Controlling Fur Coats

Chapter 2

by Jakitron

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #drones #f/m #recruitment #sub:female #Fur_coats #Gala #impregnation #personality_removal #Salute #Smiling_slaves

Sebby has been undeniably enjoying his time being served by his enslaved sister, having her jerk him off with the fur coat’s sleeves over her hands (he begins to refer to it as a “furjob”), and dry humping her ass through the fluffy coat. She obeys every command he gives, but there does appear to be something wrong. Her blank face often looks distressed, even more so than would be explained by her intense, unending smile. She also will fall into short bouts of uncontrollable twitching. Sebby expected such results to eventually come about, but not so soon. He has an idea for a system of electrodes to go over the slaves’ heads to counteract these glitches, but he’s much more focused on solving another issue right now. Who will he take control of next?

It turned out that the choice was obvious. Shelby, Sebby’s old babysitter. A beautiful, curvy, blonde bimbo, who was about as dumb as she was pretty. Sebby was smart. He designed his control coats to allow his slaves to act like normal human beings, so he came up with a plan. He would put sierrabot in “normal mode,” a facsimile of her former persona, and get her to distract Shelby while he activates her new fur coat. He activates the “Normal mode,” but sierrabot is still smiling, that same, too-big-to-be-comfortable smile. This wasn’t exactly how he planned it to happen, but whatever, it will work.

He has sierrabot drive him to Shelby’s place since he never bothered to learn to drive himself. On the ride over, he decided to make sierrabot give him another furjob with one hand while driving with the other. Her steering is a bit jerky due to the control glitches, but they don’t draw any attention to themselves, or cause an accident. At the same time that they pull in, Sebby cums onto sierrabot’s sleeve covered arm. After that, Sebby gets out from the car, and pulls an enslaving coat out of the trunk, and also sees a set of electrodes underneath it. This gives him an idea on how to fix the glitching, but he can’t focus on that now, he’s on a mission. He looks to sierrabot and, after wiping a bit of drool off of her chin, instructs her to ring Shelby’s doorbell, “of course dear brother, I am happy to” *twitch* “do as you say.” She stiffly steps up to the stairs, and rings the doorbell.

After a few seconds of waiting, Shelby comes out, and excitedly shrieks “Oh em gee! Sebby and Sierra!” The early twentysomething is positively bubbling with excitement at seeing her old “friends.” “What brings you to my humble, abo- uhm, home?” She is completely unphased by sierrabot’s blank smile. “Oh, yes we’re here as part of a special promotion for free fur coats!” Sebby says, gesturing in a presenting way to the coat sierrabot is wearing, “we’re selling high quality real-fur coats at a lower cost than any other retailer! Tell her all about it, sierra!” sierrabot then begins to go into a made-up spiel about the great value they offer with their coats, and Sebby gets up to drape the coat over Shelby’s shoulders, asking her to put her arms into the sleeves. The bimbo grins and complies with the request, asking for the two of them to come inside and get comfortable.

Once inside, Sebby and sierrabot got comfortable in Shelby’s nice and spacious living room. sierrabot does most of the talking while Sebby tries once again to get the new coat to activate, talking mostly about how much she loves her brother, saying things like, “gosh, yes, I love my bro, he’s very kind, he convinced me to work with him to help sell this wonderful coats at such a wonderful discount!” She also spent a lot of time rubbing against him, stroking his arms, and resting her head on his shoulders. Shelby is just opening her living room closet to show her collection of Cossack-style short, cylindrical, fur hats that would match so well and look so cute with the coats, when suddenly, like sierrabot, she stands stiffly upwards, salutes, and smiles so wide as for it to look painful. Sebby was ecstatic, running right over to his new fur coat wearing slave, and kissing her, but, like sierrabot, shelbybot didn’t react to the kiss in any way, and remained smiling brightly as he rubbed her teeth with his tongue. When he finished kissing her, though, he took a look at the hats in her closet, and had an idea. He decided to combine the fur Cossack hats with the electrodes in the trunk of the car. A few hours later, he put the new hats atop the smiling and drooling heads of his property. Instantly, they stabilized, no longer twitching or glitching, but they still remained uncontrollably smiling, and drooling through their teeth, given their inability to close their mouths. Underneath the hats, however, was a different story, as the electrodes dig deep into their scalps, shocking them repeatedly, causing what would be a lot of discomfort if the slaves had not been so under control.

Crisis averted, Sebby decided to do what mind controllers do to their newest victims, and bent shelbybot over to fuck her. He greatly enjoyed fucking his slave, while also stroking the fur of her coat. After a few minutes, he decided to see what would happen if he had his machine-like woman talk dirty to him. Like sierrabot, shelbybot spoke in a robotic monotone; “Oh, oh, oh, yes, fuck this unit. Fuck this unit like a whore. This unit, designated shelbybot, is a slut that loves master’s big cock.” Despite being incapable of vocalizing her emotions, shelbybot’s face flushed with arousal, beginning to sweat, and breath heavily. After a long, and hard fucking session, Sebby came hard inside his new slave’s cunt, quickly pulling out after the first spurt to shoot the rest of his load onto the fur of her coat, her hair, her hat, and her smiling face.

Sebby now had one coat left, and he knew exactly who to give it to, but he needed to learn of a way to get more afterwards. Hopefully, Ashley will have some idea.

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