Controlling Fur Coats

Chapter 1

by Jakitron

Tags: #cw:incest #cw:noncon #D/s #dom:male #drones #f/m #recruitment #sub:female #Fur_coats #Gala #impregnation #personality_removal #Salute #Smiling_slaves

This is the first of a group of stories I am writing based on a group of prompts I recieved on r/mindcontrolstories.

Sebastian “Sebby” Orien was a genius. People may not take him too seriously, but he is, it’s just a fact. At this time, he’s working on the same project he works on every year, at this time of year, for ten years. It’s spring break, school’s out, and Sebby Orien is trying to make a mind control device. Last year, the young man cracked the code, but the device, paradoxically, was running far too cold, it needed to be insulated and surrounded by body heat. That killed his dreams of bimbo-bikini models waiting on him hand and foot, but it just so happened that during the previous winter, the teen genius found a new clothing fetish. He saw Ashley, the punk English immigrant, wearing a big, fluffy, fur coat.

The coat would serve to keep the device hidden, and warm, while making the coat not too overbearingly hot to wear in the summer. Using the small sum of money he’s gathered mowing neighbor’s lawns to buy up 3 fur coats from the local thrift shop. They were in surprising condition, looking fresh out of a boutique.

Sebby was working on the finishing touches of installing the device to the coat when his big sister Sierra barged in on him in his workshop. “Mom and Dad are going out for the whole of spring break, and they- hey what’re ya building, nerd?” Sebby’s face turned bright red when he looked directly at his sister’s deep, pale cleavage, “Oh, Sierra, I was just working on-” “On your pervert nerd shit, I know, dude, I’ve seen your search history.” His face goes deep red again as he goes back to work, just a few more stitches and screws, and done. “Well, do you mind?” He asks as he lifts the coat up. He puts up an act as an awkward nerd to his parents and sister, so they have no way of knowing how serious he is, how deadly honest he is about the aims of his coat.

Sierra sighs, and puts the jacket on. It’s warm in the room, and especially in the coat, but Sebby pushed a button on his little control pad, and suddenly her whole body seems to cool down, like there’s an ice pack lining the coat. “Wow dude, you invented a coat that doesn’t make you warm, how impressive,” she moves to take the coat off, “Waitwaitwaitwaitwait!” Sebby says in a panic, messing with some knobs on the control panel, “it is supposed to control your mind, give it a sec!” Sierra chuckles, then lets out a nerdy snort, almost knocking her round glasses off of her pretty face, She adjusts her spectacles, sits down in the chair next to him, and puts her hand on his shoulder, saying, “I know you want to make me into your maid like in those creepy comics on your computer, but that ain’t gonna-” She cuts off mid-sentence. After a moment of struggle on her face, she shoots upwards, standing straight up at attention, and salutes. Her face is strange, you can see a look of absolute panic in her eyes, but her mouth is locked into a painfully large smile. “Ho-holy shit, holy fucking SHIT it worked!” He gets up from his computer chair and starts fist bumping the air in triumph. “alright, alright, Sierra, can you hear me?” Still saluting, still smiling, her mouth opens and says, in perfect monotone “Yes Master, this unit hears you.” He fist pumps again “Yes, FUCK, Yes! Alright, who are you?” “This unit is Sierra, your sister, and obedient servant” “Oh nono, au contraire, you’re not my sister anymore, you’re sierrabot, my fur wearing slave girl, and that’s it.”

With those words, the spark of awareness in her eyes was permanently snuffed out. “Alright sierrabot, I wanna see those fat tits of yours!” sierrabot instantly complied, ripping the shirt Sierra was wearing, and pulling it out through the fur coat, and then doing the same with her bra. Sebby drooled at the sight of the first real life pair of tits he’s seen outside of a computer screen. He can’t help himself, grabbing them, and rushing up to make out with his new property, but the slave doesn’t respond, continuing to painfully smile, even when he tries to push his tongue past her teeth. The total control the coat has over her makes him absolutely rock hard. “Get on your knees sierrabot. Has Sierra ever given a blowjob before?” The kneeling slave-bot says “Yes, Master the person this unit once was, has sucked cock before, it never received complaints on ability, as it was quite desperate for approval due to having been fat as a child, even though it knew objectively, and was told by many men that it had thinned out beautifully and was now traditionally beautiful.” This was told in the exact same monotone as everything else, as if she was a virtual assistant reading off a shopping list. “Well alright then, let’s get on with this blowjob then,” he says as he undoes the belt and buttons on his jeans, but then, suddenly, changes his mind. “Actually, pull those pants off, and lay down on this table, I want to take your cunt.” The highly controlled slave raises from her kneeling position, pulls down the shorts she was wearing, and sits up on the table, legs spread, and bare pussy exposed, The teen excitedly pushed his average sized, but diamond-hard dick into her hole without any lube, or waiting. He thrust into her repeatedly, stroking her D-cup tits and the soft fur of her coat, sweat matting his short, brown hair to his forehead. Nothing in his life, even jerking off into the advanced fleshlight he invented, had ever felt a fraction as good as a real woman’s cunt on his cock. Her short body is wrapped around his, her legs locked around his back, her head pressed into his chest, and his arms are wrapped around her back. As he gets ready to burst, he pulls out, and tells his slave to kneel again. He has her jerk him off to orgasm onto her beautiful, bespectacled, smiling face. Cum gets on her glasses, cheeks, lips, and teeth, but she doesn’t react at all to it, like a robot. After he drops back down into his chair to enjoy that wonderful sight, and the afterglow, he can’t help but wonder one thing.

Who’s next?

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