that she’d once again shoved deep inside of her mother’s ass, wiggling it around for good measure as they grinded against each other’s thighs.

Wet slick sounds filled the air, mingling with groans and whimpers until at last Eleanor rolled off of El’s face to lay beside her. As she did, Diana and Isabelle lay silently, panting in each other’s arms.

El slowly moved, quivering as the green compelled her to embrace Eleanor, much as Isabelle embraced Diana. Identical legs twined, as identical breasts rubbed together and two pairs of glowing green eyes met in a distant gaze. Every place their bodies met, they could feel that green pulsing through them both, throbbing with such potent, tempting pleasure.

“You’re really me…?” Eleanor rubbed her nose to El’s, their hips rubbing together that much tighter as they both shared a long slow moan.

“Yeah…! It’s a really long story, a lot of it pretty boring, but it’s been pretty exciting, too… Ohhh…” El quivered, digging her nails into Eleanor’s hips before clawing down slowly along the outside of her thighs. “I’ve been to space… Flown through the sky surrounded by superheroes…”

“No way! That sounds like you must constantly be running into the most ridiculous things… Mmmm…” Eleanor wrapped her lips around one of El’s nipples, suckling, tugging at her nipple with lowly hooded eyes.

The green inside of them knew that only one of them needs their mouths free, and the other was free to grant them both such delightful pleasure

“Right…? Mmm… It’s… really ridiculous sometimes. This one woman filled my head with dust, and another time I met this woman who was really a dragon?” El sighed, her hands moving up to lift and squeeze at Eleanor’s breasts as their hips pressed together that much tighter. “We had a lot of fun! Don’t really have any control over it though, sooner or later I’ll just disappear, and my body just… resets to the way it was when I made the first hop. My clothes stick around, though, and I don’t forget anything.”

Eleanor’s mouth released El’s nipple just in time for one of her own to feel a tongue swirling around before being pulled taut by El’s teeth. “That sounds… Ohhh… Exhausting…! But before you go again, we should have a lot of fun. All of us. We need to be closer. So close… Close as we can be… Closer!

Her words resonated through Diana and Isabelle, their bodies quivering as the two women slowly pulled themselves apart. Diana wrapped herself around El, and Isabelle around Eleanor. Both of them proceeded to kiss at their chosen Eleanor’s body, hands feeling along their curves, naked bodies grinding so tight and close. They looked nearly mindless, green eyes glowing as they grunted like animals that trembled from the slightest sensation of sexual pleasure.

“Mmm yeah… Really close… All of us…! Don’t know if I’ll ever see any of you again after I leave, or anyone that even looks like you, but I won’t forget you, or any of this. I won’t forget what it felt like to enjoy all of you, together!” El mashed her lips into Eleanor’s, their lips parting for identical tongues to delve into the other’s mouth as once again wet, slick sounds filled the air.

With the green pulsing through their bodies and minds, all four women were insatiable, and utterly bound to each and every one of Eleanor’s whims. With no separation between what sensations they felt, only knowing that desire, that craving, that strong impulse to savor each other more, they spent every last moment that they had exploring their bodies, and learning every way that they were both so uniquely sexy.

When El would finally leave several weeks later, vanishing along with a small chunk of the grass of their front yard, she wouldn’t feel exhausted even if she’d packed in so much sex.

Instead, she was renewed, filled with a new resilience.

She was sure that future jumps would be full of their own hardships, but even if the experience had been humiliating, and brought up anxious feelings she’d long buried, there was something special about the brief reprieve in her childhood home.

Maybe she couldn’t go home again, not forever, and even that home was just another very similar home… but at least she felt pretty happy with who she was.

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