Shiki the Shikigami and the Tower of Depravity

Meet Kyras and Shiki

by Griz

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Five hundred meters away from the Tower of the Sorceress

"Hurry up, now, I don't pay you to be slacking off." The young wizard Kyras urged his familiar on, and she grunted in response.

"Yes, Master, coming...Master..." Shiki panted. You don't pay me at all! She fumed internally, the devious oni having long learned to hide her displeasure from her Master. Even when he was being so unreasonable as to have her carry a massive backpack on her tiny body just so he could see her out of breath and have reason to punish her later. It was so unfair! Her body--three feet tall, each breast bigger than her own head, and a womb that could take an ogre--was not built for heavy manual labor, even if she was an oni!

It was his fault her body looked like this in the first place too. Among the demonic Oni, the ones with the most magical affinity were the Shikigami. They made powerful familiars, growing in power along with their master in a symbiotic relationship. The only problem was that their form was influenced by the mind of their summoner, and Kyras’s mind was more twisted and perverted than anyone’s.

"Get the lead out. I can see the tower. We're almost there." The young wizard scolded. He was young, impatient, rude, sadistic, and completely lacking in empathy. If not for his incredible talent with magic, she’d have tried to wiggle out of the contract they’d signed long ago. It certainly wasn’t his looks. He dressed in simple wizard robes, grew his naturally red hair out so long it got in his eyes, and his physique could be described as scrawny at best.

Well, aside from the monster he had between his legs…

In any case, if he wanted her to hurry, he could have put their supplies in his Bag of Holding! Or even better, not fucked her so hard her legs still felt like noodles! She clenched her teeth and tried to speed up, but only ended up tripping and falling, her massive breasts breaking her fall. Unfortunately for her, he'd not only made them massive, but horribly sensitive as well, "Ow ow ow!" She cried out as she flailed, sandwiched in-between the road and the heavy backpack.

"Such a useless familiar. Come on then."

She felt the weight on her back pulled off as he finally stowed it away in the Bag of Holding, and she gratefully got back up onto her feet, rubbing at her sore breasts, "Sorry, Master." I'll kill you one of these days! No, death would be too good for you! You'll spend an eternity paying for this humiliation! "Thank you, Master."
Freed of her burden, she was able to easily keep pace, and the pair came to the tower.

"It's smaller than I'd imagined." Shiki mused. Made out of large stone blocks, the round tower seemed about thirty feet from front to back and less than a hundred feet high.

"Looks can be deceiving. The magical energy I'm sensing inside is more than I've ever felt." Kyras warned, but even so he opened the simple wooden door without a hint of caution.

The door was unlocked, and opened to a stone hallway, five feet across, around nine feet from the floor to the ceiling. even if the tower couldn't be more than thirty feet wide, the torch-lit hallway stretched out into the distance more than a hundred feet before splitting into two paths. Kyras smirked at his oni familiar, "See what I mean? You can go first."

"Of course I have to go first..." Reluctantly, she stepped into the tower. The magic that made Kyras's Bag of Holding bigger on the inside than it was on the outside was immense. Spatial magic that could cause an explosion big enough to level an inn if it were disrupted. She didn't like thinking of just what sort of power it took to make a tower like this, or how very formidable that would make whoever had made this tower. No, best to focus on the here and now. The torches that lined the wall kept the hallway dimly lit, but she could see even in total darkness. She watched the ground carefully, looking for any traps, any triggers that might--


She heard a blade slicing through the air, and looking up and to the right, she saw it buried halfway in the wall. If she'd been a normal size, it would have sliced her in half at the waist. Her diminutive height had saved her, "Oh gods that scared me...!"

"And this is why you're going first. If you get poofed, I can just summon you again later." Kyras reminded her.

Even if she could be re-summoned, she didn't like the idea of being cut in half! Even more carefully, she crept along the hallway, hoping to avoid another trap. Thankfully, now that she'd seen one trigger, she knew what she was looking for, the slight elevation of the brick, the marks on the wall where blowdarts tipped with poison or where spears might crash down from the ceiling.

What a cowardly Master. Getting me to do all his dirty work. One of these days I’ll have my revenge. He’ll be the hapless minion and I’ll be the great and mighty Mistress Shiki. I’ll use him as my personal footstool and pony and he’ll regret the day he ever summoned me to...

Unfortunately, lost in thought as she was, she didn't notice the crushing wall trap, the stone wall smashing into her before she could even react, crushing her against the other wall in an instant.


When she opened her eyes, she was back in hell.

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