Controlling Fur Coats

Chapter 3

by Jakitron

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #drones #f/m #recruitment #sub:female #Fur_coats #Gala #impregnation #personality_removal #Salute #Smiling_slaves

Sebby spent the next several days in almost their entirety with his cock inside on of his slaves’ holes. He creampied both sierrabot and shelbybot at least a half-dozen times, and painted their smiling faces with his seed twice as many times. Sebby also spent a good bit of time being served by his slaves. He spent a sublime afternoon playing video games while shelbybot sucked his dick and sierrabot cooked him a hearty dinner. One time, however, a problem did occur, shelbybot’s fur hat got knocked off of her head while Sebby fucked her doggy-style. This momentary lapse of full control led to a glitch in the slave’s obedience, and she took the opportunity to throw her coat off and make a run for it. The enslaved woman did not get far, however, as sierrabot chose that same moment to walk in with Sebby’s dinner, sticking her leg out to trip the escaping property without dropping her owner’s meal. The quick reaction allowed Sebby to immediately get up and returned the mind controlling coat and hat to their rightful places.

A few days after that debacle, Sebby began making plans for taking over his next victim. He decided to look up Ashley on social media to check up on her. He learned she was very close to someone named Talia, who also happened to be a fashionista with several dozen fur coats as well as a job helping organize events for big celebrities. He decided to take this as an opportunity to both get new coats, as he had only one left, and to find more high class fuckmeat. Ashley wasn’t a bad score on her own, anyway, the scene-styled girl with the bright purple hair would be a welcome addition to any man’s harem of mind-controlled sex slaves.

Ashley was exceedingly easy to find, she lived in a nice enough apartment on the same side of town as Sebby and sierrabot. He decided to play it a bit safer with taking her over, because Ashley was neither a family member, who expected him to be joking, like sierrabot, or a ditz, like shelbybot. The fact she wasn’t a ditz would also make it harder for her to brush off the fact that his slaves were all uncontrollably smiling larger than could possibly be comfortable. He did have a plan, though. He arrived at her home, and, flanked on either side by his mind controlled fucktoys, rang her doorbell. Ashley opened the door, and instantaneously was tackled to the ground by shelbybot, whose hat was now strapped to her head by a thin, but extremely strong buckle, the servant also moved to cover the free woman’s mouth to prevent her from screaming. shelbybot then moved Ashley towards her couch, and sat her down, and put a piece of cloth in her mouth to prevent her from speaking.

Next, sierrabot moved to put the fresh coat she was carrying onto Ashley, and put a bright colored hat on top of her purple-haired head. With his sorted out, Sebby gave his ultimatum. “As you can see, Ashley, you’re in a bit of a pickle. You see, I have perfected mind controlling technology, and the technology is in that beautiful fur coat and Cossack hat combo you’re wearing, and to activate that tech, I only need to press this button,” He pulls out the controller from his pocket, “But I know you don’t me to press that button, so I’ll make you a deal.” Ashley seems terrified at this, trying to scream through her gag, seeing the mindless smiles on her fellow victims’ faces, “that deal is as such, I want you to, on your own free will, to pleasure me with your body, without taking the coat or hat off, as seeing you wear them turns me on quite a bit. I promise you, if you pleasure me like this, I won’t press the button.” He has shelbybot pull the cloth gag out of Ashley’s mouth, “Okay, okay! I’ll do as you say!” “Good.”

Ashley starts by getting down on her knees, as opening up Sebby’s pants to give him a blowjob. The teenage mind controller expected this, and allows it. The fur-coated woman is an excellently talented fellatrix, bringing her tormentor to full arousal in mere moments, bobbing her head up and down his shaft. Sebby will not accept this as the only pleasure he gets, however, and says “Alright, I want some variety to this, get up on that couch and give me your cunt.” The fellatrix cringes at this, hoping to get away with just a cocksucking, but still obeying the command from her potential mind-controller. Despite her fear, wearing the coat has aroused her quite a bit, and so she is wet and ready for Sebby’s dick. He fucks her, long and hard, taking the moment of his orgasm to dig his face into the soft fur of Ashley’s jacket, and breathing in deep as he creampies the Scene babe.

Upon pulling out, she hands the controller to sierrabot, and tells her to activate Ashley’s coat and hat. Feeling betrayed, Ashley calls him out, “we had a deal you son of a bitch!” He scoffs, saying “I said I wouldn’t press the button, and I didn’t” She’s angry, tackling Sebby to the ground, and choking him with all her strength, but then, right before Sebby loses consciousness, ashleybot stands at attention, smiles so large it looks to be painful, and salutes. The two other enslaved fur coat wearers salute as well, their smiles permanently matching in intensity. As he recovers from the attempted choking, he does what he does best now. He bent ashleybot over, and started dry humping her through the back of her fur-coat, calling on his other slaves to go into her kitchen and prepare a meal for him to enjoy.

With is new property brought to heel, and a hearty home cooked meal in his stomach, Sebby got to work conversing with his newest slave girl to learn about how to get to Talia, and to gain access to her body, and her direct line to some of the hottest celebrities on the Top 40 charts, and in Hollywood. He, and his slaves, had a lot of work ahead of them.

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