The Love and Trances of Madison and Belladonna

Madison Wants to Lose

by Cammie Dawn

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As the pair adapt their growing relationship to DMs and video calls, Donna makes a mistake in her phrasing that gives Madison's clever brain an excuse to be a brat.

With the convention fading into memory, Madison and Belladonna were able to return to their natural element of 24/7 text chat over IM. Every Discord channel they shared space in became a safe-harbor for their endless flirtation.

As promised, the pair kept away from any play related things. Their goal was to solidify the relationship for the terms of their compatibility as people, not as hypnofetishists.

“You know, you never did send me that list…” Madison said, over voice chat during the second week.

“List?” Donna asked, she grabbed her tablet and scrolled her journal for the convention weekend, scrolling down to see if there was a mention of this. She often relied on her in-the-day writing to store memories like this. She had a much easier time remembering things she read than things she experienced directly, especially if said things originated from her own lips or worse, thoughts.

Madison had already internalized this little display of habit. “End of the last day, just after the restaurant.” she supplied helpfully. Bell had entrusted the convention journal to her the day after returning home. Madison had read it at least four times already.

We lingered at the curb, not daring to cross the threshold onto tarmac. Every second spent was one fewer we had. It was unfair that things had to end so soon. I hadn’t even gotten to do anything in Top Space that day. I had ideas and didn’t really get to implement any of them. So unfair! Madison suggested I keep my ideas down in a list. I’m not going to share them here, I’ll probably need to start an Excel spreadsheet. Keep a track of suggestions and schemes. I’ll probably do that next week.

Donna read aloud while Madison looked through the monitor with a playful grin.

“Well I had best get on that then, shouldn’t I?”


She named it the_list.xls

It contained a list of ideas that the pair had yet to implement and color-coded it for how much had been discussed. Ideas phase, discussion phase, negotiation phase and implementation phase. A list of likes and dislikes, a list of words to use and words to avoid.

“Whispering…?” Bell asked, reading the list of dislikes.

“Not always. But I just don’t like it. The whole ASMR thing. It really makes me shudder in a bad way. Especially if we’re on video call like this, a whisper is just going to hit my sensory stuff. Can we please avoid it?”

“Of course. I would have even if you hadn’t explained. I just wanted to understand what would count as a whisper. I think I can get it based on that.”

“Thank you.”

“But you enjoy feeling helpless no matter how much you try to resist, I see?”

“Mhmm!” Madison chirped, bouncing up with heightened pride and satisfaction, “I teach the bratting class, don’t I?”

“I’d forgotten, but now that you mention it, you are known for that, aren’t you?”

It was true. Madison did teach one of the bratting classes at the hypnocon circuit. Donna had skipped that one as she was not a fan of being resisted. In her eyes if a hypnotee did not want to go along with the trance then she wasn’t about to spend extra energy working to get them in sync.

“So when I feel helpless. When the situation feels inevitable then it’s futile resistance and I love it when I struggle and lose.” As Madison spoke there was a wistful energy in her tone, like she had examined this concept from every possible angle and had defined exactly the shape and size of her love within it.

“Ah, I see. So it’s not about fighting…” Bell pondered.

“It’s about losing.” Madison confirmed.

Time continued to drag on, exacerbated by the fact that every hour of the day that they both happened to be awake they were constantly trading messages back and forth.

Topics bounced back and forth from family circumstances, how Madison met her partner, the road that led to Belladonna’s transition, how they each got into hypnosis and what influenced their individual styles.

Eventually the topic found itself upon their screen names.

“So… why KeladryMindle? I always wondered.”

“Oh,” Madison sighed fondly, “It’s one of the main characters from a book series I used to read when I was growing up. I used to go through so many books in middle school and that series was just important to me.”

“Ooo… I wanna read it then!” Bella chirped, “If it was something you liked when you were young.”

“You should– I think you would really like one of the protagonists. In fact, I always want to call you by the nickname she has in the book. It just feels so right for you, precious.”

“Oh…! Well I had best read as soon as I can then, that way I can see if I like her and get to meet the person who gave you your name!”

“What about your name, precious? It fits you perfectly in all of your facets, but I was wondering when you picked it.”

“...about 15 years ago…” Bella admitted, a flush of embarrassment overcoming her, “I wrote a bunch of stories when I was just starting off on the internet and I guess I sort of became attached to the name. It’s how I always imagined I’d be when I came out of the closet.”

“I’m glad you found it so quickly. I’m just sorry you had to wait.”

Bella shrugged and smiled all the same, “The path I took led to meeting you. I’d say it was worth it.”

“Oh… precious.”


As the third week began the idea of adding play to the video calls had begun to get kicked about and conversation turned to what their first scene would be.

It had started as a joke, but quickly evolved into a plan.

Given that Madison was a world class brat who taught the class, she understood how to comply while teasing. She trusted herself to the inevitability of her eventual hypnotic surrender. She just wanted to know she had fought her hardest and given as good as she got.

She wanted to lose.

And that fact made the back and forth all the more enticing.

Donna had spent her time wisely, finding teasing buttons to get reactions. She loved Madison’s radiant grin and yet found herself, now that it was time to finally begin trancing her, desiring the ability to turn that kinetic grin into a hollowed out blank expression.

She had been obsessing over the many ways to accomplish that goal. A swift motion to silence her, an intense stare, a sparkling pendant or just a stream of enticing words to ensure she could no longer resist.

“You may as well be pleading, for all your bratting does. All it does is tell me that you oh so dearly wish for me to take your mind in my hand and lovingly lull you deeper and deeper into my control.”

Madison had also been awaiting the embargo’s release. Donna got to go first because she had been denied a second scene at the convention. That was only fair.

She had no intention of playing fair otherwise, “Oh? Am I not trying hard enough, cutie?” she taunted.

“Sorry, dear, all I heard was ‘Please prove me wrong.’” Donna shot back.

“That must just mean I trust you, Miss Donna.”

“Or you may be caught up in the anticipation of how every single time we end up in these little games it ends with you slumping down in deep trance.”, as Donna spoke she beckoned to Madison. Even over video call the motion caused the taller woman’s breath to catch.

“That’s right…” Donna purred, her hands floating through the air as if she was stroking her partner’s hair. “You know you can’t resist. Don’t fight me.

Those words hit. Donna couldn’t tell exactly how but there was a shiver. Her lip slid under her teeth.

“Not so bratty now, are you, my dear?”

“No, Miss.” Madison swooned, pacified. “I did have a thought though?”

“Oh, we’ll have to do something about that, my darling.” Donna shot back, riding the high of her momentary victory, “But, no, what is it you were thinking, my dear?”

“You said my bratting sounded like pleading, Miss, and you did tell me that you really enjoyed the idea of me pleading…”

“That I did.”

“Maybe we could make it so I think I’m bratting but actually my words are really begging for trance?”

Donna looked at Madison’s serene features. The idea was enticing enough on its own but she couldn’t say no to that face.

“As you wish, darling.” Donna sighed fondly, before driving her gaze at Madison, “Look At Me.”

The words cracked like a whip and drew Madison’s full attention, her shoulders stiffened and her breath quivered. The wait for this moment had been both a test and a torture. Finally the wait was over.

Donna raised up and leaned into the camera, her eyes sparkling with intention. “Full attention. Eyes on me. Only on me. Just listen. My voice filling your headphones, filling your ears, filling your mind. Every moment my influence becomes stronger and you open the door to me. Let me in, Madison. Let me in.

Madison’s locked on the screen. The image of Donna’s blue eyes filling her memory as her words filled her ears. She had such a firm way of speaking when she was building a web of words to work with trance. Firm but safe. Madison knew she could trust herself to be guided. To let go.

“That’s it. Softening. Melting. Finding it so easy and automatic to just let my words continue to guide you… down and down. Slowly and powerfully. Inevitably. It just happens and you find that you enjoy going down with it.”

Madison’s eyes fluttered but dared not to lose Donna’s. The light haze of a soft trance was surrounding her now.

“That’s right, lose yourself in my gaze, no thoughts, no worries, nothing but me and my eyes as you— drop.”

Gravity claimed Madison as her silky strands of hair splayed chaotically around her.

“That’s right, sweetheart. Deeper and deeper, finding it so easy to feel the warmth and tenderness of this trance flowing around you and through you; deeper and deeper. That’s right.”

Madison’s entranced lips parted softly and she radiated a glow of serenity.

“When I bring you back, you may find yourself feeling a little bolder and more sure of yourself. We both know how much you love to brat, after all, and it can be so fun to try and fight, knowing how you’ll always lose in the end and be rewarded with such a beautiful heavy trance…”

Madison’s bottom lip disappeared into her mouth as the entranced angel felt the impact of Donna’s words.

“So next time you start bratting and I ask “Oh, are you bratting?” you may find it becomes effortless to feel that clever mind of yours to turn up all of its strength and resistance, even as your words spill out just as if I’d triggered you to plead.---”

Madison’s expression shifted into a broad and cozy grin, even deeply entranced she seemed to emanate mischief.

“And the more you succumb to that, the truer the words become until I finally let you sink into deep hypnosis.”

Donna saw the impact her suggestion was having on her hypnosis partner and couldn’t help herself from feeling waves of affection. She had known the idea was appealing but she had not expected it to be this enticing.

“And 3-2-1—- wide awake.”

Madison shot back up, still possessed by the mischievous aura that had found her in trance.

“Welcome back, dear.”, Donna grinned as she looked at the gorgeous expression on Madison’s face, “How are you feeling?”

“I’m good.”, Madison playfully purred, swaying on the spot. She sported a broad grin that had only amplified since it bubbled up while she was in trance, “Why, did you have something you wanted to try?”, every syllable was laced with a teasing invite.

“I don’t know, dear. Did you really want to go straight into things?”

“Oh, I know how impatient you can be, Donna.”, her use of name instead of title served its purpose as a clear indicator that she was already feeling the bratty resistance that Donna had wished to stir up in her.

“Oh,are you bratting?” Donna grinned, expecting to witness this energy transform into unaware begging any second.

“You tell me.”, Madison retorted, “Obviously you think something is supposed to happen now.”

Donna blinked, that wasn’t expected.

“Oh? Is something wrong?” Madison taunted, that smirk growing more powerful by the moment, “Did you perhaps let my ‘Clever Mind’ think of a loophole?”

Donna often considered herself to be a force of nature. Someone unstoppable when she got into the swing of things. She was a switch, yes, but the self-doubt, surprise and uncertainty was for other facets. Miss Donna was always in control.

She was neither prepared for this nor did she understand what she had done wrong.

“That may be true, my sweet,” Miss Donna attempting, attempting to pull things back on track, “that ‘Clever Mind’ of yours knows it is inevitable that you will return to trance. It longs for that powerful surrender. It needs to feel absolutely helpless, isn’t that right?”

The words carried some impact, but Madison still held strong. Her shoulders squared and she pulled herself to height. Her lips twitched, but those eyes remained as sharp and aware as they always had been.

“Is that right?” the brat smirked, “Perhaps you should show me.”

“As you wish.” Donna confidently responded, “Because you know there’s no point in fighting what is so clearly going to happen. That heavy headed feeling, those fluttering eyelids, getting so easy to keep focusing on my voice and my words and you’ll find yourself dropping deeper and deeper with every word.”

Madison continued to block out every attempt to get a rise from her. Donna knew it was time to start really pushing. With a swift gesture she twirled her wrist and shot her index and middle fingers upwards. Madison saw the gesture and tensed up at attention. Donna pulled her fingers inwards pointing towards her eyes, “That’s it, dear, watch my eyes, find yourself caught; captivated; drawn in and powerless to resist. You know you can’t resist.”

Madison’s eyes flashed and she drew in a long, centering breath. The temptation of falling into those eyes was there, but she found the strength to let the compulsion hit her and wash through her.

Donna sat a moment, expecting to see her lips mirror the words yet instead only saw her repress the urge.

Oh. So that’s how it is? she thought to herself.

“Oh, sweetheart. I do love how hard you’re trying. But you know you can’t resist. You can’t resist at all. You already know how easily you sink into my eyes and drop to my voice. So easy to accept you’re already going deeper and deeper with every single word that washes over you. Why fight such lovely bliss? So much easier to let me take care of all that exhausting thinking, isn’t it, darling?”

Madison was riding on high. She had seen how her little display had impacted the normally strong Miss Donna and it was an intoxicating feeling. To see her trying this hard, pushing that voice as far as she could take it.

Madison couldn’t help but grin as she settled down, coyly twirling a strand of hair, taunting Donna’s advance.

“I don’t know, ‘my dear’” Madison coyly taunted, intentionally mirroring Donna’s tone. Her finger released the strand of hair and began to beckon.

A wave of fondness washed over Donna, even teasing to break through her Top Space and bring her into softer waters, but the challenge was too enticing to abandon.

“Stop resisting.” Donna suddenly commanded, her voice firm.

Madison’s facade flickered. She had not expected such strong and succinct words cracking from her partner’s normally verbose lips.

“You will succumb.” Donna continued, riding the momentum and seeing everything flash green from her partner’s reaction.

“Just accept it.”

“There’s no use fighting.”

“You only fight so you can lose.”

“So lose.”

“Fall into my eyes.”

“Surrender to my voice.”

“Stop trying to think. Just sink.”

With every word Donna’s form rose up above Madison’s, her voice low and sure. There was no hint of threat, no hint of coercion. Just plain language.

“No thoughts.

You will listen.

No resistance.

You will obey.

You must obey.”

She was simply stating facts.

And Madison could not defend herself from those facts.

It was inevitable.

Her heavy eyes flickered. Her surprised expression fell placid. Her posture sagged and began to sink downwards.

Donna relaxed and settled back, watching her partner over the video call. She had actually worried she may not have been able to pull off the energy required for the scene. It was not triumphant. But it was a comfortable victory.

“You can’t resist.”

Madison’s eyes fluttered together and her lips parted “...n’t resist…” fell from her lips, barely audible above the pure tension of the moment.

“Again. You can’t resist.”

“Can’t resist…” she repeated… her voice pacified, gentle.

“You won’t resist.”

“Won’t… resist…”

“You will obey.”

“Will… obey…”

Must obey.” Donna growled leaning in towards her microphone.

“...must obey.” Madison parroted, eyes barely able to stay open.

“Then Drop.

And Madison obeyed.

Donna was careful to provide the right amount of care. She seldom acted that firm and though it was clearly enjoyed, it was not fully expected and it had been the result of a mishap of wording a suggestion.

She comforted her partner and asked her to imagine her right there with her, holding her close, stroking her brow and reminding her of what a good girl she was, how well she obeyed and how proud she was of her clever brain.

Soon enough Madison was recovering with a glass of water and Donna was pulling herself down from the adrenaline high.

“So, just so you know, I didn’t realize that was going to happen.” Donna said with a fond smile, “But I kind of liked it?”

“Well, you said that my words would spill out like you had triggered me to plead.” Madison explained, and when she explained things there was always such a kinetic energy to her. Donna had observed many people say that they loved communication, but Madison was the first person she had met who seemed energized by getting to explain the proclivities of her thought processes, it always made her feel honored to be able to listen and vindicated for understanding when it was possible.

“I remember,” Donna nodded, “I wanted you to start begging for trance while thinking you were bratting.”

“Mhmm…” Madison grinned, rocking back and forth, “But you said “triggered” and my brain thought “I don’t have a plead trigger thank you very much.” Her hands planted square on her hips and she nodded firmly, “My brain is very particular when it comes to things like that.”

“So I see…” conceded Donna, who was doing her utmost to prevent embarrassment slip into her presentation. She could feel a giggling blossom of giddiness pulse against her chest.

“Also, you used that indirect way of speaking you always use. You wanted words to pour out ‘just as if’ you had used that trigger. It’s just a matter of whether you meant my words would be the ones I use when you use that trigger I don’t have… or if they would pour out in the same way.”

Realization dawned on Donna, “Ah, so I had you build up that strong, resistant and bratty energy…”

“Only to tell me to let my words pour out via compulsion.”

“I suppose I couldn’t have stopped you if I tried?” Donna sighed, feeling remarkably exposed.

“I don’t know, I think you stopped me pretty effectively.”

Donna blushed deeply. It was rare to see but it did happen.

“I’ll be more careful in the future.” Donna said, her head low.

“Or you can just do that again, but intentionally next time. I think it was kind of fun.” Madison shimmered with a radiant glee, not quite the same as her bratting tone and yet with that same inviting and encouraging air.

“As you wish.” Donna laughed, “We’ll add it to the list.”

Thank you for reading! As always comments and feedback appreciated. Follow me on Twitter @Camden_Dawn or Tumblr at MissCammieDawn for future updates and info.

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