Controlling Fur Coats

Chapter 5

by Jakitron

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #drones #f/m #recruitment #sub:female #Fur_coats #Gala #impregnation #personality_removal #Salute #Smiling_slaves

This is the last entry to this series, I will hopefully be able to get to work on more stories. This one was inspired by requests from a user I conversed with on Reddit, and they had a hand in many of the scenes in this story.

Sebby’s plan was simple. He was going to have his freshly impregnated slaves work around the clock for 5 days straight converting 8 fur coat and Cossack-style hat pairs into his mind-controlling variants, in order to take control of the 8 women he knew would be at the big gala in a few days. He himself worked on doing further research on the primary women he wishes to take control of. Dana Reilly, the short-haired brunette English starlet who was in that big sci fi movie everyone was talking about a few years ago, Sofie Vargas, a tall and curvy Latina with a loud persona. Kaitlin Pear, eccentric pop singer, Ariel Venti, a short Latina diva with long hair, Carmen G, a feisty black woman with short dyed green hair, Nicki Maj, another feisty black woman with bigger curves, Diana Cameroon, a timid pale blonde, and Scarlett Johnson, the seductive and playful redhead.

Those 8 Hollywood bombshells are going to be the main stars at the small city’s special gala event, and will be quite easy to manipulate. With taliabot under control, Sebby will be able to use her to convince the women to put on his controlling coats and hats, and be ready to be taken under his thrall for the rest of their lives. His plan begins simply, he puts taliabot into “Normal mode” along with shelbybot to get the starlets to follow her into the coat closet at the gala building and the two mind-controlled women convince the celebrity babes to put on the fur coats because, as shelbybot says to them, “it is an upcoming big fashion trend, soon every women in Hollywood with be in big, fluffy fur coats” The actresses and singers don’t think to argue with the smiling women, and put the coats on without much of a hassle, with Nicki even commenting that “These coats are super comfortable, and surprisingly, I’m not even too warm wearing this getup.”

While all of this is happening, Sebby is backstage in the big ballroom getting a furjob from ashleybot while sierrabot works to get the paparazzi and other attendees to leave the gala, leaving it to be a private event for Sebby to enslave the famous guests of the party uninterrupted. Afterall, he only had time to have his slaves make 8 new mind-controlling coats. The room clearing is a rather quick and painless affair, with sierrabot telling the paparazzi that the celebrities were intimidated by their presence, and were looking for a back way to enter the building undetected, and that one or two of them have even gone back to their hotel rooms on the other side of town. The other guests were convinced to leave by being told that the event may end up needing to be postponed to another date, or even cancelled, and moved to another city. The furjob, meanwhile is going well, Sebby is enjoying his slave’s soft, fur coat sleeve covered hands stroking up and down his cock as he strokes and plays with her brightly colored hair. Underneath the enslaved persona, however, Ashley is still in there, only Sierra was ever fully deleted in the creation of her enslaved persona, none of the other slaves were taken over to the same extent, although none of their old personas have any power over their bodies, beyond being able to think for themselves, and Ashley is doing a lot of thinking right now, “Dear God, this creepy fucking guy is disgusting, making me stroke his cock with this luxurious, soft coat… wait, where did that thought come from? I guess this coat does feel nice… and his cock is so nice… I hope he tells me to put it in my pussy again… he’s creampied me so many times I’m sure I’m carrying his child… I’m sure the others are too… the fur is so nice and soft…” All the while as these thoughts are going on, ashleybot is smiling that same too-wide smile the fur coat slaves always wear. sierrabot, meanwhile, had a much more simplistic inner monologue while she cleared out the ballroom, “Must obey, must breed, love Master, must obey Master and have Master’s babies, this unit will be the mother of Master’s children…”

With the ballroom successfully cleared, Sebby gave the signal to taliabot to begin guiding the yet to be controlled celebrities into the ballroom. They are shocked to find the empty ball room, but even more surprised to see Sebby, a teenager in an ill-fitting tuxedo with his hard cock out. “What the hell is the meaning of this bullshit?!” Carmen exclaims, “Yeah, what the bloody fuck is going on?” Dana adds. Sebby answers their question with a simple raise of his hand. In that hand, he holds a new version of the controller he always used previously, this one with a few more buttons for slightly more varied levels of control. Of course, once a level of control is activated, there’s no way to turn it off, but now he can take partial control before going all in at once. He’s also able to activate one girl at a time if he chooses. He makes this announcement to his future chattel, “My name is Sebby Orien, and I am a genius. I am the first man to invent an infallible and unstoppable mind control device! I have chosen you 8 women, as well as the 4 smiling toys you see surrounding you to be my enslaved cum dumpsters and baby making slaves. Your free will is over as of today, and there’s nothing you can do about it.” In response to this revelation, all 8 future slaves began acting confused, who the hell was this guy, and who did he think he was talking to them like that? Nicki was the first to pipe up with a reply, “Who the fuck do you think you are talking to us like that you fucking creep,” Sebby pushed a button on his remote, and immediately, Nicki stopped speaking, smiling wide like the other 4 slaves, though still otherwise in control of her body. All 8 women immediately go into a panic, Diane starts running for the door, knocking taliabot to the ground as she runs at a full sprint, Sebby presses the button to fully put dianebot under control, leading her to stop in her tracks, smile wide, and salute her mind-controller. taliabot recovered from being knocked down quickly, getting right back up, and mirroring her new slave sister’s salute. Talia’s mind, underneath the mind control, was racing, “Fucking hell, for an actress, that woman hits like a truck when she runs. I sure hope the baby in me is safe… at least my beautiful coat is alright, these floors look clean so I guess it couldn’t have gotten dusty.”

With that, Sebby then began to speak again, “dianebot, come to me now, I want to fuck you while I explain more about the fates of your fellow celebrities.” dianebot immediately chirped “Yes, Master, dianebot loves cum in its womb.” The enslaved woman then proceeded to lift the dress she had on under her fur coat, pulled off her panties, walked up to the stage, and bent over in front of the young mind controller. He immediately stuck his dick in her hairless pussy, and began fucking her. After reaching a consistent pace, he begins speaking to the 7 soon to be no longer independent women before him; “As I said earlier, all of you will become by baby making fucktoys, smiling and serving my every whim. In the last week since I invented sierrabot’s coat, I haven’t lifted a finger for myself in terms of housework, cooking, or whatever, I’ve had mind-controlled slaves to do all that bullshit for me, and now you’re going to be some of those slaves. No labor is too low for you, whether it’s trimming the hedges of one of whichever of your mansions I decide to take as my personal home, all the way up to the labor of birthing my children.” As he finishes his speech, he cums into dianebot’s womb for the first, and far from the last, time.

This time it’s Scarlett’s job to react in horror, bursting into tears and collapsing to the ground, trembling and shuddering, leading the other women with free will to kneel down next to her and try to comfort her, “Don’t worry, Scar, we’ll find some way to get out of this, maybe one of us can disable his control device or something, or at least get these damn coats off somehow,” Kaitlin says in a soothing voice, moving to try to take Scarlett’s hat off, noticing suddenly that it seems to be stuck on, as she makes for another tug, scarlettbot immediately shoots upwards, standing at attention, saluting, and smiling, “Master, Kaitlin Pear has attempted to remove this unit’s control hat, leading to the hat and coat to activate this unit into slave mode, scarlettbot begs you to please punish her,” The slave says, projecting her voice quite well, so the controller can hear her over dianebot’s moans of simulated sexual pleasure. He pauses for a moment when he hears this, making a show of thinking over what he wants to do about this rebellious woman. He, of course, knows immediately what the best course of action is for this situation, but wants to leave her in suspense for a few precious seconds.

After he feels that he’s waiting long enough, he picks the remote back out of his jacket pocket, and presses a button, as he does, Kaitlin screams out “NO YOU BASTARD NO!” As she stands up, and salutes, but she isn’t smiling like the other slaves, she’s bawling her eyes out, cursing the mind controller out as loudly and as vulgarly as she possibly can. If there was a god alive who answered the calls of mortals to put curses onto men, Sebby surely would have died a thousand times over by the time Kaitlin wore her singer’s strong voice out and merely stood there saluting as she sobbed quietly. Nicki is horrified as she sees this, given that she is in the reverse position of poor Kaitlin, capable of moving her body and fighting back, but not of controlling her facial muscles. She cannot cry, she cannot stop smiling, and she cannot speak of her own volition like her fellow singer can. In response to this horror, she decides to try her best to wrestle control of these women away from their young tormentor, and to give back freedom to these other women. As quick as she can, the smiling freewoman sneaks back away from the rest of the group as they are focused on Kaitlin’s predicament, including Sebby. Her sneaking plan works, up until, just as she reaches for the remote, she inadvertently brushes against dianebot who responds by punching Nicki in the gut and announcing loudly, “Master! Nicki has tried to commit an offense against your glorious person, but this unit stopped her, because it is a good girl!” If Nicki could speak, she would have cursed under her breath, but instead, Sebby pushes a button, and nickibot stands up, and salutes her owner. Sebby laughs to himself again, telling nickibot to bend herself over so he can have her womb full of cum too, as he moves to fuck her, though Carmen makes a run for him, going to try what nickibot had just failed to do. He sees her coming, however and makes her smile, while in partial control of her body. When this happens, Carmen screams loudly through her smiling teeth, grabbing at her face, trying to move her mouth into another position through sheer strength and force of will, but it doesn’t work, she is defeated, after a moment, the next button is pressed, and she stands at attention, saluting her owner. Sebby then proceeds to fuck both slaves, alternating between fucking one slave with his cock, and the other with his fingers, until eventually he cums in carmenbot’s womb.

After all of this fun, Sebby decides it’s time to have a bit more fun with these bitches before he decides to get his dick wet again, he orders the slaves to each pair up with a free woman, and do some ballroom dances, given that they are in a ballroom right now. He takes Dana for himself to dance with, having had a crush on her for many years ever since her big sci fi movie a few years ago. As he makes her dance with him, she cries, unable to help herself from the sheer, existential dread of the situation she had found herself in. She was supposed to just be one of a few A and B list celebrities coming by this small city’s charity gala to help give star power to encourage donations to some children’s medical fund on the other side of the world, but instead she, and these other famous women, some of which she considered friends, are being put under the mental control of some nerdy kid who’s probably still in bloody high school! The sheer absurdity makes her start to crack, and she just bursts out laughing for a few moments. When it lets up, she pulls back for a moment, and looks at Sebby. She smiles, making an effort to make it look like the slaves’ smiles, but not quite managing, she then says, “Master, I… errr. This, um, unit understands that she, um, IT, as no choice in all of this happening, but it would greatly appreciate if Master would be so kind to allow this unit to keep its free will in exchange for it to serve you as loyally as its fellow slaves.” She then proceeds to salute like she saw the other slaves do. Sebby chuckles for a moment, only half expecting this to happen, and more so expecting that behavior from Ariel rather than Dana, but he laughs again, and once again makes a show of milling over the decision, but then goes on to press the button, leading danabot’s smile to grow painfully large like the others’ for her posture to stiffen, and for her hand to re-snap to her forehead in salute to her owner. “I don’t bargain with my own property,” He says in a harsh tone. He then presses the button to fully activate the other slaves’ control coats, and orders them to start having an orgy right there in the middle of the ballroom.


Seven Months Later.

Sebby Orien was living large. Over the last 7 months, he had taken control of much more than the minds of beautiful women. He used the bank accounts of his celebrity thralls, of which he took several more of after the Gala, to increase his personal wealth a billion-fold, becoming the richest man in the world, but in secret. He used his newfound influence to manipulate governments to turn a blind eye to his actions, and to commission the creation of what is basically an island paradise, and a fortress staffed entirely by him, and his heavily pregnant fur coat wearing sex slaves. He wants for nothing now, having food and resources delivered to him by drones from suppliers willing to take payment to not look into where their products are going, and to destroy any paper trail that proves those resources even ever existed.

The mind controller only ever leaves his new home when he feels bored and wants to find a new unwilling mother for his future children. His first generation of slaves, as he refers to them, sierrabot, shelbybot, ashleybot, and taliabot, as well as the 8 celebrities from the gala, are all visibly pregnant, leading to Sebby capturing, and enslaving, a dozen doctors who specialize in prenatal care and assisting in childbirth to make sure that the next generation of Oriens come out healthy, and ready for the world. He plans any daughters born to be shipped off to high quality orphanages where they will be given a safe and loving home, but any sons he has, he plans to keep, and to raise as heirs to his growing empire of sex slaves and riches.


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