Controlling Fur Coats

Chapter 4

by Jakitron

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #drones #m/f #recruitment #sub:female #Fur_coats #Gala #impregnation #personality_removal #Salute #Smiling_slaves

Sorry for the wait on this chapter, next part is the final one, and should come sooner than this one did.

A week has passed since the acquisition of ashleybot. Sebby has spent equal parts of his time these last 7 days fucking his harem, and working on his plans for enslaving Talia, and then the biggest stars of Hollywood. sierrabot has woken him up this morning with a big plate of foods, and a “furjob.” She lubes his cock with the ever-present stream of drool draining from her hugely smiling mouth. shelbybot and ashleybot are standing at attention, saluting on either side of the door. All three slaves are, of course, wearing their mind-controlling fur coats and hats. Sebby enjoys his meal as his enslaved sister jerks him off with her hands inside the sleeve of her luxurious coat. Around the same time that he finishes the food, he cums, some of the cum landing on her sleeve, but a good bit of it also lands on her smiling face, with her still incapable of altering her expression in any way to clean herself off.

With that out of the way, he begins to get his plans ready to retrieve his new slave. He gets in his car, wearing just a t-shirt, and a pair of basketball shorts. He has shelbybot drive, with sierrabot and ashleybot sitting on either side of him. Eventually, he gets impatient to arrive, and has ashleybot give him a slow, and luxurious furjob, but not make him cum just yet. 40 minutes later, shelbybot announces that they have arrived. With that announcement, Sebby attempts to use a command he hasn’t utilized yet on his two most recent acquisitions, “shelbybot, ashleybot, sierrabot Normal Mode!” Instantaneously, all three slaves take on a different posture, although their faces retain the same frozen smile. shelbybot and ashleybot, however, regain the appearance of life behind their eyes, rather than the blank, glassy-eyed look they had mere moments before, and sierrabot continues to have, due to Sebby’s complete deletion of his sister’s conscious mind.

The slaver then goes on to go back over his plan one last time, and sends shelbybot and ashleybot out to Talia’s home, with himself staying behind with sierrabot, who he commands to act as a fluffer, keeping him erect with another furjob while he waits for the next phase of his plan to complete.

Talia hears the doorbell ring in her modest home, and walks quickly over to see what appears to be her friend Ashley, and a woman she doesn’t recognize. For a moment, she is unsettled by the unnaturally large smiles both women are displaying, but it is mostly dispelled when she hears her friend speak in her normal, chipper tone; “Hey there Talia! How’ve you been, it’s been too long!” She moves to hug her friend, and is allowed to, ashleybot then says “This is my friend, shelby, as you can see, she, like you, is a connoisseur of fine fur coats. She gave me this little number in exchange for me promising to get her access to see your collection, and possibly offer trades for some of your fine coats.” Shelbybot chimes in, saying “I have a number of fine coats hanging in my car that I would love to show you in offer of trade if I’m impressed enough by your collection.” Talia is intrigued by this unorthodox offer, and welcomes the two women into her home, leading them into the back room, which has been converted into a massive closet to contain all of her dozens of fur coats and hats.

Upon seeing the room, ashleybot immediately sends a text to her Master, informing him of where the room is. A moment after that, he sends a text to both girls, disabling their Normal Mode functions, turning both girls back into robotic slaves, and commands them to grapple Talia into their arms, and hold her still as their Owner walks into his new home. Upon passing the threshold, he immediately strips out of his clothing, and walks towards the closet, following the sounds of Talia’s protesting as much as the directions his property gave him. “What the hell is going on here? Who the fuck are you? WHY ARE YOU NAKED?” Talia asked, her voice quickly rising in pitch as fear overcomes her.

Sebby takes the opportunity of Talia being pinned down to browse through her enormous fur coat collection. He’s trailed by sierrabot, who is carrying the components needed to create the enslavement tech within a new coat, as soon as he picks the right coat for Talia to become taliabot in. “What the fuck is going on? What did you do to these girls? Oh god is the coats? Are you going to do something to my coats?” Sebby ignores her pleading, continuing to browse through the coats, until he finds the right one, a dark coat with thick sleeves. He takes in down, and sets it on a table. He begins working on it, his cock swelling more than it already was. He then begins to speak, “I’ve invented a device, which, when installed into something like these fur coats, completely subjugates the mind of any woman wearing the coat, and the hat. I have sierrabot here installing the tech into the hat, while I set up the coat.” He sets to work quickly, while Talia continues to cry and to scream. When he’s done, He walks up to Talia, strokes her hair, and gives her a kiss as she tries to squirm away, “I’ve never kissed a girl like that before, that was nice.” He says as he picks up the coat, and places it over Talia’s shoulders, shelbybot and ashleybot then moving to push her arms into the sleeves. sierrabot then walks up to place the fur hat onto her head. Talia seems confused, the coat and hat are on her, but she seems to feel normal. Her relief at that is short lived however, when she sees Sebby holding a small controller with a button on it. “Any last words before you’re mine forever?” With a fresh wave of fearful tears, Talia croaks out, “Please, God, whoever you are, you don’t need to do this, I have money, I-I can give you lots of money, s-something, anything, you don’t need to do thi-“ With that, he presses the button, and, like the others before, taliabot stops speaking, her mouth forms into a large, painful smile, and the robotic slavegirl stands at attention and salutes her new owner.

Sebby immediately takes the opportunity to kiss her again. This time, like the other slaves, she in no way reacts to the kiss, and continues to smile the same way. “taliabot, bend over that table and get ready for my cock” Sebby commands, “Yes Master, right away Master, taliabot obeys.” She says in monotone, as she walks up to the table, bends over it, and pulls off her pants and panties. Sebby then proceeds to ram his hard cock into his new slave’s hole, fucking her hard and fast, after about 10 minutes of it, he creampies her, filling her pussy with hot cum for the first, but certainly not last time. With that over with, he begins to explain his plan for taking over all the celebrities at the gala with his mind controlling fur coats. Luckily, taliabot confirms that his plan ought to go off without a hitch.

This story has been a blast to write, please leave a comment with any constructive criticism you have to give, or any requests for a new story I could write in future.

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